REVIEW: often dreamed of a plate of bun woman, with a dark green dress, dense with large white peony flower big flower on dress, half of his face against the light, twisting water Sheban graceful waist position , finished just under a walk in the autumn lane in the rain, a pair of high heels in quartzite paved lane in the rain Resentment of playing and singing, Dangqi ripples.    Cheongsam always felt like a woman, must be like the cheongsam unique style, charming or enchanting, or warm Wanxian Jing.Enchanting place like a peony bloom heyday, in the branches stare and colorful, so you can not help but to want to touch its body, and its fragrance contaminated.At the gentle like a water lotus, water in the central opening, nodding down in the breeze, with less cool camel Qieqie shy!It was an unbearable touch of beauty!    I do not know whether it is because I like to dress, or because the woman who likes to wear a dress, I am particularly like to watch movies and television thirties, watching a fireworks as bright as a woman, that little bit of style at the eye brow, to see them in the shuttle dust in the old days, croon, interpretation of scenes of joys and sorrows of this world.Initially love of dress, is derived from the childhood home of the old calendar, it is a picture of glowing color ink incense, wearing a cheongsam colored woman, then still do not know what charm and style, but just to feel their body attitude is so soft, it feels like boneless.Since then, I like to read novels, Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing and stories, imagine wearing a cheongsam and Ailing Hulan Cheng has shown signs of that time, Hulan Cheng naturally distress, because the woman in front of him will undoubtedly have Allure attitude and talent, the wearing a cheongsam became ink, even though there are more white space, Hulan Cheng Ming can see the mountains and Shueisiou!Until then I imagine Ailing wearing a cheongsam, lazy in the recliner, remembered: “The Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan!When “scene, I actually have disappeared in the dust a woman shed tears for such.    Love that dress and very high stand-up collar, the beam, it is the woman’s neck and slender soft lines.Gentle woman accustomed to the plate on the collar buttoned conscientiousness, invisible trace of the gap, but still agile.Occasional forceful bold woman, much given to flirting, like unlock twelve plate buttons, revealing beautiful collarbone, let men give birth to the worth of reverie, and this charm but seemed a degree of relaxation.High open fork skirt, the woman sitting or rows, so that all white leg lines looming, it is then the half-dark, like open in the summer in the shallow banks of the lotus, was exposed sharp angle like, flipping people Emotional!Most of that mixing on the silk flowers are in full bloom, the purple, red, dark green and so on, colored flowers, shades and old, to give birth to dazzling beauty!I had to sigh, this earth even if we have more prosperity, but also can not hide the emotion of this style of dress often dreamed of a plate of bun woman, with a dark green dress, dense with large flowers on dress playing and singing with big flower peony, half of his face against the light, twisting waist water Sheban graceful posture, walking in the autumn rain finished just under the lane in the rain, in a pair of high heels Resentment of quartzite paved lane in the rain Dangqi ripples.She saw hawkers selling cigarette butts, he asked for a pack of cigarettes, half on the potential leaned against the wall, with that dyed dark green Koudan of slender fingers, skilled and gracefully light one, watch the rising white smoke rings curl in the evening among the twilight years, until the last one that burn tobacco hands before slowly moving the body, slowly disappeared at the end of the lane in the rain, but it left a touch of never burn sad and desolate in lane in the rain, in the Red Dust!I used to think that this woman is perhaps the dream of my former life, let me buggin cheongsam in this life!Kinds of style on the fascination cheongsam!    Old Shanghai thirties, cheongsam popular.Dignitaries house wife to wear, the notice of management lady wear, the brothels where the prostitutes wear, wear thin, fat to wear, this wear will wear clothing style of thousands!Want to wear a dress every woman has a period of about cheongsam, a story about love it!I often think that if I was born in the greater Shanghai thirties, I can not afford to dream of silk jade life, but there must be a few decent dress.So in my dreams, he often dreamed of a girl of fifteen or sixteen, standing in tailor shops, watching a piece of colorful costumes and a God, he begged his parents to return home can do something for their own embroidery dress, put a landscape that just as his own blossoming bud-like body, wrapped into a pouring Rubao satin, the exquisite period of loneliness alley into a man’s eyes!From subtle fragrance surplus sleeve!    Cheongsam my deep joy, just because the mundane world, I only pass through on my wedding time.Big red, red to the extreme, but also the texture of silk, soft and smooth.That day, as if I had crossed the whole lives, and turned into a mundane world of old Shanghai woman, walked lotus same pace, from the moment the wedding began this cycle of my life!

