“The book is the ladder of human progress”. “Books are the world of nutrition.”. “Reading a good book is, and many noble people talk.”Reading the famous aphorism pieces too numerous to cite.By reading intelligence, it makes reading increased thickness and width, well known.I advocate reading, but not in favor of the death books, read books dead, into a nerd. I love reading, perhaps from childhood habit, perhaps because his father was a rural teacher, often heard head dyed.Elementary school, I began to prefer writing, remember people write, narrative narrative, I used to clip newspapers and magazines phrasebook, knowledge accumulated data.In high school, often peeking books of that era ban, writing can sometimes commenting in the class, the year when the college entrance examination Arts and placement, I once enrolled in liberal arts classes, due to my physical, academic performance is also good, he went back to science class. Reading makes me have a love of literature.After true love of literature, can be traced back to go to work.The 1980 and 1990s, but a fashionable literature, literary youth Internet users as it is now, like, play games, go online shopping, fresh and trendy.I am the tide in one, spare time, reading and writing, writing, reading, often late into the night pen, contributors across the country, but most of them came to nothing, then type in exchange for rejection, then later became editor guidance teacher personally reply, now I sometimes wonder if I was to insist on what, I could not hold now is a great writer.My biggest dream was young, they want to become your own text paper type, type becomes compiled into a book, book writer onto the screen.Of course, my diction hobby but also achievements in my job, to mention dry, party, sat offices, newspapers, magazines, radio stations Gordon me a lot of news, news releases and other communications, also made numerous travels, essays, digression, essays and other literary works. In ancient times, Zi in the “Encouraging Learning”, said: “I tasted all day and thinking men, as a moment of what they have learned too.”Han Yu” Spirit “also said:” No man is born with knowledge, practice makes no confusion?”The ancients had known reading and study skills and knowledge important.So you read the book in your possession in temperament, included in your connotation, kindness in your tolerance, generosity in.You did not go to college, does not mean you did not read; you do not read, does not mean you do not have knowledge; you can not read, does not mean you do not have the skills; you traveling thousands of miles, thousands of travel articles, astronomy, geography, customs, special atmosphere, Who can say that you have no culture?You are a master of skills, craftsmen, who can say you did not knowledge?Less reading, lack of knowledge, manifested in your daily Receiving at people, the daily performance of Wisdom and Faith, the performance in the rules of common sense and morality in society.Do not read, less knowledge, the children would get out of the mountains of occlusion, can not broaden their horizons, not through their own pursuit of high quality life.Do not read, little knowledge, then the beautiful appearance, can not improve their quality. Of course, a good read without understanding, scripted, but also harming themselves and others.Opera “three drops of blood” in the magistrate, only by the book is, wrong case blood to identify pro-off, “Take a seedling needle end to a basin of water,.”Stay the classic joke.And my high school math teacher verify “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line,” leaving the topic of gossip stories, a student asked: “how to prove that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line?”The teacher replied:” to throw a meat dog, puppy guarantee ran straight, never run curves and arcs, animals know, but the people we are senior animal.”Of course the teacher is active classroom atmosphere need not repeat them here.So leadership say: work and study but also “not only on, not only books, only solid.”It is quite reasonable. Now people read much more convenient, in addition to paper bookish, more than the online e-books, mobile phones, Internet, knowledge of all aspects of carrying rich, in fact, each of us will encounter problems search, in fact, the teacher on the side. After reading know, words, words alone are not good or bad, but even into sentences, composed of chapters, there is a point of view, with the tendency.Before I talk about literature as fuel vinegar tea, it seems, literature, like high-rise buildings of brick, steel, cement material.I did not cook, can not cook cooking delicious; the lack of engineering designers, artisans can not cover the building.Read more books, more articles appear teacher, especially the teacher’s knowledge of the online experience, experience, the more I feel that they did not know the drawing, but not the menu, diners can only be delicious; the conservation of plants to be a carer, fertilizing, watering, leisure casual flower grass tours, as exhilaration. Reading is learning, is learning to use, but more importantly, learning.