Spreading memories of books, which filled the warm poems, put down involves bondage, vacated the heart of distractions, night, still beautiful, the Galaxy is littered with the debris of love。I was still standing at the window, review the years lightly, fine obliterate this cup love intertwined spirits, tryin。 Along the way, tears flee, laughing to right, he says good oath, vivid, marching distant ancient beliefs, newborn through the spring, summer romance, graceful autumn and winter pure to。I was careful to your collection, exhausting, just to be able to walk away with your evening twilight, nestled in addition to the mortal world for thousands of years to see Tumi flowers, hope Yunjuanyunshu。 Leaf of the tree slightly, dew condensation drop of crystal water, melancholy night, so short and yet so long, swimming in the Red knot, how many days and nights to temper, love to cross the border。Yuet Wah, such as training, looking at the sky, the wind gently singing their hearts do not change the plot, knocking the sea of thoughts, thrown slight ripples, waves in the vast blue of Lam Tin, dim light of the cape, can still recall those familiar Ballad。 Meet, is the most beautiful shown signs。Bathed in sunshine in May, fingers intertwined, warm, quiet。 Drunk know the alcohol concentration, loved to re-understand the situation。Life do not want nothing, I hope two hearts for a long time。A pool of ink, Banzhan time, the promise of juniors tempting aesthetic past, branched twist prime the pen, from the War difficult v。Homecoming, miss Allure, longitudinal Saatchi fireworks can not withstand a paper loneliness, my innocence, I only hope you solve。Mo flowers makeup, tempting thoughts, people in the right close, and thinking in the horizon。In the endless wandering, how many past wind into sand, and how much story into a moment she explains, until the encounter with each other, the soul of the party find a home。Since then, hang some back, hold a paper umbrella, wear walking in the bluestone alley, only to encounter that gentle smile。 Cuiyu understand gentle smoke, rain splashing white curtain, or turn the sea front, it has become turned Kuwata。Can still recall that moment you face, melting into the snow, I can not fleeting touch, turning it into the palm of my bees fly Splendor, soft mountain watermark。Vaguely see you so close and yet so far face, oozing flower fragrance, dispersed over my eyes, since then, I forgot to go back, have forgotten Review。As Daiyu in general, so weak, so the injury, just for you, write to make a lifetime of love, then shed tears of a lifetime。Adrift in the season's good friend, write text heal, and that the depths of the text, indelible, is the biggest concern of affectionate touch。Mind, such as butterflies, Pianfei up and down on the reel fleeting, dried out, but remember, forget, or remember。 Red phrase, one hundred students read smoke。Involved in the cycle of life after life, only willing to turn into a cycle of Acacia crossing, smiled at Looking back, the heart is the lotus flower。If Lotus opened, and the heart is never out of the most beautiful and charming, then wait for yesterday's, today's stay, whether, or so tender?

  Recently, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Ronghua Road intersection location of erecting multiple "automatic pilot test road" signage。 10 o'clock yesterday morning, five autonomous vehicles ran up Ronghua Road, road test kilometers on the road。
As with social vehicles, autonomous vehicles through the traffic lights, and completed a U-turn, turning, parking and other activities。 The difference is that with social vehicle, its body is pasted eye-catching "automatic pilot test" logo, and multiple angle of the vehicle equipped with sensors, cameras, high-tech facilities。
  Vehicle road test site is equipped with driver and two staff members testers, the car equipped with artificial intelligence, interactive equipment, navigation and surveillance equipment。 During normal driving, the driver need not touch the steering wheel, when an unusual situation occurs, the vehicle will be taken over in time and manual。   The first five temporary number plates issued yesterday, the Beijing auto pilot test management issued joint working group to Beijing Baidu Network Technology Co., Ltd. The first five automatic driving test temporary license plate。
The vehicle and personnel have passed the assessment test field。 Beijing also set up applications and regular supervision of specialized third-party Beijing smart car with the number plate of Industrial Innovation Center received。   As requested, all applications automatically driving license test autonomous vehicles to be tested by the ability to close games daily training and the appropriate level of more than 5,000 kilometers of assessment。 Test drivers are required to pass at least 50 hours of training and training, including 10 hours a dangerous situation tested to ensure they ready to take over autonomous vehicles。   Road before, autonomous vehicles and personnel must be demonstrated by evaluating experts。
After the road test vehicle to install real-time supervision facilities and upload the data to ensure that the test autonomous vehicles on the road and time specified。   33 roads have road test can be carried out at the Municipal Transportation Commission of Science and Technology, responsible person, before the official road, autonomous vehicles need to be closed test。 Currently, the city's first automatic pilot test site has been closed in the Haidian completed field tests including various types of urban roads, rural, has a wealth of test scenarios and evaluation system。
