How to shrink fibroids are more common gynecological, this disease is on the female body has a great harm, it was not cause pain, but also may affect fertility, so is a great need to pay attention disease。
So how to shrink fibroids it the following night network come to you talk about how to shrink fibroids, teach you to relieve symptoms!How to make smaller uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids are more common disease of women, so many women are very concerned about how small uterine fibroids or even eliminate, the continued development of modern medicine, the treatment of uterine fibroids already is fairly complete, and uterine fibroids and cure rate is very high, and no mortal danger。
But if left untreated is also the risk of cancer will occur, then uterine fibroids how can smaller or even eliminate, here are several ways of treatment。
First, expecting therapy for early symptoms are not severe, and some do not need treatment, just pay attention to lifestyle。
Without any medication and other treatment, every three months to conduct a gynecological examination and B ultrasonic examination, if no rapid growth of the tumor, bleeding, pain symptoms may be dependent hormone increases with age and is characterized by decreased expectations fibroids shrinking……Advantages and disadvantages: This therapy is less dangerous, but applies to early treatment, no physical injury。However, a relatively small restriction applies only to within 40 meters of uterine fibroids; over 45 years of age, and no significant bleeding or pain。
Second, drug therapy: This is the conservative treatment of uterine fibroids, the effect is slow。To remove uterine fibroids through endocrine conditioning, to bring the pain and avoid the traditional open surgery complications, drug treatment is generally not ideal to consider minimally invasive treatment or surgery……How to shrink fibroids advantages and disadvantages: a narrow adaptability, mainly for uterine fibroids less than 2M; months pregnant uterus, and mild symptoms, patients with recent menopause age。
Drugs can improve symptoms, but can not make fibroids disappear, long service can have side effects。
Third, open surgery: For patients with long-term drug therapy, surgical removal of the uterus can be taken or excavation fibroids。
Surgery is the incision in the patient's abdomen incision and uterine incision, the fibroids removed, and some are even removal of the entire uterus, and then wound closure。
Advantages and disadvantages: trauma, bleeding, postoperative recovery period longer。
It may appear premature ovarian failure, and postoperative sexual dysfunction, increased risk of disease, etc.。

    Wang Zhian "situation" viewers Hello everyone, long time no see。   After the Spring Festival, the "situation" had not push the program。 A lot of friends ask, "how is it?Wang quit office?"How could ah, in fact, we have not been idle, the topic will be kept open after work, looking for topics。
But the good multiple-choice or can not do, or to contact to contact, for various reasons do not last。
Seeing the Chinese New Year the past month, "situation" has not been opened。
What is to survive in the cracks, to participate in a topic we will know。
  On Friday, a Mercedes car at high speed even Huo Yu Shaanxi section of 120 kilometers per hour Cry flying one-hour news exposure, the day of the readers have questioned the owners of words, forming a sort of a small micro-Bo topic of。 That night, director Yoshimi camera and rushed to Chengdu, because the plane was late, when the hotel is already more than four in the morning on Saturday。
Yoshimi did not dare to sleep, early in the morning to the hotel entrance owner of a Sit。
The day before, the United States has been good and he made an appointment to meet at the hotel at eight。
  Sit owners staying at a hotel next to the bus terminal in Chengdu North Gate, bike white Mercedes, parked in a corner in front of the hotel。 9 am, Mr. Xue came down, Yoshimi and a television reporter in Shanghai greeted downstairs。
Perhaps the night before he was questioned for online voice rising, his attitude was some change, reluctant to be interviewed。
After a few words, he took a taxi disappeared。   At noon, Mr. Xue and come back with a few people on the bike white Mercedes。 It looks like a simple view of the vehicle, but did not bring specialized computer。
Yoshimi Coushang time to think about the interview, Mr. Xue later expressed again, and went after。   Saturday afternoon, I flew from Beijing, went to Chengdu, when the hotel is already five in the afternoon。 On this day, Yoshimi and camera in front of the hotel has been such as Mr. Xue, after that meeting I said, eat food that it。 After dinner, Yoshimi they continue to the hotel entrance and so on, I returned to the hotel and other news。
Arrived in the hotel, Yoshimi call, Mr. Sit back。   Before I quickly put on a suit to go out, came to the hotel, Mr. Xue was talking and Yoshimi。
