A person meditation, likes brains to think, that he is from when to start smoking?It is to learn how to smoke?But it is why I like smoking, can not do without cigarettes?  Over the years, like countless times, each time the last is not clear, it was unknown when to start smoking, do not understand how he is learned to smoke, but it did not understand why like smoking, can not do without cigarettes.    Point a cigarette, a touch of smoke, reasonable grounds messy thoughts, calm down about irritable heart.After the nerve anesthesia, we do not care about who gains and losses, not to think once fame and fortune.Jing Xiaxin, bow my head and began a new journey tomorrow, even if rough, even if rough, should work hard with confidence.    Point on a cigarette, after a long spit smoke, put up as a tight heart strings, tidy bags.Rain Shuaishuaitou, I believe that all the difficulties will not hinder the pace I move forward, I believe that tomorrow will be a clear sky cloudless ground.Loosely tired body, decisively stand up, confident of another step, through the years of peak head, looking vision of the future.    Point on a cigarette, Mu then look back, to when the road, although winding, though vague, although there are sweat and tears, was pleased that I walked out so far, fortunately there are so many behind to those who.I firmly fist, no longer hesitated, more determined his direction.    On several occasions, made up my mind, he has quit smoking.Everyday life just does not always feel calm self-confidence, more of a solitary and lonely, that she points.With a cigarette, I was more calm self-confidence, less lonely, living with the sun.Therefore, lonely, cigarettes are my partner; when pain, comfort my cigarette is good medicine; when happy, I’m happy that cigarettes calm.    I do not know since when, cigarettes and so I am staying together through wind, through the rain together, climb the mountain together, stay together, to each other.

“The book is the ladder of human progress”. “Books are the world of nutrition.”. “Reading a good book is, and many noble people talk.”Reading the famous aphorism pieces too numerous to cite.By reading intelligence, it makes reading increased thickness and width, well known.I advocate reading, but not in favor of the death books, read books dead, into a nerd. I love reading, perhaps from childhood habit, perhaps because his father was a rural teacher, often heard head dyed.Elementary school, I began to prefer writing, remember people write, narrative narrative, I used to clip newspapers and magazines phrasebook, knowledge accumulated data.In high school, often peeking books of that era ban, writing can sometimes commenting in the class, the year when the college entrance examination Arts and placement, I once enrolled in liberal arts classes, due to my physical, academic performance is also good, he went back to science class. Reading makes me have a love of literature.After true love of literature, can be traced back to go to work.The 1980 and 1990s, but a fashionable literature, literary youth Internet users as it is now, like, play games, go online shopping, fresh and trendy.I am the tide in one, spare time, reading and writing, writing, reading, often late into the night pen, contributors across the country, but most of them came to nothing, then type in exchange for rejection, then later became editor guidance teacher personally reply, now I sometimes wonder if I was to insist on what, I could not hold now is a great writer.My biggest dream was young, they want to become your own text paper type, type becomes compiled into a book, book writer onto the screen.Of course, my diction hobby but also achievements in my job, to mention dry, party, sat offices, newspapers, magazines, radio stations Gordon me a lot of news, news releases and other communications, also made numerous travels, essays, digression, essays and other literary works. In ancient times, Zi in the “Encouraging Learning”, said: “I tasted all day and thinking men, as a moment of what they have learned too.”Han Yu” Spirit “also said:” No man is born with knowledge, practice makes no confusion?”The ancients had known reading and study skills and knowledge important.So you read the book in your possession in temperament, included in your connotation, kindness in your tolerance, generosity in.You did not go to college, does not mean you did not read; you do not read, does not mean you do not have knowledge; you can not read, does not mean you do not have the skills; you traveling thousands of miles, thousands of travel articles, astronomy, geography, customs, special atmosphere, Who can say that you have no culture?You are a master of skills, craftsmen, who can say you did not knowledge?Less reading, lack of knowledge, manifested in your daily Receiving at people, the daily performance of Wisdom and Faith, the performance in the rules of common sense and morality in society.Do not read, less knowledge, the children would get out of the mountains of occlusion, can not broaden their horizons, not through their own pursuit of high quality life.Do not read, little knowledge, then the beautiful appearance, can not improve their quality. Of course, a good read without understanding, scripted, but also harming themselves and others.Opera “three drops of blood” in the magistrate, only by the book is, wrong case blood to identify pro-off, “Take a seedling needle end to a basin of water,.”Stay the classic joke.And my high school math teacher verify “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line,” leaving the topic of gossip stories, a student asked: “how to prove that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line?”The teacher replied:” to throw a meat dog, puppy guarantee ran straight, never run curves and arcs, animals know, but the people we are senior animal.”Of course the teacher is active classroom atmosphere need not repeat them here.So leadership say: work and study but also “not only on, not only books, only solid.”It is quite reasonable. Now people read much more convenient, in addition to paper bookish, more than the online e-books, mobile phones, Internet, knowledge of all aspects of carrying rich, in fact, each of us will encounter problems search, in fact, the teacher on the side. After reading know, words, words alone are not good or bad, but even into sentences, composed of chapters, there is a point of view, with the tendency.Before I talk about literature as fuel vinegar tea, it seems, literature, like high-rise buildings of brick, steel, cement material.I did not cook, can not cook cooking delicious; the lack of engineering designers, artisans can not cover the building.Read more books, more articles appear teacher, especially the teacher’s knowledge of the online experience, experience, the more I feel that they did not know the drawing, but not the menu, diners can only be delicious; the conservation of plants to be a carer, fertilizing, watering, leisure casual flower grass tours, as exhilaration. Reading is learning, is learning to use, but more importantly, learning.

