The picture shows the victim's blue picture shows the place where the couple overseas network January 17 electric Texas North Houston an upscale murder occurred, a pair of 61-year-old ethnic Chinese couple blue margin (BaoLam, transliteration) and Liang Jingjing ( JennyLam, transliteration) was murdered execution-style in the city within a secluded luxury home community。
Local Time Harris County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video of the incident on January 16, and offering a reward of $ 5,000 (about 32,000 yuan RMB) looking for two men appeared in the video。 According to the American Chinese news report, Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez (EdGonzalez) released surveillance video of the trouble at press conference。
Paragraph (NorthgateCountryClub) North Gate Community Forest (NorthgateForest) partition video shows at the north gate Country Club, about Thursday (January 11) 20:20, a black Lincoln Cruiser SUV into the area, two men alighted appear in front of surveillance cameras, and forward toward the door, then crawled under the door from the inside。
Then 8:40, the couple surnamed blue monitored photographed driving a Porsche returned home and parked the car into the garage。 Investigators believe the couple surnamed blue ambush in the garage, and the house suspects remanded。 Investigators said that at 2:30 on January 12, monitoring photographed the couple's surname blue gray Porsche leaves the cell, returned to the community in a short time the car until 6:30 before finally leaving the scene。
January 12, two men multiple entry blue house, the police could not confirm whether the man is to appear on the 12th day after the Lin family to enter the same man。
Police said, SUV's driver is African or Hispanic, tall medium build, facial blocked。 The driver and passenger come together male 6-foot-4-inch (meters), he was wearing a printed with "CC jacket, white pants, a dark-colored trousers, a light-colored trousers, his face was not covered。
Sheriff Gonzalez said: "This kind of waste (scum) must be removed from the streets, their brutal execution-style shot two men, two victims were the epitome of the American dream。 "Gonzales said the couple surnamed blue must have been eyeing person, the murderer is likely know both in private。 Chinese Consulate General in Houston on Jan. 16 said it has expressed condolences to the families of the victims, and pay close attention to these cases。 Chinese Consulate General in Houston Consular Affairs, head of Housing-group representation, are closely watching the case and has expressed condolences to the families of the victims。 January 13 evening, the bodies of the couple's surname blue home police found two hands and feet tied, death was gunshot wounds。
An unknown number of firearms in the home, jewelry and other valuables disappeared, including two of the 2016 gray Porsche car, the car on January 14 was found near a parking lot。 Blue surname couple's son, Richard, told a news conference, the parents of their "super hero" to accompany her every step of growth。
Richard said he thought the killer would know the chain's cash parents at home。 Richard said: "They (parents) should not be treated like this, they should have put everything gave the robber。 "Blue surname couple's daughter Michelle (MichelleLam) said that parents go so suddenly, they have not had time to look at his grandson and granddaughter。
It is reported that the blue and Yu Liang Jingjing from China Taiwan and Laos, respectively, moved to the United States in the 1970s, after the university engaged in excessive job, after the start of business, by business sandwich chain Subway (subway) started。
Both business is very successful in the Greater Houston area operated a total of six Subway stores。 Lin put a couple decades charitable cause, a senior local volunteers Jade Buddha Temple。
Local Chinese media said the couple blue to represent their friends in Houston, friends, couples Blue's family is currently in great grief among, if not necessary temporarily to not disturb them。 And referred to the police not allowed to freely outside their families say anything, waiting for everything to be the case more clearly before they can be released。 According to overseas network previously reported, Houston, Texas, the mysterious murder occurred, a pair of 61-year-old ethnic Chinese couple in the city was execution-style murder of a secluded mansion within their own communities, Houston authorities are investigating the case。 According to the "Daily Mail" reported that 61-year-old Chinese man Yu and Liang Jingjing blue Saturday (January 13) by the police found dead at home in Texas。
Police today received two calls Richard's son, Richard alleged to have been a few days can not get in touch with parents。
Richard said his parents' house, no one answered the door or answer the phone, he looked through the window and saw the house was ransacked, then the police。 Police arrived at 21:00 the two houses, broken windows into the room when the police arrived, the two men found the first floor of the morgue, the bodies were tied together and was shot, he believed that the two had died over three days。
A quiet residential incident in Houston and there is security community, property worth millions of dollars, only 18 houses in the community, and there is gated。
Home has been ransacked traces, firearms and other property have been not a trace。 Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez said: "The scene is very chaotic, furniture was overturned, the cabinet is opened, the police will take some time to sort out the field。
