Xinhua Rio de Janeiro, February 6 (Reporter Zhao Yan Chen Wei Hua) 6 Brazilian Federal Police to take action according to the command of the judiciary, the former Brazil's richest man Eike Batista's home property confiscation。  The action did not check the date of the CPC six cars, a piano, 16 watches, paintings and pieces of a 俄罗斯法贝 hot eggs, there are nearly 90,000 reais (about US 20.20,000 yuan) in cash and more than 3.70,000 reais (8.30,000 yuan) of other currencies。6 confiscated the car, including Lamborghini, Porsche Cayenne limousine。  Not checked these assets do not include previously frozen total deposits, stocks and bonds of 1.2.2 billion reais (2.700 million yuan) in assets。  Assets Batista relatives also were frozen this week。  According to reports, last year in early April, Rio de Janeiro state's Procuratorate requirements of the Brazilian Federal Police investigation Batista's OGX oil company under the name of, and found that listed companies suspected of hiding important information, defraud investors。The survey also found himself face Batista in private sale of shares they hold, side by personal Twitter account to promote the company operating in good condition, to encourage long-term investors and shareholders hold shares。  The 59-year-old Batista to mining started, to get involved in infrastructure, real estate and entertainment and other fields。In 2011, he was named Brazil's richest man and the world's eighth richest person with a net worth of $ 30 billion, "Forbes" magazine。  Since the failure of investment in oil, from the beginning of 2013, Batista's many enterprises have declared bankruptcy。Last September, Rio de Janeiro state's Procuratorate formally charged Batista, on charges including providing false information, alleged manipulation of financial markets。Batista If convicted, he faces 13 years in prison。

  Guangdong Province, the Consumer Council that the defendant riding Wyatt Company in "Little Ming bicycle" APP on deposit in return instructions are standard terms developed by the defendant unilaterally limit the consumer's property rights to the deposit, in violation of the "Consumer Protection Law" Article 26 hereof also in violation of 10 departments such as the Ministry of transport issued the "guiding opinions on encouraging and regulating the development of the Internet rental bike" Article IV, paragraph (l) requires companies to establish and improve the user on a deposit refund system, accelerate the realization "that That charge rent, that is, that is still out "provisions。 Wyatt ride before the company did not establish a reasonable, feasible and adequate return a deposit guarantee mechanism, in order to avoid the follow-up to more users of a threat or property damage, the defendant respond to consumer adoption of newly registered deposit-free way to provide services。
  Guangdong Provincial Council believes, riding Wyatt's infringement caused extreme inconvenience to consumers in the Internet rental bikes process of consumption, processing and negative refusing to return the deposit to the consumer behavior also caused mental distress and unnecessary the burden, the defendant should be a public apology。   During the trial defense, the company said Wyatt ride it did not rule out the deposit address consumer, labor, tax, suppliers and other debt issues by way of liquidation bankruptcy。 Meanwhile, the company said Wyatt ride company has stopped operating, and no new users to register again, solemnly apologize to consumers and the community。
  According to the facts found in the trial, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court found as follows, and the court verdict, the defendant company as promised Wyatt ride refunded to consumers if they can not meet the commitment to return the deposit, the registration of new consumers pause a deposit, at the same time the date of entry into force of the decision within 10 days without charge a deposit refund will be deposited with a notary public "little Ming bicycle" to operate according to law, and not refundable deposit of consumer advisories。
  Wyatt riding company on the date of entry into force of the decision within 10 days to the public enough to know the way to the consumer true, accurate and complete disclosure of information on the deposit balance of payments, the use, refund and other related mechanisms, and processes involved in consumer security deposit, will be disclosed content to registered notary public notarized and registered with industrial and commercial administration departments for the record, etc.。 (Finish)。

  In response to the Commission's regulatory concerns, BlackCell also committed except in accordance with the relevant provisions under the "SFO", otherwise the design will not enter into or promote any constitute "collective investment schemes" program。
  The SFC found that, BlackCell open to the public in Hong Kong through its website to sell an ICO in order to sell digital tokens to investors; and in the marketing process, pointed out to investors will use the proceeds of the ICO to develop a mobile application program, and token holders will be entitled to redeem the shares BlackCell。   The SFC believes in the circumstances, these arrangements may constitute collective investment schemes。
  Hong Kong SFC pointed out that if the ICO made to the Hong Kong public offer involves buying equity collective investment schemes or participation in collective investment schemes, unless otherwise exempted, or must obtain prior approval or compliance with licensing requirements in accordance with the "Securities and Futures Ordinance"。
Interests in collective investment schemes are considered "SFO" definition of "securities"。   Persons or organizations engaged in activities such as ICO have questions about applicable legal and regulatory requirements, should seek legal or other professional advice。 Commission again reminded investors should exercise caution before deciding to invest in ICO。
(New Jingwei APP) Following the new latitude and longitude public micro-channel number (micro-letter search for "new latitude" or "jwview"), to see more exciting financial information。

