ows this truth, the last generation that Lin Shu mother, is not pushing people down the pool, it was sent to the temple?This life touches upgraded, direct palace feast pushing people杭州桑拿洗浴, lords directly reported to the disease that put her in a home, it is estimated flies was not good enough, so why bother?Not as good as her, while avoiding disadvantages early to find a good hug the thigh.

  It was about seven to eight, the door suddenly opened and her father came exactly Gucheng Xiang, the other face very poor, as well as the sweat on his forehead, forced to be thrown on the door.
  ”Father, what happened?”Gu liang quickly stood up, it is in line with.
  Gucheng Xiang Yin face, looked around liang Gu: “Although you say and not the same, May be abolished Prince.”
  ”Prince is a waste?”Gu liang look nervous, this time it wrong?Implying that your mother has done what Lin Shu?The courage and she would not be so direct and straight lords say, let the Queen blew it fallen on deaf ears?She did not know, the last generation 北京夜网Lin Shu Mother was kept in the temple, ignorant, marrying later, and died early, not knowing anything, if I let her know that will be the future Queen Pei Yuzhuo.She estimated it will still still retaliate, and then fight for the replacement Pei Yuzhuo, became Queen.
  ”It’s not what you say it?”Gu Chengxiang gloomy face, and today he is possessed, think, reason prince previous life has been spent in the second daughter said, in questioning the saint, was actually unconsciously blurted out, check out okay, otherwise it is a given Qijunzhizui just and waste Prince soiled side, I am afraid that in the holy, their family is hard to inch forward, “liang, you’d better beg the Buddha, to every word you say are true, otherwise the whole Gu would be your victims died!”
  He is fill Henli people, since under the Prince’s ship, insisting that h苏州桑拿e can only go on, Gu liang said, the last generation and finally the two princes was the throne, to do that, he even climbed, but a

  The eunuch knelt directly splash, sent a loud noise: “Under the decree of His Majesty, he, he sp深圳桑拿网ent a prince!”
  ”what?”Three princes are the most consternation, he stood up straight, strong impact made him dizzy moment from God.
  Two princes just caught in the palm of the hand piece, the dolphin to fall, heavily hit on the board, to know nothing about him, this prince is set up from the urine banner that of the benchmark, the future leaders , such a sentence was actually in between, down, down almost absurd extreme.
  ”too.Why was spent large Huangxiong?”Three princes of very experienced immediately corrected himself, he continued to question.
  ”The decree said the emperor is watching track, Buying and selling.”
  ”This is how it will?”Two princes are at a loss, he can not imagine how Prince could even do such a thing.
  ”Yes ah, how could it?”Three Prince seemed to agree that followed asked one can face is very calm, alt北京风月网hough Prince advance has been spent, and yet in his grasp among the last generation, Prince Edward playing small things can make more, reckon it’s just not the last generation found nothing, again, he vaguely have the feeling this life like some things were not quite right, for example, took place some time ago, came close t北京养生会所o being pushed Lin Shu Pei Yuzhuo Mother things pond, he had to at night, always feel that their hands do not play.
  But since Prince still be spent, and it is estimated that only time, the situation is slightly offset, and he, it is behind, strategizing people playing chess, then, is his world, and the three princes confident.
  Among the care of the government, as always, quiet, Gu Yu Niang obediently sitting room, while no one around, annoying chatters up, if not the Lin Shu mother, with heavy work of chance, and a madman, how will Pei Yuzhuo to do harm to the West, let her continue and even gone the other contact opportunities!But never stupid stupid, she kn

