One philosopher said: a good friend is on the hill with one of dignity; water is a good friend, a vein of wisdom; a good friend of mud, rain, love.Yes ah, when we find dignity, wisdom and love, we must encounter backrest can be side by side, you can honor and disgrace, with fair-weather friend.I was fortunate to have found you – Tao sister, both my friends for life, but also my life’s sister!In the days of Beijing, I enjoy the warm sun and sister endless love among.Because the process to return something Xinyang, travel time, my sister was crying, crying sister, my heart flutter.When my sister and with a face tears of parting away I feel, at this moment I am the happiest person!Who can afford such care?Who can bear such happiness?Who can bear such a broad and boundless tenderness?So, I was crying, I was crying because of happiness, happiness is my cry.Sister is a woman, she was forthright, atmosphere, helpful, gives the general feeling is indestructible, she and decisive, honest.In Beijing’s interpersonal circle, people admire her very.As the saying goes: Yanguoliusheng, leaving a person too.Sister wherever, gives the left a good reputation, she will always be in people’s minds valiant “Zonda”.I do not know when to enter into a sister’s heart, so do not cry easily sister cry for me, I’m grateful and touched by the truth of you know?There is also a taste of tears.Tears when sad flows out, it is contains taste salty sad; in happy when the flow is contains a happy sweet taste; in difficult times flow out, is contains a hard bitter taste; in miserable when the flow is contains flavor sad cool; in moving when the flow is contains hot taste grateful; and when I Xinchan flow out, is contains the taste of happiness acids.Sister, you let me taste that sour taste, this acid, filling my every nerve, let my teeth itch, heart tremble, it wash my sadness and confusion.I have such a taste for the cry, to cry and happy with this.”Liu impermeable melodious Trees, mountains and clouds drift thousands of miles.Ying Sheng early boats are not afraid, why teach people smell alone.”I left crying and happy sister, I will leave soon wiped tears.I know that, regardless of my tears, or the tears dry, I will continue to enjoy the sun and warmth sister giving.In the next life, I will go to grasp: “Not to be comforted, but to console; not loved, but to love; not to be treasured, but to cherish.”.Sister, I will try, I will cheer for themselves, really want to one day fly to your side, I really do not want to “smell alone.”.Sister, I just want to harvest a ray of spring, and you gave me the whole spring; I just want to capture one leaves, but you give me the whole Fenglin; I just want to kiss a snowflake, but you have to give my white world..Heart, such as tide, moving talk, I will be happy to stay at the Four Seasons wind cry, I’ll cry happy to stay in the marshes in.(Read the article Net: World Wide Web.sanwen.COM)

Weekend himself and his fit of anger, full sleep all day to get up from bed.Walkman opened a night, but I have always been a state of semi-sleep, they have tried my heart in the end is not clear what happened.Sleep well, little urge to cry, but also seems to vent.Tears burst each time I always made one of us like ghosts like ghosts.My dorm mates are afraid of me.But I feel better than I did them a man hiding in the toilet crying earth-shattering well!  Friday, when the dream child to school to see me, saying that someone else with a gift.Turned out to be the guy outside the hospital sent me a Christmas present, he chased me for a long time, I had never promised him.I came from outside the hospital Eurasia, turned a school, but he did not give up, I just transferred that for a while, he called me every day, say with me, I did not promise him, he cried.Students say that he is good to me, so I gave him a chance, I gave him, but in the end I did not allow myself to like him, so break.From the time he was depressed for a while, he wrote to me and said how bad he was, said he did not blame me!He said he will not give up!I was not at all impressed.Eurasian he came to see me, even if he was standing downstairs quarters, I did not go down too.I just told him something!Sometimes the students outside the hospital to call me, talking about him, they always let me give him a chance.I always say no!Because I do not want to own grievances, although people say I find a love, it is better to find a love me!But I just do not like!Christmas he did not forget to send me a gift, it is a very beautiful necklace, thin chain hanging below a big diamond.But how about the chain saw I was not happy, but my heart is heavy.Always feel owe something something like.Give up the friends said: “He hello to you than he!”I bow to no words.Just for this mood is not good!Not because I owe him, which I was used to it.Why did not he send me a necklace!Why do I want to get something happens, something I do not want to have the whole!I want not a gift, it is a token!  feeling very tired.I do not want to say a word.Shuisi really want in a dorm!12:00 have been more, but I did not mean to get up, listening to track Jay, could not help the tears streaming down the face down, the tears I miss you taste.You seem to face my tears do not want money.Dream child two days to call me, always gave me crying, saying that I hurt her..She said her tears in front of me, not money.She fell better than me, give me want to cry cry, want to scold me, give me a call, I would like to find complaining.what about me?Even if I could not find people cry.Oh poor me.  Maybe I do not know what this person never meet the right!Want too much, the reality is often disappointing.I can do now only has to seize now have, is not let it slip away.