Last night dream wind Shuyu sudden, worry today is intended to startle miss thin, so beautiful but also thrown up a myriad of thoughts scenes actually become so cruel in today.More and more people leave their land once nourished, try to choose the city began to take root again slow and arduous, or because modern yearning for, or forced to livelihoods, or to let the children get a better education conditions, or.That process is both a stimulation bitterness take root even in the eyes of his mouth, tears of grievances.Eventually something will flow to the end so years, but the memory of the village is eternal, that the picture is stupefied at this sparkling water, layers of interwoven.    Once a passing local flavor is like a cup overflowing fragrance of lemon tea, the taste of those now will continue to appear in my mind and then slowly into it in late autumn warmth stray in my heart.That day morning dew sparkling marching to the mountains to play, the air was full of earthy clean, no dust, and only one in front of green wheat growing Masamori, the birds began to sing on the cypress bursts of song, silence and fresh.The sparsely populated mountains, overgrown weeds covering my childhood road to the mountains picking lemons; the moment water, wash away the heart of the complex, so that the calm atmosphere of the countryside poetic brewing in my heart; past rain, despite there the memory of crooked in my mind drift, those fragments of my life has become the most brilliant memories, childhood memories always makes me feeling quite good.Season is always different lengths, it always felt like the season is very short, do not like to think it is very long.And autumn is a season full of memories and thoughts, the wind is a “sunset faint glimpse of the wind, the admiral just scattered clouds”, that rain is “asymptotic autumn chill, rain splash down off the windowsill diarrhea”, that hope is “after a while mist spread sunshine trail covered with wet quartzite”.    Down when the legs of trousers are wet with dew lovely kiss.Cries at stone field under a sudden slope side to bypass the summit got into my ears, I speed up the pace, one foot deep shallow kick in the weed pile casually forward.Cong few people to bypass the high reeds, avoiding several ramp down from the tree branches, swing across several sort of stagnant water.Suddenly a man wearing a tattered black cloth and some old clothes appeared in my field of vision, his hair oil and confusion, vaguely beard white, his uncle Yang is not it, my heart burst of joy.I immediately jumped on small dirt tracks and jumped down, landing spun around, hastily stood up immediately went far from his boulder.I cried uncle Yang, his ears as if the sound of hammering stone shortage in this old quarry in the occupied playing, I was forced to shout loudly, only to come back to this, he suddenly dumbfounded, then keep your eyes open probe so far as to ask: “you are someone’s child ah!?”After my short answer him, he’s shaking his head laments:” You both have grown doll ah!You want a child at home when it is such a high point, a few years gone just grown so tall ah!”As he said this side of hand gestures of my childhood home Height.He kept beating the body of gravel, put together your clothes and said: “Lin wanderers, just did not recognize you, you do not take offense ah!You Kan Ma, I am old, can only stay in that small quarry in the rest of his life playing the ah!”I crouched on a boulder replied with a smile:” Never mind, but time is getting ah!”He said with a smile,” Lin wanderers now wiser ah!Unlike the original home so naughty ah!”.After some small talk with him, I went down the mountain.    Along the way, I began to think about doing that from Yang uncle cracked lips and the smoke yellow teeth in spoken words.He said his son was far away in Guangzhou, a few years time to go home, every home is a short number of days.And so he has to hurry to meet and look forward to a few years ah, but also for the hurried and sad parting years ah!I think he certainly understand his son’s situation, his son could understand the feelings of the old father.But society is so willing to impose such pain and suffering on our face in the crowd.How many days and nights Yang uncle looked on all thoughts of sleep for children and grandchildren, and he will always recall how he then bringing up his son in no time under the bright moonlight, he always looked forward to the children and grandchildren back home in the four seasons news.Perhaps fate, but please do not leave the country that touch the purest most true beauty.