  After passing through the closed test, the vehicle can obtain a temporary license plate officially on the road。
In accordance with the relevant standards, the city in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shunyi District and Haidian District identified the first batch of 33 open test a total of 105 kilometers of road。 Currently, the test roads are selected in the outer rings, avoid residential areas, offices, hospitals, schools and other high traffic, traffic concentrated area。
Test period during the day, but avoid the morning and evening peak hours。   Beijing Smart car with Wu Qiong, vice president of industrial innovation that, to ensure the safety of the vehicle during the day can only be tested in designated sections of the center as a third party commissioned by the Government will automatically drive the vehicle for real-time monitoring to ensure that personnel and vehicles are approved driving, and shall not equipped and independent test personnel。   Interpretation of regulation only real-time monitoring test vehicle autopilot Pro cards will be revoked if?  Beijing Smart car industry with innovation Wu Qiong, vice president described the company as a third party in charge of autonomous vehicles license applications and daily supervision。
Once the autonomous vehicle accident, it will be the first time to stop the test, and the responsibility for the accident to be divided。 If the vehicle is the primary responsibility autopilot, the autopilot will immediately revoke the license。 Meanwhile, the automatic driving licenses are valid, such as the validity of the first temporary license plate to June 19, needs to be renewed before it expires。
Autonomous vehicle system is a major upgrade, also need to re-apply for a license。
  Wu Qiong, at present, there are already a number of companies applied for a temporary license plate autopilot。 According to regulations, each company a one-time investment autopilot drive test vehicle shall not be more than 5。 How many cars specifically to allow testing of each road, and the amount of the city's vehicle license road test of the autopilot will be deployed according to the actual situation。
  If it will limit testing?  Earlier, news that red lanterns autopilot will mistakenly street vehicle as a red light, the vehicle will brake to stop。 In this regard, Baidu autopilot technical director Tao Ji Jieshao, the vehicle does not currently test this possibility。
  He introduced the multi-angle configuration of the vehicle camera, radar apparatus can distinguish the object speed, the shape, color and other information to determine the type of a person, vehicle and an obstacle。
HD will be collected to map the actual location of traffic lights, autonomous vehicles will not make fundamental miscarriage of justice。
  Tao Ji Jieshao, currently in the testing ground will be some limit testing, we will use dummies and other props。 And in the community road, because the road is open, any time a vehicle enters society, safety is first, and will not be any limit testing。
  How real-time monitoring of vehicles?  Wu Qiong, the current regulators have been in a car equipped with real-time monitoring equipment and cameras can monitor vehicle。 The main monitoring information including whether or not to drive the vehicle traveling on designated roads; whether it is aboard the vehicle driver's record; if the vehicle an exception occurs, etc.。
  The group of text / reporter Liu Yang Photography / reporter Huang Liang。

Shun one week recipes how to eat?Is a way to have children, had just given birth the female body is very weak, can be conditioned by diet, then you know how to shun one week postpartum diet eat it?Following small to talk about along with you one week postpartum recipes。 Shun postpartum one week postpartum recipes first day of the new mother, she was extremely weak, nutritional needs, but the trouble came postpartum uterine pain, fear a new mom still did not improve appetite, gastrointestinal function are preliminary adjustment, so the diet should be add water, easily digestible foods, can be appropriate to eat light, thin soft foods, such as brown sugar, water, egg drop soup, soup, fruit, etc. are all good choices。 The next day postpartum new mother's condition may be better than the first day, but still pain, especially when breast-feeding, the mothers will be more obvious lochia, lochia increased when red, color red, slightly more than the amount of menstruation, sometimes also with blood clots, this is bloody lochia。 Increased postpartum lochia is normal the next day, new mothers do not have too much psychological burden, so as not to affect the normal eating and lactation, this time the new mother's appetite may not be too good, you can eat brown sugar, water, duck stewed pig hoofs qi nourishing food, adhere to Eat small meals, reduce the burden on the stomach, and the other, a new mother should adhere to increase the number of breast-feeding to help the uterus to contract, promote discharge lochia。 New mothers postpartum third day of the official start of lactation, and plenty of milk depends on whether the baby's frequent sucking, breast-feeding mothers should pay attention to the new sound, can be properly eat some soups to promote milk secretion, improve milk quality, to meet small baby physical development needs。