People always like to encourage a person to work hard, especially when we think that the efforts of his own good time.Slowly, trying to become a totem, they worship it, just as obsessed with poetry in the realm vista.    For this paranoid loving efforts, sometimes it leads us to spend a lot of time on the difficult task.    What should a man racked in inadequate effort in order to achieve normal levels, or should decisively abandon short board, the strengths to play better?Obviously the latter is more reasonable, however, many times we fight every life, just to make short board become commonplace, so the world one more mediocre normal.    For my own.I grew up in a small city life comfortable, studied at business school for the children, a child is the greatest exposure to English whiterabbit on White Rabbit candy wrapper.    From the first lesson I understand their own lack of talent to learn the language, despite the efforts of memory, finished school to go home, or find a word that day learned, will not read a.Wang Cheng-feng father took me ten minutes to walk home to ask students to read the word of law, the girl like me did not learn English, but think learning English soeasy, when the last representative of English class.    Father, I got a lot of trouble, 5:00 to pull me back up word, the city’s most cattle English teacher to tutor me, with little success.    When a brother next door with a small tape recorders, self-taught, admitted to a university English major, father of hope was rekindled, as I bought one exactly the same tape recorders and big brother.    Tape recorders to some extent, help me, but it did not make me English became the top student.    No matter how hard, my English is still short board, I need to spend three times more than the English top students time to memorizing words, go home to eat a meal to forget half and had repeated memory.I was very low self-esteem, I doubt their head missing something, but this is clearly not the IQ issue, otherwise you can not explain why my physics and chemistry results can lead, not a memory issue, otherwise I can not explain able to memorize language history and geography matter.    Brother next door has been a father incentives or blow my arms.The first day of the third year, when I found him, became my English teacher, in the heart silently read it three times fast earthquake.    Through college, my English is always spent the most effort to learn, but least effective discipline.    After work, although there are few opportunities to use English, but I learn English or occasional urge to attack, always feel reconciled.Fired off letters in the English exam; help foreign friends to find long-lost relatives; watch the original film, the witty lines amused his back laughing, these wonderful scenarios often appear in my dreams.    HJ word back 15 minutes CNN, New Oriental, New Channel spoken English classes are tried every day, and not a little progress at all, at least to travel abroad when the flight attendants would dare to drink, yet still quite different from my dreams far.    And I know a woman in Wenzhou, not gone to college, they rely on every day at home watching American TV, read along to the United States after two years, and also made many American friends.Compared with my English learning tragic history of 20 years, she did not learn English, just in time to chase drama, by the way mastered a new language.    No matter how hard it is, as long as the effort will succeed, traditional education really give us a bowl of chicken soup poison, which come out of another wrong perception: it seems that only the dirty work, it is worth us to redouble our efforts and the efforts of their own, Well done more than commendable.    Our progress is to successfully promote, rather than advancing frustration, not many people are Yuecuoyueyong.Do not need to spend a lot of effort, you can get a little success, we are willing to invest more to stimulate more energy, more effort, wide pine does not regret.    Of course, after every successful person, will render the hardships along the way, that’s another story.Not to mention the hardships forward to a bright heart, and do not see the light in the dark, but also two different things.

