This pair of embroidered shoes in his hand is very small, green, and the thread on the white lotus petal has broken a lot, mother said. This can’t be taken, throw it away! However, I still hold tightly in my hand, hold tightly in my hand, and never give up, because this is the only gift you give me.     The memory of you almost stayed when I was eleven years old. You were very strong at that time, always wearing a blue cotton-padded jacket with broken flowers, a pair of grey breeches, a pair of black Beijing cloth shoes, and your white hair was behind you.. You still walk like a flying horse, but the once straight waist was already bent a lot at that time. It was the first time I saw you. I really have memories of you and know that you are my grandmother. Before that, my memories of you should be said to be blank.. Before your death, you loved to do needlework, and everyone in the village knew that you were good at workmanship and that embroidered shoes were also the most beautiful.     Now, you’ve been away for six or seven years, and I’ve grown up too. I didn’t personally take you on the final journey at the time of your final death, which can be said to be one of my regrets in this life.. Because I live in the same room with you, I can always see you doing sewing under the oil lamp. I remember when my father said your eyes were not good, so don’t do it.! But you just scolded 1 and then continued to do it. I looked at you from the side and took the flower mirror to do it seriously under the oil lamp. If you don’t watch the clock, you will still stick to those already withered hands..     I remember when you touched my head and shoved the shoes into my hand. I also shrugged off them and turned to my father. Now, I think again that it was really unreasonable at that time. I don’t know if you drove them out overnight.! It’s a long worry! Now Dad has also gone to heaven with you. Did you see him! If you see him, please bring me a greeting!     Time has gone so fast, and now I also know the bitterness of family separation. Looking at this pair of embroidered shoes, tears trickle down on the broken lotus, but the love never broke because of this line. I have never sent you a gift, so let this simple text bring my late love and this pair of embroidered shoes bring me deep concern. If you see the same shoes in heaven, please put the broken lotus on a new link.. Okay?

Can’t walk out of the missing perhaps only oneself can realize the missing that can’t walk out of the missing perhaps only the mind can sense the missing that can’t walk out of the missing perhaps only when seeing everything that you don’t want to see can be deeply struck out of the missing perhaps only in the dead of night can you completely collapse out of the missing perhaps only tap the keyboard can take away the missing that I can’t walk out of my loved ones  …..   I can’t express the missing in words. I can’t express the missing in words. I can’t find a substitute to express the missing, and only in busy times can I forget it.   The missing may be painful but meaningless. The missing may be irreparable but never remembered. The missing may be the site of life but the heartache of life. The missing may be a meteor in the night sky but it cannot be missed by the clock that awakens memory.  .   Can I go out?   I know I can!   I’m sure I can go out!   Just be awakened by some scenes.   Pray for my loved ones! ) )

Ai Tu Xu Xuemei was admitted to Nanjing University of Information Engineering, and in a few days he will come down from the high watershed, down the Yangtze River, to the old capital of the Six Dynasties in the Dragon Boat. Perhaps this will be an inflection point in her life. I and several disciples made a special trip to her home to congratulate her, this is the first time in my life that I have been to Fenshui..     Fenshui is a place that makes people feel more mysterious. It gives people rich coded information. The most famous is its oilpaper umbrella, which has long been famous around the world.. Hours later, the adults told me that the watershed was over there, and from the children’s point of view, it should be a cloud, because the mountains jostling on the other side were cut by the knife of the Yangtze River, and clearly there was a blue sky behind them, with long strands of white silk thread and a few cotton flowers just rolled up from the field.. I feel that water diversion is mysterious and I have always been curious about it.     From the determination of the watershed position, I think of the territory of China that divides our residence into steps, each step is a world, the lowest is Turpan Basin in Xinjiang, the highest should be Tibet Plateau, and people are tenaciously living on each step. Apart from a small number of ancestral craftsmen carving oil and paper umbrellas closer to cultural relics, most people still rely on traditional farming to recuperate and reproduce there.. Xu Xuemei’s forefathers and fathers harvested poverty and backwardness in the terraces linking the blue sky and dyed up the weather and frost of the years, so they placed strong hopes on their offspring to change the status quo.. Seen an oil painting’ Father’, a typical Sichuan farmer has a black face under a white turban carved with furrow – like wrinkles and a pair of hands full of coarse calluses carrying a large bowl. The most interesting thing is that the bowl is facing the sky.. This painting has a striking artistic appeal. Isn’t Xu Xuemei’s father the archetype of this character?     Xu Xuemei’s family did not know when it was repaired. The layer of lime slurry painted on the thick mud wall had already peeled off and the bare mud was full of potholes.. The spacious kitchen was full of old-style cookstoves, and her mother was busy inside, with smoke drifting into the air from the chimneys in circles.. On the other side of the mountain, a small two-story building was built, with dark yellow exterior wall tiles highlighted in the July sun, showing a certain air in the hinterland, but it was so inharmonious with the surrounding environment that it had a feeling of standing out from the crowd.. Xu Fu told me that it was a veterinary residence. He was the highest-educated man here. People from more than a dozen miles around wanted him, so he was very popular..     The Hsu family is one of the farmers in Qian Qian who cling to their land, and their life has finally seen a little dawn over the years.. The agricultural tax that lasted for more than 2000 years was not paid, sows in the circle gave birth to a bunch of pups, and their daughter went to a key university and was about to go to the metropolis to gain more insight.. What makes them most comfortable and confident is that they have contracted the management of a reservoir in the village, raising fish below the water surface and placing ducks on the water surface. A strong hemp rope is tied to the trunk of the big locust tree near the reservoir, while the other end is tied with a small fishing boat docked at the reservoir.. A large group of quacking ducks paddled the green water joyfully, and we also saw a white crane swooping down from the sky suddenly with wings, catching a fish and flying off the water and into the high air. The poor fish struggled in its beak, swinging its head and tail hard..     Everyone was huddled together, and the small hall was filled with all kinds of congratulatory language.. The lunch table was full of unpolluted dishes. My favorite dish was the transparent bacon and the delicious chicken soup brought by the authentic native chicken.. I think of two poems written by Fang Weng: Don’t laugh at the rustic wine of the farm, and stay with the chicken and dolphin in the prime of life..     The veterinarian also came. He said he would face it and said I had a long life in my brow. I smiled with a snort and almost sprayed rice.. I said, OK, I wish Xu Xuemei success in his studies and prosperity of Xu’s five domestic animals by your good words, so there was a burst of laughter at the banquet..     I hope she will not forget her promise to let her parents leave the land when they are old, walk around the lake with their parents or shake the gourd in person to let them enjoy the scenery brought by modern civilization.. At that time, the land on which you lived could not say for certain that agriculture had become intensive or was swallowed up by the tide of urbanization, and the water – dividing oilpaper umbrella would sing a plaintive song and find its new home in the museum..