"According to investigators said the case of non-random occurrence, they believe that Blu-ray Yu and his wife drove around the parking garage at the home on Thursday (January 11) 20:40, was ambushed。 It is not known whether the case is related to money, Blu-ray has a margin of six sandwich chain in Houston。
Police on Monday (January 15) has started collecting surveillance video near。
The police office said investigators surveillance video may be released this week, and appealed to the public, if you see any unusual things, please call the Harris County Sheriff's Office。
Killed the couple's son, Richard upload parents of photos on Facebook, along with Wen Cheng: "I can not imagine the pain, I never have a chance to say I love them。
"A neighbor said in an interview:" Then a terrible thing happened, I am very worried。 "Another neighbor said:" He used to always bring sandwiches for us to eat。
I have not seen them for a few days, and now I'm scared。 "(Overseas net Zhu Huiyue)。

Postpartum weight loss diets which have female friends after the birth of a baby is more prone to out of shape, body fat situation, so the topic of postpartum weight loss is a lot of female friends are concerned about。 So postpartum how to eat it more conducive to weight loss following small series to bring postpartum weight loss diets for everyone, so eating healthy to lose weight oh!Postpartum weight loss diet with a cup cantaloupe melon, eggs, carrots and celery。
After cantaloupe wash, dig up the seeds。 Beat eggs add a little water, carrots, peeled, diced celery。
Carrots, celery into the egg inside, then put melon。 Then into the steamer, and steam for the egg to be solidified。 Cantaloupe water content, easy satiety, high fiber is conducive to weight loss。
Prepare some vinegar mixed with lotus root lotus root, kelp, carrots。
Salt, soy sauce, vinegar and spices fructose。
Peel and slice lotus root, Sichuan hot water, picked up the drain。
Carrot slices, kelp soaked with water, brine, and then hot water。 Lotus root, kelp, carrots, add seasoning mix well and serve。
The recipe can be digestion product gas line, the gas Water。 Xiao Bian recommended more than two postpartum weight loss recipes, simple, obvious effect, postpartum mothers who may wish to try Oh!Cold tomato soup postpartum weight loss diet to prepare five tomatoes, half a cucumber, half a cup of green pepper and some onions, olive oil。 Tomato washed in a blender, then add cucumber, green tea powder, onion and olive oil, stirred for 20 minutes, then placed in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to eat。
Tomatoes are low in calories and contains dietary fiber may Colon Cleanser。 Fresh melon soup with mushrooms 200 grams of mushrooms, melon, an egg and salt, sesame oil and shallot。 Pot of water boiled into mushrooms, melon and the like was added three minutes after tumbling water, eggs, and salt, egg and chopsticks to a rapidly stirred dispersion, add chicken and sesame oil。

Magical mortgage lemon in the cooking makes the meat more tender lemon juice is an excellent "meat tenderizer artifact"。 Citric acid in the meat fibers helps break the beef and pork meat more tender mouthfeel。 Preventing food discoloration acidic juice to prevent browning due to oxidation foods。 Squeeze lemon juice when the fruit platter, can prevent avocado (avocado), apples, bananas and other fruits black。 Add slices of lemon not only to protect the vitamin when squeezed juice?It is not lost, but also to let the juice to keep pretty colors。 Prevent rice too sticky steamed rice, add a few drops of lemon juice in the rice cooker, so steamed rice soft and not sticky。 In addition, lemon juice also make the color look better rice。
Prevent brown sugar Brown sugar lumps harden in a small piece of lemon peel to the net pulp, brown sugar can be prevented from caking hard, soft holding。
Let lettuce tastes more crisp lettuce, once it is easy to soften water, lemon juice and a little water can make lettuce "back to life"。
The lettuce leaves soaked in lemonade in a while, into the refrigerator for 1 hour, and its taste is more brittle。

Six kinds of food, I believe everyone knows, if good food with good nutrition will be even better next below give you introduce six kinds of food nutrition mix together and go and see small series!Six kinds of nutritious food with a 1, liver + spinach: Role: prevention of anemia。
Principle: liver is rich in vitamin B12 and iron and other blood raw spinach also contains more folic acid and iron, two types of food with food, a dirty one element, complement each other。 2, Fish +: Role: delicious ,, can prevent various bone diseases such as rickets in children, osteoporosis。 Principle: tofu contains a lot of calcium, if a single food, the absorption rate is low, but eat with fish rich in vitamin d, absorption and utilization of calcium can play a better effect。
3, ginger +: Role: Winter tonic high quality goods, can cure cold sore back, limb pain and rheumatism。 Six kinds of food with the principles of nutrition: lamb can make up the blood and warm yang, ginger has pain rheumatism and so on。
With the food, the taste of ginger, etc. both to Xingshan, but also help to lamb Onyang dispelling。
4 + chestnut: effect: blood cultivation, suitable for human's anemia。
Principle: virtual chicken for the treatment of blood products, chestnut focuses on the spleen。 Chestnuts roast chicken is not only delicious, hematopoietic more powerful, especially in the old hen burned chestnuts better effect。