Life is composed of a series of accidents, today, you reap what you sow beans, which can get melons a year or get beans, are mysterious and seductive unknown.    At that time, you think, you have a very old.    A child you aspire to live to 36 years of age, because, almost at this age, and Xu Meng Lord Byron have been calling, they remain forever in the eyes of the world look no wrinkles, stay still full of youthful poems also passion, even in the painful years, still has a strong life-throb.    At that time, do you think he is very old.When a woman is wandering across the thirty mark, although have a boyfriend, but it seems still far away from the threshold of marriage.You have a little sophistication, not just understand marriage knot, but also a little worried, afraid that they become a thing of the past, we must wither instant.    Work also.Although there is a steady job, but also worried about whether the post in a lifetime may not be too promising, tirelessly until die of old age.Or should be into the home?Or to find a more challenging play?No one can give you the answer, because most know your face in the crowd, only you.    I want to tell you is that in fact you are still young then, just struggling to take off the silly shell, awaiting to be into a butterfly.Prior to this, you have plenty of blood in a cavity impulse, his head is used to read in class, have not adapted to real life.    In many of hesitation, you do the right thing, and that is bravely on the road, do not linger in many box hypothetical in.That’s a big hurdle in life, you make a right choice, and that is: try, try again, do not be afraid of something new all.I once read a word, very interesting.There is an outstanding father told his daughter said: you have to be brave to try, even after many years later, he found himself back to the place, and do not care about.    Nobody has ever told you so, your parents as long as you do a have a fixed monthly salary, a pension after ordinary people have old, but your blood do not know since when, has had a unyielding adventurer factor in it from time to time jumping, driving your soul and action.You are 30 years old, she decided to develop their own vision of life.    After 30 years of age, you get used to traveling alone, toured the civilized city, and not easy to find fellow corner.Have you ever drive through the United Kingdom and New Zealand, have also visited North Africa, the Middle East and Paris, you like different customs, began to know how to enjoy starlit lonely.    You swear every year to learn new things as.In fact, the 30-year-old only things started, you can do no matter how good, can only be a hobby.But do not care about the results of the study itself is a joyous growth.Over the years, you have studied the painting, ceramics, photography, diving to get a license, he jumped a few years of flamenco, and there took a master’s degree.Why do these things to learn?Many people have asked you, you do not know, yet fun, you believe that learning itself is a reward.    You begin a career change.This year you entered the television industry, it is a wonderful opportunity.You grew up never aspire to appear on television, I never thought he would one day take so many commercials.At that time everyone said, you will not be doing too good, and the circle of the image does not match, you will not adapt.In fact, the beginning you really do not adapt, but have to rely on the cumulative strength of temper.As long as not afraid, you can.Since that day, you did not leave television circles.This is indeed a deep fate.Sometimes, too much repetitive work makes you impatient, but each time when the lights turn on, you have fun.    You learn to tell yourself, even the composer, there may one day tired of those notes like bean sprouts; even the writers, will always have a while to write something off-putting.If it is someone you do not hate the work, it must have positive and negative effects, you like people and not like people, all the challenges, you have to take.    You say to yourself: as long as not afraid, you can.There can be defeated, do not fall without a fight.From the age of 30, you use these words encourage ourselves, still often say to myself.    Years is never again the.Although many people like to ask me if you can again, the question of what you do.If I can again, I think I would choose not afraid, always loyal to their own choice.Even if it is wrong, and fall badly beaten, they must learn to stand up.    If you can again, I’d pay more like-minded friends, and know how to care for them, and they laugh or cry together, fighting together for the common ideals.A friend with utter sincerity, is really the most wonderful thing.In the eyes of a true friend, you will see their value.If you can again, I will understand, most of my worries mess of things, in fact, did not happen.Most of the pain will pass, not because of one or two words was stabbed, not because twelve tragic thing to deny or question the humanity of life.    