Shun the fourth day postpartum one week postpartum new mothers recipe this time is likely to cause mental depression, mood fluctuation easy, depressed, often feel uneasy, even cry, this depression occurs, not only affect the mother's physical recovery and mental state, also adversely affect the normal breast-feeding, this time the new mother should eat some antidepressant effects of fish and seafood, in order to alleviate the negative emotions。
The fifth day postpartum new mothers feel physical discomfort has eased, began to have the energy to pay attention to the baby, and mothers of responsibility so that new mothers do everything myself regardless of size, plus the night to give the baby breast-feeding, in the offing, and this time the new mother should be selected some food helps to regulate nerve function, improve sleep and eat, such as liver, shrimp, milk,, walnuts, fish, etc.。

  Procuratorial Daily crazy "angel money" as a representative of virtual currency, soaring "Bitcoin" prices attracted investors in droves。
This has led some criminals brain hole wide open, did the same, the name of the investment under the banner of virtual currency, took the opportunity to defraud investors funds。 Shushan, Hefei, Anhui Procuratorate on handling the case with the use of virtual currency "angel money" cheat billion yuan of total 6800。 Recently, the hospital on suspicion of financial fraud will Xue Shikai, Jia Xin, Zhao Zhigang, Yao played two Manti indictment。   Rose only not fall without risk of investment in April 2016, Ms. Liu, who lives in Guangdong heard "angel money" is a new type of investment, high returns available, and the price can only go up, without any risk。
  By further understanding, Sharon informed that the investment firm called Nanjing 100 Po Data Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bai Fu Baogong Company"), claiming "angel money" Department of English Sparks issued by the Company, is a new form of encrypted P2P digital currency, operated by online trading platform – digital platforms in Asia is China's largest digital currency online trading platform。 The investment risk, high-yield, and if members came to the company's music off the hotel site visits to investment, can also Baochibaozhu, reimbursement of travel expenses。
  I heard that conditions were so touching, Sharon attracted to the music off to the hotel, the hotel is hosting the company's project to promote the meeting from time to time to play promotional videos, as well as instructor onsite to introduce one hundred Fu Baogong Operation Division。   Liu told the clerk, legal representative of the company called Jia Xin, vice president of Nanjing, Anhui Chamber of Commerce, the strength of the company, under the name of many industries, such as property management, media companies, hotels, KTV, etc. These business entities are available. " angel money "settled consumption, said the company soon to be listed。
  Next, the clerk Miss Xiang Liu introduced the company's mode of operation, said that as long as the lease "Minerals" output "angel money", you can wait for prices to double money。 Liu hear more firmly believed, we have transfer 56,250 yuan, lease five "angel money" big mining machine, each large ore rental price is 10,000 'Angel coin "。 (Buy "Angel coin" in the offer price is the price of yuan each chop, so the actual rental price of each mining machine is 11,250 yuan, 5 total price of 56,250 yuan) after the investment, Sharon average production eighty-nine ten "angel every day currency"。 But when Sharon wanted to "angel money" into cash, one hundred Fu Baogong Secretary, however, Asia has not yet completed the digital trading platform, to May 19 refused to formally launched the opening transaction。   Then finally opened, "angel money" prices have gone up after the early fall, beginning each costing yuan to 1 yuan from the nominal price, rose to the highest dollar。
Then, they begin to fall, and finally to June and July fell unexpectedly yuan, after it invested no。
In the meantime, most people are unable to withdraw cash。 Division explain one hundred Fu Baogong given that the platform is being upgraded to prohibit withdrawals, followed by the platform site completely shut down。 Seeing investment down the drain, Sharon knows his own fooled。   In fact, like many investors Liu。
Mr. from Shandong has invested in more than 1.72 million yuan, but also introduce friends and relatives to invest more than 3.73 million yuan, and ultimately he only withdrawals of more than 280,000 yuan。   See irreparable loss, Ms. Liu, Mr. Yu and other investors to the police, after careful investigation, a well-organized, crime means criminal gangs surfaced superb。
  To make quick money in collusion January 2016, Sheyang, Jiangsu, Anhui people Xue Shikai registered as Nethub Information Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in service stations and convenience lottery, due to poor management, closed their doors soon。 Due to lack of funds on hand, he thought transformation doing something to make quick money line of business。