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing at 23:00 on June 19 usher?Group matches in Poland and Senegal, also means that the World Cup first round group stage ends。World Cup first round upset many games, so fans by surprise。Bayern fans after the match online ridicule, Bayern I am afraid to make the official declaration of players ahead of the World Cup back to plug Benner Street prepare for the next season game, return to plug Benner of you players were cried together, encouraging each other。Bayern's defense is almost the German team's defense, Neuer, Jimi Xi, Hummels, Boateng, polyethylene Le, joined together with the midfield Muller, Rudy and gray next season Bystri?ka are lost along with the German team; to usher in a second spring of Columbia Bayern star?Luo, also last night 1-2 loss to the Japanese team; Bayern front Pa Levante 1-2 defeat of Poland led by Senegal; Tiago is where Spain 3-3 draw with Portugal; only the "Chosen One "Tuo Lisuo where the French team to a 2-1 victory over Australia。This record, only brothers Premier League Arsenal can fight with one。Arsenal did not get the winner in addition to other Welbeck England players, including Germany where Monreal Spain, Ozil is located, failed to win。Since Welbeck in this game even a second of playing time are not, therefore, a bit embarrassed。Arsenal Specific record: Aierneini (Egypt) lost, Monreal (Spain) flat, Ivo ratio (Nigeria) lose, Zaka (Switzerland) flat, Ozil (Germany) negative, Campbell (Costa Rica) negative, Ospina (Colombia) negative; Welbeck (England) wins。 Netizens have joked: "the effectiveness of Munich, away from the World Cup", "confirmed the eyes, are their own benevolence", "World Cup so far Arsenal and Bayern could run for the most toxic Department Award, not worth between Jen Sen gas "" If only a group of loyal players for their club, and that is the Arsenal…After all, as soon as possible to prepare for the new season is not even win the World Cup. " ……

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO July 28 news, Venezuela's currency devaluation seems to enter free-fall, its exchange rate against the dollar in early 500 Bolivar against the US dollar plunged to 683.26 Bolivar。  According to the British "Financial Times" reported that in the past year, Venezuela's money supply rose 85%, while Bolivar on the black market value of less than 1% of the official rate as。  This is a crisis for the Venezuelan President Maduro (Maduro), the same is true for the Venezuelan economy associated with foreign enterprises, such as the US airline industry。According to reports, American Airlines (American Airlines) has been slashed for the Venezuelan Bolivar service and no longer accept purchase tickets, and warned the value of their holdings of 6.$ 2.9 billion in cash Bolivarian risk of further impairment。  Venezuela currency Kuangbian endanger the solvency of the country。Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) in emerging markets fixed income analyst Robert Tancsa pointed out that Venezuela's foreign exchange reserves over the past three months the average monthly decline of $ 1.6 billion to $ 15.5 billion。Recently Jamaica can get about $ 1.5 billion in debt after Venezuela, "but the recent debt agreement with Uruguay for a period of only a few days of relaxation, further options seem very limited," said Morgan Stanley report the case。  Morgan Stanley did not think China will rescue Venezuela: "We support China in view of the above to provide further financing cautious。According to previous reports, China has approved $ 10 billion in financing, including $ 5 billion for Venezuela's state oil company (PDVSA) capital expenditure projects, and the remaining $ 5.0 billion will be the sequel to the loan-for-oil deal。However, we must emphasize that these funds are often used for project cooperation with China, and therefore may not be used to pay off debts。"(Shofu compilation)

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing June 20 morning, Russia's World Cup group match in the first round of the Harding Park。For the traditional giants of international football, the World Cup first round results are mostly disappointing。The world's top-ranked defending champion Germany unexpectedly lose broke big cold, the second of Brazil, Portugal, fourth, fifth Argentina did not win。The world's top 10 teams, only Belgium and France to win the opponents。Although strictly speaking, in addition to defending champion Germany 0-1 loss to Mexico can be said to be upset, the other team's results are much expected, but not cold summer in Russia, the results of the first round group stage somewhat surprising, the Yankees into the World Cup is obviously a bit slow pace and state。According to the latest FIFA world rankings, ranking the top 10 teams in the first round group stage, there are only two teams to win。World No. 3 Belgium 3-0 victory over Panama, the only outcome of this game is clearly the strength of relatively normal。No. 7 French lucky, relying on each other's own goal, 2-1 victory over France but uncompetitive average strength of Australia。 Ranked No. 4 in Portugal and 10 in Spain a draw is a normal result, the game would have been who wins all normal。World No. 2 in the fifth World champions Brazil 1-1 draw by Switzerland, from the results disappointing, but considering ranked sixth in Switzerland, it's not so strange。Messi missed a penalty, 1-1 draw with Iceland was somewhat disappointing to know that Argentina ranks fifth in the world rankings!World No. 8 Polish lose but not so surprising, they lost 1-2 to Senegal African football。Although Lewandowski such a world-class center sits, but Poland's overall strength is far higher rankings。The biggest upset of the first round group stage of the competition and the most incredible result is the defending champion, is also the world's No. 1 lost to Germany 0-1 in Mexico, Loew's team exposed a lot of problems in the game。FIFA World Cup group match in addition to the first 10 at home watching # 9 of Chile, the first round of 2 wins, 5 draws and two losses has been disappointing.!But it might also encourage them to find the state in the next group stage spirit, fans around the world to bring good game。