If you can again, I’ll manage their money, not to look at the accounts deemed annoying thing.This is your biggest weakness 30-year-old.In fact, accounts and financial management is very simple and very interesting, but after 10 years, you have tasted a lot of lessons to learn to.Then tell you this, you will feel a bit like talking about this reality, because you are young artists, if not other-worldly air, but saw the numbers, maybe it is not quite the patience and self-righteous or reason, always scalp.10 years later you did not know, money management and time management in fact have the same purpose, and that is the modern management of their most important lesson.You do not need to pinch pennies, but to do all kinds of rational decision-making, to have the confidence to control the flow of money, we decided to invest.This is a very interesting thing, and make you worry-free.    30 years old, you do the most correct thing is to try not to waste your life in happiness is not in, it was a turning point in life.The passage of time is always faster than you think, there is no sense to live life no matter, it would be the same thing.Maybe we try to live for a lifetime, you can not really get anything, at least you know, courage and insist that you will not regret it.    30-year-old wrote to you, also wrote to every thought stepped into a big hurdle in life, still looked on the crossroads of 30-year-old friend.    Yes, you are still young, do not be afraid.Go forward, go that way you want to go away, do not be afraid.    PS: While you are young, but to complete the dream is concerned, you really almost close to the door of a psychological barrier, if you dare to go now, later you will never have the guts to go.    Believe in yourself, and to cheer myself up, do not be afraid!

During his tenure as assistant minister of Rites Zeng, he opened a lecture specifically about jurisprudence.Regardless of the capital in the Manchu Han officials or dignitaries, are attracted to go to lectures, among them Li.Zeng admire him very often to say: This man eventually Cheng Kung University, is a pillar of.But when he was in the Imperial Academy Shuji Shi Li luck is not very good, every time the emperor was to be crowded memorial, which makes him very depressed heart.I heard Zeng Hunan to take leave, he immediately wanted to go over.At that time the court attaches great importance to the construction of the army, and only in the army, have a chance to develop.Besides, Zeng is their teacher, they go to him, certainly can not go wrong.That day, a lot of well-groomed Li, Zeng went Meet.After the post handed him, the officers led him to a room then, had told the adults in feet, let him wait.The other on the other two hour, when the nest is Li belly full of fire, timely servants come, this time led him straight in the room door.Li took one step to go, I saw Zeng holding a book, sitting very relaxed in a chair in front of the basin of steaming positive.He no little courtesy, without looking up, looking down the side feet, side coldly: Sit down.Li is also the size of the DPRK officials, I have never received such a cold reception.He finally could not suppress anger, he asked out loud: I told you in a previous runner feet, I waited a long time, how not washing your feet?Zeng is not mad, slowly replied: Bai Xue’s feet, the feet is the health event, riddled with interference, a wash of.Li was furious, What is this nonsense?Meet me there are important matters to discuss, but not to hear you speak Chinese medicine.His face turned purple, then only pending at the door of the servants all laughed.The smile, let Li did not feel more face, so he stood up and angrily walked away.Zeng does not retain, said something young and fit, how to do things, then laughed.Listening to the shrill laughter, Li shame and gas, could not wait to go back to Tseng’s Footbath overturned.He forced back the anger, strode out the door, vowed never to meet this place again.When rode up to the bridge, Suddenly he heard behind him a loud cry: Brothers walking.Looked back and saw his old classmate Cheng Xueqi on horseback, is smiling at him.Cheng Xueqi an opening to tell him in the count Zeng, Cheng Xueqi said: teacher said you only as big as the sea, but unfortunately the edge too exposed, if they can get rid of this trouble, you will be an all-rounder.Teachers snub you, so that you wake up, this is not, he let me come to you Telling your family.Li heard here, was both shocked and ashamed, I never realized that narrowly on their own character, but did not think the teacher could even well-intentioned, to come up with such an approach.So he rode back and Cheng Xueqi, Meet the teacher.I saw Zeng dress standing on the path to greet them, smiling, as if with a new person previously.Li Zeng Why should it face to face humiliation?He had a famous saying: filter important than talent, talented person by the people, who have a tolerance to the employer.Zeng know that Li is a talent, but he was always tall and fit, let him become a pillar of character must be accessible round.So, by the neglect Zeng start, always honing his.Let Li to participate in a major event, the ability to exercise his decision; and articulate people in the debate, the convergence of its spirit; he was eating with the method of all persons, etc., to force him to get rid of bed early evening to problems; several times in front of witnesses face problems such as criticism of his boast.In painstaking Zeng, Li’s ideas, personality and habits have greatly changed.For the rebellious who can not make regular motivate him to their senses, only touch the soul, he can realize his own shortcomings.

