Sky wide sea, crowds crowd, and without my place, and I'm just a piece of duckweed, no one knows the ups and downs in the creek, not like others, only for their own grief。Mountain hazy, hazy water, prospects dim, I do not know where drifting shelter, where to stay, it is only in the flat light, no wave no Lan in the breakdown of stray prosthetic, falling like trance fleeting it from hair, from fingertips, gently through, do not take loud whisper。    How many nights in solitude, quiet reading read it slowly for months, yet elegant。A pot of tea, fine chemicals slow drink, one person, in January, a shadow, contrast to the dawn。May his right mind against air or filled with the transit of loneliness, yes ah, the more so the moonlight, it is more likely to hit me, so the vast sky, all the more I was small, so cold wind, more naked display with my helpless。    Lonely for a long time, get used to, I often console myself, often bloom again is nothing to say, why should I care about other people fly together, they would be flying alone, Xiaoxiao Sasa go a lifetime。However, sentiment is very strange things, so could not help but to lament, could not help but try to think about the fantasy kiss me, smell。Also in this period of time, that is my chance, but also the inevitable met you。    That day, the skies are usual under the Lili rain, the streets and not many people walking in the rain poetic。I was an accident, in this weather, I tend to come out ventilation from home, umbrella, walking walking in the rain, watching the distant mountains misty, like a fairyland, look at the lake outcrop of red carp fight to breathe, lake ripples circle, lakeside willow branches light dance dance。    My heart is very quiet rain, watching the rain scene, drunk deeply of this beauty is not in sleep。In thoughts every now and then, you gave the sad broke my thinking。When I was simply repeating what looked and saw very awkward for you, the original bad you naughty wind rain umbrella, now you do not fluttering long hair, twisted bar all together, who is also dry a wet piece。I smiled, walked beside you, sky obscured by your head, lift your head a vision, full of gentle enough。Silent, silent, you and I walk in the awkward half points, half a point romantic misty rain。    All things are a matter of course, with such a cordial encounter, we fell in love, friend, spend, are well underway in。Suddenly your life, like that rainbow that appeared after the rain, the beautiful, looking forward, with care, embracing the sweet, the honey inside our tireless, said a lot of some distant vows I'm just glad we did not this life I was not when born, I was born old regret, you do not forget the elaborate early heart, if as shown signs of better Xinyu。    Way ahead is very long, very rough, I know there will be all kinds of chaos, but holding your hand, Mo lost not forget, I then why the fuss, you do not have to like me like duckweed helpless, let me have this life who needs to meet you, want to stand with you good morning meow, meow night, meow in life, especially to go with the flow habits hurt you, love you and make you stupid , you crazy old into the blood boiling。