Xiaoke, how are you these days.   You left in a hurry and didn’t have time to talk to you. This year you entered the Chinese Department of Undergraduate University to congratulate you. For you, losing your father as a teenager depends on your mother to work, have no housing and enjoy subsistence allowances. You can keep going through high school without dropping out of school. After three years of unremitting efforts, the exam results are still good. This is no longer easy. It shows that you are still a child with perseverance and obedient child. I believe you will become a promising person in the future..   As an elder, when you enter the university gate, I still want to charge you a few words.   After entering the university, we still have to hurry up to study in the university, which is not as tight as the high school study. There are many classes and activities in the university, and teachers are not as strict as the high school and depend on the students’ own management.. This requires that you have more perseverance, consciously take the time to study, study book knowledge, study social knowledge, and extensively read ancient and modern Chinese and foreign classics, especially if you are learning Chinese, and more often than not, which famous writer has hundreds of good articles in his mind. Otherwise, how can you open your mouth and write like a god?? Without extensive coverage of wenhai, which can be thought like a spring of spring? Take a closer look at the profound meaning of the idioms’ concentration, forgetting to eat and sleep, hunger and thirst, and hanging beam and awl to stab stocks’.   As the saying goes, a good memory is not as good as a bad pen, and one cannot leave a pen and paper nearby. Write down good words that one can hear in time, and often look at them. Good words are like gold mining in sand. They all happen by chance.. We must keep a diary every day and write down what we see and hear every day, how we feel and understand psychologically, and how much we accumulate over time. This is the process of accumulating building materials. When building materials are ready, builders will appear.. If one thousand diaries can be written in four years, there will be a leap forward.   Actively participating in school activities, school activities and some social activities are good opportunities to exercise themselves. Such as literary and artistic activities, sports activities, speeches, volunteers and fund – raising, should take an active part in improving themselves, showing themselves, sublimating their thoughts and improving their abilities.. Strengthen the collective sense of honor and increase the feelings among students, teachers and students.   Life is simple and personality is shaped. Over the years, poor family conditions have given you the habit of hard work and plain living. When you get to college, you will continue to do so without comparison or inferiority. Poverty is the best teacher. It allows you to study hard and use your knowledge and ability to change your future destiny.. Don’t play games, don’t be too early with friends, it’s not that you don’t have this right, but that life doesn’t allow you to waste precious time and youth. Four years have passed quickly, and you have to spend more than 90 percent of your energy studying, improving yourself and shaping a person that society needs.. Actively and actively take part in some work, cleaning the class and dormitory voluntarily. Work is a person’s virtue. Work makes people smart and exercise their bodies.. Honor does not stretch out his hand, good things are given to others, and he does not take advantage of others. Schools and society take an active part in public welfare undertakings and be a kind – hearted, loving and honest person.   Respecting teachers and getting along well with classmates should learn to respect others. Teachers are the people who lead us in education. They should respect their work and understand their hard work.. The students have been together for several years, but also have to deal with the relationship well. Others have difficulties, take the initiative to help, learn to be magnanimous, not haggle over every ounce, and be kind to others.. Make friends widely, learn from others’ strengths and make positive progress.   After you go to school, your mother and your basking relatives will always miss you, so you should have time to call them and tell them about your studies and your various aspects, so as to avoid them from thinking and show your understanding and filial piety..   Forgive me for nagging, even if there are a few words that can play a starting role in your growth, it is also my relief..   Goodbye.   My uncle and grandfather in 2012. 08. 16

The simplest emotion in mother’s philosophy is the greatest emotion.     The author writes that her mother is a honest plowman. She, like all ordinary people, has no grandiloquence, no great creation to make the earth quake and cry for ghosts and gods.. She just did her duty as a mother, having children and toiling on the yellow land. Although she has reached the age, she still can’t leave the farm work. Several of our younger siblings advised her, ” Don’t do it again if your body is so damaged.”. But she just refused and said, ” What do I eat when I leave the ground?”? The plowman depends on the ground. Mother still didn’t listen to us. In spring, my mother was busy drying seeds, turning dung and picking up stones in the fields, and just planted the four fields again. Every time I see her exhausted and powerless appearance, I feel a pain in my heart. I’m asking myself: can’t I really let my mother rest? But my persuasion made soup with my mother again.     