Listen to the neighbors talking about a true story, the story is not apocryphal.    Brother country has the old house, dating back flip for a long time to tear down, to country folk, the demolition is the number one priority to build a house, the neighbors back home to units specially took leave of absence to help.When the door neighbor, just pushed a wall of people crashing to the ground.Thus, not urgent rest, being added labor, with all winding sleeves and to push the last wall.Probably everyone is tired, it is early summer, close to noon, the heat did not say, but also feel a little hair goes flat, that wall in concerted efforts of all sub-trumpet, a few Huang Huang, refused to even pour next, just as the foot rooted, stubborn stand on the ruins.Brother is a rich work experience players, greeted us a short break, tea smoke breathing for a moment, then got myself a shovel, dig a ditch under preparation under the foot of the wall, then pushed it easy.    When the brother is going back to the wall trenching, he uttered a startled called, attracted onlookers, everyone looked at each other, I do not know what the situation will emit nearly forty years, brawny amazing voice, along the direction of his brother’s finger, such a scene reflect on all the eye.That the only remaining wall are moldering in the upper left corner of the tummy a fairly plump gecko, shocking that a nail straight through the lower side of the abdomen gecko, geckos are firmly fixed on the wall, gecko abdominal surprisingly hypertrophy, long nails like integrated in its body.Neighborhood brother suddenly remembered, this nail is hanging on the wall a long time ago to set their own seeds, and look at the ground, the whole plaster pushing crowd below, was shaking down, crashing one on the ruins.Presumably, from the hands-set nail that sticks to start, this unfortunate guy was in here fixed across the plaster.People can not help but sigh.I can not help but feel pity.At the same time, a very real problem before them, for so long a time, this deep sorrow gecko how to survive?I am afraid there will be a pity it flies will take the initiative to fly its mouth it.This poor little life triggered a crowd of compassion, we decided to explore what happens, so have gathered around, watching quietly waited at the side, less than a bag of tobacco effort, looks a bit thin gecko tentatively creeping forward, it’s a small insect in his mouth, cautious, careful, but duty-bound to look panic ventured to climb the wall gecko bird around, looking around it appears to be very alert in after concluded that there is no danger, skilled and accurate to bug his mouth, just flashed by, sent to the mouth of the crucified bird gecko, and then look around a bit, in a hurry to leave.    Neighbors said his brother was a yokel, normally always a fearless look.At that moment, my heart never give birth to awe.He greeted the crowd got tools, carefully sawed to that wall, remove the large pieces, the wall placed in a suitable place, in order to let the two be able to continue to live gecko.    I have not been verified, a gecko’s life can be much longer, but I believe that for a bird a fresh water needs someone to take care of gecko and its partner (perhaps the wife, husband, or friend, perhaps only companion) to that their lives would certainly be longer and more real people more meaningful.Because responsibility in their lives, removing the need to survive itself, there is an inescapable.It is this responsibility and that they need each other to overcome the unimaginable suffering, it is precisely because of such a responsibility to make them humble life highlight the great potential.    In the natural kingdom, in fact, life itself is not humble and noble points.Life can not be copied because of the characteristics of children should be respected.    People, sometimes to those weaker animals feel fear, because, in their humble short life, there is a enough to shock the quality of our souls, in the face of it, those of us proud to be able to head often bowed his head ashamed and thinking, so that our souls will be purified.

