When combing or shampooing, the hair falls one by one, looking in the mirror, the hair turns white one by one, and the bags under the eyes become bigger day by day.. Pick up the hair, drag the white hair, lost, helpless, sad, bouts of attack on my heart.   The youth years seem to be just yesterday, how to say old is old? I always reflect on the way I have travelled when I lament the unrelenting nature of the years.. He has a strong temper, impatience and outspoken speech. He always has words to say to leaders and colleagues, never hides anything, and always wants to pursue perfection for something. As a result, he often gets tired, hurts his feelings and even bears resentment..   With the growth of age and the enrichment and comprehension of life experience, I feel I have learned a lot of temper and matured a lot, but it is not enough to calm down and think about it..   Looking at the women around me who are gentle, cool and quiet, I envy and gasp in admiration, much more enlightening and urging. I know very well that calmness is a gesture, a charm, an empty spirit, a quality, a feeling, a distinctive grace, a light and elegant cloud, an intriguing simplicity, and a beauty of returning to simplicity and truth.. They are cool and idle, calm and elegant, quiet and beautiful like autumn leaves, giving people peace, but full of skill, composure, sincerity and beauty..   With this idea, I try my best to change myself. So, I often said to myself, to be a quiet woman, try my best not to get bored or annoyed, not to be impatient or impatient, not to fight or rob. Based on personal reality, do not pursue high taste, do not participate in flashy things, do not compare with high or low taste, do not care about personal gains and losses, lead a good life calmly, work hard with your husband and your son, and have a clear conscience.. Don’t be vigorous, just be safe and happy. In life, not make – up, let nature take its course, as long as it is clean, agile and generous. In the conversation, there is no need to talk too much, the voice does not need to be high, the face always smiles, and it is true to treat others.   I often tell my husband to be a quiet woman, let him feel the warmth and sweetness of love at home, let him remind me, ” supervise” me and encourage me. Have their own preferences, principles, beliefs and pursuits, do not rush for quick success and instant benefits, do not exaggerate and frivolous, be modest and calm. Whether things are big or small, whether things are good or bad, be calm inside and calm and gentle in manner. Learn to understand, learn compassion, learn gratitude, and learn to repay kindness.   I often say with books that I want to be a quiet woman. After a busy day, on weekends and holidays, we use knowledge to give charm, and use books to spend our leisure time and enrich our hearts.. Hold a favorite book, release your meditation in the flexibility of words, and taste a relaxation of selflessness. Holding the scroll in his hand, he quietly bathed in the fragrance of the book and chewed a pleasurable heart. Or the true feelings are exquisite, or the style of writing is gorgeous, or the lasting appeal is long, reading with the good, thinking at will, feeling with the feeling, recording with one’s inclinations. Because knowledge and literature will give women a kind of wisdom, a kind of romance and a kind of temperament. When a woman falls in love with words, her heart fills with surging passion.   I often tell my friends to be a quiet woman. Again busy also have to make some time to meet friends, go shopping; No matter how busy you are, you have to play the piano, open your melodious voice, listen to the light music, release your mood in the melodious music, and let your mood fly to your heart’s content. Again busy also must use own skillful hand, weaves a pair of gloves, a pair of cotton socks for the family, tasted the achievement joy; When you are happy and sad, you can cry as much as you want and let your tears shed all your sadness. When you lose, don’t hate. When the husband was tired, he smiled calmly at him, served a cup of hot tea, and squeezed his shoulders to make him feel a mild warmth. When the old man was ill, he handed over a pair of hands to help him feel the filial piety of his children. When children are confused, give them a gentle comfort and let them feel growing up in warm arms. When relatives and friends miss you, give them a kind of meeting and send blessings to relatives and friends in the meeting.   I know the years are in a hurry, the years of China are fleeting, and the time is fleeting. What can’t be seen through is the world of mortals, and what can’t be waved is the passing of time.. In fact, life should have been like this. As long as you think your heart is safe, cool and carefree, as long as you can touch your heart is happy.   It’s good to be a quiet woman!     Address: Liu Lijuan, Chengguan Town Central School, neixiang county