REVIEW sightseeing tour has a very nice, comfortable I almost forgot intention to go home.I want to go home, whenever I want, but I can not do that.Grow up, the independence.      Another year in the spring, the arrival of the Ching Ming Festival, put on a new willow in green.Everything seemed to happen yesterday, last year, it is back home at this time.Sitting on the train and see the farm garden next to the track, the golden canola flower relieved laugh, bloom in the sun.    That home, on the bus, did not expect traffic jam, though, and happily talked about alumni met in the car, my heart is not worried Mian’ll miss the train home.Sure enough, the next bus or ran to buy a ticket, the ticket hall is dense mass of people queuing up to buy tickets, wait until I get a ticket, half an hour passed, and only at night to buy a ticket back to wide water.Wide water is my home, my life is a never forget the place.I do not care what train ride home, as long as the car as soon as possible, even at night, I do not care.Afraid will not see, the road ahead led me to where canola flower is not opened again all over the floor, there is no smell the smell.Not a lot of canola flower hometown, came across a little canola flower, up close to smell the flowers, the plan has a pungent smell for a while, I go away Mende.Canola flower is really not fragrant, flowers comes out of the intron is not beautiful, but the smell of innocent children.Last year I did not have close contact with canola flower, but see each flower canola flower in full bloom are up Yang Zhaotou, strong and confident exposed golden smile on the train, I was impressed, wrote back to school on a articles commemorating canola flower article.Roughly what I do not remember, there seem to blur into praise canola flower innocent strong so few, and now I can not forget.But, canola flower really do not smell, at least I do not like the taste of flowers comes out.    Each home, I will gain a lot of things.This time, as always, to gather willow, to white pear photographed, pick up the screws with a childlike innocence, playful aftertaste mountains treasure hunt, lying on the grass on the ground looking up at the lofty sky, he visited the plum flower covered ground more quadrangle great.Unfortunately, only one thing, when I see people fishing, the first reaction is to go fishing with, I really saw the wind from the wrinkled surface of the pond, listen nephew said that the person did not catch a fish, can not help He gave up the idea of fishing.If he determined to go fishing, regardless of the weather, what people say, I want to feel they have anything to do with fishing, it?I did not “sit this angler” fish feeling of envy, indeed is home to a unique spring attracted wits, if the person has three souls and seven soul, was probably already went to the half of it.Until now I still comfort themselves, will have the opportunity to go home fishing, people know enough ah.    Day sightseeing tour had a nice, comfortable I almost forgot intention to go home.I want to go home, whenever I want, but I can not do that.Grow up, the independence, is already an adult, I have the responsibility and obligation to worsen, but I also do not want to let myself in so fast under excessive pressure.Coming back this time, both to holiday worship, the other is to visit seriously ill father.Father has been hospitalized ten days can walk freely, although the action is slow, but I’m very relieved.I know people mean 大半个身子 stroke has been buried in the soil, we can do is let them live a little more comfortable in their lifetime.So I let myself had more fun, such as canola flower live, so I am very happy to see my father, if he loves me, he will be very happy.    Three-day leave, make up the course of the day, when back to school, never mind more reluctant the.From home, I did not dare look hopeful eyes when my mother sent me.When the country road and other road car, open a car numbness man asked me not to take his car, provided that the fare is more expensive than the nearly half of the money to take the bus, I shook my head refused.Open dull man drove away when, actually my mouth swearing, to put it bluntly, when I really want to go up to beat him up.I want to hurt anyone here waiting for the bus, I do not want to leave this familiar place, but do not hurry to leave, take what the car chosen by myself ah.With its not the quality of this country every man to care about, it is better to keep the effort go to the next car and other vehicles and more places.Was about to leave when a roadside open shop proprietress smiled and brought me a wooden stool, I felt so embarrassed, declined her kindness, and went straight to the other sites around the.    Myself, do not know when to get on the train.Got, I chose a window seat and sat down.Very bright sun outside the car, reach all parts of my body through the glass, slightly sleepy when the eye of a sudden flashed a golden canola flower, canola flower clusters bloom in the sun, the field goes back, way seems has no end, and canola flower to showcase the purest quietly gave me a smile, wave after wave of children will be children tossed hope.I looked at canola flower, gradually they feel tired, it is barely holding on, just able to get down in the car.Woke up, has been approaching Wuchang, in front of high-rise buildings remaining superficial, and that the earth, I do not want to shame-known trace.Canola flower can grow up land in the high-spirited, always hale and hearty, and freedom of movement, I was often sleeping in a moment of temptation.    Dream has been very beautiful, I really often think, my dreams are still alive.The dream is always more tempted me, I was quite easy asleep and missed a lot of new views.Looking back at the past, canola flower opened again, and the future is already about to come, pay their last respects canola flower strong, when I am calm, courage.

Hands Text / lost time fly past, smoke, rain, cold wind blows away the warm pour palm.Past, like a meteor, inadvertently across the sky leaving a short beautiful, but it became a lifetime waiting to see who’s beautiful, harmonic beauty of the moment into eternity.Silence of meditation, gentle back sweet memories of years ago, in the heart of time than in the past.I hand lightly resting his chin, the people are grilled in front of the window, watching the fireflies flying from the front, infected with sadness for the entire black thoughts, I do not know how many nights in this way, quietly thinking of you good, a touch of the night as if your face with white printing fleeting.Waiting for a long time, and once again the heart of some past, some things into a nostalgic, despite the vicissitudes of time for Love withered wither, but I obsession to keep the dust in the decline of Gu Yi, over and over again recapitulation.The memory of the hands are always picked up the sadness left behind.Those left behind were sad, very bright, very sad!No way to say that they began to deliberately pursue, I dropped myself have memories, I deeply look forward to this fall in long gentle flavor.I’m also obsessed, read the homes, exhausted Love shortage of decadent to prove buried Cangzaixinli miss your.    Sitting alone in a dark corner, ask hand slowly at the edge of the book, eyes shimmer like a light sprinkle, thrown a blurred.Pick up a decorated golden leaves from thin to enjoy, if looked at in the twilight of an old man’s face.Away remember, we were the stars of light across the screen to come up with a plain sheet of paper in the pale light of the disappearance of the year delineate makeup, a touch of longing the full moonlight, spilled all part of stalls in the desktop delicate as silk the sketch, filled with love are turned into text and Full of thoughts pulsing with my heart.Graver years already on its beautifully engraved face down a section of deep and shallow lines, line by line as if poignant inscription, no matter no matter how you dodge or spared.He had indulged in the heart of the deepest in the world, that world, only the cold, only numbness.Vaguely remember, happy to recall that period of suffocation, the heartbreaking beauty of the picture, the banks still weigh stay in mind.Years of relentless fragmented with, mottled little bit of debris wrapped around the fingers, lingering.The most pain memorial, but to you I create a joke.Perhaps only here did not touch that deep pain, because the pain that has long been buried in the memory, but not lost.It is reluctant or simply unwilling to?I do not know, I only know that here is the only place where there is no pain, although this is so cold.    Cang round quietly climbed the North Mountain, planted a little cold white, crescent Seiki quietly vent over the West Wing, I stood in the attic in the autumn wind gently opened the heart filled with thoughts.Like you used to gently open my heart, let me wish you a sadness in the empty silence of the month.Poetry, some of the poignant sentence, or word fragments such as broken raving.That beautiful encounter through the years, always makes me sigh and cry softly, the brilliant text, prime pen showing that delicate feelings, Yiziyizi flowing between heart, weight loss and text always with a dash of passionate, like a drop of adsorption of flowers from the old city the ancient capital of peony buds dew drops dripping in my dreams, into my eyes with tears.Which will write the legendary Clover, silhouette time.At that time always feel that time is still repetitive, monotonous with those dreams ran aground.