He said he is now a high degree of distrust of the media, in addition to the Henan Business Daily reporter, he no longer accept other media interview。 Henan Business Daily reported that the incident was the first of the media, and we have to contact the reporter, was correspondent in Henan Province highway traffic police gave them a pass is issued, he added in an interview this report formed the basis。
After things become big, the reporter came to Chengdu。
Mr. Xue said he is waiting for the reporter to the hotel。 Yoshimi said, before we made an appointment, and since you can interview, it can also give us a chance to interview?Mr. Xue did not refuse, nor promise, turned on the floor。
  I Yoshimi aside, saying, Give Henan Business Daily reporters call and ask what the situation。
Telephone past, the reporter said, as if the owners have not contacted him。 Since Mr. Xue back to the hotel, and he immediately called the owner, rushed over。   So we are at the door, etc. who Henan Business Daily reporter, see if you can discuss with him, went to Mr. Xue together, to obtain the trust。
I looked around for a long time that the Mercedes car, took some pictures during this period, above the front windshield of the car is very eye-catching tachograph。
  "Mysterious" tachograph Yoshimi said, Sit back and get in touch, we asked whether the video data on the tachograph available to us。 Friday night, Mr. Xue issued microblogging, also admitted that they have important video information, but on Saturday morning, he put the microblogging deleted。
  Video: Why not publish the owners respond to questions driving record?  Q: You were an accident of this about an hour of your time driving recorder should have a complete record of your car driving conditions, right?  A: Definitely there ah, but I have not seen it, do not know if I have, I look。   Q: let us look at it?  A: Not at this time, to the time necessary I will give, I have to see if this video, electronic stuff, it may also tachograph crash, if it is not recorded on。
If it is not on record that I had bad luck, and if I'm lucky is recorded on。   Q: End the interview we went to look at your card with you there?  A: This is not convenient, I have to go back to sleep。 So many days, and his eyes are red, the number of meals eaten, how much sleep did not sleep。   At around nine o'clock, Mr. Xue and two people came down, Yoshimi stepped forward and asked, in fact Henan Business Daily reporter does not know when it has to go up and down the stairs Sit。 In addition to this time in front of us "situation" There are one or two media, Mr. Xue against everyone that he was going to the police station to check that they are not drug driving, because the Internet was questioned that day he was drugged driving。 I say this is all in the past several days, to check out what?He said the urine test no problem within seven days。
So, Mr. Xue and his party took out his mobile navigation go to a nearby police station, we filming next several media。   The entrance to the police station, a reporter said, first do not enter, you talk about a few。 Sit towards the subject and his cell phone, to the effect that he was questioned drug driving, he should use the "door-to-door" way to prove his innocence。 Into the police station, and police said Mr. Xue, I'm the guy does not stop even Huo high-speed down the Mercedes-Benz car owners, the police say they know know ah a cry, but then they say, do not give him poison seized drugs was seized authority to pay, traffic police manage these things go, they do not come out authoritative。
Thus, a crowd out and look for other traffic bureau。   Authority to pay is pretty far away, a few hundred meters away。 Authority to pay to the door, take the phone's media people say, do not worry, to just say again, Mr. Xue and at the mobile phone, said: Some people question my drug driving, I want to prove his innocence, do drugs specifically to the Traffic Management Bureau check。   Into the Traffic Management Bureau, which the police said, went to the accident on the opposite side of it。
A pedestrian and then went out again, across the road to the accident at the opposite。 Accident at a young policeman on duty, Mr. Xue exactly his own story again, asked to do drugs seized。
The police turned up the stairs after listening to an older and called the police。 After listening to Mr. Xue The police statement said that we can not give you do, you have to go to the incident to do, because you are not in violation of our。
If you have to do with us, we have each other's traffic police the letter can entrust us to do。
  Too busy for a night, did not make drugs seized。
But I Yoshimi said, since he was willing to do drugs seized, in fact, certainly lacks the problem, the result is not so important。