Mu Yi Xin once proudly held a 2B pencil and asked me,’ I can draw for you whatever you want.” Once narcissistic said,’ Do you believe that the style you draw in the future will always have a shadow of my style.” Of course, the last sentence he said to me was: I finally realized your love and thought of you when I saw the brush, and I will never think of you and never pick up the brush again, but this is not for you, but for myself..   I thought I would never see him again, but there he would not draw again. He did not know the person I had hurt most psychologically in these years who called me a person who refused to love and refuse to love. It turned out that he could really forget his longing for art and his love for impressionism and his dream of creating Chinese style cartoons only for dignity? Are there so many good girls in the world who loved art as much as he once loved it?. Painter? Let’s be a crazy artist. Japan is going to be kicked. I don’t know if I’m honored.. If you draw a draft in the future, I’ll revise you, it will certainly sell well. I didn’t learn to draw. I didn’t know I was poor and I was going to play the piano. You’d better write something. I’ll illustrate you, which is more economical. ”

Preference is similar to partiality, not a good word. According to the doctrine of the mean, all’ partiality’ should be criticized and righting should be in line with’ moderation’, but a complete monism often negates the right we can choose. All choices are preferences, and I think we should allow’ partiality’. Some preferences are helpless, but inside they are stubborn. Do you believe it? Yuan Zhen of the Tang Dynasty is that he is also afraid of gossip, singing ” not preferring chrysanthemum among flowers”, which immediately makes you feel that he is particularly aggrieved: ” This flower has no flowers at all.”. About this preference, or did I feel unfair when I was in high school. We, Miss Sun, have a special preference for girls who learn English well and look beautiful. We talked about it after class and protested it to the school leaders in an obscene way, but it was not effective.. We think this is a matter of principle related to ” ethics”. A bowl of water is not even and students cannot be treated equally.. His ” bias” has virtually reduced his prestige and created a lifelong bias against English.. Maybe he doesn’t know it, or he knows it but his preference can’t be changed. Later, it was hard to say whether a classmate was in a state of no intention or sarcasm, refuting our point of view. He said that preference was allowed.. This is a paradox and is tantamount to shocking the world. I use ordinary people’s reasoning to solve the problem, perhaps saying that if you also learn well, the teacher also prefers you. But I don’t think so. There is also the issue of the relationship between teachers and students, which must have not been taken into consideration by commentators.. In fact, this is an innocuous question. One pile is more than forty years old, and I will not think about it any more.. But on this spring day, I was so excited that I lingered over and over again about all the places in the city where I live that are called ” scenery”. after each visit, I sat down and meditated, and even felt sympathy and even shouted the same idea about the former teacher sun’s preference, and came up with a topic of ” allow preference”. For this spring’s contribution, it should be those brilliant and magnificent bauhinia flowers. If there were no bauhinia, I thought the whole spring would be mediocre, mediocre like grass being trampled on by the roadside, without eyes or elegance.. I especially like the bauhinia flowers that are shining in a string of gorgeous eyes, perhaps because of the cold winter depression, my heart is more looking forward to a vigorous bloom, the drums are noisy, prosperous and naked, and I will never reserve them.. I particularly appreciate the fact that the bauhinia flower has been placed in a position other than his own, not in the first row on the road side. oh, it turned out to be afraid of your brilliance being too conspicuous and distracting the driver’s vision, but it is not, ” the tiller forgot his plough, the hoe forgot his hoe”, the beauty on the stranger, and the farmer’s eyes were also divided. the situation is on the road side, and the danger will come quietly without looking into your eyes, jumping into your heart and not deliberately, but it cannot be said that the danger is all caused by you.. According to the experience of reading books, bauhinia is by no means the family of a reclusive gentleman, but you always hide your string of red flowers behind the green trees, and you want to hide them from the public.? But you can’t hide your scorching heat and burn off the green, dazzling and ostentatious colors in front of you, echoing people’s smiles, making them beautiful and smiling.. I was surprised to find that in my city, those red bauhinia flowers are all the corners of the road, and she still refuses to squeeze into the ranks of the building, even if it is shaded by miscellaneous trees. As long as the spring breeze is full of softness and gently shakes, she will burst out of several branches and burst into smiling faces from the green clumps.. The traditional aesthetics is poor and redundant for bauhinia, isn’t it too common to say ” red flowers need green leaves to match”? Why should I sit tight and wait for a few leaves? Bauhinia is a flower tree that allows you to keep silent and examine it carefully, or explode the wrapped bark from the withered and old iron trunk, pushing out a mass of flower buds, as if Mei Duo did not choose thin branches and was free to spit out pistils.. The branches were covered with buds, crowded and endless, although small and small, they did not lose large yulan petals, dense thickets and overlapping, demonstrating the poetic and picturesque meaning of ” thousands of flowers and ten thousand branches and ten thousand branches and