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This rum show transaction time is 22 to 24 March, a total of 15 indoor exhibition halls City West and part of the outdoor exhibition area, with a total exhibition area of nearly 210,000 square meters, the exhibition area is by far the rum the next biggest increase of 65 percent over the previous year。
20, 2009, the opening of Chengdu in spring 2018 on the occasion of the national rum, "regional wine enterprises development forums" held in Chengdu Minyoun Hoya Hotel, the Forum will be the scene of mainstream entrepreneurs, branding experts brought together to form a super team of Forum。
Hundreds of industry leaders view the new trend in wine cave, explore a new model for Chinese wine。 19, willing to market intelligence conference held in the newly built willing Arts Center。
Since the restructuring of the only willing liquor willing to launch new strategic willing to honor the wisdom of the listing。
Conference technology and human performance practices, launched a new brand slogan willing to "Chinese wisdom"。
Founded in 2012, the Australian Wine Group Lannister to the South Australian capital Adelaide headquarters, Lannister Wine Group, which owns Straker Caudo, Lenny Stellan Bannister, Bent Creek BentCreek, Difabiou DiFabioEstate four Winery brands, each brand distinctive, from entry to the cellar, from a single species to Bordeaux Blend from Coonawarra to Clare Valley, South Australia, covering the vast majority of star-producing areas, hundreds of single product to meet South Australian wine consumers all imagination。
98th National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair will be held in China International Exhibition Center Expo City in western Chengdu, China characteristic wine-producing areas for the first time appeared to hold together this rum。 BaoTuan participating companies from Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces a total of 14 wine regions, more than 60 wineries, booth located in the West Town Hall 13, a total of 484 square meters, this rum is the largest and highest concentration of Chinese wine display area。
In order to do service work Business exhibition, participating merchants and related personnel for the industry from all over the country and the world to participate in rum can Furong convenient booking, easy travel, this rum and professional exhibition hotel booking service business trip Shenzhen, Czech Republic Exhibition services Ltd, is participating merchants launched hotel accommodation booking service, as well as conference car, return ticket, travel services and other services。
98th National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair will be held March 22 – held in Chengdu, China International Exhibition Center Expo City Western (hereinafter referred to as the "West City") 24。 In the joint efforts of all walks of life in Chengdu in March, leading to the West of the city of Chengdu Metro Line 3 will be the official opening of trial operation, as Furong merchants throughout the country to participate in the spring of sugar, providing direct Daxi Bo City subway travel protection。
Current national rum will continue to adhere to the principle of "Inheritance, innovation and development", the theme of "display, communication, cooperation," a more standardized, more professional, more international level as the goal, and strive to play National Sugar & Wine as the industry's sales will be docking platform marketing system as a platform, brand promotion platform, information release platform for the dissemination of investment and financing platform for cooperation。
National rum is Chinese food and wine industry has a long history, large-scale, comprehensive exhibition platform for far-reaching impact。
Reporters from the National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair website was informed that the 98th session of the National rum planned exhibition area of nearly 210,000 square meters, more than 4,000 exhibitors, is by far the largest in the history of rum exhibition area next。
Cork advantage in the Chinese wine market is more obvious, according to a recent Reuters news report, from 2016, China replaced the US as Australia's largest export market, in view of Chinese consumers more popular cork, they think use cork sealed bottle of wine is more high-end and high-quality, before they use a screw cap back on Australian wine cork embrace to meet the expectations of Chinese consumers。 The annual spring of rum for the first time the West as a city hall, with a new exhibition hall, will better meet the new era of industry and business environment, food and wine industry professionals nationwide demand for rum, the national rum will also be at the same time continue to provide our good service vendor, continue through the transformation and upgrading and feature-rich, to better promote the depth reshape the food and wine industry vendor relationship, in order to continue to promote supply-side structural reforms escort。 Reporters learned from Chengdu subway operating company, can be directly Daxi Bo City Metro Line 1 will be opened before the three rum, citizens can take the subway to visit this exhibition the。 In addition, the "2018 rum navigate the subway card" will be issued on the 17th, this card can purchase unlimited number of times within 5 days from the subway。