Went to a year of snow season, sky and dry wind blowing, people feel the winter chill.Sitting on the bus, through the hazy windows, overlooking the street, street and park it at the familiar into the eyes.Several strains of ginkgo biloba over the branches, the crown has already been disseminated Lengao became golden autumn frost, a rare warm bright flashing eyes, warm heart.    Park said that, it seems inaccurate.It is a triangle intersection Main Street and an alley formed, an area approximately four five hundred square meters.Due to the narrow terrain, where they will lose the value of the repair room to construct the house.Later, people here planted three cedar, several strains of magnolia, ginkgo trees is good, then assemble the fence around the tree base on the bench, where it becomes gossip, patronize when the so-called recreational park.    Park ginkgo tree has thick like a bowl mouth.Because often through here, I’m more familiar with the situation on here.Annual spring, spring time, ginkgo trees are waking up from a deep sleep, joined the ranks of the rivers of the earth dress.Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently.After several rain, ginkgo tree inadvertently cropped up many thin broken pieces of the buds, and instantly they covered with branches, within days, the bare branches becomes a lush, people have to wonder to vitality.At this point all summer, ginkgo trees stretch dense foliage, shade shelter for people.In the fall, gingko leaf slowly become dry, and then green in yellow, and finally becomes golden, then it has completed a short life, start singing Life is short, years of quiet good love song, accompanied by light dance reluctantly migrating to the ground.    This afternoon to go home, specifically through the park, closely observed that several strains of ginkgo trees.On the stone floor of the park, strewn with golden leafless.Thick layer of trees, the stacked chaotic, clumps, piles, almost covering the ground.People can not bear offal, for fear that tarnished gold Huang Chunjie body.A little far away from the base of the tree to the ground, then scattered scattered few pieces, presumably this morning that she is after cleaning out.A piece of golden leafless decorated in slate blue, drawn out a beautiful pattern of returning to their roots.Picked up a leafless lonely, long petioles, thin foliage, Yushan used like a harem Prostitute.Today, fans still around, people did not return, Duwusiren, would not appeals to the imagination?    Standing under a tree, he looked up, golden garden trees, get dizzy dizzy.Mimizaza in leafless branches shake, just as a butterfly wings to fly in to talk with parting language.They waved weak arms, humming “Auld Lang Syne,” the song, dance interpretation of the circle of life, affectionately shook hands in the air, hugged, and then separated.One, two.They are in a graceful dance, to draw on the final journey of life tempting.Stay too long, everywhere is full of butterflies Pianfei, self seems to have become a butterfly surrounded by trees.    Open area of the park, a few old people doing aerobics Jiamusi, in the passion of music, old people drunkenly writhing grace posture.Hot, he took off his clothes, piled on a stone bench in the tree.Deafening sound box made of rhythm and feed the elderly walking is not coordinated, attracted passers-by stop and wait and see.These people completely disregard other people’s eyes, simply from a self-Lehe with the.Ginkgo biloba tree Xia without taking into account the bustle of this earth, still in silence every now and then.    In fact, I have become attached to earlier and ginkgo tree can be traced back twenty years ago reading period.At that time of the ginkgo tree and even a trace of hatred.I attended school there are three ginkgo trees.The largest one is located next to the bedroom in which we live.To the two men in order to encircle the tree, said to have hundreds of years, the school has long been regarded as treasures of the town school.Huge canopy cover below the entire small playground, unfortunately, little playground is the commons of our class.Annual autumn and winter season, ginkgo leaves fall from the trees, and can be hard to clean our gang kids playground.In order to complete as soon as the leaves fall, we often shaking while holding the trunk, they got claims to possess supernatural jokes, so angry, picked up in the hands of a broom, desperately thrown crown, hopes to lay more leaves the results broom hanging on the branches, unable to recover, often attracted the teacher’s reprimand.Now think about it, really funny, everything has a life cycle of this leaves it short, but we are for their own self-interest law attempts against nature.    When young, we look forward to the future, looking forward to their own grow up quickly.Now, we see that every now and then leaves us feeling sad and arms, sigh time goes by, Alas youthful appearances.An old saying: Life geometry?Death as Asaka.When no weight to, not Yang Hua.Reflect, only a good grasp of today, in order like this, like leaves that grow abundantly present, on the occasion of the end to the gorgeous dance.

