European stock markets on Friday by the impact of continuous adjustment in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened lower after weak shocks, GEM intraday pullback after the break 1800 points, ending four with positive trend。
Plate: household appliances, electric power, rare earth permanent magnet, smart home among the biggest gainers, volume shrinking cities, At the close, stock index closed down%, Shenzhen Component Index closed down%, to close at GEM, down 1%。 The weekend several news worthy of note: the Commission is actively promoting the reform of the delisting system, pay attention away from the zombie business, underperformance; secondly Baidu, Netease and other company leaders said the policy allows, I hope to come back as soon as possible, Foxconn Internet, intelligent manufacturing, bio-medicine, environmental protection and other four industries "unicorn" open IPO fast-track, a shares of speculation logic will gradually change。 Also note that in 2018 residents drop leveraged interest rate hike impact on real estate funds。 Rising prices will also continue, after iron and steel, coal, chemical fiber, non-ferrous metals prices, beer, liquor and then to Master Kong, unity have also price increases, price increases leading to enhance corporate profits, concern!Two sessions after the stock upside is a high probability this week motherboard attention bargain-hunting opportunities, is expected to adjust after the GEM 1800 points Difficult, but sustained growth performance of individual stocks can continue to focus callbacks。 Hot market news summary: 1, the exchange welcomed the new economic enterprises, Foxconn will review on soon; 2, iron-General's reform plan has been submitted, state-owned railway concerned mix change; 3, Guangdong and Macao HKU Bay Area program has been approved, the area listed companies to focus attention Merchants Shekou。

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  Yes, now a group of parents opened a new "baby sun" mode: When the parent-child conflict broke out, the children presented a painful state, parents do not rush to quell the fighting, but excitedly held up the phone, press the video capture key, and for the first For a time advertised。   People formerly very taboo "skeleton in the closet", now these parents'd be happy to take the initiative, "windows" wide open, warm and inviting friends and relatives familiar, unfamiliar users with the door to see, judge by their children is to show how unbearable demeanor。   Children crying a little while and then you, Mom and Dad to take a video made circle of friends, collect 100 Chan。
  By video to outsiders judge, a child and decide who will win, motives are wrong earlier in the micro-Bo, there was a video has fueled fierce accusations。 Video, a weak figure of a little girl sitting in the middle of the room, was weeping and trembling, and parents arguing behind the lens。 Although the little girl out of breath to speak, but she seemed mature than many of their peers, but also a very clear logic。
  Through the video of few words, probably can guess the plot: daughter made a little mistake and has apologized parents, parents can take off the gloves tugging at it to continue to make a big fuss。 Daughter bathed in tears, and calm rebuttal stressing each syllable: "I have apologized and I in the end how the?"Perhaps the daughter of 'aura' to the surprise, the video of the parents go on a lot of sound intensity is weak, it seems pretty hard to hold back laughter, but pretending to try to stabilize the situation majestically。   User comments below the video, the photographer did not expect to stand aside: "it is very funny video?Look how I cry, poor little girl and I am a child of exactly the same ah!'' Parents 'vexatious' attitude reminds me of those childhood shadow……'Why daughter despair So far, parents also overjoyed to share live video, wantonly spread child sadness?  Teachers' Psychological Development and Education Institute of Wuhan University, Chen Wu believes that some parents love the sun made a video of suffering children, first of all may be unconscious, they reveal painful spot no special feelings for the child, even though the conflict is similar to normal family life。   Secondly, parents share videos conflict, largely due to "let the audience judge comment" motive, errors in children, not their own。
"In psychology, can be called self-presentation, generally there are five self-presentation: please, competent, pleading, role models and threats。
The kids love to share video on the Internet of negative emotions of parents, is integrated over several psychological self-presentation。 Some parents may prefer to psychological 'self-protection', I want others to say that the child does not do well, too headstrong, and then shows that he is very dedicated as a parent of "。