Many experts and doctors emphasized the baby after birth must breastfeeding, breastfeeding the baby for breastfeeding is certainly right that we do everything together to explore。 The benefits of breastfeeding baby breastfeeding obvious feature is the tenacious resistance, easy to get sick。 The survey found that breast-fed babies are few phenomena and chest infection, which is due to direct the child's sake accepted the antibody。 Mother placental blood received some antibodies, which antibodies may be in vivo by the antibodies in the colostrum and breast milk supplemented, antibodies can be produced a protective effect on the gut, and since the antibody is absorbed by the blood, forming a protective effect on the body part, to protect against a variety of infectious diseases。 Some antibodies, such as anti-polio antibodies in breast milk, therefore, exclusive breastfeeding of children have better resistance。
In addition, the child's stool is also different from the milk-fed babies, exclusive breastfeeding of children rarely stool, can bring good absorption of nutrients in breast milk, they are often the stool soft with no smell, nor lead to bacterial inflammation, thus away from diaper rash problems。 Mom knows that the child's body mass index can be very good to show the baby's growth and development, breast-fed children rarely overweight, appetite and metabolism are very normal, parents can rest assured that this。 Said the benefits of breastfeeding for children, in fact, do this to her mother's stature also have a positive effect Yo。
During breast milk, the mother's body releases a hormone called oxytocin, the hormone promoting the uterus return to their normal size, faster return to normal pelvis, waist circumference, too, will not affect the size of the breast, but cancellation fat diet is very effective, it decided to maintain the stature of mothers who wish to hold on。
A lot of the benefits of breastfeeding, can effectively help children against a variety of harassment, enhance immunity baby, the mother's body also play a positive role in recovery, insist that exclusive breastfeeding can also play the role of contraception。 Therefore, we have the ability to advocate for the implementation of exclusive breastfeeding mothers, so that the healthiest way to feed it the benefit of you and your baby。

What are the health tips intercourse has always been a very important part of our lives, without a healthy sexual life is not only not achieve results, but also lead to adverse consequences。 So in the end how health sexual intercourse bring it following small health tips for everyone, help you improve the quality of sex!Sexual health tips 1, grasp intercourse is a phased process, also contains multiple stages throughout the process, when people during intercourse, should be gradual, phased grasp, not be too hasty。 In ancient times the intercourse is divided into eight stages: "One said to take over, second elbow, third straight heel, Si Yue side sentence, the sentence Wu Yue, Liu Yue Cohort, Yong Ping said seven, eight said vibration"。
First of all, men and women hugged each other, abdomen, coherent picture; men touching women on the cheek, neck, back, breast and other parts, and female genital stimulation; straighten your legs; male side hook women, and female genital stimulation; female hook , so that the male penis smoothly into the female vagina; thighs rub against each other; shallow puncture female vagina the penis; whole body vibration, to extend the time of intercourse。 2, good prelude to sexual intercourse sexual health skills are a prerequisite for sexual intercourse, if there is no husband or wife in sexual desire, sexual intercourse will be affected。
If the party does not desire the couple, then the other should not be carried out immediately intercourse, but should desire the other by kissing, touching, etc. will be mobilized。
In general, the lower the desire of women, often need to mobilize men to desire。 Kissing and sexual touching of skills, the women in my arms men, women clutch the waist, gently stroking the female body, with her lower lip women, women to men to respond, with her male upper lip, integration of each other's saliva。
First, men touching women's wrist, then up along the arm to reach the brain nest, in turn touching women's shoulders, neck, breasts, abdomen, vulva, clitoris。
3, sexual positions。

Car sharing, bike sharing, share charge treasure……Over the past year, share product penetrate the public aspects of daily life。
And when shared bicycle oversupply, a large number of abandoned; many companies share closed down due to funding broken, the people that have shared the wind stop, "shared" not only did not terminate, but penetrate smaller areas, creating a new gimmick。
Sharing can also be combined with those areas, entrepreneurs' ability to contact "can be described as endless, this is not shared tissue machine has also joined the sharing of luxurious packages in an attempt to seize the trend of the tail, a little cake last minute。 Share tissue machine: by the wind flow at the outlet of the line with the flow line tight-acquisition cost becomes high, the line has become a new outlet flow for each platform you want to compete, wanted to rob anyone get ahead of others to build a traffic entrance to enjoy the dividends flow outlet of the line, which is a shared tissue machine。
As soaring trend other shared projects, sharing towels since the brand first appeared, has been rapidly developed, including ZHO, also paper to paper rats, including hundreds of brands, momentum can be described as madness。
But the wind has passed Share strongest period, capital has tended to calm, sharing towels although many brands, but only two mouse ZHO and paper brands have completed a round of angel financing millions of dollars, did not enjoy a charging cycle or share charging treasure the hundreds of treatment one hundred million yuan financing。 However, the lack of strong capital support does not seem to affect the common Tissue Machine。