Despite autumn stroking my face, the sun is so warm。Clouds drifting overhead, I can not forward, lovestruck thinking mind。Wildflowers sexy, swinging her Yaozhi。Everything is so beautiful, and my heart with sadness quietly, thinking of you in affectionate。Think of every word you say, think of the way you looked at the junction, soulful eyes thinking of you。Again and again you remember fondly call my name。My heart is infinitely sweet, even just memories forever, and this is among the most beautiful music of my life。I want to find traces of your own, so I looked up and take a deep breath, but only in late autumn chill in the air, but did not belong to your breath。Out my hand, could not find the feeling of belonging to your。This beautiful Autumn, to share with you, it will be just as romantic life!I just hold your hand, quietly feeling the beating heart to heart。I just depend on your side, the whole world is ours, perhaps we have a world of their own。    Let the wind from a passing car window, our tenderness full, we enjoy giving each other words of love。This is nothing more to think about!I find myself back to the real world。And every fantasy after all, leaving only endless sad。    And this season, I also meet season, season of hope。Today I want you yet?I do not say, you should be able to feel it?    The ghost of you filled my heart, is so beautiful, is so excited and Seiitsu。Again and again encounter in the dream, it is also excited about having that kind of disturbed lost; that is sorrow and grief are reluctant to give up。。。。。。    Every meet, are to be turned upside down to love。Every meet, is in the interpretation of the passion of love, but also a break emotional thought。Each time, respectively, is deep frustration。Unforgettable, brings tears of emotion love I worried about you。Too far apart, love more deeply。    Cloud thousands of miles away, you can hear the cries of my heart?This is missing flowing song ah!How I want it every night waves on your side, it's dance stepping on the moon, my one dream, from thousands of miles away to your side。Idea is to let the vegetation on the body of love, or self-flying heart?    Is reluctant to love, but on earth as if there is always a constraint, let the mind calm, not let emotions drift, Affection, thought in my heart。    Can still enjoy the rare warmth, tenderness still at the heart every night, you can still believe in perfect love……In these gentle affair, I have been can feel love and be loved。    Our world is not the only love。In the footsteps of long years, we have more love for colorful。Only a red rose, but only enough to burn mood this life。    There is a truth, you can calm forget themselves in frustration。Be silent love, silent understanding, silently in my heart filled with blessings。Sometimes it is very capricious cute。    There are a lot of love, we can not be borne by the secular way, but everything is also Yiyi, either from the days of wind and rain Jinfeng Yu Lu, won numerous world love。    There is such a feeling ah, wanders into a lingering and warm air, love is in mind, we also understand their own understanding of the world, it is to have missed this moment of love and。Let us gently sigh deeply in love with life in Laguna Quebec。。。。。。    Missing is not frozen, it will not remember to ice。Time for us is no longer a threat, the longer each time, I would like you to read you the more urgent, the more you want to see。That was the joy and excitement, and let us be a little now and more suffering, let us think ahead in torment。    And when the day is painful thoughts, one is looking for a lucky break, on the one hand but also a reality of the helpless。We really said how much secondary to let go, but ultimately failed to do open each other。We need to cool idea, after calm down, our love is even more intense, like a collection of Nver, the longer the more Ganxin。    Cloud, love your heart to want to love you, not for forever, not for a lifetime。    Heart, as if hidden in the silver moonlight, immersed in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, such as dust-free universe。

Number of listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen June 21 evening issued important announcements, the following is good news summary: going to spend no more than 1.4.9 billion yuan to buy back shares Baoshuo shares (600,155) June 21 evening announcement, the company intends to repurchase shares for the equity incentive plan, employee stock ownership plan or cancellation of reduction of registered capital in accordance with law, etc.。The total buy-back funds not exceeding 1.4.9 billion repurchase price does not exceed 8.57 yuan / share。  : Won Yaxing Group holdings of 312 million shares Yaxing Chemical (600,319) June 21 evening announcement, shareholders Yaxing Group last three trading days total holdings of 312 million shares of company stock, the total share capital 0.99%。So far, Yaxing Group holds 6.01% stake。  : Intends to use no more than 1.500 million yuan to buy back shares Shengtong shares (002,599) June 21 evening announcement, the company intends to use no more than 1.500 million yuan of funds to buy back part of the public shares。