Mother has deep feelings for the land, and that kind of devotion to the land is enough for us to experience it with all our life’s feelings.. If you don’t say far away, the four acres and six parts of my family have always been accompanied by my mother’s shadow since the fixing of production quotas, and they can’t be torn apart.. Each season has its own life. Light work is attached to heavy work, while dirty work is attached to hard work, which can’t be finished all year round.. I rarely see that day as a day of rest for my mother. Cadres have plenty of weekends, but her weekends are printed on the calendar on that page? I still can’t find it. When she was busy, she got up and went to bed in the middle of the night, but she just didn’t say a word of rejection.. In the world, there is a kind of person who is willing to take his career as his life’s goal to operate faithfully, but in his mother, I have seen such a deep-rooted tenacious will to bear the weight of life.. If you don’t fall down one day, you will send the sun home comfortably and let the joy of the children on the kang send her sorrow away. Another bright day, her silhouette was painted into a beautiful picture in the field.     The concept of philosophy in a bowl of water palm is obvious. My mother has a very good reputation in the village, and she is also very measured in handling the relationship between neighbors. In her words,’ a bowl of water is smooth’. I don’t know whether this is called philosophy or not, but this subtle emotional change in life is not compatible with philosophy, but I think it is extremely human and even equal to philosophy.. Any preaching is futile and will not be known without experience. There is a woman in the neighbor’s house who is very fierce. To tell the truth, I don’t like her very much.. But on the day of the mill, my mother asked me to help. I still murmured in my mouth that I would not leave, and my mother was in a hurry: ” Go, everyone has a busy schedule.”. My mother seemed to see what was on my mind. She said, ” Even if she is not good, I’ll take our road.”. I have nothing to say, so I have to be poor. This is actually a kind of mind. She can tolerate other people’s shortcomings and mistakes, put her conscience on both ends of the scale, and let others say on the merits that she will not do that kind of wicked thing.. Once I went to the field to drain the water, but when there was water left, it did not flow. It turned out that someone else had taken it away.. The water was put in order. It’s someone else’s turn to miss the date.. I was very angry and ready to ” repair” this rogue bastard, but my mother stopped me: ” Forget it, what are you doing?”! You can’t put it in the daytime or in the evening. Don’t you just sleep a little less? ‘ in this way, a fierce fight in her tolerance and understand. No matter how big a thing is, it will become smaller and smaller as soon as she says it will become smaller and smaller.. I remember the years when life was tense. In spite of the difficulties in life, my mother was willing to do a good job of entertaining people.. The meal for the cadres in the team was made separately by their mother, without our share. If there is a share left for the cadres, the mother will give several to our younger siblings, tasting the offerings in general and drooling over the food, and there is no spare share.. White flour was very rare and luxurious food at that time and was usually used to entertain people.. Our main grain is corn flour and highland barley flour. The scene changed only after the land was contracted. Once I went home to visit relatives and bought some rare fruits in the countryside, such as oranges, bananas and watermelons, my mother went to give them to the neighbors to taste. I said, ” Forget it, it’s not much at all. Keep it for yourself.”. Mother lightly chastised: ” Less food, less melon seeds do not satisfy people’s hearts.”. ‘ three times five divided by two, I came to filial piety as my mother’s food was shared by her to the neighbors.I think, yes, we are often not around. We have a headache and a hot brain, which can not be hydrolyzed from near thirst.. As the saying goes, 300 taels of silver will buy the neighbors and 200 taels of silver will buy the village. Sitting on the kang with a shout, there will be an echo. Mother always takes care to take care of everything, and takes others to heart first, preferring to suffer herself rather than let others suffer.. When she really saw something unusual, she simply said, ” Old days have eyes.”.     I rarely see my mother when she is angry without angry words. I think she is indeed a traditional Chinese woman with a good wife and a good mother.. Don’t feel inferior because of your humble origins, or get carried away because of your temporary determination.. She has always been a workhorse plowing diligently and steadily.. Don’t envy luxury, also don’t disdain clean. If you are sleepy, lie down for a while and do it again. There’s no big deal in this world. People say I’m bad. You just say it, and it doesn’t affect my three meals a day.. When something went wrong, she still showed such a peaceful tone and put her anger into her stomach. She doesn’t feel sad at all. She often stands in the position of a third party and looks at problems. In the present words, it is called’ empathy’. Whenever there is any contradiction in the neighborhood, as long as she comes forward, it will always be dirty in clearing up the flow and turning the fighting into a peace.. I often see a lot of people the size of her telling her their grievances. When I came, I had a sad face, and when I went, I strolled around.. Some of the younger siblings were not strict in discipline and showed no weakness in quarreling with others, so they could not refrain from swearing, and their mother said with a straight face: ” I told you not to say that kind of angry words.”