  Do it all over, he may not be so “law-abiding” of the.
  and also.
  Peripheral vision he coul深圳桑拿网d see on the side, looked calm demeanor of Gucheng Xiang, Fu Huang just thought brought a list, and then think about the memorial did not mention that she and monitoring Gucheng Xiang Pei generals, his heart suddenly sank, the original guess was overthrown.
  Implying.And he had the same experience, not Gu Chengxiang two daughter home, but I Gucheng Xiang?He died because of his previous life, full of resentment, this life will be out to get him?
  He was actually thousand million count, this is not considered to be, my good care phase, in the future, we continue to fight, there is still time.
  The two princes are the three princes and palace chess, chess them, aside from other things.
  Three princes quietly looked up, looked at himself from time to time Huangxiong, playing the last generation was young, he felt very own two Huangxiong useless ambition, never talking about what the set does not fight do not rob, anxious to have the back cover, you went to eighteen thousand miles away, like so much energy too good, like, when Prince was deposed, he immediately began to draw connections, life and life to grab twenty Huangxiong ahead, to go to a lot of people, the results to last , was actually two Huangxiong, because to find a good wife, Jianlou host.
  But this life can do it all over, but rather that he does not worry, this Pei Yuzhuo, now was a little girl, who married her, and it is not the same?Two Huangxiong it does not want war, then do not fight, or him.
  ”Your Highness, His Royal Highness!”In the two princes with a small eunuch around, stumbled ran in, he discomposure, very nervous, far, can be seen with the little eunuch in the three princes around him, but also run a follow up.
  ”Say.”Two princes at the last move, and thr苏州桑拿网ee-Huangdi after confirming the outcome, satisfaction began to put

  Power, really is a good thing, even if he is born again, trying to now, not a word was in the Fu Huang, immediately knelt down and did not even dare get up, lest he be angry.
  Now that he can be born again for a while, not that make him change the fate of it?That destiny is changed, and now he’d encountered a crisis in advance.
  ”His Majesty.”Appeared in the doorway, it is eunuch, the wound on his face, has done a simple process, 深圳桑拿网holds many lessons only see the top of the bruising and swelling and oozing a little blood, and he had just Dongchang people can use, Orient House to do all that urgent inquiries, shocking results.
  ”how is it.”Xia Rendi looked up past.
  Eunuch nodded his head, which is before Xia Rendi and he said, nodding representatives Gucheng Xiang said, true, then shook his head representing the whole was planted, this nod, as if hit in the heart Xia Rendi , but rather that he laughed: “I told the Minister of you come in.”He was kneeling quietly watching son, disappointed, now, he did not want to pursue anything to go, anyway, after all, quite simply, is his son, the wild heart.
  Prince lying on the floor, getting cold heart, he felt like everything back to a past life, past life he is like that, kneeling on it, watched the ministers come in, then it was spent, and then wait until he re-established when the brothers have grown up, and pulled the whole batch of troops, his hands more and more tightly grip.
  Xia Rendi took a deep breath: “intended purpose of it, Zhen Yao waste Prince.”Under the order, the silent nod ya bird, only the minister responsi苏州夜网ble for the proposed purpose has been next to start preparing to write, about the contents of the will, and his mind clear.
  Sure enough, yet to this point, Prince Edward still kneeling, in a word without a word, without the slightest expression of sad, actually full of cold, Fu Huang, in this life is to move your hands, then can not blame me,

  ”Wronged?”Xi深圳桑拿网a Rendi asked, his mouth twitched,” I have never been suspicious of my own son, no one thought, and finally Yanghuweihuan, Hu Du Gallic not yet, you get to prepare me?”
  ”Fu Huang, Er Chen urge you to investigate, Er Chen really is innocent, watching the emperor trace the matter, Er Chen is absolutely not daring to do.”
  ”We南宁桑拿ll, this is something we pass it over.”Xia Rendi asked,” Why do not you explain to me, Li Zhang, Jie Zhang and others post is how come?With their evaluation, how it is mentioned that this position.”
  Behind Prince has been soaked, Xia Rendi said a couple of names, it was his confidant: “Er Chen, Er Chen.”His brain is turning quickly, doing exactly the opposite,” When Gucheng Xiang, repeatedly watching the Orient House, after being arrested, then to Er Chen bought these official position, Er Chen shame, Shoubu temptation begins with the.”
  ”You mean, Gucheng Xiang, take a few official position to buy you, you heard the?”
  Xia Rendi exceptionally disappointed, even if the prince says this is true, what that means?It means that he’s a good prince, actually just a few little official position will be able to meet, on thi苏州夜网s vision, can become what climate?
  Besides, just Gucheng Xiang long honest account, his duties as prince division, its own supervision of Prince Edward, the Pri