  However, self-affirmation, the desire for self-protection, it is the place to deal with when parents have not been done in the parent-child relationship。
"Children want to decide who will win, motivation is wrong。 Children are very young, even if wrong, and also the family rearing styles are related, but not necessarily a very serious matter。
Parents concerned about who is right, such an idea would follow the development of parent-child relationship towards a worse direction。 Remember, children need to be protected, rather than the parents need to be protected. "。
  Publicly released video, the parent-child discussions may lead to the deterioration of relations in the circle of friends, after a 80 because of his father who is the "school bully" and therefore after learning of his son's father got the idea very。 He pushed his son homework every night, it is also arranged a bunch of extracurricular exercises。   Unexpectedly, hopeful heart is too urgent, he arranged for his son's math or English words to recite the task, the son can not successfully completed, the inevitable conflict between father and son, son against a whole table book crying。
  At this moment, good human teacher's father was very proud of, pick up the phone record under his son "stupid enough incurable" horrors, send instant circle of friends。
  Less than 5 minutes, the crowd of friends came one after another。
We carefully review, "Oh child is still small, why make things difficult for people," "You worry too much for his son to learn," but no one point of praise。 Behind acquaintances meet, but also inevitably take the matter when the talk quietly talk about it: Could that be the leader reprimanded Mr. weekdays too useless in the office, actually get out on the kids, to regain a sense of accomplishment?  Chen Wu believes that parents take video and communication to the public, has the nature of "media", while the child was taken not to allow filming behavior, or they do not understand the shooting behavior, sharing behavior what it means。
  Chen Wu felt that the parents took a child's negative emotions video, may cause an unexpected discussion on the Internet, regardless of the extent of the discussion and the outcome, are likely to have a considerable impact on children。 On the one hand, after the children stumbled on this video, his feelings are difficult to predict。
On the other hand, circle of friends, microblogging evaluation, will affect the parents' reaction, and thus will affect the relationship between them and the child。   "If users criticize the child, parents peace of mind, strengthen the act and will be unscrupulous, spectator became unconscious accomplice; if users criticize parents, has a strong ability to reflect some of the parents may therefore convergence; but there are also pregnant with their parents send this video We have strong incentives to 'prove me right', opposite results and expectations, cognitive dissonance, this time parents should maintain their own cognitive and consistent power, find a way to rationalize their actions, subsequent behavior is not known, most likely for children negative side effects。
"The ability to influence public share video in the network, far beyond the expectations of parents and control。
Once out of control, it will result in the deterioration of the depth of parent-child relationship。
  Children need to grow up, not the sun around you, but in reality all the time you locked the children sad, angry, vulnerable face for the first time using a mobile phone camera, and then sharing is projected to more unknown field of view of the audience, this is the absence of parenting, as well as parental controls excessive side want to reflect。
  If the child is dealing with the expression of strong unease in front of you, parents should pay attention to and deal with the emotional boy, listening to their ideas, and then return to the matter。   According to the analysis of psychological experts, we live to see the so-called rebellious "bad guys", in large part because home is small bundle too much, too many parents think outside the box by the intervention, and lack of self-independence, no sense of control。
  "If children are still expressing anger, your child is a relatively good state, because he depends on your attention this way。 If parents can not continue as the child may no longer speak no longer resist, and looks very quiet and well behaved, ignore the parents, which evolved into 'learned helplessness' in psychology, parents complete loss of confidence bad, most likely really do matter。 "Also part of parents often share parent-child conflicts video, not necessarily for 'self-presentation', but confusion in education, anxiety, so that he urgently needed solutions, such as now some young mothers often put such a video sent to girlfriends micro-channel group , departmental staff group, contradictory feeling helpless, an urgent need "to seek the views of the collective."。
