With the growing demand for intelligent edge, chip manufacturers have begun to actively develop low-power, low-cost chip things, things to help companies achieve the best wireless connectivity solutions。
2018 microcontroller MCU market will have a new big picture, we may see a wide range of edge devices, including industrial gateways, routers and sensors have more intelligence and connectivity products, which for microcontroller it is to is undoubtedly a huge market opportunity。
  Low-power wireless processor is a huge opportunity。 Senior analyst at American Technology market research firm Linley Group MikeDemler said things device shipments edge of the Linley Group will surge over the next few years, from 2017 six million units to 10 million units in 2019, and it is expected to achieve 20 million units in 2021。
Currently the largest market in the industrial field, similar to the application in asset tracking。   Opportunities from the edge computing, according to industry experts predict that the next few years the cumulative number of things devices will reach tens of billions of units, while edge computing will account for a large part of the。
There are intelligent alien locks and appliances edge equipment, intelligent plant using edge calculations to monitor the machine and production, agricultural soil conditions are calculated using the edge of the track, growing crops or animals。
  If there are three billion cows on Earth, tracking the use of the Internet of Things will be a huge potential market, although not all of which need to be tracked。 But how each animal tracker installation just a few dollars, compared to thousands of dollars worth of this animal, then why not do?  This may also apply to pigs, sheep and chickens, the user can prove that your data is free-range poultry, healthier, rather than in a cage。
So this needs to track the number of absolutely stunning。
Things used to track cattle, sheep and chickens may sound funny, but he was able to create more value, allowing the consumer to eat their food, but also it will be a huge super market。
  In addition, there are thousands of factories, from here you can see the chip manufacturers are facing great opportunities。 Many manufacturers hope that through embedded processor, combine connections, low cost and ease of use features to meet the needs of developers。
For example, it offers Bluetooth wireless controller for musical instruments, specifically for automotive maintenance applications provide edge processor Things。
  Distributed crack the network congestion problem of edge computing industry interest is on the rise。
As more and more things nodes, data transfer to the cloud will have a huge network load。 Experts believe that, under circumstances like him to install inexpensive microcontroller via the sensor, local processing data in a more reasonable approach。
Completion of a data processing on the edge portion of the device, so that it will not clog the network。
  This strategy is also very suitable for video and audio streams, as well as various types of operation and analysis。 But this does not mean that cloud computing will be gone, the future is in the form of distributed development, data will be calculated at the edge of a number of different places such as cloud computing coordination process。
  To meet these requirements, semiconductor manufacturers will continue to introduce high-capacity, low-cost processor is connected, whether it is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee or other agreements, will get a built-in wireless chip, you can run the software, and power consumption is very less。