  ”what’s up.”Prince brow furrowed, was disturbed very bored.
  ”Your Majesty, Your Highness pass past, shun father was at the door waiting.”That little eunuchs to accelerate the speed of speech, on this point effort, sweat on his forehead all, and if it is to come北京风月网, that His Majesty is cis father, he will pinch point rack, save disturb Prince, the other party can be looked at very anxious.
  ”OK, which go.”Prince got up immediately, there will be attentive father to come next, help straightened his clothes, he strode straight in to a positive summer palace, was secret广州桑拿网ly wondering, thought to understand what to do with him early in the morning Fu Huang.
  ”Inverse, knees!”Prince just entered the temple, behind the doors will be firmly shut, the house is only one person Xia Rendi.
  Prince immediately knelt down, side luggage asking: “I dare Fu Huang, why so angry, do not be furious body.”His heart is a tight, do the authors is that the front end to the disappearance of small eunuch did not get clean, Fu Huang was found?
  ”Do not furious body?”Xiaren Di laughed,” you still do not know our mistakes?”
  ”Er Chen what is wrong?”Prince heart checked again and then again, after the former things are perfect, calm.
  Xia Rendi furious, a thickly memorial hurtling directly thrown in the Prince’s face: “Do not let me give you obsessed?”He turned our backs, breathing heavily, in fact, he had just met her and北京夜网 several of the minister of state, Gucheng Xiang kneeling in front of him like a long sob, he also impressed by it!If it were not this became public, he could not have known, that their own good son, how much good did?
  Sydney when North Korea threatened to ask for posts in ministries, reaching a long embrace oil, arrange four dark Wei, a good prince!
  Prince found it all quite r

  ”What do you Niangliang?So happy!”Ruan Guohua just out of the kitchen to find their own wife and daughter both smiling, his emotions are also a lot of fun.
  ”I boast good-looking mom!”Ruan answer rain, that said, Ruan Guohua also migraine looked in the past, in the eyes of the stunning nature without the slightest disguise, Nguyen wink to rain very natural given their own space and old father old mother.
  They were going to the city to work in the morning, Ruan Zhiwu and Ruanzhi Wen also go to school inside the city, just four people can go together hand in hand, the family did not bike, not only rely on the legs to go.
  This back and forth more than ten years, the not easy.
  Nguyen rain looked at four so far away, this folding back, and 上海夜网lay down on the warm kang.
  Zhou Xiuying was a diligent, plus a big year, less sleep, she played early, back yard plots were she to Sinong a lot, and so came back to finish breakfast, the family of people who are doing manual Lu one after another and ready to go.
  Zhou Xiuying granddaughter will know their own habits, it is natural to rain Nguyen bowl of corn gooey, separate temperature inside the pot next door, waiting for her to eat up.
  Zhao Xiaoling is always possible to sleep late, she was at home with children, but now it has to go inside work points in mind, though this is a relaxed dude, people from outside do not know how envy, but there will be a gap contrast, the thought of his greedy black get up early to go inside thoroughgoing, and was able to fool the old Ruan good sleep in warm kang, she was not feeling it, why so!
苏州夜网  With some impatience in Ruan Zhiliang Zhao Xiaoling behind, “sister, you do not Sheng Sheng, I do not Sheng Sheng looked!”
  Zhao Xiaoling pushed a staggering, immediately a smile on her face, “Chi Liang, you first hold it!”
  Ruan Zhiliang Lengheng soon, unceremoniously.
  Ruan brothers, only Ruan Zhigang and Ruan Zhiliang no reading, Ruan Zhiliang is a playful, county e