. Said what’s the use, will only hurt people. The bee didn’t have a mouth and hurt people with its buttocks.. I don’t quite understand this kind of angry words. I guess my mother’s main idea is’ too much’,’ too much’ and’ too much’ and’ people won’t be spared.. For example, the harsh language with sarcasm and obscenity used in swearing: ” I X Your Ancestor””’ Broken Root’ and so on. Mother is the most taboo to say such a thing. Although she didn’t fully understand the word ” civilization”, she thought it was impossible to scold, and people were afraid of hurting trees and skin.. This kind of angry words, perhaps is angry head of a person’s privacy into the depths of the Juebi. From my mother’s point of view, it is not only impossible to say, but also damaging others and myself.. The one who lost his life is too unique. This gives us a kind of ” Q – style” spiritual law. When our dignity is humiliated by others, we are far from being able to treat others in their own way.. As soon as other people’s rude words and dirty words are exported, we are like a dumb gun, swallowing their anger and letting go of the’ son scolding Lao Tzu’. In fact, this way of treating people is a pure farming civilization. The countryside is a little vulgar, but the elegant thing still reflects its light. Who would have thought that this kind of atmosphere and tolerance came entirely from the inheritance of my kind-hearted mother. If you want to build a monument, this glory should be worthy of her. We should also be grateful to the land that Huang Tian did not live up to.     When I was a child, I didn’t know much about the word ” duty”. This is also a word my mother often said in her mouth.. I often hear her say: People should do things according to their duty. The general understanding is not to cause trouble or make trouble at home. As a matter of fact, this duty is a rule of life. In my mother’s place, the meaning of this duty is wide and wonderful.. For example: Eat’ Big Pot Meal’ At that time, the life of hundreds of people was very tense, and it was often heard that food was stolen from the yard of the production team.. My mother has repeatedly urged us to ” do our duty” and not even let us pick up the beans that fell off the edge of the field. When our family’s things were stolen, my mother explained it differently.. My family has a yard of apricots, which can stand alone after years of success. After all, there are still some pocket money.. At the time of wheat and yellow June, apricot seeds were ripe, and Chengcheng Huang’s branches were full of trees. At first glance, people could not stop drooling.. Because the courtyard walls are low, greedy’ lazy cats’ will take advantage of it. Although we were also relatively tight – guarded, some people climbed up the tree and even walked around after eating.. When we see it, we scold it. Mother will stop us: ” Let them eat a few. Who doesn’t like it?”? ‘ When the apricot thief heard my mother’s words, he obediently went down the tree, bowing and apologizing to my mother: ” Who let your apricot be so yellow, three old ladies?”! My mother has a large number of generations in the village, and the disciples and grandchildren of the younger generation often look at each other with ease and eat whenever they want, and my mother doesn’t really take them to task.. Another meaning of duty is not to lie. Once I borrowed money from the school exam to collect the examination paper fee, which was obviously only 50 cents, but I made a false statement of two dollars..This matter was later known by my mother, calling me irresponsible, lying at an early age and doing serious things when I grow up. I regretted for a while that my mother was my mother. What she taught us from an early age was what we didn’t learn in textbooks.. However, it is so simple and simple a few words, even oneself all think those words are not important, say it, listen to is your business, don’t listen to is my business. The subtle spirit of seeing is precisely those simple and simple words that are deeply imprinted in my heart, showing a greatness in the ordinary and showing a kind of fraternity in the care, which has affected my life..     Zip code: 730500 Tel: 15025837280 Address: 16 # 251 Zizhuyuan, Lintao County, Gansu Province

Help! Help!! ‘ A woman’s cry for help pierced the evening sky, looking so piercing. When people gathered round one after another, only the woman who fell in the pool of blood was dying, and the assailant had already fled. Who is so vicious that she wants to kill a woman? The woman was quickly sent to the hospital for rescue, and the police began intensive investigation..     After the doctor tried his best to rescue the woman, she was finally out of danger, but there were many wounds on her body. Looking at the wounds on her body, she only felt that the assailant was so cruel. But she asked what kind of person the woman had assassinated her and what kind of rancor she had with that person. The woman only shook her head desperately but refused to reveal any information with her mouth closed.. Who on earth is so vicious?     After careful investigation, the police finally caught the murderer. It turned out that the murderer was none other than a woman’s ex – husband. As the saying goes, ” One day, one hundred days of husband and wife is good”. Besides, they are more than just one day of husband and wife? There is also a lovely son! Even if you don’t think about your old love, you should also take into account that she is the mother of your son. This identity is not so cruel! What is the reason for the former husband to hate his wife so much and kill her??     It’s a long story. Things have to start N years ago. Zhang Fan, a handsome man, was introduced to a girl named Cai Yan at the age of marriage, that is, the woman who fell in a pool of blood as mentioned earlier.. The girl looks small and exquisite, making the man feel love at first sight. In order to catch up with the girl he loves, the man tries his best to show his good side and won the girl’s heart soon.. The day of love is sweet. After a period of contact, the relationship between the two people is getting warmer and warmer, and they are really inseparable like peas and carrots.. Their marriage was on the agenda, and with the blessing of relatives and friends, they stepped onto the red carpet and entered the door of marriage.. When they really entered the marriage, the life of daily necessities diluted the veil of mystery and passion in the past, making the two men jostling and bickering incessantly.. Sometimes when a man’s sails are not working well, he will also add his fist to a woman’s Cai Yan. It is said that marriage is the tomb of love, but this tomb has also come a little too soon, and women feel unwilling to marry such a man because they have lost their eyes.. However, the day still needs to pass, and the arrival of my son in the collision will inject fresh vitality into this small family. With children, there will be more laughter and laughter. Children are the treasure of parents’ hands and hearts. Men like Zhang Fan love their children more than anyone else..     