Always I thought that age is still small, but also occasionally spread among some small Johnson in front of his mother.If not, these old photographs remind me of time has passed, I will stubbornly refused to grow old.In my mind, my father never liked taking pictures at home that this old album, I have only seen a photograph of his father, a passport-size photo of a black and white hat.Photos also cut four weeks of the nice ripple, young father dressed in military uniform, valiant, black and white color of yellow micro reveals little.He was shot when troops are still working according to his father.It is in the hands of a fool I use the camera to capture the early years of a silhouette father’s middle-aged father has begun fat, slightly convex belly, is the highlight of the whole picture.Now I can clearly remember the scene, seven in the morning thirty minutes to rush to his father go to work.Pushing his horse, a big old bike.His left hand holding a bicycle handlebar, hanging one of his black bag.Right hand leaning on the car seat.I told him to look into the camera, his father did not even head back to look, so I took my father a hurried sideways.Father work in a factory, three shifts working hours.Three hundred sixty-five days a year, rain or shine.Even the Chinese New Year day, the factory is also going on duty.Now, come to really appreciate the hard work of his father support the family.I am most happy thing, than his father went away on business, and one is the father was not at home, no one forced me with my homework and, secondly, his father whenever he comes back, I will give back to twelve small wonder stuff.I remember my father once went to a business trip, encounter a thief on the train, he carried a black bag was cut open a long hole.I do not know when the father, facing a strange city, is not it also indescribably lonely.This is a mother and several siblings and our aunt photo.Golden canola flower is the background of the whole picture, then just a teenager’s brother, sister, uncle and brother are innocent children.I stood in front of them, hand-held camera, they want to shout out loud eggplant.Bright sun shines on them, forcing people to open eyes.Mother and aunt once young and beautiful face, as well as brothers and sisters sweet and innocent smile.They are fixed in this blue sky, between this and yellow green leaves.Today, the youngest brother has graduated from college.Sisters as birds fly away like one, operators with their own warm little nest.Now, If you could meet a true, is not easy.Those gazing warmth, affection Erbinsimo are far apart.As well as a photo of yourself, standing in the spring breeze, sweet smile.Then it should be the age of twenty-two, right!Smooth face has not adhered to trace the years, long black hair was free to bundle in the back, it has been naughty wind to disperse open.Love that song because I do not know from where Poetry: be my long hair and waist, general return these days.But also for the mood of the poem has been deliberately left a black hair.Long has not been able waist, it also failed to wait until late southern visitors, the red knot hair.They married in the dull years, children.Years of quiet good, this life peacefully.Unknowingly has spent more than thirty years during patiently for her daughter likes to show off their happy childhood, every time her daughter is also extremely fit for envy like to listen carefully.What a strange thing to remember, the more distant from their own, the more I remember clearly, as if he suddenly jump from childhood to the present age.Where is the time to go ah!Trance, he also left behind what streamer?Red Dust, at a certain time, doing dip flower smile to face, to imprint in time, leaving a flat to themselves.See past the young fathers to face, so the dye cream youth today, believe they are old.The photos alone, who also witnessed the Chinese year!

