People say desolate cold winter, four Xiaosen everywhere chill scene faction.Because vegetation litter, flowers wither.Occasional dashing cold north wind, people stand the cold, overlooking the sky, still feel this winter stalwart.    Green in spring, autumn fruit fragrance floating yellow.Xia put blooming red winter gray eyes first title.When the cold north wind blew towering tree trunks, it means that the cycle of the seasons, winter has come silently.The sketch white, nearly the entire winter will rule.    Winter wind fluttering, call over water, ice thousands of miles.Scratched cheek, just like a knife as uncomfortable.Maple Leaf And that, by the autumn of drunk red into a withered, rustling tumbling body in the earth.Ever since, padded cotton cap move around, both warm gloves given away bit by bit sincere warmth.    Winter Yu Xiaoxiao, drenched branches, branches stand tough.Dripping palms, the people huddled shivering.  Xue Piaopiao winter, people spilled everywhere jubilation!Ecstasy essential, snowmen Daoman wit.Pull bedding cover, the outer cold, warm heart!    Mei leisurely winter, snow Tu Yan Ying, Ling Han fragrance.Clarkson green, slanting elegant, beautiful color, pleasant fragrance.Wang’s well written poem: “Number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.Remote is not snow, as there are subtle fragrance.”And Mao Zedong’s song” Divination Plum Blossom “is even more interesting to read – wind and rain sent spring return, spring snow to.  Already cliff Baizhang ice, worse than pretty flowers.  Qiao Zheng Chun is not only the spring report.  Until the time when flowers are blooming, she leaves laughing.    Warm winter sun, placed a chair, cross legs, naturally comfortable immortal race.Which control all that everything is progressively sun yellow; tan roots are gradually being exhausted passed away; have progressively become old tan.    However, the most tangled, or Spring Festival period of “Last”.As the saying goes “money or home for the holiday,” ah, are understandably eager to go home.    However, I think the wildebeest on the savannah in Tanzania.The annual dry season, they have to spend the Mara River in Kenya, may Mara river but hidden natural killer, namely the Nile crocodile and “African River King” Hippo.To the hearts of the plants plump “Garden of Eden”, tens of thousands of wildebeest regardless of life and death, have jumped jump Ru Mala River.Interpretation of a thrilling scene: wild, thrilling and tragic.The test of life and death moment here to play the most.Animal epic achievements in the history of the Great Migration, magnificent, majestic tragic.The wildebeest are music to the hearts of grass, in order to enable the continuity of life, even if put into life, but also bored hesitate to leap.    Presumably, when the angle Mayaw heart is hot.And about half of Chinese people also joined the “Spring Festival Great Migration” to them, just think, all over the country are wandering wanderer eager to go home.All the “Arrow” together and how much it has magnificent Yes ah!It is not it human epic Great Migration?To the eyes of family reunion, sinking hearts, is not it hot?    In the cold, snow and rain, every smile, every look, every anxious waiting, are filled with “meaning home”, are filled with “feel at home”.    But people still read Guan “Nguyen Lang return” in light New Year’s Eve – “Gordon broken cold early days of wind and rain, deep courtyard false.Qiao Li strike small blow Chanyu span supernatant Migration.Township West Side, solitary soul journey, towering years and in addition to.Hengyang worse than geese pass book, Yang and Chen Yan-free.”That is not to catch up with the pace of migration who, in the light solitude sorrow.    Winter, there is cold, there and wet, there is snow, there Yanmei, as well as the warm sun.There are even migration, but the same is cold embrace, and embrace that love after.    Winter ruthless the world is love!(2011-2-1)