ten thousand branches and ten thousand branches and ten thousand branches and ten thousand” ( Du Fu’s sentence ). Purple s – smelting, light pink, light purple gracefully, has the beauty of ” always fitting for light make – up”. If you pay close attention to it, it seems that you can see the buds of each branch are climbing out and rushing toward the branches. Although the buds are bloated and plump, they are light and light in pace, piled up in clusters and covered with layers, just like a pale purple sunset glow, suddenly falling down and sticking to the branches of the Chinese redbud, making a triumphant smile, overflowing with the moisture of the spring glow and flowing with the pulsation of the spring, and streaming with a poetic ” falling flower and running water” in mid – air.. Yes, those clouds are often hidden or blown away before they have time to make a mark in the sky, thus attracting your attention by pretending to be a big freehand brushwork of steaming clouds and chardonnay.. And how much those bauhinia flowers resemble the clouds and clouds, why does she want to be so charming and soft when she doesn’t take advantage of the spring breeze to wantonly shine her life brilliantly?? She also has a desire to perform Mann Dance. She dances in the spring and shakes the bright branches to perform with her. The wind stopped the fog, and the dense air bypassed her corolla, covering her pink face, and sometimes revealing a few faint flowers, just like the camera did not catch her, sometimes posing in exaggerated posture, striving for the focus of the moment’s camera. Although it passed by, it was nifty enough to make people laugh at it.. At this time, as long as you are in the scene, you will have dreams. The dream world only accommodates you and her existence.. I prefer bauhinia, just as I prefer planting a bamboo cloud in the corner of the window to let her climb willfully, even probe into the window to see your privacy and say no reason, because preference has no reason, just as we did not hold Mr. Sun to blame him for his preference. I think if asked, he will surely tongue – tied.. If it comes to Xia Rong, bauhinia will fade out of people’s sight. Who still remembers the spectacular spring scenery of a tree in full bloom, so I understand more why she is so warm just after spring, because there is not enough time for her to spend extravagantly, every minute counts and seize the day and night.. If you don’t go to favor, you will be late. After this spring, it will be a long expectation, favor, and allow preference for everything on your mind. All art, allow preference; All self – esteem, allowed preference, other people’s words, eyes, and actions will not hurt your feelings. Don’t worry about yourself, even if you don’t think about food or tea, you won’t sleep well.. As a matter of fact, those eyes, jokes and actions are often meaningless and random. The reason why we are at a loss is that we care too much about them.. As long as you have the heart’s landing, all these become secondary or even nothing. Preference is right. I didn’t get preference, but I won’t break that delicacy. Maybe I will look for preference I can get.. Oh, like a cloud, like a chardonnay, the difference is, you are in a corner, a broken wall, a hiding place, you have enough spring power to spend, and you have made an unrestrained burning, like a fiery fireball, abandoning everything, ignoring nothing but the thunderbolt and spluttering.. Oh, I really understand that there is a very commendable reason for my preference. You hide in those small scenes, like a pair of first love lovers, embarrassed to choose the public place, and secretly hide it. After the wind attack, they shake each other into fun, think of the background, embrace and kiss each other, moisten your lips and warm your face, too warm, too shy, too arrogant and too shy. So, after you have witnessed it, you just flush and fly around. Ah, don’t be too narrow. Maybe people are quietly talking about a new life, aren’t those songs that look forward to a new life, like bauhinia.? Don’t be straightforward, but you also have to tell god that you borrowed bauhinia flowers and made an earth-shattering oath.. I prefer bauhinia, you don’t allow it? Jiayan presses down on spring flowers, and flowers grow into leaves and start to bud. First, the flowers were blossoming and then the green layout was laid out. I broke the rules and became a spectacular sight.. Don’t say I am a hate student, the teacher will forgive me for my narrowness and even allow me to prefer, just as I don’t write those magnificent novels but prefer those prose that can be free and unrestrained.. I was tired of writing and gave vent to it. I looked through the window. There was a Chinese redbud in the corner, with a pink face, greeting me. Didn’t you prefer it?? I will serve you with a captivating smile for your preference . Ah, on the afternoon of April 14, 2018

