Xiaoke, how are you these days.   You left in a hurry and didn’t have time to talk to you. This year you entered the Chinese Department of Undergraduate University to congratulate you. For you, losing your father as a teenager depends on your mother to work, have no housing and enjoy subsistence allowances. You can keep going through high school without dropping out of school. After three years of unremitting efforts, the exam results are still good. This is no longer easy. It shows that you are still a child with perseverance and obedient child. I believe you will become a promising person in the future..   As an elder, when you enter the university gate, I still want to charge you a few words.   After entering the university, we still have to hurry up to study in the university, which is not as tight as the high school study. There are many classes and activities in the university, and teachers are not as strict as the high school and depend on the students’ own management.. This requires that you have more perseverance, consciously take the time to study, study book knowledge, study social knowledge, and extensively read ancient and modern Chinese and foreign classics, especially if you are learning Chinese, and more often than not, which famous writer has hundreds of good articles in his mind. Otherwise, how can you open your mouth and write like a god?? Without extensive coverage of wenhai, which can be thought like a spring of spring? Take a closer look at the profound meaning of the idioms’ concentration, forgetting to eat and sleep, hunger and thirst, and hanging beam and awl to stab stocks’.   As the saying goes, a good memory is not as good as a bad pen, and one cannot leave a pen and paper nearby. Write down good words that one can hear in time, and often look at them. Good words are like gold mining in sand. They all happen by chance.. We must keep a diary every day and write down what we see and hear every day, how we feel and understand psychologically, and how much we accumulate over time. This is the process of accumulating building materials. When building materials are ready, builders will appear.. If one thousand diaries can be written in four years, there will be a leap forward.   Actively participating in school activities, school activities and some social activities are good opportunities to exercise themselves. Such as literary and artistic activities, sports activities, speeches, volunteers and fund – raising, should take an active part in improving themselves, showing themselves, sublimating their thoughts and improving their abilities.. Strengthen the collective sense of honor and increase the feelings among students, teachers and students.   Life is simple and personality is shaped. Over the years, poor family conditions have given you the habit of hard work and plain living. When you get to college, you will continue to do so without comparison or inferiority. Poverty is the best teacher. It allows you to study hard and use your knowledge and ability to change your future destiny.. Don’t play games, don’t be too early with friends, it’s not that you don’t have this right, but that life doesn’t allow you to waste precious time and youth. Four years have passed quickly, and you have to spend more than 90 percent of your energy studying, improving yourself and shaping a person that society needs.. Actively and actively take part in some work, cleaning the class and dormitory voluntarily. Work is a person’s virtue. Work makes people smart and exercise their bodies.. Honor does not stretch out his hand, good things are given to others, and he does not take advantage of others. Schools and society take an active part in public welfare undertakings and be a kind – hearted, loving and honest person.   Respecting teachers and getting along well with classmates should learn to respect others. Teachers are the people who lead us in education. They should respect their work and understand their hard work.. The students have been together for several years, but also have to deal with the relationship well. Others have difficulties, take the initiative to help, learn to be magnanimous, not haggle over every ounce, and be kind to others.. Make friends widely, learn from others’ strengths and make positive progress.   After you go to school, your mother and your basking relatives will always miss you, so you should have time to call them and tell them about your studies and your various aspects, so as to avoid them from thinking and show your understanding and filial piety..   Forgive me for nagging, even if there are a few words that can play a starting role in your growth, it is also my relief..   Goodbye.   My uncle and grandfather in 2012. 08. 16