Social Test: your relationships and fail?Interpersonal relationships in society is very important, you want to know your relationships and do not pass it?Following small to tell you what your relationship and do not pass it。 Social Test: your relationships and do not pass as you move up a sleeping baby, he suddenly opened his eyes, then, you would think that this baby would react to it?A cry B grinning?To sleep test results: one you are not a very confident person, very afraid of dealing with people, afraid of their own leaked own shortcomings, and therefore reduction in their own little world move forward, if you are able to change, allow yourself to become self-confidence, and actively participate in some group activities, I believe you will make many friends oh。
Your relationships and B fail you are a person full of confidence, means of communication quite clever, extremely easy and people finished a ball, but note that no more than that of self-confidence, thus ignoring the thoughts and feelings of others。
?You are a very introverted person, relatively speaking, we might as well get along with others and himself a happy man comes, so you simply do not want to make friends and people that do not need to get involved in someone else's world, but you need to note that, in the work which is very team-oriented, so I suggest you change to change more than the shortcomings of it's own。