  From Authority to pay out, go all the way to the hotel, and we are talking about the way Mr. Xue, what we shoot go to the police Traffic Management Bureau can be used, but the way a reporter asked him the contents can not be used。
Otherwise he would never interviewed by the media, it will not provide any appropriate information。
He spoke shook the phone, saying that there are a lot of evidence, I asked him what all the evidence, he said: All。
  I advised Mr. Xue interview, questioned the Internet so much, there must be a reasonable explanation, since you have got so much evidence, published out how wonderful。 He seemed more hesitant, neither agree nor deny, saying only wait and see, think again。 Sporadic conversation where he mentioned that he and Mercedes-Benz already have close contact with each other to agree to a third party to detect the car, he wants to test results came out again after speech。
  In just one day, he spoke more cautiously, not the kind of confidence the day before。
With these words, he went upstairs to the。
  We understand that the Mercedes car Sit want to transfer storage, perhaps directly to a third party, perhaps for a place to store their own。
Sit upstairs to see, I told Yoshimi camera and said, you will continue to wait here, if he transferred the vehicle at night, if he agreed that we would slap。   0:00, Sit down, you want the Mercedes drove away, but seeing Yoshimi and cameras waiting at the door, say you do not shoot me shift car, if taken, I would not move the。
I said it would withdraw it, since people do not want to let shoot, do not push it。
  The next morning, Yoshimi wait in front of the hotel again Mr. Xue, bike white Mercedes was gone, then know, middle of the night two points, Mr. Xue went downstairs to the car and drove off, but not to a third party, nor to Mercedes-Benz。 Yoshimi and again about his interview, he said he'd go to the Mercedes-Benz talk about things that he consider。
  Two in the afternoon, Mr. Xue said the final decision, and not to be interviewed。 We are very disappointed, but there is no way, we do not like the news media, we are an exclusive interview, needs enough time, so willing to be interviewed before they can fully。
"Situation" of the director is often a headache to contact a variety of guests, seeing as this is possible, but do not last interview, they have long been accustomed。   So I set the evening's ticket, he decided to return to Beijing。
In the evening, I packed my things check out, ready to go to the airport。
Is in front of formalities, Yoshimi suddenly called to say, Mr. Xue and seems to collapse, according to Mercedes-Benz, he let Yoshimi at the hotel waiting for him to come back to our interview。
I'll tell the front desk and the house to subside, and then let the cameras rushed to my hotel begin laying machines and lights。   Video: Why just the owners respond to questions and open escape "out of control Mercedes" on the road to ask: Do you think then this car is a very risky thing to do?  A: adventure, but important work。   Q: But after all, you have just experienced a Speed-like escape from death, you find these more important than your own life?  A: But I have a responsibility in the body。   Q: Do you think this role is more important than your own potential death threat?  answer。
Under the old and small, you have to feed。
Are now eating for performance, you do not have the performance, not the performance, how to eat, how to drink, ah mouth Hexibeifeng?  Around 7:00 pm Yoshimi took Mr. Xue came to my room, we immediately began the interview。 Various details about the incident in question and answer gradually clear up。 Two hours later, the interview ends。   We know the following information in the interview: 1.Sit for the first time in the micro-Benz 4S shop owners believe the group for help in 9:27, but the information did not help mention what happened, he just asked in a voice inside, "Some people do?anyone there?" 2.According to Mr. Xue told myself, before he wants to help slow down, but the brakes discovery engine speed increases, there is rebound brake pedal force, ABS-like feeling, but did not reduce speed。 Step on the brakes again remains the same, he was so bad judgment cruise began for help。
But since then until the vehicle crossed the roar even Huo high-speed toll booths Henan and Shaanxi, open the door speed down to about 40, he hit the brakes again。 In other words, the entire flying for nearly an hour Cry time, he did not again stepped on the brakes; 3.He asked, "Is Anyone in the group micro letter?anyone there?"No one responded, so directly through the Mercedes-Benz car rescue Communications phone and dialed sale Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz first contacted him recently in Shanxi certain 4S shop, then go to the Jiaozuo Mercedes at his request 4S shop。
