If I have given you forget why you always again and again in my dreams.I always sweet dream, but wake up but always tearful.Just because a particular attachment to you and always his own heartache.    If I am not deeply loved you, why do I always always thinking about you.Your smile, your commitment is always in my heart the deepest treasure, and I never mentioned to anyone, I’m afraid gossip about you hurt you.    If I am not obsessed with the phrase promise, how could I have been alone with myself, and I always regrets, still calm smile right and wrong on everything.    Because deeply loved you, I forgive all your fault.On your departure I have never complained about anything.Perhaps that is somewhere already doomed.That none of us can change.    Doomed, all this has nothing to do on earth romantic.    Many of the words I said to myself a thousand times thousand times, but never say to you, fear of inadvertently say something wrong and hurt you.Even if you’re gone, I still believe that one day we will meet.Perhaps that day is no longer youth, face already old.Perhaps that day Wu Si weathered stained, clear color eyesight has been debate, I still put you treasure in my heart.    The face of the earth right and wrong, I never denied that deeply loved you.Perhaps this is all a dream after all.Perhaps this is the fate of all.Your Swagger horse has experienced prosperous, I walk alone after the storm.I still can not forget you.    Love you, I hate you, miss you, but you can not live without.    Because, deeply loved you.