Midnight, silent.Night lights shining quiet pedestrian way home, the same route through different people, leaving a different story.  Late at night, the habit of doing in the window, poured a cup of coffee can make people sober, confused tasting the night lonely slowly brought.  The stars of the night sky, a couple kissing in the light, warm yellow light to shine their presence is extremely warm, but their happiness like me peeping like a thief.That it is not every night is lonely, because their company so I think this is a gentle night.Since when in love with night, I fell in love with loneliness, but since when is locked atrium, the others shut out?He is injured?It is loved?No, I do not go into your mind when you refused to be with me after the door.The reason I fell in love with a lonely, like the middle of the night, because they do not care about my looks, because they never betray me, with me through one after another of Rhapsody.  That day, a friend said to me on the QQ: to introduce you to objects, ensure that your dish yo.Friends with confidence, then, to stimulate my nerves Victory.Speed back: you’re so sure?Her back: do you dare to try it?So at a friend’s bowel will become our chatters on the network, talk business, talk about the future, talk about life, we have too much in common.Half the time you get used to daily bedtime Road to the night, even though we never met heavy, but I feel for you has far exceeded the chatters, but you do not say it, I will never take the initiative to declare.  On the 1st night, you suddenly sent a text message, so the original arrived late night, is open: my girlfriend.Six simple Chinese characters I read it again and again, although we know we never met after six months, you do not know my face, I do not know what you look like.After a few minutes had shocked pressed Well.When I put the two words play, I swear in my mind, I was like you, even if your height is only 140, I do not care, because I am not appearance Association, silly to think that you’re I have not seen in the case of confession to me, you are not given the judge a book by people.  The next day, when you first asked my height, weight, age, when I go back Height: 163 cm.Because I wanted to tease you, and deliberately labeled as 170 pounds of body weight.I laughed at the mobile phone, I imagine you think I look like 170 pounds simple-minded, but you have gone, not to return from this information does not answer the phone.Ha ha!The original joke can see through a person.  After the half, the friend invited me to her city to relax, thought just simply relax me out, did not think she was looking for an opportunity for me vent.  That day, she said to me: There is a gathering of friends go together tonight.  I have repeatedly shirk: you go, I’m not familiar with and they do not go her angry and said: Since it is out relax, it is necessary bulk of happy, all my friends, when I introduce to you know.Under her persuasion have chatter, I agree with the.  She helped me the makeup, put on dressed in a white dress, from Yuen Long, stepped on a pair of 10 cm high heels, she went with.Because we have never met before, even though we are from very close, do not know each other.  Friends took my hand and walked in front of you to say: This is my best friend Liu Wei.I clearly see you face panic face, after pretending to be calm, said hello, I was Zhang Chao.Stunned for a few seconds, you nod and smile.  Friends are like nothing, like took my hand and said I tell you this is my friend Liu Wei, still single yo, do not ask her, as long as it is not appearance Association of unmarried men can chase.20 should have a few people and no one stir crazy after the start of crazy out of our embarrassment.  Looked at you, 180 tall, handsome face awkward expression, friends began to wonder categorically told me that it was my dish extra baggage around you with a girl, not beautiful, original appearance Association the human eye is not how drop.  You set who said she did not think the girl 170 pounds, only 93 pounds, 163 cm tall and 10 cm to wear high heels can grow to 173 cm.I do not know where the courage, Naqijiubei come before you to say: really good fit Shuainan add beauty Yeah, I really envy really happy, I wish you both respect you a cup of loving a hundred years, never separated.  Girls around you asked me a simple: how the body so well, there is no secret way?You face turned into paleness, her words to stimulate you yet?In fact, nothing secret, that men do not like fat girls, so eat less slightly.  Can love has nothing looks, height, family, education has nothing to do everything all surfaces.Can simpler Love?