There are many pre-shared projects to chase outlet, business model feasibility untested, not even explore a business model realizable rush to play, ultimately leading to unsustainable due to the lack of a sustainable profit model。 But they shared a paper towel brand, it appears to be learned the lessons of various predecessors, has been a viable profit model of the time available, comes with profitability。 Shared tissue machine according contemplated entrepreneurs, the inlet flow rate as a paper towel to share the line, can be realized in several ways comprising。 First, online cash。 Share tissue machine is used in exchange of resources disbursed napkins, each machine can be put tens pack of paper towels, concern manufacturers of public numbers after a pack of napkins available on the user only needs to scan the machine, the user will be gathered by the free trade , the next step you can access advertisers, advertising fees by cash。
It is envisaged that users spend a very short attention specify the number of public process to achieve a collection of user data, the future can be used for precision marketing, help with public traffic line number and other import。 Second, the realization of the line。 There are three ways, one for body advertising, press ZHO argument is that the use of minicomputer forms of advertising posters, large cabinet carousel is by way of video advertising and poster combination。 Two for paper towel packaging advertising, which is a natural advertising channels。 In addition to profit in this way than through advertising, brand share paper towels and paper brand by entering into strategic cooperation, in order to be able to buy a very cheap price, low purchase cost of paper towels, even outright sale at a price below the market price is also still profitable space – the market price of a packet of tissues in about one dollar to two dollars, and buy only from yuan share tissue machine, able to snatch away a lot of users have purchased this demand, this way of earnings for the three。
According to public data, about 10% of users will buy paper towels, tissue paper machine manufacturers share doubled profit per pack available。 Substitute public service, shared tissue paper machine to the person seeking a helping hand to share ideas Tissue Machine, said it is not complicated, it captures the public service is one of the missing, and as a supplement to their own, and to return for business value。 Paper towels is a high frequency of daily life just to be, is the public travel essential goods, but the snack bar, restaurants and other public low-scenes rarely provide free paper towels, and toilet paper in public toilets free, often pull out all the party wool removed, resulting in people in urgent need of paper into a paperless available awkward situation appears to share tissue machine provides a solution。 But also because the country of penny more people, in order to prevent malicious and gather wool unlimited access, individual share tissue machine is also set free only recipients of a pack of paper towels per person per day standard。
So can bring a benefit that free access number is exhausted, some users will choose to pay for the possible formation of a virtuous cycle of business liquidation。 In addition to the public benefit, appear to share tissue machine for restaurants and other public consumption is also beneficial scenes。 Restaurants and other purchasing a large quantity of paper napkins free for customers to use, but also a lot of spending, many restaurants offer quality napkins are relatively poor, share tissue machine just to help restaurants and other public consumption saving the expenses scene。 It is reported that, UZI sharing towels and other brands also dividends and restaurants, but also for the restaurant adds a source of income, restaurants and other public consumption scenarios why not。
Thus, the rate of expansion of the tissue machine share quickly, the data show that the mice have more than 4,000 paper machines is predetermined, the layout of seven provinces。 Share tissue machine profit model sounds very nice, great prospects seem limitless, but in fact it really true?Sharing coat put on a paper towel machine: true gimmicks, false sharing may wish to sort out what to share tissue machine from the model point of view, is through free trade will gather together the user, and then profit through advertising。 See here if you had a "shared tissue machine does not have any shared qualities," the question?Yes, share tissue machine does not implement the use of idle goods, surly share coat draped hot rub false sharing project。 In fact, the share tissue machine model is no stranger to daily life, there are many common means of promotion and its exactly the same, such as transportation hubs often people tell passengers obtain public attention after a fan numbers, such as the user to download a propaganda APP, or concern available to the public after a number of commissions to make money APP, such as rice and other earned。 Regardless of who is the former Kam, or from the profit sharing model tissue machine point of view, can be found in this mode is not healthy and sustainable profit model。