If you have more children, you will spend more money. If you open your eyes every day, you will need money. Life will be tight.. In the face of the reality of embarrassment, can feelings be used as food? The quality of marriage also requires certain financial support. Looking at the increasingly tight funds at hand, women also become nagging, and men who have always been extravagant feel that it is boring to earn so little money by going to work and never have a day of success, always fantasizing about falling pie in the sky.. After careful observation, Zhang Fan, a man, crouched at the door of the bank on this day, saw a woman dressed in fashionable looks and carrying a fashion bag leave the ATM and rushed forward to quickly take away the woman’s bag. The rich woman was stunned by the present scene, shaking her body like wrecks. This is the hard-earned money of the factory workers, waiting for her to react and desperately call” Robbed, Catch Thieves!! With the concerted efforts of all, the case soon broke down. This also gave Zhang Fan a ten-year prison sentence. A long decade! For that little money, put your youth and family in, is it worth it? What an asshole!     Within the high wall, Zhang Fan’s biggest concern was his infant son, who felt sorry for his son and hoped his wife would raise him well until he was released from prison.. People have feelings. I will treat you well even better than you treat me well.. However, Zhang Fan did not cherish his wife before and even took her as his punching bag, so that when he went to prison, his wife filed for divorce and left her son to her in-laws to find her happiness again.. The woman Cai Yan was angry in her heart and didn’t treat herself well. Although the child was innocent, she saw that the man was in prison at this time and she seemed to be liberated and didn’t want the child to drag herself down any more.. The pain in Zhang Fan’s heart inside the high wall, hate oneself unwillingly and hate his wife for abandoning her family, secretly planted the seeds of hatred in her heart and vowed to revenge her after she was released from prison..     The ten-year sentence is long and short, but the ten-year prison term did not make Zhang Fan repent, and he always felt that he hated his ex-wife and that he did not want to leave his family and son.. He swore in his heart that the first thing to get out of prison was to find his ex – wife. He wanted to settle accounts with her and revenge her. The seeds of hatred gradually took root in his heart.. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhang Fan was released from prison this day, and he did not forget his oath.     After ten years of separation, he came out of prison and found that everything was different and his ex-wife did not know where he was.. People who would have repented will walk their bright life rationally and surely after the previous lesson. But Zhang Fan is different. He hates, hates his ex-wife and hates the world. He wants revenge. His hatred has taken root in his heart.. A person who wants to do one thing will always find a solution to the problem. After several days of detailed investigation, he found out his ex-wife’s work unit. On her way home from work, we saw the first scene.     If good returns good and evil returns evil, hatred will germinate in the heart. Hate mentality will not solve the problem, and it will ultimately hurt you.. Waiting for Zhang Fan will be deliberately killing people and accepting legal sanctions. As for Cai Yan, he shirked the responsibility of being a mother and got retribution. His physical injury can be healed slowly, but he ate the pain, but the trauma of his heart is the pain that will never fade away..

A good friend was found ill by physical examination a few days ago. He lost a lot of weight these days and also became ill: melancholy, night sweat and hypomnesis.! He also complained that his big house had not seen the sun shining several times, had not eaten well, dressed well and worked hard all the year round, and was worried that his husband would find his wife after his death.! I haven’t enjoyed it in my life!     Listening to her remarks, I tried my best to comfort her and let her relax her heart treatment, not to entertain foolish ideas when she is ill..     In fact, it is normal for people to get sick by eating grains and absorbing the breath of heaven and earth. Life and death are life’s major events, but since life is a common thing, death is also a common thing. It is not enough to be happy or sad, just as it is going to rain and Niang wants to get married, let him go.!     Thousands of scenery, 3,000 weak waters, we just pass by, nothing can belong to us and nothing can be taken away. If we have it, we can only say that we have experienced some past as clouds and smoke, some as dust, flying perhaps just our thoughts, life is like a dream, and dreams reflect life, and all the pieces are looking back at the shadow, as long as we cherish it and take it seriously, it is the most beautiful life..     In fact, the brightest stars in the world of mortals do not necessarily have the highest energy, but only burn themselves to the best of their ability. So does one. As long as one does his best in this life, it is the best ending. Why do not he sigh endlessly??     We just passed by this life and met some relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, comrades – in – arms, workmates, enemies and passers – by. Why not relax and laugh at the thousands of worries when we are ill?!     This life, don’t think too much, we just pass by!