Train gallop in the night, my neighbor is a pair of old have been wearing the clothes do not see the true nature of middle-aged men and women, a woman eating bread, man nibbling the seeds.After eating a bread, a woman lying on the table dozed off, a man quietly watching her, followed by a one to nibbling the seeds, seems to be full of feelings.    Suddenly, the woman jumped up, while loudly singing while dancing.Man quickly pulled her hand, led her to a seat on the press, while quietly advised her: Knock, Knock, influence others to rest.Take your hands off me, I do not want you tube!Woman angry staring eyes, pushes the man.Listen to me, good fast ride.Men also advised her to whisper.You try to stop me, I jumped off the!Women somehow tears, said as he walked to the door of the compartment.Arguing alerted the crew, the crew ran over to ask: how is it, how is it?    All right, all right, she suffered a relapse.Man rubbing his hands, embarrassed, explained.At this time, a passenger on the flight attendant said quietly: I think they got on the wrong child, the young man is northern accent, a woman’s Sichuan accent, could traffickers turn this woman right?    Thus, the marshals quickly came over, man flashed ID cards explained: I Xingtai, a worker in a factory.Introduced 18 years ago, she married her.Later, she got hysterical, in order for her to see a doctor, almost spent all the family money.Last month, she should not have to return home to visit relatives in Sichuan, I was afraid she lost fall ill, only to follow her.    After the marshals to leave, the woman slowly quiet down, then lying on the table playing a nap.Distressed man looked at her and said to the people around him: she does not fall ill, very capable, thanks to the family of a man she cultivated fields.    Night has been deep.Men make women sleep on the seat, got his own shop two newspapers under the seat, with a large bottle of mineral water as a pillow, lay down, quickly issued a uniform snoring.The air conditioning kept the car stood a breath, the woman woke up frozen.After seeing a man lying on the ground, thin clothes, she stood on the seat, struggling to remove a bag from the luggage rack, turn west looking east for a while, remove the two cloth coat, gently cover in men and carefully tucked.    At dawn, the crew began to push the dining car selling breakfast.A man asked a woman: not hungry?Woman nodded.The man took out 10 dollars to buy a copy from his pocket, a woman stopped, unhappy to say: Do not buy expensive, we have money at home?    The man said: you’re hungry, do not be afraid to spend money to eat.Woman firmly waved, he said: I would not hungry.    Bowl!Bowl!3 dollars a bowl, two bowls of five dollars.When the noodles to be sold through hawkers, men insisted on buying a bowl, carefully with boiling water, placed in front of a woman.Women also welcome, very fragrant to eat up.Men continue nibbling his seeds, to see her eat.    The woman said, ask a man: you are not hungry?Men firmly shook his head.After the woman had finished, he plans to push into the bowl in front of a man, let him throw away.Man picked up the bowl looked at the rest of the soup a little drained.    After the train pulls into a major stations, stopped.The woman said, the car nausea, 想出去走走.The man asked thousands exhorted million: car door stood there, not far away.Woman nodded.A few minutes later, the woman came back, the hands of more than a paper bag and a bottle of beer.She put things into place in front of a man gently, softly said: eat fast, all day and night, I know you’re hungry..Man’s eyes, and instantly become moist.He silently out into the hands under the table, a woman quietly clenched pair of rough hands full of dirt.