Almost six weeks before the Washington Wizards had to accept the loss of key players – John Wall of the facts, but coach Scott – Brooks quickly gives the response measures to reshape the capital team this system – sometimes it, so the injury problems the team had become a catalyst for progress。
Washington Wizards after a relatively poor start to the season they have to solve problems in their locker room。 End the New Year, the team was back on track and return to the ranks of the playoffs, and headed toward home-court advantage in the playoffs。
But then they have to face a shock: – John Wall at the end of January had to undergo knee surgery, like a bolt from the blue hit the Wizards who。
Lost the absolute core of the team figure, coach Brooks had to change the team's style of play under his command: scoring burden will be spread over several players on the shoulder, and then focus on running the ball。
It now appears that such a deal is not bad, since the Wall absent, assists overall figures but rather the entire branch Wizards up。
Since Wal injury, the Wizards can send assists in each game night, during which time the league's leading performance。 Earlier, the Wall occupied in the team a lot of the ball, dribble every time he touches the ball every time, every game to singles times, although this is a strong point, but also hindered the game of fluency。 In both of these data, the Wall are ranked third in the league position, but only his efficiency level of the middle reaches of the league。 In addition, the Wizards in the early games of the season are sent out assists, "only" ranked eighth NBA。 Wal negative impact on the Wizards?This argument seems to be illogical, because he averaged sent out assists。
In addition to Maji Fu – Morris assist average figure increased from time to time, Bradley – Bill, little Otto – Porter and Thomas – Sartori Lansky these three men appear no small change。
Bill became a team leader is not next to the Wall, Bradley – Bill completely become the leader of the Wizards: Bill currently lead the Washington Wizards game play time (minutes), scoring (points ) and averaging the number (times) of the assists rankings。 Although the average score per game fewer points than before, but now no longer play the role of Bill 3D players, and became more of the ball and the team leader。
"Days without the Wall, he made rapid progress。
When the ball in his hand, he reads the game point of view are not the same, "and after the game between the Wizards and Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade praised Bill。
Such a thing to change the team also occurs in small roles Otto – Porter body。
In addition to Bradley – Bill Porter is now the team's second offensive option, he also took over part of the duties of the ball。 Now Potter's scoring average stabilized at the points – before a sub – shots and averaged only increased by 2 times。
In addition, Porter averaged also sent out nearly three assists per game。 Currently Wizards offensive efficiency as high, can enhance the presence of nearly 10 when Potter。
Kelly with small – Wu Bulei different, Potter when the ball is very good。
In this season, Wu Bulei made a leap of progress, but there is no Wall clever passing, his efficiency has become a low。
Since Wal absence, Wu Bulei averaging shot five times in the perimeter, shooting just 29%。
Thomas – Sato Lansky: great strides in true shooting percentage terms, only Wu Bulei%, only Bidi Mu -% Fraser a little better。 So who is the team the Wizards the highest true shooting percentage of people do?Thomas – Sato Lansky, he reached 68%, which is by far the biggest bright spot in the Wall injured since the team。
Wall to long-term truce since the news spread, many people are going to think the Wizards signed Yuedelike – Ross or Thailand – Lawson as an emergency field after the ball, but Sato Lansky proved the best Waugh Seoul has been a substitute in the team, he can make are more accurate than any other point guard in the decision。 This is a Titans team bench stand out。 The bench is often considered Wizards in the last few seasons the worst weakness。
Experienced anything like Brandon – Jennings, Trey – Burke or Ramon – after linebacker such Sessions, Sato Lansky proved their worth。
Each game, Sato Lansky debut just 30 minutes, you can use% shooting to win points, including three-point shooting as high as%。 In addition, Sato Lansky also smart enough to find his teammates, is averaging assists。 "His every night looking for his teammates on the court, he knows how to defend each other's good defender, but also know how to attack," Bill told CBS Sports reporter praised his teammates, "he intention and the will to play。
"After the Wizards lost Volta, starting five data。