  Chen Wu opposed to this solution。 "This is a particularly self-expression, children occupy most of their emotions, all aspects of their focus on kids。
Only care enough to think of a public share this concern, the heart requires infinite zoom, this situation is very dangerous. "。   Territorial Expansion stressed that parents should adjust the current living conditions as good as possible, the world will become rich themselves, some of diversification, rather than rely on children to be met。
  In addition, no boundaries, does not consider the privacy of the sun Video has potential risks。   Chen Wu believes that regardless of the nature of the video positive negative or not, children sun it will make parents lose a child and really happy together, true companionship。 "Children do not need your sun, but you need all the time."。 Trainee reporter Shen Jie group。

What can eat the skin black to white?Girls want to have fair skin, but some people are born more black, in fact, be to restore balance through diet, then you know what to eat to black skin white it?Following small to tell you exactly what to eat black skin white it can。
What can eat black skin white 1, drink plenty of research to prove honey, honey wash the skin can accelerate our metabolism and enhance the vitality and antibacterial skin, can effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, prevent dry skin, make our skin more the white, delicate, smooth, but also can prevent acne and eliminate wrinkles, etc., play the efficacy of skin care。
Especially the honey has a strong antioxidant, can eliminate "junk" – oxygen radicals, thus there remains young anti-aging, eliminate and reduce the role of skin wrinkles and age spots, look young and beautiful。 Therefore, the daily morning and evening services of natural mature honey plot Ann Church 20?30 grams。 Long-standing, rough skin becomes tender and moist。 2, eat more vitamin?High fruit would like to have a healthy bright skin sunburn easily, almost every dermatologist will let you eat 2-3 servings a day of high-dimensional?Fruit, guava, kiwi, strawberries and so can。 Especially kiwi fruit, rich in vitamin C, can interfere with melanin production, and help eliminate freckles on the skin。 In addition, in order to have strong defenses against UV skin, prevent skin aging must fully absorb vitamin E, vitamin a increase skin resistance and increases skin elasticity calcium, which can be obtained from food。 What can eat black skin white 3, eat barley barley is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, but also eat food, favorable water swelling, spleen dewetting, getting in addition to weakness, heat pus and other effects, but also contains essential amino acids, eat barley can replenish strength under high temperature in summer consumption, play a role in strengthening the immune system。
Meanwhile, also barley ultraviolet absorbent, which extract was added to the effect of sun and UV cosmetics, make the skin smooth orally amount, reduce wrinkles, eliminate stains。
Studies have found that drinking green tea or use skin care products containing green tea component, the sun can cause skin because let sunburn, relaxation and rough peroxide reduced by about one-third。 4, eat red and yellow fruits and vegetables red, orange and yellow fruits and dark green leafy vegetables such as mango, tomatoes, papaya, spinach, etc., are rich in carotenoids and other phytochemicals, antioxidant helps improve skin resistance。 In particular, tomatoes are the best sunscreen food, rich in antioxidants, lycopene, daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene may decrease the risk of sunburn factor 40%。
However, eating cooked tomatoes better than raw。 Wherein the β-carotene can effectively block UV。

Data for: Mongolian railway constructed by Chinese companies in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa to Nairobi, successfully launched。
Reporter Song Fang Canshe In this case, the supply-side structural reforms in many ministries are listed as the first priorities of 2018。
  National Development and Reform Work Conference, to continue to deepen the supply-side structural reforms to bolster the real economy, especially the manufacturing transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, accelerate the development of a new form of kinetic energy the main force, destruction with promoting the "three to a drop a fill "。
  Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie also represents the national financial work conference to deepen the supply-side structural reforms, implement the "three to a drop fill a" key tasks, to promote the development of the real economy, promote the realization of a new dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand。   Further opening up is one of the key agenda。 Previously, China has repeatedly said executives on different occasions, and open China will not close the door, only bigger and bigger。
  He Lifeng, director of China's National Development and Reform Commission said it would substantially relax the foreign investment in areas such as access to finance, promote the implementation of a high level of investment facilitation measures, the implementation of the new national security review mechanism for foreign investment。 Proposed National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference, to enhance the level of openness and cooperation, in the enjoyment of "Made in China" policy support in 2025 to give foreign companies the same treatment in accordance with law。 Carrying out "along the way" initiative to promote international exchanges and cooperation in intelligent manufacturing, and other areas of the Internet industry。
  Prevent a significant risk to resolve the prevention of major risks has been listed as the first of three tough fight in the future China should focus on the fight。 Strengthen risk management and control, as many ministries work in 2018 a large keyword。   He Lifeng said that to continue to improve major risk monitoring, analyzing, early warning mechanism, fully cooperate with relevant departments to promote risk prevention policy initiatives to ensure positive results。
  For local debt risk, Xiao Jie said that the country should be responsible for local debt。 Resolutely stop the illegal acts of financing guarantees, non-government investment funds, governments and social capital cooperation (PPP), government purchase of services on behalf of disguised borrowing。

Xinhua News Agency May 24 the first electric "Taobao electricity supplier training program" 24th start in Hong Kong, designed by professional and diverse courses to train more local Hong Kong e-commerce professionals, to help Hong Kong enterprises to solve the problem of lack of talent, let electricity supplier companies to better grasp opportunities。
The cooperation program organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Hong Kong Young-professional network, Hong Kong entrepreneurs funds and Alibaba B2B e-commerce platform。
According to reports, it plans to "electric business operations", "foreign trade electricity supplier", "electricity supplier promotion," "electric business activities", "local electricity supplier marketing" and "trade finance" for the six training axis, providing a total of 40 hours of professional training courses。
Organizers will hold two courses in one year, the first phase will be held in July, it is expected to be able to train 50 people each issue。 Wu Zhi, president of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce network rights attended the event, and tells the story of his experience to develop e-commerce business on the basis of traditional。 He said that e-commerce is a general trend, with its companies, for example, the production and sale of smart cards for nearly 20 years, three years ago began to develop network business。
In the past it has always been the traditional way they interview guests and phone calls and other contacts, and later found that business declined because more and more of a tendency to guests from the Internet to find products to promote the development of the electricity supplier company。 In his view, the product can be put online how attractive, is engaged in a key electricity supplier, coupled with customer communication patterns change, now more than ever dependent on the Internet, which are relevant to the needs talent to achieve。 Hong Kong Federation of Youth Chief Weiyuan Jiang said that Hong Kong needs to cultivate more electricity business professionals, this program will help to fill the needs of the market。 Some first-time entrepreneurs around the use of the YMCA electronic business platform to promote their business, and this is what they plan to promote their products, open up the market to take the important step。
(Reporter Zhang Ascott) Editor: Habits in。

What to eat to grow taller girl and development?Girls hope that they can grow tall, that you want to know the girls develop eating what you grow taller?Following small talk to a girl with you exactly what to eat to grow taller useful to develop it。
What to eat to grow taller girl and development 1, spinach。 Spinach is rich in iron and calcium, favorable long high。 Many children do not like to eat spinach, so do not make salad, fried rice can be cut into filaments, or in the kimbap plus inside。