REVIEW love reading like a woman, a woman can feel scholarly thoughts go to control life, indifferent to fame and fortune with wisdom, books to sink against a variety of factors for their exploitation erode the achievements of its own elegance.  A few days ago, there was a long-lost classmates on the Internet asked me recently what books to read?Can you recommend a few for him?I was very ashamed, because I actually have not read the book a long time.Once, I boasted that he is a woman with a hint of it scholarly!    Once, how much I love reading!High school, tense than learning, I most often linger wandering bookstores; graduated from college, I was the most heaviest baggage is book several bags; the beginning of the work, picking up on the meager wages to buy a bookstore several; when in love, a gift from her boyfriend also full of books.However, Since when, I am no longer a bookstore, but since when, I do not even read the book it?    Once, I had to study how beautiful scene!Reading is my favorite window, the afternoon sun slanting through the windows of the balcony clean, handle books, quietly sitting in a chair, stuck in his own book, brew a cup of clear tea, aroma mixing, gradually filled the room, softly drink, tea aftertaste accompanied by the feeling of reading turned into a faint trace strands of breeze blowing heart; I love reading rainy night, in rain Qiaochuang night, the sound of that night rain, bit by bit will be at the heart rippled, emotional chord thus gradually become soft and flabby, soft and have put their hearts totally handed over to the owner of the book.However, Since when, reading has become so extravagant, so far-fetched it?Not without time and effort, just regard the consumption of time and energy on the trivialization of daily life.    So that weekend afternoon, I’m a man on a trip to the bookstore.Bookstores, quiet and empty, except for a few children reading comics, the story than that I actually look at or standing or squatting in less than an adult in reading.With a lost heart, he turned a corner, I suddenly saw a beautiful figure, it is a 30-year-old woman, sitting in the corner dedicated to looking at the book.I quietly watched this woman lost in the book, she looked so peaceful, it seems that everything around has nothing to do with her.    Watching this woman to concentrate on reading, watching her shine with their own unique beauty in the quiet, I have a special touch.Just as I was in a daze, she probably aware that someone was watching her, she looked up and gave me a little smile.She looks flat, does not look beautiful, but I think clearly when she very beautiful, it is a whole body of scholarly dip exceptionally beautiful.    And I picked up some books from the bookstore with home.Open the thick scent of ink book page, found his mind very quiet, there is the slightest joy, which is already returning to the feeling.Walking in the mortal world, who gradually covered with dust, those who always make their own knot untied been a burden, to let his gloomy heart.    However, reading those old friend generally cordial words, seems himself slowly drew a window.Yes, I am painting a window, so that the soul breathing, lets hope the habitat, so that all confusion lightly fly away in the window of the soul.It turned out that the book has always been my closest, it has always been my most trusted and should not need to hide fortification.    Love reading like a woman, a woman can feel scholarly thoughts go to control life, indifferent to fame and fortune with wisdom, books to sink against a variety of factors for their exploitation erode the achievements of its own elegance.    Also I like that they can re-do woman back to love reading.I believe, even years will be given to the world women’s vicissitudes, even though the time in the world will take away the woman’s face, however, scholarly woman already be elegant and long-lasting beauty wrote in a rustic soul, but the time for its elegance, but as the years its Tim.    So, from now on, to be a beautiful, sophisticated woman.

Fleeting, not the smoke and dust, sails away, drizzly way people are tired.Qushui by the fleeting dreams of watching fireworks ek full moon.    Calendar torn off one by one, one by one leaving today, time is like an invisible hand, carrying the shuttle we walk in the years of the tunnel.Night and day, never-ending stretch of time.    Sun Moon nothingness write joys and sorrows, ups and downs freely vague smoke, I do not know the body is off dream, wake up the earth Yi Qiu Yan.In this clear autumn wander inside, gazing, years of circulation.Akiba dyed tree autumn color, spreading all the way, bleak mosaic fades, Fallen flowers sense of loss, pale face, mottled Valente, hair fall among the gentle, misty Resentment and the cool slightly cold.Read memory Qiannian, years of desolation, Who painted.That touch of stray left behind, left behind sad, accompanied by dream Whispering of Shan course, gently shallow spread.All the stories and as a dust, the choice is not met, leaving no choice of parting, the wind and everything.Teetering on the edge of dream and waking.All in all, will eventually stranded in time, gently pick up the thoughts scattered on the ground, pick up an ink rhyme, meditation into simple, put pen to paper will become clear cook word joy.Sum shallow book, for years to eternity, distant yesterday.    Autumn month floating west.Gechuang slow write sadness Italian.Meniscus spectrum modulation, as dance autumn, the scent of ink encroach.Yilianyoumeng dense, with a light fragrance enforcement and read the time, played a tempting landscape, “Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion” dream of a curtain, a window the wind, sometimes, can make dusty between the pages of a sentence messy, scattered into youthful cloak, generally hazy clouds.Woolly-headed, half awake, so bright, dark, dynamic and static, Department of Finance; yes, non, because, if there who can discern; Life it is not a falsehoods, half-truths process?Right and wrong and gains and losses revel it, without having to look at the state of the world too pure Red.    Heart, quiet.The mind rub years, the past abundance Qing Ning, but a life of fear and people who care about their own process fades away slowly getting stranger.Really from the heart ache.Hold up long pole, draw a leaf boat, leading to the hearts of the lake, the degree of pain was silent.So, the world air out, cloud water nor favor one kind heart woman and clean Mazumdar.Heart, slowly flowing in with the cyan, flipping through a familiar mood.Haruki Murakami said “Life is naturally go, forget naturally, not far-fetched.Everyone has their own piece of forest, perhaps we have never been there, but it has been there, always there.Lost people lost, meet the people will meet again “inexplicable, really like this sad depressed, flowing text in Seiitsu, such as Enron air, feel lonely, no cover up, nor publicity.Years of quiet beauty is revealed to be so long,.    Yes, life is to learn to use the experience of a quiet mind to accommodate these years I Yan Liang.I believe your life will never disappoint you.Those bending wrong, that wrong road, shed those tears, those drops of sweat, those scars left behind, all so that you become your own unique.    Xu Mei Yau Man bend, Chilian Italian-hearted.Yunmeng lightly in, read the best of human well-being.Ling-hui tolerant and humble low-key and reserved, enjoy Zuiwo mountain cloud, recreational fishing in the water lightly, if there is water Mochizuki realm of smoke and mirrors is excellent.Xianyan dying Ye Hao worth mentioning, not for the gorgeous extremely busy, but for a minute Jenning and Enron.    Purple street secluded Wye feelings like yesterday, Fallen flowers with wave go by water, who can fathom the mystery of wonderful, clear ink big deal to prop the window.Clean life is vast and well-intentioned, is the share of the non-catching landscape.    Look, worth of human well-being; listen, listen to endless vicissitudes of life; a sense, a sense of impenetrable Red feelings; love, love is not enough dust Mo Qian.Afar dreams are all off, innumerable twists and turns fear the autumn.A good friend message me eventful.Yes, Afar dreams are all off, innumerable twists and turns fear the autumn.    Skim a Susan, captures a tranquil, carrying a simple, in the autumn of bright, deep, lofty, the Qianyindichang.A mood, a lifetime to observe, appreciate the after life, quiet, safe, self will be fine, clear.WTO, revel hi.Qiushuiyiren, heart resulting clear Huan, Shizumori a pool of clear autumn light lonely, Ann is warm.