Repurchase price is not more than 13 yuan / share, repurchase of shares not more than 1153.84 million shares。  : 7 executives going to spend 6800000-15000000 holdings plug Ellis (603,716) June 21 evening announcement, company executives Qiu Jian, Song Yu, Liu Wenhao, Wang Wenbin, Miles wave, Huangyong Xi, Wang Junming a total of 7 people The company intends to increase its stake within three months, the size of the total capital holdings of not less than 6.8 million yuan, not more than 15 million yuan。  : The actual control person is going to spend more than 20 million yuan holdings Ashley CUANON (603,378) June 21 evening announcement, the actual control holdings company, today Queensway Lee 37.34 shares of the total share capital 0.19%。Meanwhile, Lee Admiralty intends to continue to overweight within the next six months, total holdings amount not less than 20 million yuan (including this amount has been overweight), and does not exceed the total share capital of 1.5% (including the current holdings of shares has been increased)。  : The proposed acquisition MMGLaos100% stake in Chifeng gold (600 988) 21 evening announcement, the company intends to acquire AlbumInvestmentPrivatelimited MMGLaosHoldingsLimited held (referred to as "MMGLaos") 100% stake, MMGLaos hold LaneXangMineralsLimited (referred to as "LXML") 90% stake, LXML as the owner of the mine located in the Lao people's democratic Republic of Sepon。  : Won the part of directors and executives holdings of nearly 197 million shares of China Fortune (600340) June 21 evening announcement, part of the company directors and executives on June 20, June 21 total holdings of company 196.67 shares of the total share capital 0.067%。  : Holdings of the controlling shareholder intends to not more than 3% of the shares Fasten (000,890) June 21 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder plans to holdings of shares within the next six months, holdings of no more than 3% of total share capital。  : Won the controlling shareholder holdings of more than 221 million shares Lifan shares (601,777) June 21 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of Lifan Holdings on June 19 holdings company 221.29 million shares, of the total share capital 0.169%, amounting to about 11.73 million yuan holdings。  : A subsidiary signed a 600 million yuan and Zhejiang Mobile Internet data center services agreement number Zhejiang Culture (600633) 21 evening announcement, the company entered into a wholly owned subsidiary Fuchun cloud "Internet data center services agreement" with Zhejiang Mobile, Ltd., is expected to The total amount of $ 600 million agreement。This agreement is a substantial progress in the industrial core sector companies and large data cloud Fuchun Internet data center projects landing operations, will help enhance the market competitiveness of the company's main business and the company's overall performance。  : Holdings of the controlling shareholder of persons acting company 1.06% stake in Sanfangxiang (600,370) June 21 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of persons acting in concert had Sanfangxiang Group Helen petrochemical holdings disclosed plans。As at the close of June 21, Helen petrochemical company has total holdings of shares 847.16 shares of the total share capital of 1.063%, total holdings amount of about 2331.780,000 yuan。  : Total holdings of major shareholders won more than 165 million shares Jielong Industry (600,836) June 21 evening announcement, the previous majority shareholder Jielong Group plans since December 26, 2017 holdings of shares within 6 months。As of June 20, Jielong Group 165 total holdings of company.69 shares of the total share capital 0.25%。The holdings of shares plan implementation is now completed。  : The actual control holdings of 150 million shares Ultrapower (300,002) June 21 evening announcement Li Li, the company's actual controller, director and president today in a centralized way of auction holdings of 150 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital 0.08%。  : Joint Pre bid 5.5.9 billion yuan PPP projects around the Sea of shares (002,586) June 21 evening announcement, the company and Tongji Anhui Construction Group Co., Ltd. (lead) consortium won the bid to become the first candidate for Hill County, and Municipal Water System Management PPP projects people, projects a total investment of 5.5.9 billion yuan。  : Holdings of the controlling shareholder intends to not more than 100 million yuan Fuson US announcement that the controlling shareholder intends within 12 months of not more than 100 million yuan holdings, holdings of no more than 2%。  : Total holdings of the controlling shareholder intends to not more than 2% of the shares Chuan Chi Union announced that the controlling shareholder Chuan Group June 21 holdings of shares 224.15 million shares, representing the company's total share capital 0.07%, to be no more than 2% of total holdings of shares。  : Shareholders who intend holdings 50 million yuan Weier Li announced that the shareholders of the Great Wall Information Management recommended the company to repurchase not less than 50 million, the repurchase price is not more than 8 yuan / share。  : The company intends to actual control holdings of 20 million yuan Ruifeng power announcement that the company intends to actual control people Gong Weibin holdings amount not less than 20 million yuan, not more than 100 million yuan。  The controlling shareholder of the proposed holdings of 20 million yuan -5000 million in new technology announcement, the controlling shareholder in the new industry group plans since June 22, 2018 within the next six months, a total investment of not less than 20 million yuan and not more than 50 million yuan holdings of shares。  Won Fuquan natural gas pipeline through the open area 30-year concession Guizhou Gas announcement, the company owned three subsidiary company in Fuquan June 20, 2018 signed the "Fuquan City Economic Development Zone Industrial natural gas pipeline project with Fuquan City of Industry and Information Bureau franchise agreement "。Fuquan Fuquan Industry and Information Office granted the company a franchise for 30 years (June 20, 2018 to June 19, 2048) natural gas pipeline in the range of Fuquan City Economic Development Zone A。  : Proposed construction and investment of 10 billion package bases in Central shares (002,129) June 21 evening announcement, the company and Yang Jie Technology (300,373), Yixing Economic Development Zone reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement in relation to investment matters, agreed in Yixing, Jiangsu investment and construction base package。Yang Jie Technology, Central shares established in Yixing joint venture equity ratio is tentatively scheduled for Yang Jie Technology 60%, the Central share of 40%, in charge of the package base construction and operation of the joint venture company, the package base with a total investment of about 10 billion (staging get on)。  : For the first time more than 4 million yuan to buy back shares of Hua Wu shares (300,095) June 21 evening announcement, the company today for the first time to focus on the implementation of competitive bidding to buy back shares, the number of repurchased shares 67.27 million shares, the highest closing price of 6.21 yuan / share, the lowest closing price of 5.The total amount of 91 yuan / share, paid 409.770,000 yuan。

Sky wide sea, crowds crowd, and without my place, and I'm just a piece of duckweed, no one knows the ups and downs in the creek, not like others, only for their own grief。Mountain hazy, hazy water, prospects dim, I do not know where drifting shelter, where to stay, it is only in the flat light, no wave no Lan in the breakdown of stray prosthetic, falling like trance fleeting it from hair, from fingertips, gently through, do not take loud whisper。    How many nights in solitude, quiet reading read it slowly for months, yet elegant。A pot of tea, fine chemicals slow drink, one person, in January, a shadow, contrast to the dawn。May his right mind against air or filled with the transit of loneliness, yes ah, the more so the moonlight, it is more likely to hit me, so the vast sky, all the more I was small, so cold wind, more naked display with my helpless。    Lonely for a long time, get used to, I often console myself, often bloom again is nothing to say, why should I care about other people fly together, they would be flying alone, Xiaoxiao Sasa go a lifetime。However, sentiment is very strange things, so could not help but to lament, could not help but try to think about the fantasy kiss me, smell。Also in this period of time, that is my chance, but also the inevitable met you。    That day, the skies are usual under the Lili rain, the streets and not many people walking in the rain poetic。I was an accident, in this weather, I tend to come out ventilation from home, umbrella, walking walking in the rain, watching the distant mountains misty, like a fairyland, look at the lake outcrop of red carp fight to breathe, lake ripples circle, lakeside willow branches light dance dance。    My heart is very quiet rain, watching the rain scene, drunk deeply of this beauty is not in sleep。In thoughts every now and then, you gave the sad broke my thinking。When I was simply repeating what looked and saw very awkward for you, the original bad you naughty wind rain umbrella, now you do not fluttering long hair, twisted bar all together, who is also dry a wet piece。I smiled, walked beside you, sky obscured by your head, lift your head a vision, full of gentle enough。Silent, silent, you and I walk in the awkward half points, half a point romantic misty rain。    All things are a matter of course, with such a cordial encounter, we fell in love, friend, spend, are well underway in。Suddenly your life, like that rainbow that appeared after the rain, the beautiful, looking forward, with care, embracing the sweet, the honey inside our tireless, said a lot of some distant vows I'm just glad we did not this life I was not when born, I was born old regret, you do not forget the elaborate early heart, if as shown signs of better Xinyu。    Way ahead is very long, very rough, I know there will be all kinds of chaos, but holding your hand, Mo lost not forget, I then why the fuss, you do not have to like me like duckweed helpless, let me have this life who needs to meet you, want to stand with you good morning meow, meow night, meow in life, especially to go with the flow habits hurt you, love you and make you stupid , you crazy old into the blood boiling。

