The autumn afternoon sun is quiet and serene, falling on the desk through the windowsill. The display on the desk is still the same as before, but the books that have not been touched for a long time are already covered with thick dust, waiting for their master to unseal them.. The wall on which the desk rests is a picture of a large school year, Zhoukou Garden, with grass sizzling and plain flowers, which sets off a smile of youth, but unfortunately splashes with stains that cannot be washed out.. Downstairs traffic was incessant and there were hurried steps everywhere, but I finally escaped the curse of my heart and no longer travelled wearily, quietly sitting here enjoying this warm and golden afternoon..   My thoughts are full of butterfly feathers, wandering freely in the time of coloured glaze, like petals flying and dancing, scattered all over the floor. Each petal is fragrant, fragrant and meaningful. Thoughts wisps of fine fibers are unfolded, rolled into a ball, pulled out one thread and pulled out the other, and finally blocked into a knot in the heart..   Sorrow and happiness are the best friends in pairs, always inseparable, like smoke and tea. When you like to drink a cup of green tea, you will slowly sip it and feel it carefully, so as not to get carried away with it.. Worrying about a cigarette will lighten the trivial matter, then lighten it, the cigarette will disperse, the eyebrow will pucker, the anxious and frivolous tobacco will burn out, and a heart lamp will light up..   Light and shadow crisscross each other and change infinitely. Just as life has never been defined or defined. There can be ten million kinds of life and ten million kinds of work, but they are all for the pursuit of happiness. There are ten million kinds of feelings of happiness and ten million kinds of reasons, but there is only one expression of happiness. This kind of expression is a natural attribute of human beings. No matter rich or poor, no matter healthy or ill, it cannot be deprived or interfered with.. In front of it, just like animals.   Life is good or bad, but there is no right or wrong. The things that can’t be looked back are all history. History can’t be changed, but gain and loss can be known and future can be learned..     The world is not materialistic, but idealistic. I think, therefore I am.   Just like happiness, not materialism, but idealism.   Just like this afternoon’s sunshine, although it exists, I don’t admit it and don’t feel it. What’s the meaning of its existence to me?