  Beijing March 21 (Reporter Liu Changzhong) China will release library in Beijing 21 "Chinese White Paper Library Wills (2013-2017 years)" shows that the testator trend is clearly younger, will give priority to real estate。   China will library is China Aging Development Foundation and the Beijing Sunshine Elderly Health Foundation in 2013 co-sponsored welfare projects, the elderly aged over 60 will provide advice, drafting free of charge, registration and custody services。
Five years, the project has been handled will for 82,177 elderly people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Nanning and other places。
  Data show that the period from 2013 to mid-2017, China will go through the library of older people will decline from the average age to 50 years old, the testator crowd gradually getting younger and younger。   In this regard, China will CMC main Renchen Kai library analysts believe that one of the reasons is gradually accepted the idea with a will, more and more people tend to make a will as soon as possible, in the case of population aging faster growing, more and more people grow old, these new "army," the elderly are often more advanced concepts, tend testator as soon as possible; the second is Chinese opposition library will testator's physical condition has been requested, but many think the testator body does not meet the conditions of the elderly in China will not make a will the library, under the superposition of these factors, the average age of the Chinese elderly testator library will decline more obvious。

Rome had won the Serie A championship Batty said he was optimistic about the Roma out of Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final, a moment of silence for the death of Astori。 Batty as a charity game, after a lapse of 15 years appeared in Rome's Olympic Stadium。
"Back to the Olympic Stadium, I'm excited。
"Batty told" Gazzetta dello Sport, "the interview said," This is the first time back here after I left Rome, I'm looking forward to。 Over the years, Rome has been the top teams, but something is missing。
Led by Di Francesco, Roman worked out very well。 The only reason Rome did not take the trophy is Juventus, Juventus too strong。
Barcelona out of the Champions League?Roma have the ability to Rome can beat any opponent in the quarter-finals。
"Prior to joining Rome, Florence Batty was in effect for many years, Viola he must mention the topic。
"Time to give small Simone years, he'd scored more goals。
He scored full of desire, and in front of it is very cool, small Simone is a young man interested in people。 Astori death?For all the recent events, I do not know what to say。 Really is a very heavy blow, no words can express how I feel at the moment。 Regardless of the club encounter any case, we must unite。 Really make people sad。 There is no need to say other words, the only moment of silence。
"Batty a player in Florence effectiveness nine seasons, 333 games and scored 207 goals, he is Viola's soul, but also the hero of the city of Florence。
In 2000, Batty turned to Rome, and Totti led Roma to get together with a third club in the history of Serie A championship。 (From the Stanford football off)。

The disease mostly hot and humid summer, the disease often lead to anger, more older people will choose to use Cassia soaked in water to drink, can be considered a goal, and cassia seed soaked in water along with some other medicines can be a goal, because the Cassia special effects, then the compatibility of some other traditional Chinese medicine, summer can completely eliminate the disease。 1.Quhuo。 Available honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, astragalus three kinds of Chinese herbal soup to drink。 Production, the first of these three medicines soak for several minutes and then washing clean into the pot again, into the water, boiling the mixture gently boil for about 30 minutes, the concoction be drunk, but also in the concoction add honey or sugar in the drink, can play a role in clearing away heat。
2.Dampness heat。
Sultry summer weather, the body prone to symptoms of heat。 In view of this situation, the available Renhe barley porridge jujube drink, barley kernels are cracked is better to stay up all。
Barley kernels has a clear hot and humid, antiviral effect, but there jujube fill the stomach role。
3.Liver eyesight。
In the hot summer, if not promptly dissipate body heat, it is prone to head pain, irritability, gum and more, red or itchy eyes, poor sleep symptoms。
In this regard, chrysanthemum, Gou Qi, and Prunella mulberry leaves can be mixed with boiled water to drink, can ease hot flashes, reduce anger。
4.Laxative。 In the season of high temperatures, the body sweat more, faster water loss, dry stool prone to constipation situation。
At this time, Cassia soaked in water to drink, can play a very good eyesight, laxative, bowel role。
Cassia soaked in water before, it is best to Scoop yellowish as well。 Cassia will become relatively crisp fried after, more conducive to the dissolution of the active ingredient, and can prevent diarrhea。 Fives.Hot cold prevention。
Heat stroke, the situation is prone to heat a cold summer。
May be appropriate mulberry, bamboo, crushed mint, chrysanthemum put together with the boiler or jug with boiling water to drink, the heat of throat pain, and other symptoms Fengreganmao can play a role in the prevention and treatment。 At the same time, there is the role of Shufeng solution table, heat fluid of。
Health Chinese Xiao Bian Tip: Cassia efficacy results is good, but drinking the dose must control each herbs are best not more than 10 grams, or can not some people's body will accept the other elderly, infants, mothers or menstrual women are not fit to drink。