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News Beijing 20 morning news, Goldman Sachs warned emerging markets rebounded in the latest report may be drawing to a close, but JP Morgan (Morgan) thought that now is the selective emerging markets Opening time。  JP Morgan analyst Adrian Mowat said in Monday's report: "short-covering rally is a harbinger of recovery。This is what is happening now。"JP Morgan pointed out that emerging markets fell short positions, while the Chinese economy and the renminbi signs of stabilizing markets awaited。  In fact, the Chinese may not be as bad as we thought: Some important industries earnings per share (EPS) is expected to revise upward valuation is lower than historical levels, macroeconomic stabilization provides an environment for the share price to reflect its fundamentals again, at the same time policy in support of efforts to increase。  In addition to China's stock market, investors in emerging markets which should buy it?Mowat recommended that investors buy the strong fundamentals of the country and industry, rather than chasing short-covering in the market。  JP Morgan raised its rating on the stock market in South Korea and Taiwan, the main focus of policy support plate and benefit from seasonal factors of the technology industry。In addition, JP Morgan believes the Indian stock market although short-term performance may be behind, but still the best structural opportunities in emerging markets where。  Compared to JP Morgan's optimistic Goldman Sachs believes that the recent rise in emerging market equities just oversold bounce, rather than entering a new bull market phase, the remainder of this year is very limited upside。  Goldman Sachs believes that emerging market sentiment improved mainly due to poor US employment data delayed the expected Fed rate hike this year。Now investors are playing a zero-sum game: poor US economic data means good news for emerging markets。(Tony compilation)

It is with great enthusiasm and desire to come to China filled the shoes——Jinjiang, hope for Survival drifting out dream。  Years cleaned up to revive put on new makeup, Jinjiang bid farewell to the old city ushered in the new town。  I came, Prince was young。Do not know how to give yourself makeup, do not know how to make their own change the United States。  When I left, Prince Older。It is a jade tree, absolute beauty, valiant youth。  Prince gently said to me:“do not go。Look Chunhuaqiuyue stay together; cut flower with text, painted picturesque; together depict a beautiful blueprint for the future in the more developed cities。”  I bow to smile, like a mimosa——But do not expect yearning。I'm just a poor girl in the mountains, but a passer-new city, but tens of thousands of migrant workers in the ordinary one, what was this fortunate?  Prince clasped my hands。His hand was warm, transfer the warmth and strength, gave me confidence and courage。Later, he asked me to put special steps clothes, wear Anta shoes, he would take me to visit the beautiful Jinjiang。  Quanzhou is the first bridge, which is located in Jinjiang, with its Xiongjun posture to show us the image of the city of Jinjiang——Wei, spectacular。Then Airport。Sometimes aircraft fly away, sometimes falling aircraft here。An aircraft is a Road dazzling landscape, Fiat will travel soaring in the clouds。  Still later, he took me to the street, this time to see more: many of the old houses have been demolished and replaced by wide roads, on both sides of the road stands a brand-new high-rise buildings; streets lined oval flower beds, inside planted trees, and flowers, more wide road, on the ground spotless, trash rules to stand to the side, a small river of garbage gone, the river lying face many new bridge; each village also carry out various pile recreational activities, such as free screening of the film, government or business are often held singing contests, essay contests, speech contests……Such activities not only enrich the spiritual life of the native population, but also improve our literacy。  Prince walked to me that his family has gentle and virtuous, hospitable mother, wise decision-making, capable of wisdom his father, who was active in Jinjiang urban renewal, construction of the new city, it is because there are many such people, Jinjiang years was able to rapid development。I nodded, profound admiration。  We stopped in front of a primary school, is a“School children of migrant workers”。  I said:“that's nice!The school has a special part of children of migrant workers, so that you can reduce a lot of left-behind children。”  Prince said with a smile:“You see, even the future of the next generation have no worries, you have no reason to go?”  Prince also took me to visit“Sports shoes exhibition”, The first thing is a slogan“Jinjiang shoe world, the world Jinjiang shoes”。There are men's, women's shoes, children's shoes。Anta, special steps, 361 degrees, Jordan, elegant birds and other brands。A variety of colors, variety of styles, all kinds of brand shoes see my eyes。