  Xue Shikai asking that engage in virtual currency trading more profitable, and then to Shenzhen, in-depth understanding of the learning process for the operation of virtual currency。 See "Bitcoin" The market is hot, the money fast, Xue Shikai also want to try。
In the meantime, his old friend called to ask if there Jia Xin cooperation projects, Xue to recommend virtual currency。
The two decided to use a similar "Bitcoin", "litecoin" and other virtual currency business model to operate a kind of virtual currency profit。   March 2016, two after deliberation, decided to profit from virtual money "angel money" project by building a network platform operators, in order to determine before Jia Xin Fu Baogong one hundred registered without actually carried out any business activities of the Division for the operator of the subject; as Jia Xin chairman and legal representative, responsible for the company management and with the business and media docking work; Xue Shikai served as General Manager of one hundred Fu Baogong Division, responsible for contacting technology development platform to build, promotional materials, etc.。   After Xue Shikai, Jia Jia Xin Xin in Hefei Shushan run music off to the third floor of the hotel set up 100 Po operations center in Hefei, Zhao Zhigang hired as general manager of the operations center, Hemou (at large) as CEO, two people in charge of market operations。 Yao Xue Shikai also arranged two Mann Chief Financial Officer of one hundred Fu Baogong Division, responsible for managing the "angel money" project funds。
  Due to funding strand breaks to close the transaction platform Subsequently, Xue Shikai please people one hundred Fubao Gong Division has developed a "mining system" with a pre-charge of investment funds, "Asia's digital trading platform", "block chain wallet", "Member System", set up since "angel coin" project platform for network operators。
At the same time, a hundred Fu Baogong Division publicity spot by holding lectures, site promotion, push micro-channel public number, etc.。 Their propaganda mode called "mining machine" is divided into small, medium and large, the lease price was 1,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan yuan, "angel money" lease period of 365 days, "the mining machine" Every day can be dug varying amounts of "angel money"; "angel coin" start trading on trading platform (or "opening") before "angel currency," the price of 1 yuan / RMB (yuan is the first phase of the subscription price / currency) when the "opening" "angel currency," the price is yuan / currency; in accordance with three kinds of "Minerals" dug up the number of "angel money" each year, investors withdraw cash transactions in the trading platform, you can get high returns。   Sales and referrals by giving people high commissions manner, the gang quickly attract large numbers of people invested leasing so-called "mining machines"。
In order to make investors believe that the "angel money" can appreciate in the trading platform and traded withdrawal hundred Fubao Gong Division will use the investment funds charged early part of the acquisition of "angel money" on the trading platform to further defraud investors to invest。 The investment fund charged with only a small portion is used for one hundred Fu Baogong Our operating expenses "angel money" projects, most were transferred to Jia Xin, Xue Shikai and other personal accounts, or be used for payment of commission staff and Referrals without any actual production and business activities。
  To June 2016, a hundred Fu Baogong Division due to funding strand breaks closed the trading platform, investors can not to recover the capital invested by selling "Angel coin" and get benefits。
Audited, as of June 14, 2016, "Angel coin" project a total of defrauding more than 6,800 victims of investment funds totaling more than one hundred million yuan。
  February 2017, Jia Xin, Xue Shikai, Zhao Zhigang was arrested by public security organs; the same year March 13, Yao Man gave himself two。
4 people appearing in court, confessed to the above facts of the crime。

Jump right eye jump disaster money is it true?As soon as the situation encountered, surely someone will say to jump right eye jump disaster money, but left jump right jump fiscal disaster is it true?Following small to talk about with you what the left eye jump disaster is really the right eye jump Choi。
Jump right eye jump disaster money is it true this statement is unscientific folklore, but nothing to do with fortune。
There is no case to prove the accuracy of this statement of medicine, however, there are a large number of cases prove to jump left or right eyelid twitching eyelids are early symptoms of some medical。
The right eyelid twitching eyelids medical statement called "eyelid" in medicine, is divided into upper and lower eyelids, mainly by the orbicularis muscle and eyelid lift muscle constitution。 The so-called eyelids jump, not jumping, but orbicularis muscle, eyelid muscles move under the control of nerves, shrink, driven by moving along the surface of the skin。 We are talking twitching eyelids, in fact, control the eyelid muscles caused by nerve abnormal excitability, which is part of the orbicularis muscle fiber contraction in a short time can not be sustained due to autonomously。