But 4S shop people do not control the car through the background; 4.He found the car door can slow down, due to the traffic police to let him scratch the road with parking in isolation, he mistakenly thought it was so that he jumped off the car door, he did not confirm the accuracy of the information in the case, prepare 120 kilometers per hour in car jump on immediately。 But at this time, he found the vehicle speed decreases, so jumping intend to give up; 5.After the toll booths Henan and Shaanxi, he opened the door again, hit the brakes to reduce the speed to 40 kilometers, the vehicle is stopped。 Although Mercedes-Benz after the 4S shop can come and say to him to find the cause and provide a replacement vehicle, police advised him to spend the night before you go, do not take risks on the road, but Mr. Xue decided to drive this car the night went to Chengdu。
He said it was to be responsible for the customer, and the company's image compared to what their being is not a security threat。
  The authenticity of the information, ask the audience to judge for themselves。
  Video: "Mercedes-Benz out of control" Cry owners only one hour twice stepped on the brakes Q: Logically speaking, this time should be the easiest way or another Caicai brakes, give it a try there is no effect, did not think you want to try again?  A: No。 Because the car was gradually changed much, just concentrate on driving, avoid car。
  Q: Is there such a possibility, in fact, hit the brakes helpful, but you do not know you did not step?  A: users questioned not their personal experience, I personally experienced。 Anyone can say to say, but I do not so I parties。   Q: You are thinking of jumping, and this time you are not trying to step on the brakes?  A: No。   Q: Do not you think this is not consistent with common sense?  A: I did not think so, nor do so。
If so inquisitive been asked this question, it is senseless。
  The interview is finished, we went out to dinner to pack tools。
Rice, I say to Yoshimi, add the chicken back to Beijing。 Yoshimi listening to moan and groan, said the work too hard, harder than chasing boyfriend。
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  Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO 4 evening, the US Labor Department report showed on Thursday last week, initial claims for unemployment benefits fell sharply, indicating a strong labor market conditions。   The Labor Department report, as of April 29 week, the US initial claims for unemployment insurance reduction Wan, fell million and the lowest level since three weeks。   Economists on average had expected the market to accept observation survey of initial claims for unemployment benefits last week will reduce million and the total fell Wan。
  After the payrolls data, the exchange rate rise。
The 10-year bond yields also rose。
  Initial jobless claims continued at very low levels, which is why many economists believe the US economic growth slowed in the first quarter is only an illusion of reason。   The Fed said Wednesday that the agency believes the US first quarter economic weakness is only "temporary", to retain the possibility of raising interest rates in June。
  The report shows that the number of layoffs across the country is still very low。 Initial jobless claims has been 113 weeks in a row is lower than 300,000, the longest continuous time since the 1970s。   More stable four-week moving average of initial claims for unemployment benefits rose by 750, the total climbed to Wan。
  The number of so-called continuing to receive unemployment benefits data, already receiving unemployment benefits in the reduction million to a total decline to 1.96 million。 Four-week moving average of continuing to receive unemployment benefits has fallen to its lowest level since 1988。
(Zhang Jun)。

Location: body of the baby fussy finicky?5 strokes easily deal with fussy baby 2018-3-2814: 59: 29 Source: Introduction: the baby does not eat, my mother was desperate?I believe that many mothers have experienced such problems。
This is not a minority problem in life there are problems around most of the babies there are picky eaters。So the question what is the place in which it is what made baby food uninteresting it would be a good method to teach you the recipe for your baby fussy to deal with today, with a look……Recipe easy to deal with a fussy baby moves: the intention of not too strong for the baby, they manifested the intention is very sensitive to parents。
If you blindly obedient to her dinner, it is likely to appear rebellious。Therefore, please put away your suit "coercion" it, Do not eat the same lane as the negotiations, which would allow the baby's fussy mood。
Moves two: do not spoil, a rarity baby love to do some parents think that as long as the baby's favorite can do every day, baby do not eat it ignored it, this is actually a baby demonstration wrong, what will she think just pick your favorite of all like。
