Fresh cucumber juice is beauty products saint, not only to pay off the wet, but also to detoxify。 Urticaria caused it is annoying, but they are to use drugs or hormones ointment every time you itching onset, then it will undoubtedly produce a drug resistance。 Moreover, the price is very expensive, by using more often, and for some patients, it really is a burden。 Why not try Chinese medicine recommended cucumber itching farnesyl?Let's listen to how the experts say。 First, the principle exploration cucumber, rich in trace elements beneficial to human body, early varieties of cucumbers are spring and autumn sowing, has now developed into greenhouses, all year round。
Even in this cold season, you can eat fresh cucumber。
Cucumber itching, due to the rich, you can moisturize the skin it contains can remove the fire cool, it can also chills Sandu。
So it can fundamentally help relieve itching。
Urticaria itching remedies fresh cucumber juice chills Sandu Second, although it is a good introduction to using cucumber fruits and vegetables, but if you use it to stop the itching, then it is best to use the juicer。
Whichever fresh cucumber juice, and transferred to the external application of cool detoxification itching lesions at the。 Several times a day, each about ten to fifteen minutes range, can have good results。 But before the topical note, please clean lesions at, in order to avoid infection。
Third, pay attention you need urticaria patients noted that, with fresh cucumber juice to relieve itching, but a means to an emergency, it can not completely solve the problem of itching urticaria patients。 To solve this problem, we need a fuss from the root cause hives itself, and said the introduction of this small recipe play only a supporting role。