Eyelids general fatigue with the eye for too long or when the lack of sleep, the incidence jump more frequently and some other factors, such as light, stimulating drugs produced, or was blown into the eyes of foreign bodies, such as smoking, drinking or often etc., can irritate the eyes, causing eyelid jump。 For the eyelids beating, Chinese medicine is a chronic illness overuse injuries Heart, liver and spleen deficiency or falling due to wind。
Jump right eye jump disaster money is really the eyes jump is a disease who do not live in it a few times twitching eyelids, eyelid jump will be the most fleeting, you have not had time to wonder what was wrong with it is it It has ended。 In fact, most of the eyes jump is also not really big problems, but nothing more eyestrain or excessive tension。 You think, ah, if you run an eight hundred meters, just came to a stop, the leg muscles is certainly still beating, for the eyes, too。 For this physiological eyelids jump, as long as the rest just fine。 But if your eyes are always disobedient, jump on every day, many times, and more and more frequently, not good for a month, then go the hospital to see, whether it is an eye jump, or two take turns jumping。
If your eyelids wasted no time in jumping two weeks in relation to see a doctor。
If you jump on both sides of the eyelid at the same time, pro, do not wait, immediately go to the hospital。

Shaanxi scenic sculpture by tourists climb the influence of the Red Army not eligible, a || 4, the National Tourism Administration informed the recent tour of adverse events, Yan Qi Lee County Youth climb of the Red Army statue in the tourism process, is included in the national tourism tourists uncivilized list, the poor record retention period of 10 years。
It is understood that following the establishment of record system adverse tourists National Tourism Administration, informed the visitors included in the national record of personal bad, bad record second example will be communicated in the national tourism industry, tourism activities may affect tourists。
Shaanxi Red Army crawl inside someone's scenic sculpture of two years shall not be eligible, Grade someone broke the news, in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province Qi County, the Central Red Army victory Victory Hill Memorial Park, Shaanxi Li Wenchun sitting female tourists taking pictures of the Red Army statue head。 Li Wenchun behavior caused by exposure heated online debate, many people condemned the man, "insulting the statue", "indecent", "uneducated"。
According to the recent implementation of the "uncivilized behavior of tourists recorded Interim Measures," the National Tourism Administration decided to Liwen Chun records included in the national tourist uncivilized, bad record for 10 years。
In addition, someone's Victory in Wuqi County Hill area two years shall not be eligible, Grade Scenic。

We walked away, turned back one by one, and then unknowingly, it is already a spring of。Day by day cold, into the shallow warm, I miss the snow filled Merlin, although that did not come out far, but to goodbye, but also rotate several seasons。    I like spring, flowers and other little by little red, I knew that was my favorite landscape, winter snow how beautiful, how beautiful it will be, I know they can not occur simultaneously, but not when will think when the flowers are blooming, the sky snow。    Fields began butterflies flying bee dance, spring and wind phase, kindergarten friends folded the peach, I think their youth do not know what, when and where months, I have started to learn to protect trees to protect the environment, but We lost all the young。    Everything we are as bright as the spring, when rain falls mountain, also fell a generous heart。Or the Smart heaven, or passing the call sign Lin Shao, all the way north。All the way toward the place I love, that has been inaccessible places in these no jump youth, time is a little flies, I am unable to retain live the seasons every winter to summer to spring and autumn disabled, stay in the memory the United States also always are magic, there is a little bit sad, ancient Qing Yin Xun, after I'm gone you can continue to listen, sing our songs。    I hear that quiet voice empty far, however, the United States and the lyrics will make people cry, until all trying her hand, but it is always empty。    Spring arrived, I saw many people like to open smile, the end did not come, then that is a new starting point。    I often look at the world under white as white moonlight, who of late have children curled up in a hurry to walk, or someone's voice broke the silence of the night, and then later everything will again silent, out of the window share of chill, the kind of lonely in the window, a little will not dissolve in a freehand ink Dan, let me not fall asleep。    However, it may be spring can not mention my feelings, and I was still looking forward to the arrival of snow no trace of the season, in the evening twilight falls, there is no embellishment flowers and leaves, no branches Yingti powder tenderness, calm down , you will hear the sound of snow rustled fall, will see the setting sun under the shade of trees, then I will feel beautiful, beautiful。    Seamless snow, the heart is also sad。    I would like to have such a season, full of spring flowers all over the place, I saw people I love snow covered shoulders, I was wasted time。Who can understand my state of mind。    I'm still so。Still in the city, to walk safely。

Frightening!Terracotta Warriors archaeological excavation team discovered supernatural events。
Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Dynasty artifacts, as well as preserved。
However, you did not think of, there has been a very terrible thing in archaeological team excavated terracotta Shique。
Want to know appalling!Terracotta Warriors archaeological excavation team discovered what exactly is it supernatural events, with a look and small series 6681!Frightening!Terracotta Warriors excavation discovered supernatural events in mid-19743 March, Lintong County, Shaanxi villagers Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum kilometers east wells, accidentally discovered a rectangular pit of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, in 1976 there are two terracotta warriors and horses pits appeared in the world the total area of 22,780 square meters three pit。 Among this group of terracotta warriors and horses of the discovery process is said to have fairy pointing, among the people, this statement widely circulated…… 1974 early spring every year, severe drought threatens western China Qinchuan。 Running an afternoon west Yangcun production team captain Yang Peiyan finally decided wielded hoe drew a circle on the foot of a rocky beach in irregular: "Right here, right。 "The next morning, under the leadership of the West Yangcun Yangquan Yi, Yang Xin Man, Yang sent six young adults, waving big hoe to dig in a circle drawn in Yang Peiyan。
When dug 1 meter deep, they unexpectedly found a layer of clay。
13 May 29。 When Yang hair hoe instant they go down again picked up there, Terracotta Warriors and Horses military array of the first piece of pottery unearthed。
Although the villagers had for a moment could not distinguish the brick is not the Qin brick, most people still would soon Qin brick looting empty。
Frightening!Terracotta Warriors archaeological excavation team discovered supernatural events news soon report to the center, under the direction of superiors, director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Wang Ye autumn led a crack archaeological team once again came to the West Yang Village, the villagers around the pit to the original excavation figurines foreign expansion。 I did not expect after the excavation, two weeks down, and did not even touched the edge of the pit figurines。
Far from large trees, a white-haired old man amused watching the excavation site EYE。
Too pull out when Cheng Xuehua and other archaeologists to explore shovel off hours, white-haired old man came slowly from tree to hold shovel Cheng Xuehua asked: "You shovel where there is no" simply shovel Cheng Xuehua received no answer, just head down to ask: "you see there is no" old man no longer silent, unhappy away。 The next day is still the case。 When the probe is moved away from the shovel figurines pit 100 meters away, and the old man walked listlessly in front of Cheng Xuehua: "You shovel where there is no" same questioning。
"You see there is no" same answer。

  Wen / Zhang Jingwei US official to China pulled the trigger 301 investigation。
US Local 22, United States President Trump signed a presidential memorandum, based on the findings of 301, will be large-scale imports of goods from tariffs and restrictions on Chinese investment in the US corporate mergers and acquisitions。
Trump told the media before signing the White House, involving taxation Chinese goods to equal $ 60 billion。   The so-called 301 investigation, based on the US "1974 Annual Trade Law" subject to section 301, to investigate unfair trade acts in other countries, and through the implementation of tariff barriers to other countries to maintain the so-called US trade interests。 In the 1980's, the United States had started the investigation against Japan, together with the appreciation of the yen oppression Plaza Accord, the Japanese economy into a sustained recession until now。
Thus, the trade war bullet 301 survey issued against major trading partners, especially the strongest trading partner。   Stupid dog in the manger of China now more violent than the Japanese momentum of the year, China surpassed the United States was ranked the world's largest goods trading nation。 In this situation, the United States on China pulled the trigger 301 investigation, regardless of the so-called fair, just about the interests of the United States, namely the United States worried that China surpassed the United States。
  But China is not Japan, the US trade war would neither swallow nor signed as humiliating as the Plaza Accord in Japan。 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce has sent a clear signal to the United States。
One is firmly opposed to US unilateralism and protectionism; the second is to take all necessary measures to resolutely defend their legitimate rights and interests; Third, the United States will never accept the so-called Chinese economic invasion statement。
  Interestingly, the G20 finance ministers meeting in Argentina on the just-concluded US Treasury Mu Nuqin emphasized in the interpretation of aluminized steel tax policy, the United States does not fear to provoke a trade war。 This remark irony, from aluminized steel for global tax, to the exemption treatment to some of its allies, to 301 investigations, the US trade this strategy, everything is coming against China。 Japan and Europe plus Korea and Australia ink just a pawn in America's China trade war。
  The United States has pulled the trigger a trade war with China, China can only against。