Every day, there are flowers blooming and falling at the right time. I prefer the place where the fallen leaves bring peace and thinking to stay, to the sad mood caused by fallen flowers. There is an atmosphere of free from worry in the process of intuitive falling leaves, waiting for the time sequence and waiting for the visitor to enter..     It seems that when flowers bloom like a person’s life process, everything in the sense of cause and effect, including us, is better than nothing. The words’ sad and happy’ in the process description are used in sequence, and subdivisions are also used to summarize a certain situation or event. And does joy and sadness really explain the coming and going of a life? It seems that all scenes are so real and moving that we are often moved, for others and for ourselves.. In a scene, you are changing roles, and you have deeper content than the scene, which makes me always confused but involuntarily attracted.. Your presence is like a metaphor that lures me to face myself in this world, even though I once forgot myself and stretched my desire to the outside until the sad snow brushed my white head..     It seems that I should follow common sense to release the things hidden in my life and live in the details of my life, which are like flowers, trees, insects and birds in the garden. In a whole impression, they make up the ordinary life environment. At this moment, I live with them.. In this, I can’t say ” alive”, once said, I will be trapped in a specific detail, no matter in what name, even in the name of life.. I understand that the details of life are not life itself, although life itself is also made up of many details.     Focusing on the details of life, or thus ignoring the breadth and depth of things, prevents us from reaching the bottom of life through this partial exposure. Those explanations for ordinary life are more like burying the meaning of life alive. How can they be obtained from the explanation, and the power to expand the explanation is virtually limited because the meaning of life is not an explanation?. This is the misinterpretation of’ normal’ and its negative effect, vulgarizing it in a formal coat, so how can it arrive?? It’s not that season turns and flowers tend to fall, but we know in our hearts that when summer comes, green and fruit will continue to interpret the power of life, and at the same time deliver more splendor within life.. A complete process of opening and closing has the bearing of the bottom of existence, which is the bright and bright result of cause and effect.     On earth, our search for details of life is like dismantling, breaking up, deconstructing and explaining a complete sentence, and then the jigsaw puzzle is generally made into a complete form under the name of ” ordinary”, which seems to explain life with real joy and sadness.. Moreover, we are getting thinner and thinner, giving the illusion that there is the truth of life and even the essence of the meaning of life in this subtle place.. However, this integrity still cannot cover the dream mark of dismantling – separation of things, a dream with cracks, and the word ” we” shows the helplessness of life.     For example, using the example of ” you are in the crowd” sometimes clearly knows that you are in the crowd, in this world, and even in the extremely delicate feeling that gives people.. But, often around, without a trace. Why?? Every time I ask this question, I immediately notice that the originally spacious feeling you gave me becomes cramped..     In life, there is always the depth of the causal decision, always leading the lost person forward, not all trivial details can be covered up. Where is the dust? nowhere. The place where the dust rises is a person’s thoughts swirling around.     Note: 2017. 3. 27

The autumn afternoon sun is quiet and serene, falling on the desk through the windowsill. The display on the desk is still the same as before, but the books that have not been touched for a long time are already covered with thick dust, waiting for their master to unseal them.. The wall on which the desk rests is a picture of a large school year, Zhoukou Garden, with grass sizzling and plain flowers, which sets off a smile of youth, but unfortunately splashes with stains that cannot be washed out.. Downstairs traffic was incessant and there were hurried steps everywhere, but I finally escaped the curse of my heart and no longer travelled wearily, quietly sitting here enjoying this warm and golden afternoon..   My thoughts are full of butterfly feathers, wandering freely in the time of coloured glaze, like petals flying and dancing, scattered all over the floor. Each petal is fragrant, fragrant and meaningful. Thoughts wisps of fine fibers are unfolded, rolled into a ball, pulled out one thread and pulled out the other, and finally blocked into a knot in the heart..   Sorrow and happiness are the best friends in pairs, always inseparable, like smoke and tea. When you like to drink a cup of green tea, you will slowly sip it and feel it carefully, so as not to get carried away with it.. Worrying about a cigarette will lighten the trivial matter, then lighten it, the cigarette will disperse, the eyebrow will pucker, the anxious and frivolous tobacco will burn out, and a heart lamp will light up..   Light and shadow crisscross each other and change infinitely. Just as life has never been defined or defined. There can be ten million kinds of life and ten million kinds of work, but they are all for the pursuit of happiness. There are ten million kinds of feelings of happiness and ten million kinds of reasons, but there is only one expression of happiness. This kind of expression is a natural attribute of human beings. No matter rich or poor, no matter healthy or ill, it cannot be deprived or interfered with.. In front of it, just like animals.   Life is good or bad, but there is no right or wrong. The things that can’t be looked back are all history. History can’t be changed, but gain and loss can be known and future can be learned..     The world is not materialistic, but idealistic. I think, therefore I am.   Just like happiness, not materialism, but idealism.   Just like this afternoon’s sunshine, although it exists, I don’t admit it and don’t feel it. What’s the meaning of its existence to me?