I really hope that one day, people around the world are wearing Jinjiang's sports shoes, sportswear, then we will own lives in Jinjiang, Jinjiang is a shoe plastic companies feel very proud。  The prince asked:“Jinjiang United States do?”  I replied with a tone of nostalgia:“Beautiful, promising。”  Prince stare, he said:“We planted with beautiful flowers, build a warm home together。You leave, I have more power development。”  I look back, laughing sweet language。Instant shaken to Italy。I left, the future。And Prince together to witness a happy life in this beautiful city of Jinjiang。  I dressed in Jinjiang brand sports shoes, visibly pleased, lightly dancing shoes on this piece of land, spring。Yes ah, sports produce energy, vitality refraction young, like my prince, like our Jinjiang。  I came to know the prince also met Jinjiang。  I go, engraved love, engraved outlook。  I came, Prince radiant。  When I left, Prince tearful。  I did not cry, but also a smile to say goodbye。  I say goodbye even when no tears, because even back。  Prince not sad, this time to leave, not just small, is visiting relatives, it is back home。I have dark Xu, entrust the future of life in Jinjiang。  I chose to stay together, the future full of flowers in Jinjiang home, and Prince。  (Postscript: This article was written on October 24, 2010。It is one of“Jinjiang, Fujian migrants do”Held“About what kind of new city construction”Candidates presentation of essay competition, won fortunate to edit, is hereby published for the occasion fleeting。)

  With the growing demand for intelligent edge, chip manufacturers have begun to actively develop low-power, low-cost chip things, things to help companies achieve the best wireless connectivity solutions。
2018 microcontroller MCU market will have a new big picture, we may see a wide range of edge devices, including industrial gateways, routers and sensors have more intelligence and connectivity products, which for microcontroller it is to is undoubtedly a huge market opportunity。
  Low-power wireless processor is a huge opportunity。 Senior analyst at American Technology market research firm Linley Group MikeDemler said things device shipments edge of the Linley Group will surge over the next few years, from 2017 six million units to 10 million units in 2019, and it is expected to achieve 20 million units in 2021。
Currently the largest market in the industrial field, similar to the application in asset tracking。   Opportunities from the edge computing, according to industry experts predict that the next few years the cumulative number of things devices will reach tens of billions of units, while edge computing will account for a large part of the。
There are intelligent alien locks and appliances edge equipment, intelligent plant using edge calculations to monitor the machine and production, agricultural soil conditions are calculated using the edge of the track, growing crops or animals。
  If there are three billion cows on Earth, tracking the use of the Internet of Things will be a huge potential market, although not all of which need to be tracked。 But how each animal tracker installation just a few dollars, compared to thousands of dollars worth of this animal, then why not do?  This may also apply to pigs, sheep and chickens, the user can prove that your data is free-range poultry, healthier, rather than in a cage。
So this needs to track the number of absolutely stunning。
Things used to track cattle, sheep and chickens may sound funny, but he was able to create more value, allowing the consumer to eat their food, but also it will be a huge super market。
  In addition, there are thousands of factories, from here you can see the chip manufacturers are facing great opportunities。 Many manufacturers hope that through embedded processor, combine connections, low cost and ease of use features to meet the needs of developers。
For example, it offers Bluetooth wireless controller for musical instruments, specifically for automotive maintenance applications provide edge processor Things。
  Distributed crack the network congestion problem of edge computing industry interest is on the rise。
As more and more things nodes, data transfer to the cloud will have a huge network load。 Experts believe that, under circumstances like him to install inexpensive microcontroller via the sensor, local processing data in a more reasonable approach。
Completion of a data processing on the edge portion of the device, so that it will not clog the network。
  This strategy is also very suitable for video and audio streams, as well as various types of operation and analysis。 But this does not mean that cloud computing will be gone, the future is in the form of distributed development, data will be calculated at the edge of a number of different places such as cloud computing coordination process。
  To meet these requirements, semiconductor manufacturers will continue to introduce high-capacity, low-cost processor is connected, whether it is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee or other agreements, will get a built-in wireless chip, you can run the software, and power consumption is very less。