Woman in Red, willing to bend over equipment, paper and ink, with the king next day.  White scholar, desk lyrics scent of ink poetry, every word cast, Chapter.  What came out of beauty?Limbo with micro-step, the light dance Seduction, that is to the King and pro dance song, no match for the End of the World.Offer a pot of sake, Jin Zun Ya-tang, that is to total discretion and the king, to make the night drunk.Where are the girls?New makeup person bath wash, tears whirling broken language.That is to Qingsi around three thousand, you have to repair the edge.Two world apart, distant will subside?Whose girl?And the king said to drink a spoonful of water, endure pay Fang Love, tempting to change gray hair black hair.  Girl in red, white scholar.Yi Mei two blending, pouring tea gambling books, candlelight night, dance Xiao Yang Lane.  Elegant ancient quality of gas Yuxuan, cinnabar half point before wiping forehead.  Wan Liqing show with a smile, grabbing the hand light cover dizzy drunk.  And I Pang, hair waist.Wind Tian crazy Wenqingmeipiao.  Being dignified, step jiggle.Yi Li Mei is not naturally Johnson.    That turned out to be pink embroidered wall Misuuchi of beauty, deep scholar Liu Yanhua.  You say you ancient air quality Li Yuxuan, embroidered face hibiscus smile open; you say you Wanli lightly armed crescent show, cinnabar slightest smile Ying.A dream of beauty, yearning scholar.I say without any hesitation I lean like a plum, Iraqi Fanzuo miyasho song; I said I pride ink three little knowledge, a paper book was hidden beauty.Step jiggle tassels, fine narrow waist graceful.Tutu peach Yan, this Banjun Happy.Past due, edge life, retreats parts, the first white fruit.Qingfeng you willing horse, fragrant seas.Just because you smile, at heartbroken.  Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc.If you ask even a period Acacia?Unless meet.  Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc.Acacia want to say and who?Shallow lover I do not know.- [Similarities] after all, across the horizon, Acacia memorable.With two sea melancholy, prime-foot carp geese walk back and forth.Acacia rain, for whom lean, how sweet, lingering in the ear.Union Hill is not no sea oath, no seas run dry not rotten stone, not five hundred years ago that the Buddha, nor that of the bridge just because a review of infatuation.Love to the depths, and reveals Acacia.Only willing to Trinidad turned into a Magpie Bridge, West Lake meet early.Executive umbrella with you that disappeared in the misty rain and wet blurred picture.Half of youth into clear Huan, Jinzun Duizhuo next month tempting.  Extra duty pain, could not miss Le.A Colorful, who this fragrant?A young heart is already taking advantage of the moonlight leave, Ming Luopu, Phenom sky.Nine adopt a Lotus, carrying on my Pinger, oblique hairpin cloud bun, small oar boat, straight into the Lotus Pu.    Text / scholar QQ: 815848744