Dear listeners, friends, good evening, went to the time we see each other again, and tonight’s the night-time language sections meet with you, I am a broadcast editor recruit contestants German partner Zhidan world really have a lot of unspeakable encounter Romance , engaged in a busy mortal world, meet each day, each day do not come loose.In exile vast sea of people, often have this stranger rub shoulders.An individual walked into your line of sight, so that you become the heart of the scenery, but he did not know it had a world you.Or maybe you fall into someone else’s landscape, the world did not know that he had had a.I do not know how many years, destined to meet again, has shown signs still be reunited?    Sometimes, standing one after another in rubbing shoulders with the crowd, the heart will gush sense of moving.What a party of one’s life is not easy, we should feel the warmth of these fresh life, filled with fireworks for the mortal this to happiness, and perhaps one day we will leave, will will no period, that is the case, and heartless make a profound damage to some minor miss?Heartless to go back once made a tragic addicted.    Encounter a person, just a moment, fell in love with a person, often a lifetime, meet by chance at any time to turn around not at fault, deep-seated love forever is not perfect, opportunities in fixed karma, we are really no other way.    Line all the way, I still rub shoulders with many of fate, have also gradually lost, not because do not understand value, some fate doomed length, such as when exposed to, when to go, such as electricity, after all could not pull Chanafanghua.    Everyone came to earth with a mission, no matter how trivial his small, how insignificant, there is always a corner of his placement, there is always a need of his presence.    Numerous beings, someone had confused, some people live sober, but it is just a gesture to save the world, whether you are emperors, or the man in the street or born in the purple, or pink rouge vulgar, no matter how long we have been argued secular fireworks, the muddy state of the world to soak deep, and there is always a soul cleanest corner, never ever a better time.    If you can, please let me advance a period of time, such as lotus, even doubling the future to repay a certain day, when will rest this winter, no way of knowing, but I know that if you well is sunny.    Finally understand, some way, a person can only go through Love, but one day at a ferry always discrete, time is always so short, we went to say goodbye to you, good night.