[A] August, riding all the way to the front row of flowers.Lotus Seiitsu, burning oleander, rose red, rose warm, enchanting Canna..Xu breeze, the fragrance was very hot.Blue sky, white clouds floating, deep green shade, of cicadas has become sweet, thin insect sound fields, pond frog drum bursts.Every day, all dyed flowers, flying clouds, with running water voiceless.Daily sun watching the sunrise, sunset against Huilong, the day also flies leisurely, calm and comfort.    The last two months, rarely write text, is not no time, but the mood is broken laity mundane.Always thought that the text should flow out from the bottom of my heart, calm the mind, and will meet with the characters, feelingly, were a tempting.Text, like a lover, your sincere insincerity, she felt.Life, love text, seclusion in the text, and text love, but also with text, similar to a next life.Text is Xinyu, a dialogue with the soul.She was so true to yourself, never once betrayed.You can Erbinsimo, words Dream, build a paradise.    Reality, always tired, tired people, people lose self, even forget the existence of the soul.Get down to dialogue with the soul, write some optional text, not the name, not for profit, just to give yourself a baptism, decontamination own dust.Life, living is a state of mind.Good mood, happiness index determines the.Write text, for me, is a leisure An own way to relax.    Text like a breeze, like the moon, like water, like clouds, such as the fingertips petals, fresh fragrance in the air, or an enemy, always visit when both physically and mentally quiet.Only when writing text, my heart is the most quiet and most clean.So still as secluded mountain, too, such as crystal of the net Koike, a text such as a fish, bird-like, from the mountains, the Qingchi in fly out, swim out.Blazing, quiet, only for the United States, to be free, just as the peerless heart sounds.    In fact, I rarely speak.I do not say, but do not want to say, in this world, few people worthy of their chatter.Only when alone with his soul, some common language, the most beautiful words, 说给自己听.Quietly, beating out the fragrance eyeful shower of petals, full nose, cool and comfortable Bianshen.Hang some flies, the passage of time, the world Red rolling, people have changed, I still maintain pure nature, give yourself a good reason to be alive.    Let Red dye heart, do not let children tamper with the heart, the desire not to get lost in.I really just to get back and keep a beginner’s mind, their own happiness happiness, happiness own happiness, not external things, not outside the territory of the fans, not to be confused desires.This world, a lot of people, a lot of things, nothing but arouse our desires, wants us to become their slaves.I am neither for you confused, why would you subject to slavery?Two free psychosomatic, that is chic, but also relief.    Bayan Gree, said: “When you come, Sudi Spring; travel, Red Beans.Joy, sorrow, written in one line, two lines of tears when reading.”Like this sentence, concise, while poetic taste.I like quite interesting poetic sentences, these ancient poetry ran out of words, with infinite life tension.As the land where the smoke shoots, spring water between the rocks, stuffed a thousand years of wine, smell, look, drunk.I love the beauty of the text, which is a habit, not the United States, do not bother to look to see.But the beauty too, will be close to a disease, such as the West Daiyu in general, writing a little soft, the lack of masculinity.But as long as the United States, which is no harm done?Not at their beauty abatement.The world matter to the United States, than Zhirou.The world of perfection, than to have a soft heart.    Exceptionally fresh morning air, exceptionally blue sky, white clouds exceptionally, stroll in the clean streets, pedestrians also exceptionally rare.After all, after the beginning of autumn, the heat gradually faded, a little cool.I love fall, only in the fall, I thought I was the most sober.Summer hot, too cold in winter, the spring germination of all things, the almost physical and mental unrest, only autumn is the most physical and mental clarity, when the air is crisp day, and I feel especially good.Feel the whole body and mind are out of the expansion, it seems that the wind clouds, is born from the heart out.    Let every day be contaminated with flowers, each time all jade stones.Crushing feet over the floor golden petals, feel the breeze shaking off a shower of petals.Heart, love, every minute, filled with Acacia, blurred indulge in dreams.Life is a dream, nice!There is joy, there is hope, there is worry, there are full of love, a message of love, even the air is the smell of happiness.Gently Looking back, it was clear day, sunny.    At the foot of the sun, soft.Shade in a single step, cool.You, in my heart, warm.As time slowly faded color, or darker hues that situation, still swaying in the mortal world, look back at each encounter intersection, stop and have a happy, warm accompanied.    City Intermediate People’s Court of the district where the trees, road transplanted many new tall ginkgo tree, camphor and sweet-scented osmanthus trees, such as green cover, it seems, make the city become a forest, really fast.A month or two on the line, really high efficiency of modern, like love, one to get an idea.In the early morning autumn stroll, listen to the birds, see the flowers and enjoy the clouds, like walking on ancient poems, poems I was a sentence, or a word, a punctuation, came to be the United States, go Over the past or the United States.This is the United States, with deep cultural heritage, regardless of which page is open, which read a chapter, there is a touch of scholarly.    [Two] a touch of sadness, a deep sense of Acacia.And mottled sunlight, cool wind, trees and flowers, spreading together, so that everything is covered with a layer fantastic colors.Bar on the street, you can get drunk.Quaint tea, you can also do a pure heart.Life, but in between drunk and waking.Too bad drunk, too sober is not a good thing.Half awake, half-true half magic, there is a saying that goes, just right.I like it, total cash Yihe affordable, everything is just right.    Daily walks, is my habit.Early in the morning, in the evening, I have to down the long street, all the way to the fields, a small river.Look fruits and vegetables, fish algae, look at rising and falling, changing clouds and rain.    