A give you, Anan rushing, blushing, into my hand up a gardenia, with QiQiao.My face turned too hot steam coming out of the can.  Why did I?I asked rash.  You give your Anan turned tail and ran, like back in college long after him.Anand is the long-college son, if not jumping up and down day broke two watts, trampled a few seedlings, then he must be sick.Every evening, the neighbors have been holding a broken tile or something, I went to school with long chat universities.After the chat, he took a small college long bamboo, filled the village to find Anan.  Long university wearing glasses, a gentle phase.Menacing looks really not very coordinated with him.The village people would like to see grow up fierce universities.Up college fierce long will it be possible to sit at the table of their home dinner, sip on a pot of rice wine together.  In fact, we can not blame Anan.The village people are so long to persuade universities, on the roof of the fruiting grapes, golden pumpkin flower, the boy how can we resist.A child, who we did not pay attention too bad the people on the tile roof?That it is in the village of kitchen house are too short to repair, covered with straw, tiles.Housewife in a hut behind the house plug vines, point two gold pumpkin seeds, vines, pumpkin vine spread to the roof, flowering, fruiting, and good taste is hidden on the roof.Golden Pumpkin flower sucking up can be sweet, and taste better than poor grapes.  Anand Not greedy, usually begged his partner.  To keep the grape purple, gold pumpkin squash blossoms to keep the knot, can not just move, you can be put under the kitchen house the children really craving.They are looking for Anand said: Anan, that our family can definitely eat grapes, very sweet taste last year, let’s try it pick point.My dad was wooden stick, long thick bamboo is much smaller than the university, saying that stick down here, the speaker should make a cold, say, your dad, if twenty-two drink wine, be sure to go back and hit you forget it.  The village so many people, so busy Anan. I did not think he had the time to send me gardenias.  Think of gardenia, I face the more hot.  Today is Tanabata.  Valentine ‘s Day, it is a custom of ancestors left behind.Night, the girl in pigtails stuck gardenia, pinning in the moonlight, requesting blessings on the empress to give their own ingenuity.He said the old man, worn gardenia, girl mind more clear.  That day, gardenia to send boys.However, who sent Gardenia who can be subtle yet, this Valentine’s Day a bit like a gardenia long led universities we draw the meaning of Valentine’s Day greeting cards.  That, I just received a Valentine’s Day greeting cards Toshiteru.Anan Valentine’s Day greeting cards gave his mother.  In fact, Anand and I have very good relations.We are at the same table, also participated in the mathematics competition together.Those competition problems, it may be interesting debate.We pound the table, to chair the debate.  Give you!Unexpectedly, Anan is back, into my hand had a hard thing, my sister, and I also remember tomorrow.He ran fast as usual.  I outstretched hand, it turned out to be pieces of card issuers.My hair was cut into a father mushroom head Qi ears, short, with no place to plug gardenia, not only with the card on the hair.  This Anand, even when there are careful.  Anand gave me out!Long voice from far away college, I heard him talking to anyone in the front room, today Tanabata, shut him what happened ah, a boy also pick gardenia.Pick to pick it, he won the people of a tree flower pieces, that is to pick the best flowers!You say, should not curse!  Haha neighbor uncle laughing.  I look at the hands of gardenia, think of Anand pick one, lost, and then pick one, I seem to see him lose a carefully selected that way, could not help but laugh.Think of the word carefully selected, I was a little funny and a little sweet.

Once I came out from the campus and now I’m back in this sacred place where the mood is what really excited to face the day of innocent children sound and laughter long I stood solemn place flowers flourished to open Oh, the excitement is so excited What gradually moistened eyes this is not the place I work I do not belong to this campus, but she was with me a long time to stand my blood of the same standing in the world of fragrance I am a passer pace campus is always busy rush but I am glad and I do not regret that because, after all, she walked into the campus is no longer just my post is no longer just the end of me she is my eternal life she is my new starting point once out of school and is now back to campus from a rough big turn any loss hungry soul circle of life I will relentlessly hone campus opened her gentle embrace gently hold me laugh once had a childhood of eager teenage girls had greed in your arms and now I’m willing to be a campus only silkworms or rain or dew ballad mind is Yin song “Big tree”, “grew up I became you” dream weaving substantial pace fly Fulcrum miracle base oh, oh campus, campus Are you a teacher of the stage is the real joy of devotees who are quietly pay the cradle of blossoms marching Chaoyang stepping away and busy street full of late is a comforting Oh, listen to it being played on campus beautiful tune – its theme is youth without any regrets