Do not think that love is blind obedience child's performance, so you will only make her feel special, then in kindergarten life time, will be a serious mood picky eaters。
Thus, when you give the baby fed, keeping the food nutrition, and told her that nothing is special, regardless of love does not have to try to try to eat。
Moves three: learn to let the baby try a variety of flavors and sometimes the baby does not like certain foods, because fear is strange to bring, so she had a strong sense of exclusion。
Well, this time suggests that parents can take advantage of the way the game, or change the pattern of food, so that the baby is full of curiosity about the food, natural baby can make opening a taste。

Reference News Network March 16 reported Korean media said, in a large number of Chinese tourists to Korea tourism and shopping in the past, is located in the main business district of Seoul can say "hard to find a room," but after the 2017 cold-ROK relations, the current Myeong-dong, Gangnam-intensive areas such as hotels, room occupancy rate of 50% hard。
South Korea, "Asian economy," March 15 entitled "No Chinese tourists and consequently not!Han three four-star hotel occupancy rate of less than semi-finished, "the report said, the domestic hotel industry in Korea due to the impact of Chinese tourists to Korea suffered a sharp decline continues, Chinese tourists to reduce the lead to unused rooms, many hotels Seoul themselves in financial difficulties。
According to the hotel industry news March 14, at the end of 2017, a total of Seoul Hotel 399, Number of Rooms up to ten thousand, for the first time exceeded 500 million mark。 Compared with 2016, both the hotel (51) or room (6507) was a substantial increase in the total number of。 However the hotel more, but less tourists。 According to the Korea Tourism Board news, Chinese tourists visited Korea in mid-2017 only about half of 2016。
Compared with 2015, also reduced by nearly 180 million people。 It reported that in mid-2017, although the end of bilateral relations began to pick up, but the tourism industry want to want to achieve a breakthrough in the short term will not be easy。 January 2018, Chinese tourists visited Korea million, a decline of 46% year on year。
According to the Korea Tourism Organization data, a total of 2017 million foreign visitors to Korea, compared with 2016 (million), a decrease of about 4 million。
Some analysts believe that the phenomenon of excess supply of hotel industry in the short term are likely to remain to continue, the southern region is particularly difficult hoteliers。
2015 Jiangnan hotel is only 50, the total number of rooms to 7818, but then increased in 2017 to 64 and 8948。 In addition to 5-star hotels with high visibility, other hotel rooms idle rate of 30-40%。 Jiangnan Area 5-star hotel, sources said, in the past because Seoul hotel can not meet the market demand, many tourists need to stay at the hotel located in Gyeonggi Province, but this picture of the past。
Currently Seoul hotel is also not saturated, long run hotel only to close down。

Fourth, the hair: perm too frequent high-risk studies have pointed out: the high number of female hair if more than 12 times a year, the probability that she will never suffer from lymphoma than the hair of women 26%。 Yale University survey of 1,300 women were found, with black hair dye for more than 25 years of women, the risk of illness than others twice as high。
It is reported that hair cause contact dermatitis accounts for about 10% of the population in hair。 Tips: perm no more than twice a year。
Since natural hair dye almost non-existent, so experts recommend that not more than twice a year hot hair。 Testing must be done before the hair; do not use more than half of placing hair dye; if you want to pursue fashion, the best choice for local coloring; scalp wound, suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant women become pregnant, or are not treated hair。
Female Health: from six sites to see the extent of the aging woman V. ligament: inherently fragile vulnerable than men, women are more likely to strain the knee, ankle ligaments and other joints. This is because women wide hips, making ligament bear role force is too large, so women ligaments are inherently much more vulnerable than men。
Secondly, the women's movement reactions are generally slower than men, when danger and can not ease, it is even more prone to injury。 Once the ligament injury, was take months to heal。

  In recent years, vigorously promote the development and utilization of natural gas, gas storage peaking capacity building is also increasing attention。
PetroChina chairman Wang Yilin during the two sessions said that as China is in the early stages of development imperfect gas industry, pipeline transportation and other infrastructure, and our use of natural gas has a big difference between peak, unbalanced consumption characteristics of a huge valley poor corporate peaking capacity and a higher requirement。