2, black beans。 Soy protein is recognized as the food, the higher the protein content of black beans, and it is conducive to the growth of good food。 When added to the list to make rice, or ground into soy milk drink can。
3, chicken。 Most children like to eat chicken。 Into different seasonings baked chicken let children eat can not stop。
Gravy or added to salads, chicken protein-rich mother could give a child in chicken, help children's growth and development。 4, milk。 Inside the nutrient-rich milk, and this element is also rich in calcium, and milk easily absorbed by children。
Although drinking milk does not guarantee the president high, but the lack of calcium in the body is certainly not grow。 So drink milk is no harm in。
Drink 3 cups of milk can be taken to growing the necessary daily calcium。 What to eat to grow taller girl and development 5 eggs。 Eggs are a high-protein food。 Many children like to eat eggs, especially egg whites are rich in protein, it is very conducive to the child's growth。
Some mothers worry about cholesterol in egg yolk contains not good for children, but in the formative years of a child without worrying about cholesterol, eat 1 a day?2 eggs is more appropriate。
6, carrot。
Rich in vitamin A, protein synthesis can help。
Children generally do not like to eat a piece of carrot, it can be made into different dishes。
For example, juice drink, if you do not like carrot juice, juice may taste together with apples and carrots。 In addition shredded carrots can do chicken, pork, beef fried together, so not only can children seasoning, nutrition and more abundant。

August 29 electric Recently, a US third grade math papers, causing hot Internet users。
According to Canadian homes reported that the students correctly answered the two channels is 2 points out of the question, but go deducted 1 point each。
Problem 1 students "duplicate addition" is equal to 3 is calculated by a few 5, the second questions requires them to draw a 4 by 6 "array (matrix)"。 Problem 2, students drew a portrait 6 rows of four points, the teacher again minus 1 point, and the right picture 4 rows of 6 points。 Some netizens analysis, said: "There is no long-lived in English-speaking countries, it is difficult to understand the problem……In English-speaking countries, often we see the ad with the words 2 ×, 3 × and the like。 What means?That is two-fold, 3-fold meaning。
But never seen written × 2, × 3 of。 Thus in the context of English, a 3 × 3 5 5 5 3 instead of。 "But the friends that" this matter does not blame students。 Blame the teacher taught inadequately。
"Some netizens completely disagree with the teacher wrong judgment:" Although the English language 5 × 3 read fivetimesthree, sounds like 3 appeared five times, but can also be read into fivemultipliedbythree, meaning 5 Repeat 3 times。
"User Cranky24-7 wrote:" This is a good example of destroying the child self-confidence。 Perhaps the child is really smart, perhaps the thought did not box, I did not need points。 You can sit down and tell the child, telling him made according to standard methods to answer。 But here, I do not see what students need to do the interpretation by the teacher。 On "reddit platform, users mixed reactions。 (Screenshots) Some friends address him: "This is simply philosophical university exams, just like to say at the differences and similarities between birds and aircraft。
"Chairman of the US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Xidai An Bly Wales, said:" We teach children things that are a part of is to let them learn to solve problems, there are thinking。 We want students to know what they are doing, not just arrive at the correct answer。 "Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

1933 Spring, Shaanxi and Gansu edge military leaders after authorities moved in Xue Zhai, it became the gold according to Soviet political, economic and military center。 In early 1933, in Bridge Hill Shaanxi and Gansu gold edge according to the Lingnan region meridian end, the guerrillas have been active in a women。
They toting bombs, armed with machetes, spears shoulder, carries a grenade, followed by Liu Zhidan, Xi, Li and create wonderful vegetarian Shaanxi and Gansu Zhaojin Soviet side, according to become Shaanxi and Gansu gold edge Soviet sentry, messenger, nursing the wounded, sewing uniforms, and a red dress outfit fighting the enemy。 Today, after several decades, local legends still circulating this heroine forces。 Xiangshan Temple Exploration enemy by the end of 1932, twenty-six Red Army, Second Regiment of Jiaoping, golden, original pillars moved to the village of Yao Qu food and clothing, to destroy a large number of local government and the KMT militia, the Red Army boosted prestige。
A time when famine, the KMT exactions of the poor living in remote mountainous areas is more difficult。