I am always very capable of persecuting myself. I will not learn to save myself until there is no way to advance and retreat.. I thought I was sober enough to retire when all the flowers were gone. Red mud did not touch the sleeves of the skirt and the incense did not stay in the old clothes. As the days passed, I gradually understood. From beginning to end, this was just my self-deception and concealment.. If so, I wouldn’t end up so haggard, just a few dusk.     You’re just a few words. How can you miss me? I can’t follow my heart and say those tender and missed words. My heart seems to have thousands of threads that are pestering me with joy. I want to destroy it countless times and then quickly. But after countless times, the pain still remains..     It was because of the crushing pain that I felt at this moment that I understood more clearly that everything I had experienced was so real. Even if there were only a few memories left of the broken one day, the sunset surging waves and the snow-covered ancient road, I could not make it disappear without a trace..     Time is hard to stop. Maybe we both forget and be forgotten, and at the same time, we also have the same silence as if we wanted to destroy ourselves. I do, and so do everyone..     I can imagine the sufferings of the world, just like me, because I live in this world full of feelings, but now I know better, not because I can be merciful. For those who do not allow me to give warmth, I can only destroy myself again and again to grieve with you, pain to the soul, can I give you some comfort?.     I want to throw everything away and get rid of this deep-rooted sadness, but the light and shadow are cool and warm, the tears are shallow and deep, and people are still as old as before..     But there is no way to compromise in fate. I can only rely on the courage I have left to survive and bear it silently with a happy attitude. I simply want to knock out these sad feelings and empty my life.. Longitudinal I understand, everything is useless.     Maybe this is my life, how can I refuse its true face.

If you want to ask me what has been my greatest success so far? I will not hesitate to tell you that my most successful thing is that I have you, my friends.     In China before, appointments with you were always so full that my mother complained that she didn’t know how many meals she could have with me for a month.. Before you came to the United States, you constantly threatened me that my future life would not be so lonely without you.     You don’t know how much I have in Gemini? I love writing, which is my personal pleasure. I have no other distractions in the United States. I can concentrate on writing my articles and publishing my essays and novels online!     How happy it was to see what I had written become an online recommendation for prose!   Without your company, you don’t have to worry about my boredom and loneliness. I secretly enjoy myself …[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]

My mother once asked someone to calculate the divination for me, saying that my career could go up to the next level at the age of 28. I was happy for a long time and always hoped that the years would come to the age of 28 as if I had been arranged by heaven whenever and wherever I could go..     I got a good job in the office because of my minor fame of publishing articles in newspapers, and received enough attention from leaders and colleagues.. This feeling of ” stars holding the moon” made me proud for quite a while, and the various rewards I received at each commendation meeting made me feel more determined to win.     At the age of 30, the year of good luck I expected had already passed, but I didn’t see any new improvement. Every time I saw the public list of newly promoted cadres, I pulled it up in my heart.. Those people on the red paper are either the son of so-and-so leader or the daughter of any entrepreneur.. I think of a sentence in the ancient prose I learned at school” One man gets the word, and the chicken and dog ascend to heaven. Well, it seems like I have no background, no money, no calculation, no family, and no hope of getting mixed up on this road.. Pointing to the salary increase brought by promotion, when will it be realized?     Disappointed, I began to shift my energy to family happiness, reminding myself not to lose my happiness for the unreachable fantasy. I try my best to enrich the three meals a day with my limited salary. I will go out for a walk with my family after dinner and lead a leisurely life as a citizen..     In fact, the life of ordinary citizens is also good. In summer, cultural squares will have free cultural performances from time to time.. In order to catch the time to see those performances, we hurried to the square after supper by taxi. Most of the performances are children’s songs and dances, which my daughter and I would like to see most.. Seeing those versatile children, I regret not letting my daughter continue to learn dance.. We watched every program very carefully, but we were most impressed by only one dance called ” Who’s Bad”. A group of children were dancing hard in the dance. Suddenly, the music stopped abruptly and everyone was worried. However, the group of children did not have any action to stop. One child took the lead in quietly shouting slogans in his mouth, and the other children also silently followed the beat.. Although the dance looks a bit like gymnastics without the background of music, all the lovely children don’t care until the end. The joy infected everyone from the inside out, and finally there was a big round of applause in the square..     That group of children was so great that I couldn’t help thinking of myself. Their calm, persistence and affordability made me feel inferior.. Life is more like a big stage. Everyone is performing himself to his heart’s content. It is important to have a background, but a good actor should be able to play himself well even without background support..

