Flower canola flower is swept up in March, occupied the entire countryside.All this is very sudden, it is almost without warning, to the countryside to a comprehensive “mopping up”.Yesterday, wicker or cloak, pink pear white, just slightly parted curtain heart, mind and gently sway in the wind, not enough time to brew a wet dream, today, the scene was overwhelming golden, racking eyes, savagely broke into the chest, occupation the atrium.You can not be too surprised, could not resist, canola flower has broken the original pattern of all things, the moment, they will be swept away all her divine power and beauty. I became a prisoner, there is no suspense throwing himself at the foot of canola flower.Even if it is coated with a clay, still happy, still comfortable.Heart was in the breeze crumple yellow flowers sea, body ablation, ablation of the soul.Dew on the brow, with flowers, quietly over the face, dripping in the feet, a slight trace of pain.Face sixties, stains bright, but not bland impatient, perhaps prisoners, is this kind, but also a little bit different.Canola flower, wearing a golden armor, like a mighty brave soldiers shining armor.Foot dip from the Yellow Earth; the head, capturing the sun scales, nourish the world together, it appears to be as confident as unscrupulous.On the ridge, where there is soil, will leave footprints; countryside between, the light in person, must swaying posture.It is, more rapid, intense packed, fights lively, colorful spring, it became the protagonist, became king in March, righteous, all the flowers are weeds, in an instant became its tributaries, its slave, with various colors, docile foil around it, to surrender its gas, it golden.Oh, that’s only the king, before being worthy of gold. It began the assault, took the lead, invincible, breath sucking yellow earth atmosphere, led the “descendants” leap to the countryside, moving to the mountain, to the place of verdant spring breeze blowing, overwhelming, mighty.Suddenly, whipped butterflies, bees ominous sky kite also attack the Quartet, to drum up support for its.When occupying a destination, farmers have disarmed, tied cow bell, shake Yi the spring, they go into the film, holds together, imprisoned in the flower sea, he muttered Sangma, one face, and relaxation to all flower, touched it out of the honey.Outflow, far more than is honey, there was a sparkling black oil incense, it infiltrates in the body of every pore, every pore, like eating fruit, like life, without a mirthless. finally understood.The flower of the world, many who praise, while the canola flower of praise, but rarely heard.Because who is tender and beautiful, eye-catching and heart, admiration uninvited; and simple, and both are in turn a blind eye, to be with extraordinary momentum and grand scenes, in order humbling.Canola flower chosen later, Huashan flowers, flower sector commander in March, its kingly, not made from Granville, solid world scholars, few of praise, can not, will not, or dare it! So, I am willing to be canola flower imprisonment to exile, wearing Linyue Ling, climbing wading.Looking Quartet, a plume of smoke, is slowly rising.I seem to smell the smell of firewood, I heard the grandmother is calling me nicknames.Flower canola flower is actually, at the same time occupy the countryside, but also detained my soul.