Money and wealth are also opportunities and important forces in society. As long as people live and live, they can still think normally and want to live a better and richer life. They also want to change the situation where reality is not as good as people want. Money and wealth are the goals people pursue.. Rejecting poverty and saying goodbye to hardship, people all expect a good and happy life to achieve a higher level of prosperity, dignity and freedom from worries. This is instinctive and is a yearning for a good life.. Wealth is the opportunity and goal that people pursue, because wealth has realistic utility and almost universal social power, so-called money can make the ghost go away. Therefore, since the appearance of wealth and money, as long as it is people, as long as there are places where people live and live, and as long as there are family members, cares, initiative and shame, people will chase money, even small and meager money and wealth.. Unless numbness, unless despair, unless death and destruction, because this is the need for survival, is the need and foundation of a good life. Money can bring money, even power, of course, opportunities. The so-called wealth has distant relatives in the mountains. This is the power of money.. Therefore, in real society, people are willing to drill for corruption, increase their efforts, run amok, and even seize, kill and set fire to money in pursuit of wealth. This is a real existence..     People, contacts, are carriers, producers and implementers of opportunities. Networking is the context and network of social relations between people. People are human opportunities, not human demons, and only human beings can give people opportunities. People are the foundation of all existence, and opportunities are no exception. Good interpersonal relations, unity with comrades, and unwillingness to offend people are not amiable or unprincipled. This is due to human nature and the needs of objective reality.. If a person has nothing to do, he or she conflicts with other people’s words, limbs and even fights. This person has either a personality problem or a mental problem.. Such people are rare in society, either because of mental deficiency or because they have a negative personality. The existence of contacts is partly innate and partly built the day after tomorrow.. The natural contacts are the upper generation and relatives, which are composed of them and their contacts. The day after tomorrow’s contacts, is their own establishment and construction, is their own self – conscious. Desire is a wish, the result is a result. It is not achieved overnight, not taken for granted, to establish one’s own contacts and better social relations.. Some traits are innate and determined by personality, which is affinity. Affinity is the talent and foundation for good interpersonal relations, and of course, knowledge and personal qualities.. However, if you look at the crowd around you, people’s style and manner of doing things are quite different. They do bad things with good intentions and gain good experience of sinners, which is contrary to their wishes and results.. Why, because of character, way of doing things. People are opportunities for people. Of course, people may also be traps for people and hell for people. This is an individual exception, but this is the existence of reality and is a person’s character, weakness, sinister performance and performance.. No one likes traps, even ugly and insidious people, even so-called little people, like people and opportunities, because they are also people of society, because they also yearn for a better life.. Opportunities are created and given by people. People can only look for opportunities in society and in people’s opportunities..     The weakness of human nature, fundamentally speaking, is the expression and reflection of human’s animal nature and also the limitation and portrayal of personal real life, which is difficult to change. On the one hand, people may be moral, kind – hearted, upright and firm, on the other hand, they may be humble, cheap, weak and self – excessive.. People have two sides, just because of education and cultivation, and circumstances, how many. Because we human beings, not our omnipresent God, are perfect and out of touch with the world.. People live in real society, because of personal reasons, because of the limitations of life, work, character and quality, their psychology changes and distorts in the face of power and money.. Because there is a demand for people, because of the deference to rights and money, they are cautious, sincere and even begging for mercy.. We all know that power, power and the power of money and wealth can bring opportunities, power, status, money and benefits, so we will willingly bow before them.. For the opportunity, for the benefit, for the promotion, for the wealth, for everything possible, prostrate in front of power and expensive. In fact, there seems to be nothing wrong with such people. For the sake of life and a better life, the animal nature of human beings and the nature of animals are just more, more fully, more practical and more incisively and vividly embodied in these people..     Through the worship, enthusiasm and ingratiation of people, power and money, it should be understandable, even reasonable, to be given, given and given opportunities, because this is the reality of society and everywhere.. There is nothing wrong with people’s expectation of comfortable and beautiful houses, beautiful and high-end cars, beautiful and delicious food, great prospects and all good things.. All beneficial and favorable possibilities are available, as long as you are willing, as long as you are psychologically safe, as long as you can be mentally safe, and as long as you are not afraid of being despised by others.. Moreover, such people, such behaviors, are often shortcuts to opportunities and success. It is a weakness of human nature, the lowest, weakest and most sensitive part of human emotion, not even morality. If there is no character, if there is no definite view, if there is no ability, if there is no dignity, if there is no self, why can’t this be done. Because society is complex, human nature is diverse, society has hidden rules and people’s personalities are different, and this is also a skill and a superb survival skill.. Although, most people scoff at this.     The opposite of opportunity is bad luck, disaster, loss of money and so-called bad luck.. In fact, this is also an opportunity, a bad opportunity, the mechanism of production is similar, just contrary to the wishes of individuals and the nature of our animals to seek profits and avoid harm..     No one said that waiting for bad luck is a characteristic of our human animal instinct. What people seek is prosperity, status and dignity, and everything they need for a better life. Bad luck, frustration and setbacks are the opposite of good, encouraging, positive and beneficial opportunities.. Its arrival is also a comprehensive expression of the individual’s society, life, work and interpersonal relationship, or, on the one hand, a manifestation. It is often related to our weakness of human nature and individual will. The concrete manifestation is loss, falling, lowering and frustration, which violates individual will, expectation and instinct.. Therefore, people are afraid, ostracized, rejected and disgusted.    