The author of two anecdotes about Suya Lake: Zhao Haijun ( Luohe ) In my hometown, there is a lake known as Suya Lake in the Central Plains. It was built in the 1950s and has an area of nearly 300 square kilometers. The lake is vast, the water and sky are connected, and the scenery is magnificent. It is known as’ artificial Dongting’. On the west bank of the lake, there are many villages of different sizes, with tens of thousands of villagers living, and many strange things that outsiders do not know have happened. The second is to entertain readers: anecdote one: ” Enclosure” campaign mentions enclosure campaign. People with a little knowledge of Marxist – Leninist common sense or history will think of Britain and evil capitalism.. But who ever thought, in my hometown, near the beautiful Suya Lake, similar ” enclosure” sports had also taken place? That happened in 1980, when I was still in primary school. In those years, due to continuous drought and lack of rain, the lake in Suya Lake shrank seriously, exposing a large area of land on the lake.. Some clever farmers saw the value of the wasteland and occupied it one after another. You circled it together, I circled it together, and soon the lakeside wasteland was occupied.. Strangely enough, the consistently tough Suyal Lake management personnel collectively lost their language and did not interfere.. There is a family in the village near us. It is not easy. He took up 50 or 60 acres of wasteland in one fell swoop and planted sesame seeds.. The land in the lake is particularly fertile. After seeds are sown, sesame seeds can grow to a height of more than one person without applying a little fertilizer. The shuttles above are densely packed and look very gratifying.. In this way, the family has earned tens of thousands of dollars in just two or three years by relying on the land it occupies, planting cheese in summer and sowing wheat in winter, completing what Marx said about primitive accumulation of capital, then successfully dabbling in farming and transportation and so on, leading a thriving life.. Anecdotal 2: In other places, fish are mostly fished with nets or hooks, while in Suya Lake, people have used sticks to’ catch’ fish. Do you believe this? This is a real thing. It happened when I was in high school.. That summer, God seemed to be suffering from depression. He kept going underground all day, and the lake water jumped up to the east of our village.. After the lake subsided, someone went to the lake to look at the crops, but was surprised to find that fish were shaking their heads in the fields and mud pits to survive.. ‘ The ground was filled with fish, and the fish in Suya Lake ran out! ‘ Suddenly, the news seemed to have wings and disappeared in the village by the lake.. At that time, there were not many migrant workers. Many villagers were hiding in their homes and were worried about their leisure time.. Hearing the news, the crowd marched into the lake in droves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fishing net, because it doesn’t make sense to have a fishing net at this time, just take a stick and a bag.. What’s the use of a stick? Of course, it is used to tamp fish. Where’s the bag? It’s for fish. Without being there, you don’t know the spectacular scene. In the evening, the war-makers came back one after another. Some people have reaped quite a lot, ” catching” a lot of fish; Some people were muddy and tired to death, but they got very little. Others are very unfortunate. After they separated from their companions, they got stuck in the mud and finally died of unnatural deaths.. Alas, you see this is a good thing, but in the end it killed people! Written on April 16, 2013

I have been to the grasslands, I have been to the desert, and I have also been to Yuan Ye in the western part of the country. However, I have not seen the flowers.. Maybe she doesn’t drive on the earth, but in people’s hearts.     When the milking grandmother dragged the child around the yurt, the child said with begging eyes. ‘ Ma, I want to go to school.”. Ah Ma was holding an empty purse, helplessly looking at the distance. At this time, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! Sends infinite hope, lets the child enter the school. Ah Ma smiled. The helplessness on his face drifted away with the cloud over the grassland. The child smiled and turned his head on the grass.     In the snowy season, Abba and her children languished in the cold felt room without cotton-padded clothes and red fire.. Only gusts of cold wind whipped Abba’s heart. Abba whispers silently, ” Children, how do you get to the school near here without cotton-padded clothes?”. At this time, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! A thick cotton-padded jacket and a lot of wood and carbon were brought in. Abba smiled, warmed up the carbon fire and smoothed out the crepe on his face. The child smiled and built a snowman in front of the school.     The school’s house is broken. It doesn’t block the wind or rain.. His sad face is like a rolling dune. Mr long sigh: ” alas! Such a house, let children how to study”. At this moment, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! Wood, cement and white ash were delivered. Mr. Wang smiled, his face was sad, and with the white ash on the wall, he stretched out to his heart’s content.. The child smiled, his tender little hand rubbed the bright glass on the window..     Textbooks are old and knowledge is about to be updated. Abba and Abba look at Mr. with eager eyes, Mr. with helpless eyes, and the child looks at the old textbooks on the desk with eager eyes.. This boundless depression pervades the school. At this time, the flowers of Gesang were blossoming! New textbooks and new knowledge were delivered. Abba smiled, her mother smiled, her husband smiled, and the children laughed!!! The laughter echoed in the blue sky for a long time.     In this holy place of religion, I didn’t see people’s obeisance to idols in their hearts. But I saw the people’s great love for Gesang flowers. When people worship Gesang flowers as gods, they also kindle my incomparable respect.. Galsang flower! The Gersang Flower in People’s Hearts!