  During the two sessions, a number of representatives and members from the petrochemical industry are concerned about the problem of the current development of natural gas storage peaking industry, and gives recommendations。
  Assistant general manager of China Petrochemical Corporation, Shengli Petroleum Administration, Executive Director and General Manager Fan group suggested that further refinement preferential taxation, land use, gas prices and other policies to attract more enterprises to participate in commercial construction and operation of gas storage facilities, speed up commercial gas storage facility development。   Qie Jing said the gas industry is peaking short board market development of China's natural gas, is also an urgent need to improve the rapid development of the field is about, how to improve the relevant mechanisms and peaking gas storage system as soon as possible, for the rapid development of the gas industry paved the road is urgently needed to resolve the premise of the policy is expected to implement the relevant norms have been introduced。
  (Lichun Lian)。

Tonsil inflammation of the tonsils which are taboo disease is often accompanied by sore throat, colds and grades occur together, it is a very common disease, most people have been suffering from tonsillitis。
Then you know suffering from tonsillitis, then what are you following small taboo to tell us something about tonsillitis taboo, these things do not touch Oh!Tonsil inflammation Jichi What tonsillitis due to streptococci and staphylococci caused by bacteria in the secretions accumulate will make the tonsils swollen tonsils itching, foreign body sensation and pain occur when tonsillitis, it should be a lot of attention to diet, can not eat Here are a few foods。 1.Avoid spicy food spicy food Xin heat through, when there is heat syndrome should not eat, eat spicy food easily endogenous fire, toxic heat occurs, thereby increasing the tonsils。
Common spicy food: chili, pepper, chives, ginger, star anise, onion, garlic, spicy strips, etc.。
2.Avoid smoked roasted food taboos tonsils when making barbecue easily burned, when meat fat dripping charcoal, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons generated with the smoke will adhere to the volatile food, but also a strong carcinogen。 And barbecue is extremely easy to get angry foods, inflammation when eating these foods is not conducive to disease。
Common grilled smoked food: skewers, bacon, La Yu, etc.。
3.Bogey hot tonic tonsil inflammation, the body heat more prosperous, this time not to the tonic, because too much heat will nourish internal resistance, thereby increasing anger, so that the original becomes severe inflammation of the tonsils。 Common heat tonic: ginseng, deer horn, Acanthopanax, kinky raise beans, angelica, Cordyceps, Astragalus, etc.。

  Field sharing rebounds and assists plus steals, seventh in the league the first three data ten, and firmly occupy the throne of scoring, to carry out 60 games of the season, when Harden produce a near perfect answer。   Since the summer, Paul joined the Rockets, sacrifice and running between two people and not, as widely expected, camel disrupt their rhythm, on the contrary, good chemistry and a family-style basketball atmosphere but let it all become perfected and complementary。 Even if they had never deliberately pursue their own data, the Rockets still show a strong combat effectiveness, development of the plot as a matter of course, looks very natural。
  As the players headed here, Harden's performance is undoubtedly phenomenal。
  His PER (efficiency value), the league 1; WS reached, far more than ranked No. 2 in the Downs; BPM11, Union 1;, Union 1;, Union 1;, league 1; RPM less able to Paul, placing him second in the league。   And all this is done within minutes of playing time – which is the lowest value since Harden joined the Rockets – the arrival of Paul Harden who share the pressure, so that he becomes higher efficiency in the field。 And when the team re in trouble, he is still here, the most trusted players, the Magic scored 60 points against the Big Three that night, he once again proved his unparalleled offensive talent。
  Now Harden is the best on the planet singles hand。
  Every game he has a complete offensive end by one round of singles, each field can be divided in this way, each round scored points, hit rate%, as well as% probability foul free throw line in this basis, he singles effective hit rate%。
  Harden the ball singles is perhaps the most league defensive player of headaches。
Many of his singles changes, the most common way is to use a continuous front body crossovers and change direction to mobilize defensive player of pace, rhythm changes after several strong dribble, extremely rapid first step will immediately swallow the opponent's defensive focus, or straight after killing the basket or shoot retreat, are able to create enough space for the comfort of his own offensive。