  But maybe destiny, this lucky hit, he sent to the dark Wei, not two days, we come to the report, the three princes actually, as he expected, began to Central with his uncle helped him outside the palace collecting talent, too, that’s right on, no wonder he was the last generation of waste that time, the third brother, immediately grasping time machine, stole a lot of power, but rather two Huangdi, it very well-深圳桑拿网behaved, did not do what others did not.
  As Xia Rendi that?He sent no thought from start to finish, at this time, Fu Huang also as a baby he does, as long as those formerly smooth end to end, how that does not annoy him, he was only waiting for his older, the processing of this process, will be able to take over a large bit logical, of course, if Fu Huang did not want to, that is another matter, of course, as long as the Fu Huang has been a good, it will not have anything.
  Prince is sitting in the Orient House, leaning against a chair, thinking about things, he recently, quite a ride horseshoe disease, good performance, is required in advance with Fu Huang, picking up the Ministry of living, water can be a lot before that in Gucheng Xiang , to come several posts, holds many lessons are firmly secured, a steady stream of future都市体验网 interest chain has takenMolding, he began to think, how to arrange themselves next to.
  Holds many lessons he was not under the ruthless hand, just waiting for a step by step, the ancient hardships, this has Xia Taizi fishing, he does not worry, what Kurtis, two princes, in this life, they can not step on his head.
  ”杭州桑拿His Royal Highness Prince.”Front of a small eunuchs are yelling, they are very careful, Prince early years, they frequently take these little eunuchs vent temper, wore what Apple blindfolded archery, shooting desperately poor; to fight each other like fighting cocks, died a to settle.Private palace early spread, this is

  Xia Rendi Yimushixin北京体验网g been watching the memorial, on top of his many names are familiar, because these people, mostly he personally arrange for his baby son, did not think, actually became the final dagger into his.
  ”I have a good son, a good son ah!”Xia Rendi obviously laughing, eyes full of knives, he boomer, im杭州桑拿perial power in hand, but with no idea what to abdicate, he never expected that his good son, was actually tricks, began to prepare in advance.
  Snoop two brothers, but also when he did this thing, saying only that the other effort is too heavy, too careful, can glimpse into his head, how it may be able to?
  The day I die, Haier is the Prince!Now the Prince wants the emperor, the first step is to spy, the second step is not trying to kill him?Yes, it’s possible.
  ”Call of you minister to.”
  ”His Majesty.”Eunuch looked up, shivering, I do not know too much blood or too nervous, shaking badly.
  ”Zhenyao, waste Prince.”Prince, you too disappointed Fu Huang!

Chapter 87 (ancient) people around her are born again (XI)?(thirteen)
  Apart from living in Prince Orient House, two further minor Prince, w北京夜网e are living in a special field in the temple, in addition to school day, but also to the temple to visit their mother Princess.
  In fact, Prince dignitaries followed them, not what reason, after all, two younger brothers, are yet to towards age, how can I cultivate what forces, but he harbor ill feelings, always bear a grudge against the last generation of two Huangdi the passage of the upper three Huangdi fish in troubled waters, he suspected, they had towards the church holds many lessons began and collusion, after all, the mother of two princes are born Xuan, followed with read

  ”What?”He said without looking up.
  ”The slaves, slaves million dead!”
  Xia Rendi off the pen, frowning asked: What is the “million dead?”
  Xinrusihui eunuch, His Majesty obviously sent to investigate a censor’s dark guard, I do not know why, it’s that P深圳桑拿网rince took out a private guard raised dark lines, groped, actually work out.
  ”Prince.”That eunuch tears.
  ”Prince how the?”Xia Rendi immediately stood up, very nervous, Prince Edward but his most important son, do not is what happened,” quick report.”
  Eunuch heart of a cold, just swift death: “Prince, raising and dark Wei, Kuicha two princes, the three princes whereabouts, he also.”
  ”What he?”Xia Rendi great eyes open, fists clenched, he can not imagine his favorite prince, how would do so, clearly recently, Gucheng Xiang et al., It is the praise of his way of doing things.
  ”He also snoop Emperor track.”Eunuch Zhang Gui can not afford, ring head one by one, seeing blood on top there, it is scary, but he still can not stop, because it really is a big deal.
  Xia Rendi surprised, look directly stumble, fall sitting in his chair.南宁桑拿论坛
  ”His Majesty!Tai Yi Chuan – “eunuch screaming, shouting to people, very nervous.
  ”Do not pass.”Xia Rendi sitting in a chair, looks cold, seems to have the wind, so that the light tremble, his face flickering, and looked up to become unpredictable,” true?”
  Eunuch knees crawling forward, to Xia Rendi table, sent a memorial thick, on top of even the prince’s dark guard what few people were What is the name, clearly written, he would wonder, usually so clumsy bear Dongchang, how suddenly shrewd?But this was really smart wrong, this is Prince ah!
  The rave eunuch