In the journey of life, we will meet countless beautiful landscapes, each of which will bring us a touch of life. Gratitude is the most beautiful scenery in the journey of life. Therefore, be thankful, cherish life and savor every touched moment in life carefully..     Being grateful, like the gorgeous winter sun, not only illuminates oneself, but also warms others. Being grateful, like a trickle, not only purifies one’s own heart, but also moistens the heart of others. Being grateful is a kind of love feedback. In life, not every melody will be shocking, nor every scenery we encounter will be unforgettable, but often it is every tiny place in life that makes us intoxicated. When we carefully look for it, we will accidentally discover many beautiful things in life. In fact, it is because we appreciate it with gratitude that it looks more beautiful. Therefore, our life has a beautiful scenery..     At the edge of life, your love makes my flower of life bloom again. A doctor, when he was young, once walked in the desert for a few days and nights. During his long journey, he ran out of dry food and water in his backpack, and the pace of walking became heavier and heavier. He walked for another two days, and he was thinking about one thing every moment: Can I still walk out of the desert alive? In this way, he walked out of the desert unconsciously and miraculously. In the distance, there was an oasis where he could vaguely see several farmhouses. When he came to the farmhouse, it was dusk, the breeze was blowing gently, and everything was shrouded in the beautiful sunset. He knocked on the door. In a short time, a girl of seventeen or eighteen opened the door, but the girl quickly turned back. The young man said to himself, ” Fool, will others give you alms?”? The young man was so tired that he sat quietly on the cold stone steps, listening to the bleak cries from the evening breeze.     Life seemed to end at that moment. He was exhausted and exhausted. Perhaps only he knew what he was waiting for.. About a moment later, the girl came out again, carrying a bowl of water in one hand and white steamed bread in the other, and came up to him with a smile and said, ” You should be hungry, here you are.”. The young man wolfed down when he took it. At this point, his eyes began to have glittering and translucent tears, falling drop by drop in the afterglow of the sunset.. After a while, he slowly began to speak and said, ” I haven’t eaten for several days. Thank you for giving me such a big dinner.”.     After staying at the girl’s house for a night, the next morning, he thanked her and said goodbye, and then continued his journey … Ah, love’s feedback, so that the bud that is about to wither will bloom again.. Time has slipped quietly from the fingertip. Ten years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. One day, a patient came to the hospital where he works and needed him to help her with the operation in time. However, the hospital stipulated that the patient should pay a certain amount of medical expenses before starting to consider the operation. He sat quietly on the sofa and looked at the patient’s data. Suddenly he was stunned. Isn’t it the girl who saved him on his identity card?? He immediately called on the nurse and other doctors to prepare for the operation on the girl. A few hours later, the operation ended smoothly and the patient needed to be cultivated for a period of time. A few days later, the girl gradually recovered. When she was about to leave the hospital, the nurse gave her a bill, which the girl did not dare to look at because such a huge medical bill could not be paid, but after she thanked the nurse, she gently opened the bill, which contained only a simple sentence: ” a bowl of water and white steamed bread.”.     ‘ The grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan.”. So, did we give back our love? Be thankful, be grateful to your parents, who gave birth to our life. Grateful friends are the ones who accompanied us through the desolate Yuan Ye and spent hard and bitter years together. Even grateful to those who have hurt you, they have taught you to be strong. Therefore, to be grateful to everyone you meet in your life, to all things in the world, to convey warmth with gratitude, and to convey the declaration of love with warmth, let the heart of gratitude burn all the time..     Grateful heart, thanks to fate, flowers bloom and fall, I will cherish, grateful heart, thanks to you, with our grateful heart, to perfect our life.