Opportunity is an important opportunity met and faced by all stages and a certain period of life. It needs to be actively built and prepared, and it needs to be actively padded and accumulated to wait for its arrival.. On the whole, although opportunities have some chance, there will be no pie in the sky. Positive, constructive and positive efforts and actions will lead to more opportunities and earlier arrival than passive waiting and acceptance.. Otherwise, we can sleep every day, never act, wait for the rabbit and really wait for the pie to fall from the sky.. Details are important. Opportunities are details. A meeting, a date, a meal and a small exchange may bring opportunities or lay the foundation for future opportunities.. Without positive action and hard work, opportunities often come late and will never even come into being.     Objectively speaking, opportunity is not only detached from the individual’s will, but also closely linked with the individual’s will, and it is a contradictory synthesis. On the one hand, it is unpredictable, not taken for granted, not expected. On the other hand, it is the embodiment of personal will and the result of personal efforts and active pursuit.. Personal wishes and needs are not opportunities. Desire plus action is the hotbed of possible opportunities. Attitude and action are important. Positive and active action is to create opportunities, to grasp opportunities and to take the first step.. On certain occasions, if there is only one chance and there are two people involved, what should we do? Is it a positive fight or a passive laissez faire? There must be competition. Competition is the expression of active struggle. If you are not your own master, then others are your own master. Therefore, for the opportunity, we need to work hard, observe, wait, grasp and review the situation.. For the arrival and acquisition of opportunities, it takes time, geography, people and harmony. Without initiative and initiative, opportunities may be missed and we regret it all..     You happen to meet an opportunity that is good for you. This is a godsend. You happen to meet an opportunity and an event that is bad for you. This is bad luck. This is chance. Opportunities are both specific and equal, and sometimes exclusive. Different people, different environments, different periods, different ages will meet different people and different things. Opportunities will certainly be different.. Opportunity, with its own characteristics, has obvious phases and timeliness. It may be a period, a few days, or a moment. If it is lost, it will no longer exist.. Opportunity is opportunity, which may be a fragment of life, a moment, a fleeting moment, the so-called opportunity is not lost. Opportunity, to a certain extent, is even something that can’t be asked for, the so-called godsend opportunity. If it is a battlefield, a life-and-death struggle, opportunity is victory, it is destroying opponents, it is life, it is everything. Starting from dribs and drabs, starting from details, then from a big point of view, from macro control, and from strategic grasp, this is the rational preparation for creating opportunities and gaining opportunities. Of course, we have to learn to wait, because opportunity does not come at once, it takes time and patience to wait.     Opportunity, for people, is obtained in different ways.     First, it is an active and dynamic opportunity. Opportunities are closely related to personal life and working environment, and are limited by conditions and circumstances. Inherent, inherent and formed power and wealth are power and reality, which can be actively used to create new opportunities. Starting from reality, we should start from scratch, from small to large and from high to low. Only by rising, progressing, breaking through and stepping up to a higher level, can we step by step, be down to earth and win opportunities by chance.. Living in a mountain, hiding in a private house, isolated from the rest of the world, the opportunity is equal to zero. There are a lot of power around, weddings, and you will have more potential opportunities if you are physically and mentally healthy and mentally sound.. Spelling dad and mom is also an active opportunity to take advantage of existing opportunities. It is also an opportunity to cling to the powerful and gain the advantage of gaining profits.. Power itself is power, resources, goals and opportunities. Ready – made contacts, family ties and friendship can also bring personal opportunities. The opportunity to move is an individual’s initiative, a positive preparation, a clear grasp, a deliberate search and a firm action.. Tactics, strategies, methods and methods are also dynamic to the opportunity, even creating disorder, winning in disorder, and taking millet from fire are also dynamic to the opportunity.. Some strategies and means can also bring opportunities to oneself, if they do not cause harm to others, if they do not violate social morality and if they do not violate our conscience..     Those who bring and give opportunities often have huge social energy, or higher social energy than themselves, because they are those who control power, money, contacts and resources, and what they have is the goal of opportunities pursued by people.. Because positive emotions such as liking and appreciating can bring opportunities to oneself and others, and because negative emotions such as disgust and contempt can reduce and prevent others from gaining opportunities. Therefore, at first, beginning, beginning, beginning, foundation, accidental problems, casual, unexpected factors, etc. are important. If they are well done and grasped, they may lay the foundation for the future development of life..     Second, passive and accidental opportunities. The chance to come is not a pie in the sky, not a person without psychological preparation. An accidental factor, an accidental opportunity, can change a person’s life. Chance of opportunity is not a selfless gift from heaven, such as high school lottery, although it is a small probability event, but because you have tried, you have invested, you have chosen, it is only such an opportunity that is completely beyond the will of the individual.. There are some opportunities, because they are entirely accidental, independent of our subjective will and independent of our active efforts. Therefore, if they are so, the possible fate will be in the hands of others, which can only be given by others, can only be a gift from others, can only be passive acceptance and can only be resigned to the fate of the day. There is no way out..     People are annoyed at the opportunity they have lost, at the important juncture of those stages of life, at the crucial moment that determines the fate of life.. Because of personal problems, because there is no effort, because there is no action, because there is no assurance, the opportunity is lost in vain, and it may be an opportunity that life cannot repeat.. Its performance is regret, regret and disappointment in life. Therefore, in the face of lost opportunities, people feel setbacks and bad luck in life, and they lament and moan, ” This is life”,’ Heaven’s injustice”’, and they have resentment towards fate. If they are weak in character and weak in will, they will have doubts about life, will be angry and cruel to society, will yield to fate and then drift with the tide.. In order to avoid the chagrin of future life, it is necessary to start action, preparation and construction now.Because everything, action is important. To cultivate, to move, to awake, to persevere, to improve the mind, to cultivate wisdom and peace of mind, to seriously grasp oneself, to clearly see the opportunity, to grasp the opportunity keenly, and not to let the opportunity slip away again.     Many things in life take time, need to wait, need opportunities, need to grasp, otherwise, opportunities will gradually be lost and may never come again.