First of all, share tissue machine to attract a real-time needs of the user, although the public will specify the number for a short while will focus on the platform, but then there is a very high probability will be deleted, fast churn rate, the use of the public share tissue machine import traffic this number The idea will be difficult to shape a。 Less common scenario involved sharing towels, mainly for public toilets, and some low-level restaurants, hospitals, less able to accumulate the data plane, and precision marketing need to collect data in order to achieve multi-user needs to re-locate from the point and line and surface , plus user-oriented share tissue machine more broadly, there is no clear position, it is more difficult to achieve precision marketing。 Public WIFI multi-point data collection in line with this kind of marketing methods still can not achieve precision marketing, hardly shared Tissue Machine。
Secondly, the founder ZHO share tissue machine mentioned, one of the brand's fans realized the way the economy is。 But advertising in exchange for the user belongs to the user experience the worst kind of way, not to mention the user to use the device because of immediate needs, and the user can not cultivate the so-called big fan of the fans can be used to develop the economy, I am afraid that is trained wool pull out party。 Finally, fine boy, delicate girls tend to put out a pack of paper towels in the bag, shared a big fan of tissue left, it does not bring a high premium for the enterprise。
Moreover, it currently appears in hundreds of shared tissue machine, are thinking all the same, profit model is very similar, after coming into homogeneous competition, rodeo price war inevitable, then this paper towels sold at profit model probably will failure, while the price war under the existing profit model probably will lose their effectiveness。
Share tissue machine said to be innovative, but is actually copied the existing model fills this marketing model has long been, along with online traffic acquisition costs rose, and offline traffic acquisition costs considerably, from the golden age of online traffic came the companies need is to buy a low-cost precision users, and share tissue machine though to make up for lack of public services, but the pattern is at it again, the rough data accumulation, data can only achieve a low-quality growth。
Discard shared gimmick, quality and reliable tissue machine tissue machine continued life sharing is not really shared items, just chase line under general merchandise flow outlet, its value is not reflected on the "share" this gimmick, but as reflected in the "paper towels supply "the replacement of public service in this matter, also took a fancy to this value and share tissue machine brand has been recognized by the public service scene, ZHO long ago with the Guangdong high-speed toll reached a cooperation, and many other brand's target also falls on public toilets and other public service areas。
As a public service, the user is the most valued areas of service, but for now share profit model tissue machine, the profits of marketing, rely only on advertising revenue, but will reduce the user experience。
Therefore, this Herd youth to share tissue machine, with its name feint gimmick, not as good as down to earth and improve service quality, so too can achieve sustainable profitability, but also to go into the public service sectors, in exchange for greater value, relying only profitable advertising model, masquerade user experience, and ultimately those fallen charging post is shared lesson brand of paper towels。 In addition, this part is only cut from the tissue is obviously not enough, in the case of industry profit model so similar, you want to maintain our competitive edge, you want to get the user a higher quality, access to multidimensional data for precision marketing, erected traffic at the entrance of high-quality line, shared tissue machine also need to find a breakthrough from the periphery, connection sharing tissue machine, a premium brand for high-quality services through a multi-faceted。 Honestly say that the starting point share tissue machine is undoubtedly good, indeed lack of long-term supply of paper towels for the public scene, and the price is too high, provides a good solution path。 But while sharing towels copy the previous model, but do not own innovation, industry profit model are too similar, the lack of barriers to their advantage, might be able to build up a temporary entrance flow, but difficult to achieve sustainable profitability。
To this end, they should also share tissue machine abandoned gimmicks, only to abandon rely on advertising revenue model to improve service quality, and by links to other public services in order to achieve a high premium。

Anemia may occur at any age, the most common and earliest symptoms are fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness ,, in addition also accompanied by tinnitus, vertigo, inability to concentrate, pale, etc.。
Therefore, if the snooze accompanied by pale and other symptoms, it is best to the hospital for a blood anemia or four, to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible。 In particular, to find the real cause of anemia, anemia and sometimes much more than the original disease itself serious harm (such as gastrointestinal tumors cause bleeding), which is also more important than the treatment of anemia。 2.A lot of oxygen to the brain in the elderly hardening of the arteries, luminal narrowing, reduced cerebral blood flow, easily lead to cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, a long time can cause drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy and other symptoms。 If Chunkun accompanied by memory loss, abnormal behavior, unresponsive, personality changes and other mental, neurological symptoms highly suspected problems of the nervous system and brain blood vessels, stroke symptoms in some parts of the mainly lethargy and unresponsiveness。
3.Liver Disease。