To save the people from untold miseries, the Red Army sent four Xiangshan Temple advancement of women go to pilgrimage in the name of the enemy reconnaissance around Xiangshan Temple and storage of food through the base of the party, etc.。 Four women after a few days, the successful completion of the reconnaissance mission, proved about Xiangshan Temple and the surrounding enemy stone temple food stocks 3000, as well as cooked food, cloth, oil life items。
January 4, 1933 (the ninth day of the lunar month), twenty-six Red Army, Second Regiment, led ten thousand people into the Xiangshan Temple, opening, and food。 Surrounding the enemy to flee。 People shouted "Long live the Red Army," "Long live the Communist Party" slogan back away food。
The opening, and food, close the ties between the party。 The majority of the people are all grateful to the Communist Party and the Red Army's End, a lot of people took part in the revolutionary ranks。 This time four women reconnaissance cases, according to the early 1930s gold women's participation in the revolution of precedent, to break the shackles of feudal and superstitious ritual for women, with his head out of the house revolution, the party's gender equality advocates in the region according to gold popular results, but also laid the foundation for the formation of women guerrillas。 Women guerrillas established Xue Zhai is located in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province, according to Kim Jin-Yao, the District, about 5 km from the photo Golden Street, where the pinnacle of one thousand yards, where they stand, cliffs on three sides, who exemplifies the climb, just northwest of soil and child Liangshan Ling connected, direct access to the main vein bridge hill。 The spring of 1933, Shaanxi and Gansu edge military leaders after authorities moved in Xue Zhai, it became the gold according to Soviet political, economic and military center, the Red Army's rear base。 In early February 1933 (before and after the fifteenth day), Li Miao fast rate of Shaanxi and Gansu guerrillas arrive Zhaojin North Liangcun, local Party cadres Baiming Li Liang immediately notify the north WOC meeting, specialized in the question of the formation of women guerrillas, and embarked on propaganda and mobilization work。 2 months early, north Liang village women committee convened under the leadership of Ruanjin Lian, Liu Jinhua, Wu Yuzhen and other female members, the meeting was attended Laoye, Yang Shan, mountain locust, Jinpen, Korea Jiashan, Ann slope, Chen Shan women rapeseed Ping, Xie Jia Zhuang, kiln ditch village children, a wife of Red Army soldiers, young women activists and much feudal oppression, eager to liberate women。 Meeting mobilization, voluntary registration, we review the organization scrutiny approved way, the selection of a wolf's den in the village of Wang Youlian, North Liangcun Lee, Korea Jiashan Du Dalian, Xie Jia Zhuang Yellow baby wife and rapeseed Ping Zhu to send the wife of 5 women, according to the composition of the Shaanxi-Gansu gold edge women guerrillas by Wang Youlian captain, first boarded Xue Zhai。
Then gradually developed more than 30 players。 Women guerrillas initially stationed in Xue Zhai One Zhaizhong, and later with the increase in personnel, the party moved to the cottage in Jiashan niangniangmiao。
There are three stone hut, hut they stone home, built battlement walls, repair post, use the creek in front of the Red Army starched clothes, but also charged with care of the wounded, the Red Army clothing and sewing tasks such as messenger。 A broom to scare the bandits spring day in 1933, the North beam WOC members, female guerrillas Xiuzhen to a thick flood pool Sang village messenger。 Night, rest in village flood pool of a relative's home。 At midnight, and suddenly along comes a robbery bandits。 Xiuzhen Jizhongshengzhi, grabbed kang a sweeping broom, a handkerchief pack when the pistol; towel knot on his head, the man dressed as appearance, in a big out of the door。 That night, as bright as day month。 When the bandits broke down the courtyard just broke into the yard, then holding Xiuzhen "Ziqiang" shouted: "The Red Army, who would rob people, who killed who move!"Dozens of bandits by this sudden shouts and hand froze, one nail in the courtyard, who would not frivolous。 Yang Xiuzhen Portable "Ziqiang", the bandits out of the courtyard。 There bandits retreated after the door at random off a few shots, one bullet hit the right leg Xiuzhen。
But Yang Xiuzhen still uphold justice at the door, seeing the bandits, fled in panic。 Xue Zhai as their male colleagues on September 21, 1933 morning, the KMT reactionary armed local militia and Joss House Bay, Willows, Yao music, photos and mulberry thick gold, while the Red Army fighting the north of the machine, launched on Xue Walled attack。