A heart Hanada half an acre, eyebrow window has a breeze.Miss everywhere, every moment, every minute, from all of you love to clean.    Pure Lotus in front of you is a Buddha, the world then rhetoric, can not describe the beauty of your.Naive and innocent, bright eyes gaze, aloof from the world.Yan bone, charm, noble, elegant.Failing to fight, do not dye quiet, impoverished lotus seeds, lotus compassion.You are holy goddess, forest Goldsmith, who know your strength of character?    Perhaps you Jiangnan lopsided sound of water, I was Lingtou and the line and the line goes pity.Review by chance, put the cloud water for some love.Cloud water blend moment, drunk Wushan clouds and rain.    Like when the sun sets, watching the countryside Noe, get a boat, slow roll into the depths of the landscape.Quiet world, between cloud water, curling up a faint dream.Mountains with Dai, water tenderness, a quiet setting sun spread in the water, I froze for a long while without moving, just this side immersed in the garden and forget their existence.    Life, always insist that what.I insist, is that a quiet mind.Hold the pure land of mind, in order not to follow the crowd, loss of self.Too many temptations of the world, too much pollution, hold their own quiet heart, even if the body in the sludge, is generally free of dust and clean elegant lotus.    Life everything is uncertain, but unfortunately the edge revel long enough.Never lose to Forget.In fact, life has infinite poetic.Bloom is poetry, poetry is the flowers.Just know, as long as compassion, as long as the tolerance, the United States and the world nothing is.Beautiful story, the ups and downs of the plot does not have to.Good life, not necessarily vigorous.As long as there is a good heart, there is a beautiful feeling, even dull, but also memorable.    Mind, into the wind, floating into rain.Rain also come quietly, crystal rain, as if the truth of the human world, hit the pool in mind, always arouse a circle moving ripples.Heartstrings graceful, floating tender, cook words in mind, yes ah, as long as the hearts of the King, full of flowers everywhere diameter.    Misty rain, misty also love.Even across the long and arduous journey, but it can soulmate, you, as the party landscape, as if that past lives, destined to be a part of my soul.    who are you?Why do you leave me so close?    You’re my left lying in the spring of a seed, grow in a cinnabar heart, left on the chest of a red lips.You are my smoke condensate aces and tears wet rouge, sky and stars look after the ferry across the river sunset fireworks, smoke close Spring Hill.You are my retreat in the tear, the obsession, and that in any case can not erase the Red.    August, spent riding the line, but also marching thoughts of you, all the way into the fall.    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Another year peach blossom text / inaction on the hillside home after the house, there are three peach trees, in the spring, it will be the first open, precisely, “bloom”, not a leaf, only flowers, dense, distance to like pink hot air balloon, on a bleak hillside (other flowers and trees are still immersed in the winter, trees hay yellow), made it very vitality.Peach tell people spring, spring, farmers need sow, others also planning a career year.Peach blossoms seemed inspiring. I remember the most beautiful scenery in the home, perhaps that is the peach blossom.No matter where you go, whenever I think of home, peach on a hillside on the show in front of. Later, in Yangzhou, rental house next door ditch, there is a peach tree, only the arm so thick, one high, much smaller than peach mountain home.One morning, suddenly found the peach blossoms, pink is also dense flowers, not a leaf.This is the exciting thing, I was not happy.Recently it did not work, did not get married.Yangzhou to two years, have been doing quite well, the result was framed.Now almost penniless, since that pretty valuable thing only different: mobile phones and watches.How to get to the future, their own being worried.Peach blossom is precisely at this time, this is not for me stoked it? The next year, peach opened again, and my situation still. The third year, peach bloom again, I still still the same.Although the past two years also worked several jobs, but are not satisfied, do not a long time. Fortunately, before the third year of peach wither, I went to Shenzhen, a foreign company (previously a state-owned enterprise, the chairman said that I fit to foreign countries or foreign-funded enterprises), smooth.Soon bought a house, got married, can be said to love the cause of double harvest. I think this is the peach brings me good luck. I miss the peach home, Yangzhou will often think of peach. April 5, 2017, written in Yangzhou

Like in the days of clear sky against the window, indifferent period of time Moshou.But this winter to seem heavy, feeling very difficult.The snow will leave behind a staggered footprints, as if the world often times miss a turn.And so the Red synchronous but opposite mistake is like, but still heavy shirt through the cold.Fleeting thoughts, after a bustling, waved his hand, memory has gone and the loss of individual paths corner, I will be packaged into the past, the next stop luggage.  Time to put pen to paper, the past has become a trend, how long is a long time as far as there is always the unknown, flowers the other side, yo Allure, although heart faint sigh, but can not afford a trace of fluctuations in the pan.Plain fleeting, everyone has a temperature, each person’s temperature is determined by the heart, a dream for thousands of years, long years, pronto, now Dankan cold, cold and warm seasons, like the bonds of flash in the pan, such as leaf duckweed, a bottomless sink.Life water, tea previous life, with a life of water past life tea cup, transparent glass, the precipitated edge past life, the life of the filter case.  Living in a cloud of dust between the enchanting world, between sea smile Looking back already is two different worlds.Dream rhyme flow, the world several times?Red measure had ups and downs, when the sky Fallen flowers, who can understand that a resigned sigh?The intoxicated person, and it is not windy Red, but not lovers heart.Easy cold fireworks, personnel and easy points.Sun sets and the ruins of the ancient city walls, some of the things Taking the dust in the inner and outer walls secretly become nothingness.  