  His transformation as much, so difficult to control their defensive players in the defense of the sense of distance, easily posted strong process, it is easy to step back from the Harden opened the defense with a direct step back, but too radical personal defense, Harden is also very easy on the when, the foul stand and sent him to the free throw line。   In the whole history of the NBA, season, averaging more than 30 points of the players, the effective hit rate Harden can be ranked No. 12 history, and true shooting percentage is able to squeeze into the top ten, ranked seventh History。
  In short, Harden excellent ball feel and a strong ability to vote after finding the rhythm, always make defenders heart concerns, such as the lingering nightmare。   But clearly, Harden is not a selfish player, he knows how to use his ability to create opportunities for teammates。
Last season, he had proved himself to be able to attack with a pass to pull the whole team players during the regular season, but this season, joining Paul, did not change that。
  Harden Each game can be sent assists, ranked No. 3 in the league, as well as times of potential assists in the performance, ranking fourth in the league。
When his presence, the team's offensive efficiency can be achieved, second only to Paul, the team's true shooting percentage is to reach 61%。   When the ball is in the hands of Harden when he could find in the air when the player and the ultimate pursuit of offensive space rocket team built the opponent's defense thinking can pull very open, after a single-point cut cause severe contraction, as long as defend the attack, always Harden ball out the first time, and then to fill bit rotation, easier said than done。 For example the following round: Cingular-man defensive ability is clearly unable to limit Harden personal attack, after continuous adjustment of rhythm suddenly had to start off the first line of defense, Grant just inside the defense, gave the ball to Harden Capella follow-up, after everything that happens is that we most loved "eating bread" part of the。   Despite the offensive end of the aura, even on the defensive end, Harden's performance is not so Nabuchushou before。
This season, when the opponent with Harden bit of time, their overall hit rate will drop percentage points, while the data in the darkest 2015-16 season is +%, especially in the area reached from the basket, or within 6 feet the% rated nightmare。
  "This is probably the best team I worked at, and from top to bottom, our chemistry, including chemical reaction with our coaching staff, we're really happy。 "When you are able to lead the best team in the league, the kind of responsibility will fill every cell of your body, your sense of exhaustion sweep, led you to continue to climb up。
  "James – Harden and Chris – Paul think we will beat the Warriors。 "Morey says。   "(Champion) is the time, for sure。
"Harden versa。
  Win, most valuable player, championship, after a hardship, depressed and questioning, Harden finally arrived when "I Want It All" of the。   More exciting content concerned about the number of public (Code 9527) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。

Oily skin is most women do not like summer, because summer skin susceptible to oil, which requires the job to find ways to control oil。
The following is a good way everyone a few summer oil control oily skin, you want to say goodbye to shine, we might have to look at it。Relative to the dry skin and normal skin, oily skin, I believe that many of the crush of summer is also very tough, skin love out of oil, makeup is easy to spend, sticky skin, oily skin, these are more difficult to care performance, and the situation will be more serious so hot in the summer season。
The summer how to care for oily skin it?Quickly take a look。1, will require a thorough cleansing oily skin in the summer because of the oil serious, usually need to wash the face three times a day, wash your face in the morning is best able to help with the re-use of facial cleanser remove the skin surface dirt and grease after wet face with warm water 40 degrees Celsius。
You can also use a brush or a cosmetic beauty soap effects of dirt or grease on the skin completely clear。
In short, be sure to do a thorough cleaning。2, attaining a hot towel oily skin be a very important method is to improve the conditioning of the skin surface covered with a hot towel。Hot towels to help bring the temperature of the pores of the skin and subcutaneous vascular dilation, increased permeability of water, thereby increasing the function of skin capillaries, promote skin metabolism。Every day with a warm towel attaining ten minutes, can balance the skin's oil secretion, skin out in summer to reduce oil situation。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。