When grandma died, her nose and mouth were suffused with white foam and foreign bodies. The appearance was terrible. The mountain was on the edge of the bed and she was wiped clean with a towel in rotation. Grandma left. Family member too many cooks was busy putting on a shroud for the elderly, but it was difficult. Gao Shan sat down directly in front of the bed and pressed her back against Grandma’s back. She soon put it on.. Looking at the grandmother who died peacefully, Gao Shan knelt down on her knees and dust, knocking on three heads, while others immediately followed suit and worshiped as if she were an instrument.. This brush, a touch, a kneeling, the slender hand, thick back and golden knee are more sexy and sexy in the eyes of his wife Liang Jing.. Sexy is emotional, emotional, and grateful. Liang Jing was moved to a sparse inside, tears flying like rain, washing his heart and changing his face.. Grandma is Liang Jing’s grandmother, and Gao Shan respects her grandmother as much as she does, does not abandon, is not afraid, and does not give way. Liang Jing has from time to time put the balance of the bride’s family’s husband’s family in an asymmetrical way, believing that’ elbow bent inward’ is a natural thing. Liang Jing’s men have influenced Liang Jing and entered a family.!     On one occasion, when Gao Shan and Liang Jing were on their way to the post office to handle affairs, they saw a fast motorcycle swerve and collided with an oncoming bicycle. Fortunately, both sides stopped in time and touched it slightly, without any serious problem.. However, the motorcycle is the leader of the two streams of gas. One grabbed the bicycle leader and the other grabbed the schoolbag strap carried by the cyclist’s middle school students, so it is necessary to compensate for the losses.. The mountain stood down, walked past, and said to the motorcycle owners, ” The responsibility lies with you, driving in the opposite direction, without wearing helmets.”! ‘ The two motorcycle owners played cross and shouted, ” What’s the matter with you? Gao Shan took out his mobile phone and said, ” Then please call the traffic police.”? Liang Jing looked at more and more onlookers and said aloud, ” We are witnesses.”! ‘ the two motorcycle owners faded, a step on the gas to run away. Looking at the back of middle school students leaving safely, Liang Jing was surprised that he had been assimilated by his husband. He stood and walked meddling, saying that it was extremely sexy to pay a series of actions. He was close to Zhu Zhechi and Liang Jing also followed with courage and justice..     On the way from work, Gao Shan found a wallet of 10,000 yuan. He called the local TV station to participate in the program of ” Paying Attention to Regulations” at the first time and released mobile captions of relevant messages. The owner was overjoyed and asked for a reward of 300 yuan. Gao Shan refused, and the pennant he sent was left in the unit without bringing it back.. He said: ” Picking up wallets is the same as winning prizes. Life is geometric.”? People are picking it up and the sky is watching! ‘ Look at his lips. It’s sexy! Liang Jing was purified by him.     Many years ago, Liang Jing got up early in the morning and hurriedly unlocked the lock. The key fell to the ground and bent down to pick up and stood up to open the door. But it was dark at the moment and he didn’t know anything.. When I woke up, I found the mountain waiting for me, holding her hand, with tears shining in my eyes.. It turned out that he jumped up and carried her to the bed, never daring to leave. Repeatedly told her to stand down and stand up again, be sure to take her time. The body should be careful. How can I get out of the gaping hole?? Don’t flick tears man eyes oh, sexy in a mess! In the face of a husband who can entrust his life with saving his life, she really wants to melt into his arms..     Liang Jing realized that men’s sex appeal is not enhanced, and that being as strong as cow hormones may not have ornamental power. It’s not beautified. Butter bunnies are not necessarily attractive. It is not defamatory, and the saying that men are not bad and women are not in love may not be lethal. It’s not deified. The pursuit of stars is illusory and ethereal. It may not have grounding power.. Men who have realized the four modernizations of influence, assimilation, purification and melting are the sexiest. To be a wife in a mountain is to be gentle and controllable!