I circle around the ring to wait for you I, the truth, but this story has come and gone you can not repeat my heartache.A world of flowers, a Bodhi deep, floating of an eye, the silent soul of a.Years of relentless, life has gradually gone.Through the ancient, suffered a lot.The years of dust brushed fairy tale, but it is leaving a relieved reality.A big crowd, rolling in the mundane world, I do not know who is in moon night?Who is right that silent Linden?Maybe leaving only once the legend.Nothing can take away that feeling of vast, change is not a reincarnation will choose the urge to share regrets?  Through this season elusive, through the glass Stone Road Moss, through quiet pine forests, through Xiayu Qiu Huang.Along the way, there is no longer around, accompanied by pain and lonely.Staring in the branches of years old, a man, in the wind, a faint smile.  Embark on a journey away, Dianqi a pen seasons, drink a cup of weak tea, product ray of clouds, not to follow rootless sway.I do not want to weigh the transformation of suffering.Such as a life of the feast, Chu Chen train in life at the moment, not forever look back on the end of a stop.Everything in the past like the wind, like rain, like fog, die a natural death, forget themselves indifferent.When a butterfly, on the palette mind the world to reconcile into a touch of ink, coated with thick sum of color on the Red ageless face.The sad soul left in the Red edge.Through the old days, fleeting, the chatter down a tree flower disability, quietly look back period of the dust of years, the dream glance, natural.Clouds over, the wind light, quiet sing a vast Red misty rain away.

The vast North China Plain, in my hometown area, where there is no dense forest, and even patches of woods are rare.If far to see a lush woods, then later approached, in all likelihood you’ll discover that ruined all jujube.Indeed, there can be grown on most barren wasteland, survive in the wild state approximation, but to bring people rich fruit, jujube only.It is this has tenacious vitality of the tree, so that small village in which we live, in that year, a team ushered guests from afar.    Time is about 1978, I was in elementary school.A summer morning, I’m playing the big side of the road west of the village, suddenly I saw a truck drove up far, this is the country rarely see stuff.Just thought of that car stopped not far from me, so I went to watch.I saw high in the rear compartment of the truck was loaded with cargo, and all covered with canvas, but I do not know why, but flying out with some bees.At this time, several people got out, while mobile scaffolding while viewing the surroundings.One Aishou white hair and a red-faced old man lanky middle-aged man crouched down in the street to hand unplug a wild alfalfa, pointing to the blue flowers that are open string children, saying something Jiliguala.I feel strange, because their words I do not understand.At this point, some of the people who surrounded the village nothing to watch, the lanky red-faced they came, we can barely understand, speaking in a tone of Kua, gestures and asked some things.Eventually, people understand that he is looking for village leaders.So, there are several children immediately volunteered to lead him to the.    These may be Jiliguala stranger also aroused the curiosity of party secretary, and soon, he followed the young man and the children of the village to personally look at the first line of these guests.By talking to the secretary, surrounded around people also come to know the whole story.It turned out that a team from Fujian to the beekeeper, beekeeping nectar perennial cruising out, because this time is the jujube tree flowering season, they came here to pick date honey, now looking for party secretary, want a place to stay.At this point of time to go to school, I had to leave.Walking and thought, I do not know that they can not be in here at.    At noon came home from school, I went into the yard a surprise.Yard, in that row of tall jujube my house, lined with many wooden (hives), but also take the tent.I’ve seen those beekeepers in the morning, when the box is between busy.Originally, the village party secretary considering that I live in the western end, and jujube forest outside the village just across the way, besides the family has collapsed walls for many years, father and sister were once many years away, so put beekeepers arranged here It can be considered companion to our housekeeping.Like the excitement of this is the child’s nature, I was excited to imagine the effort.Mother Nature also very pleased that so many people live in their own yard, can at least give us a head in the game in the bar at night!    This is rare in beekeeping we make a living there, not only children, even adults also feels fresh.So call it a day after day, visitors also will pour in, for a time, our yard became the most popular places in the village.    That time, in the countryside north of occlusion, these come from thousands of kilometers away, speaking in a southern accent, “Manzi” For the villagers, the “magic” degree is inferior to foreigners.About their every move, the village people with great interest, and even eat, there must also keep watch in the next several children.Although they did not understand the words, but to visit the children and even adults, are able to doctrine twelve KMT.Probably because, unlike learn, they often attracted beekeepers laugh, people unknown to the ground followed a burst of laughter.Of course, beekeepers observed every move, I’m the real proximity and easier, it makes little friends envy.    Beekeepers are very friendly, but for our questioning, most of the time just a nod or a smile, and then he bowed his head to continue busy.Like all day long, they always have endless work just finishing hive: the bees that densely covered with rectangular wooden lattice shuffling back and forth, not a bit afraid of being stung.    Through contact, we know that white-haired old man was their leader, and that is the steward of the lanky red-faced, probably due to the North words were good, things tend to “outside” is by him to contact.The remaining four, five are young, it seems there is a half-size Huoer, now the impression is not deep.    