At the same time the party from enemy action Jiashan, South trip after Pakistan ditch, Kuroda valley, trees Ridge bars and other places, its purpose is to keep the Red Army troops dispersed finite Village, from the ditch attempt to attack the occupied Palestinian direction Xue Zhai。 At this point the women guerrillas who are left behind Xue Zhai。 They immediately took to the front with a gay man who participated in the battle to defend Xue Zhai。 More than 10 female guerrillas armed with machetes, carrying a hemp braid grenades and male comrades went Kuroda valley together, tree ridge bar。
When the traitor Jacky Chan with 17 bandits from Kuroda valley on the way through from east to west, and take the task of blocking the female soldier holding a sword, hidden in roadside bushes in the hillside, watching closely the enemy's whereabouts, ready Quduo enemy guns。
He was killed in the walk in front of four enemy guerrillas, more than a U-turn when the enemy fled towards the direction of the valley Kuroda, brave female Red Army soldiers from a grenade thrown a series of braided hemp bushes, cut off the enemy retreat。 Enemy hurriedly dropped a firearm in an attempt to detour south trip back to Long Zhai, Red Army soldiers in an ambush there has been slap in the face。 The fighting, the enemy sixty-seven female guerrillas seized guns, armed themselves。 Heroine unafraid of death October 13, the KMT Sunyou Ren, Wang root battalion entered Zhaojin, Xue Zhai and surrounded the party Jiashan area。
The enemy artillery onto the mountain, Xue Zhai to the shelled for six days。 Female guerrillas closely monitor the enemy's move to understand the enemy fired the shells and shot from the interval。 Once you know shot from the women guerrillas secret advancing enemy fire to nearby enemy artillery positions, killing several of the enemy gunner, then the enemy will not dare push further forward for 3 consecutive days cannon。 At dawn on the 18th, the enemy death squads organized a hundred people, at dawn I climbed Xue Zhai。
12 Red Army soldiers and the enemy launched a heroic struggle。 Seeing outnumbered guards captive in the rear, to rescue the wounded more than 30 female soldiers went reinforcements under the leadership of women guerrilla leader Wang Youlian。 They beat back a few times to help his comrades the enemy's attack, a number of female guerrillas also glorious sacrifice。 The remaining female fighters unafraid of death, broken walls in the old quarry area northeast of the cottage and the enemy launched the final battle。
Seeing bullets kick, the injured female soldier holding high the fire of hemp braid grenades toward the enemy base, die with the enemy, more than 20 female soldiers awarded by jumping off a cliff, heroic sacrifice。
Guerrilla leader Wang Youlian chase her with dozens of enemy and Three Village on the ridge top, middle encountered a small Red Army soldiers Chen Tian Gang。 Chen Gang as a cover for days, Wang Youlian resolutely out of the jungle, attracted to the enemy, the unfortunate death, buried Xue Zhai ridge on the east side of the Three Village。 Heroine always remember the deeds of the enemy offensive Xue Zhai days and nights, and female guerrillas Duda Lian Xie Jia Zhuang wife of the Yellow baby stand sentry in combat。 Soon, they received orders to go to evacuation supplies。
At dawn on the 18th, they were rushed to the enemy surrounded, accompanied by male comrades were all killed, the face of the enemy, they jump jumping cliff。 Fortunately, the two men were caught mountainside vines and branches。 She grabbed two twigs and vines, with amazing perseverance little by little climbed down from the cliff。 Because two people were injured in the legs, a full crawl for four days。
They avoid enemy after the search, the villagers found, was back home。 Another heroic jumping female guerrillas with the situation, after the survivors and the organization lost contact, until a few years later was found Organization。
After the fall of Xue Zhai, where the revolution did not extinguish the flames, leaving the guerrillas continue to adhere to guerrilla warfare, severely crack down entrenched in Soviet reactionary militia。 Then winter, Shaanxi and Gansu third side road guerrillas adopt collaborated with the capture of renegade militia Jacky Chan Ju Zhai dragon nest, completely destroyed the team by rebels。
Xue Weiwei Zhai, gray Jiashan party, sleep with a female Red Army soldiers with bone hindquarters; green pine and cypress trees, gurgling Tianyuhe Department Dangzhuo female Red Army soldiers loyal soul faint。 According to the rivers and mountains of gold and gold according to the people, we will always remember this group gave their lives for the revolutionary cause of his hometown Red Army female soldiers。
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