Over the past year study will be special package of trade reached consensus and outcomes may come to naught, China can also be part of the holdings of US Treasury bonds, and proper restraint at US multinationals in China。
  US trade war is difficult to bear the huge cost of course is a zero-sum game, but the United States insisted that China only fight。 Two-horse race, Japan and Europe and other countries is also taking advantage of the EU, although the United States to negotiate an exemption handed him a candy, but the EU also stressed that all measures have been ready US trade war。
Therefore, this round of trade war the United States, and China is not only a war, and the world is the enemy。 Multilateral operations, although there are exemptions weapons, or use other trading partners to collectively pull China。
But the United States Trump priority utilitarian thinking has determined that no trading partner will really collective China and the United。
Bilateral or multilateral global trade disputes spared from war, after all, or the interests of the。   Therefore, the United States towards China 301 investigation, China will also impose the same or more trade counter-measures。 When domestic consumption has become the main engine of China's economy, China can afford to lose from trade with the US in。
US trade war with China can take the cost of it?  This amount is equivalent to ten large-scale infrastructure Trump plans to invest three percent, the United States large-scale damage to infrastructure planning, which is what the United States Trump then great core。 Visible, China trade war has shaken the foundation of Trump's governing objective and。
  Version deficit of the US and China have provided different statistical difference between the two countries nearly $ 100 billion, in this situation, bilateral trade between the two countries should be objectively analyzed, both sides recognized the trade imbalance figures in this conduct meaningful negotiations on the basis of。
  China trade war is eight hundred thousand kills self-injury, this is not a smart business move。
President Trump businessman, should be calculated and China trade war economic accounts。
Otherwise, this is a reckless, foolish and unwise game。   (Chahar Institute Senior Fellow, Financial Research Institute of Renmin University of China Chongyang Visiting Fellow)。

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 22 afternoon, according to the US financial website CNBC reported that the European stock markets opened slightly lower on Thursday, after the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday afternoon local time, also hinted that this year will raise interest rates two secondary。 The Stoxx Europe 600 index opened down percent, to points。
Germany's DAX index opened down 1 percent at point。
Britain's FTSE 100 index opened down percent, to points。 French CAC40 index opened down percent, to points。 At press time, the dollar index fell percent,。 Euro / dollar rose percent,。 In Asian trading, the market choppy, because the Fed had announced the first interest rate increase in 2018。 The US central bank Zhou Sanxuan local time in Bucharest interest rates by 25 basis points, which will push its federal funds rate rose to% to% range。
At the same time, the Fed announced that the remainder of the year in the bank may also raise interest rates twice。 In addition, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates also predicted that in 2019 twice。
In the policy statement after the meeting, the Fed also raised its forecast for US economic growth this year and next year,。 The statement said, in recent months, the US labor market continues to be strong, economic activity grew at a steady rate。
Strong employment growth, unemployment rates remain low。 Compared with the fourth quarter of 2017 Annual recent months US household consumption and business fixed asset investment growth tended to moderate。
Inflation remained below 2%。 2017, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates a total of three times, the federal funds rate to a range of upgrade from %% %%。
Local time Thursday morning, the dollar index against a basket of currencies fell slightly after the Fed announced after the rate decision and policy statement, the dollar plunged, hit the biggest decline in two months。 Earlier, the market expected the Fed will be more hawkish remarks。
At the same time, US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) has signed a decree from March 23 on imports of steel and aluminum products were 25% and 10% levy tariffs。 In recent days, this practice was widespread opposition from the United States and the international community。 Back in Europe, investors are still focusing on the Bank of England meeting。
Thursday at 20:00 GMT, the Bank of England rate decision and monetary policy meeting, the quarterly inflation report and no press conference。
The market expects the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (Mark Carney) will continue to maintain the Bank of England to raise interest rates to go on the road in May。
In addition, European leaders will gather in Brussels to attend a two-day summit。
By then, they will be expected to a nerve agent attacks occurred in the United Kingdom to condemn Oh Ross, also confirmed that transitional period will be 21 months before the British completely out of EU。
(Yuet Wah)。