Ai Tu Xu Xuemei was admitted to Nanjing University of Information Engineering, and in a few days he will come down from the high watershed, down the Yangtze River, to the old capital of the Six Dynasties in the Dragon Boat. Perhaps this will be an inflection point in her life. I and several disciples made a special trip to her home to congratulate her, this is the first time in my life that I have been to Fenshui..     Fenshui is a place that makes people feel more mysterious. It gives people rich coded information. The most famous is its oilpaper umbrella, which has long been famous around the world.. Hours later, the adults told me that the watershed was over there, and from the children’s point of view, it should be a cloud, because the mountains jostling on the other side were cut by the knife of the Yangtze River, and clearly there was a blue sky behind them, with long strands of white silk thread and a few cotton flowers just rolled up from the field.. I feel that water diversion is mysterious and I have always been curious about it.     From the determination of the watershed position, I think of the territory of China that divides our residence into steps, each step is a world, the lowest is Turpan Basin in Xinjiang, the highest should be Tibet Plateau, and people are tenaciously living on each step. Apart from a small number of ancestral craftsmen carving oil and paper umbrellas closer to cultural relics, most people still rely on traditional farming to recuperate and reproduce there.. Xu Xuemei’s forefathers and fathers harvested poverty and backwardness in the terraces linking the blue sky and dyed up the weather and frost of the years, so they placed strong hopes on their offspring to change the status quo.. Seen an oil painting’ Father’, a typical Sichuan farmer has a black face under a white turban carved with furrow – like wrinkles and a pair of hands full of coarse calluses carrying a large bowl. The most interesting thing is that the bowl is facing the sky.. This painting has a striking artistic appeal. Isn’t Xu Xuemei’s father the archetype of this character?     Xu Xuemei’s family did not know when it was repaired. The layer of lime slurry painted on the thick mud wall had already peeled off and the bare mud was full of potholes.. The spacious kitchen was full of old-style cookstoves, and her mother was busy inside, with smoke drifting into the air from the chimneys in circles.. On the other side of the mountain, a small two-story building was built, with dark yellow exterior wall tiles highlighted in the July sun, showing a certain air in the hinterland, but it was so inharmonious with the surrounding environment that it had a feeling of standing out from the crowd.. Xu Fu told me that it was a veterinary residence. He was the highest-educated man here. People from more than a dozen miles around wanted him, so he was very popular..     The Hsu family is one of the farmers in Qian Qian who cling to their land, and their life has finally seen a little dawn over the years.. The agricultural tax that lasted for more than 2000 years was not paid, sows in the circle gave birth to a bunch of pups, and their daughter went to a key university and was about to go to the metropolis to gain more insight.. What makes them most comfortable and confident is that they have contracted the management of a reservoir in the village, raising fish below the water surface and placing ducks on the water surface. A strong hemp rope is tied to the trunk of the big locust tree near the reservoir, while the other end is tied with a small fishing boat docked at the reservoir.. A large group of quacking ducks paddled the green water joyfully, and we also saw a white crane swooping down from the sky suddenly with wings, catching a fish and flying off the water and into the high air. The poor fish struggled in its beak, swinging its head and tail hard..     Everyone was huddled together, and the small hall was filled with all kinds of congratulatory language.. The lunch table was full of unpolluted dishes. My favorite dish was the transparent bacon and the delicious chicken soup brought by the authentic native chicken.. I think of two poems written by Fang Weng: Don’t laugh at the rustic wine of the farm, and stay with the chicken and dolphin in the prime of life..     The veterinarian also came. He said he would face it and said I had a long life in my brow. I smiled with a snort and almost sprayed rice.. I said, OK, I wish Xu Xuemei success in his studies and prosperity of Xu’s five domestic animals by your good words, so there was a burst of laughter at the banquet..     I hope she will not forget her promise to let her parents leave the land when they are old, walk around the lake with their parents or shake the gourd in person to let them enjoy the scenery brought by modern civilization.. At that time, the land on which you lived could not say for certain that agriculture had become intensive or was swallowed up by the tide of urbanization, and the water – dividing oilpaper umbrella would sing a plaintive song and find its new home in the museum..