Most people feel novel, when the number of their habits.First, the beekeeper slept Zhuta.There is a heavy rain, under the mother’s urging, they only temporarily moved to an empty house, but still put bamboo couch to sleep on the kang, said to be in their home has never been kang.Second, they eat only rice for villagers kindly gave their corn cakes, corn bread like no interest, saying that could not eat.This, let me say, most incredible is that they used to cook rice in aluminum cone, even at the same time also be used as a wash feet every morning and evening!For us, this is simply a big joke.Although the time people are still poor, but to wash feet and cooking utensils or points very clear.As a result, it attracted more visitors.It was also directly ask, and the answer from the lanky middle-aged man there is: “is not the same as you?Your crops, “he pointed to the ground not far from the crops,” do not use manure as fertilizer is the kind of out of it?”Whenever anyone asks, the answer is always the same.Only to then simply smile, then bowed his head to work or take care of dinner.Probably because of the language barrier, they always seem to minimize talk with villagers.    In terms of curiosity, I naturally will not be worse than others, and the identity of the landlord, I closely observe freely, even to lie down for a while on their stiff Zhuta.Once, I raced to tell his mother, even in those beekeepers eat “Bee Son” (pupae)!I clearly see that those white fat “bugs” are served in a bowl, as if scalded with boiling water is off.And that white-haired old man while tasting, while also greeting, let me go to make a gesture, which surprised me be absolutely non-small!Now think about it, pupae should be regarded as high-protein nutritional food, but at the time, but I think eating pupae and eat maggots, are unthinkable.Of course, then I also will not know that there was in fact long been the maggot called “granulation” be eaten.    One day at noon, lanky come to our house, by hand wet hair pulled, said as he gestures.His mother eventually find out is to go to a village west ditch to take a bath, but I do not know why, hair marked with soap after all stick together.Mother smiled and told him that the ditch was stagnant water, salinity is too heavy, it may be because he used soap, the hair stuck.So bring a bag of laundry detergent, let him try to wash.Sure enough, soon, young people happily paid back to washing powder.    Every afternoon after school, my yard became a park.The children Chengqunjiehuo arrival, or step off the ground to see the beekeeper tends the bees, or play hopscotch on the ground in the yard, or simply chasing, which is of course due to the beekeeper attracted sake, people such for particularly concerned about my yard, but also it makes me very proud.    Once, a small partner to take a small library children break off the sand bottom of the spoon on his head, back of the hand like a break off a pigtail, has chosen not to play with me.The result was I seeking the full House run until the last spoon broke the sand, they therefore fight, beekeepers will laugh at us side edge Lycra.There is never a big play and our children, in that period of time often come.For several days, he took a flint old life people use, with a piece of black flint “Cha Cha” Mars children to play, to show off his “treasure” to the people, and of course to those beekeepers.Adults after dinner over there, courtyards chat, probably also want to satisfy my curiosity about the way.    In short, the degree of concern of the people, beekeepers enjoyed a “village-level treatment of foreign guests”.And their arrival, but also to our remote village brought a novelty, but also to our two homes bring joy, brought a great sense of security – our home is located in the edge of the village, is one of nearly a hundred years the old house, because there is no labor, has been the collapse of the walls has not been re-built.After the arrival of the beekeeper, the evenings we can do very safely slept with the window wide open, do not even have to close, this is indeed an unprecedented sense of security.    Memory, beekeepers like to stay in my home for a long time, because there are so many interesting things about them.For example, white-haired old man had once been stung by a bee eyes, one eye swollen into a bell, like; and if a small partner because of eating the sake of garlic, a few bees while being chased stings; and my fingers, a I woke up one morning and found a swelling of the circle, turned out to be I do not know when it was a bee sting.All these.At that than it is today, we can say there is no entertainment era, the calm water of a small village, beekeepers bring the novelty and joy, pride and satisfaction, impression on my young mind is so deep, in order to As for today, twenty years later, I can clearly remember those people, those things.However, according to his mother recalled their stay, in fact, only about half the time.I would like to say the mother was right, because jujube flowering but also that the length.    Beekeepers finally began to pack things.    A morning when I woke up and found quite a few people around the yard, I asked to know the original is being cut honey, their words called “shake honey”: the bee hive has been cleared away, was shelved in the big drum the stent, the beekeepers shake hands, the barrel of the hive will be rapid spin up, honey will be left in the barrel bi, then flows along the sides of casks bottom of the barrel, so time and time again shake.I was concentrating on the time, happens to have a bee not been cleared away, confused and disoriented in the bucket, they came out on my arm sting a bit, this should be a last souvenir of it!    Night, lanky beekeeper came to my house, and gave us a bottle of honey thanks.That honey color is dark brown black and slightly red, very thin, not as we usually buy at the store the honey brings out golden brown and viscous.I think that should be the purest honey bar.    The next morning, beekeepers began loading, wait until noon when I came back from school, the yard has been empty, my heart will empty the same, with a strange taste.    I’m bored wandering in the yard, suddenly found hundreds of bees, is about to go out early in the morning nectar, the bees did not keep away, now we had to gather in the branches of a small peach, YongCu ball.These stragglers from the loss of bees, despair, just as tightly surrounded together, never flew again.    A few days later, I found that they all gather round the where, already dead dry.