I called my father and told him not to forget to bring a few catties of peanuts when I came. At the other end of the phone, my father didn’t even hesitate, and repeatedly promised, okay, no problem, anyway, there are more peanuts in the house, as much as you can eat.. Turned around, I went to the station to meet him. It was in the afternoon. In the dense stream of people, my father sat on a pack of bags with his back to the sunset, happily smoking’ trumpet smoke’, without the hesitation and embarrassment of an old man from the countryside when he first entered the city.. As a result, when I came home at the end of the year and talked to my little sister about it, I was still rather aggrieved: he? It was even more calm than me. I squinted around in the crevices for fear that one of them would lose him if he wasn’t careful.. Little sister burst out laughing until tears flooded her eyes with laughter, then she held up chopsticks to clip vegetables for her father and bleated, ” I’m afraid he didn’t pretend to do it.”? I followed by laughter: well, it makes sense. As I was joking, I patted my father’s thin shoulder and continued to my brother-in-law who was concentrating on stewing big carp by the fire: If I were to say my father’s performance at Jimo bus station, the first-class actors would not be inferior.. Who knows, haven’t exchange my brother-in-law’s laughter, has been low head ” zi zi er” drinking father talked. He said: Why, I go to my son and worry that he will not sell his father?     Well, once this sentence is said, it directly blocks all doubts. Yes, father came all the way from Tai ‘an to Jimo, what else to worry about? As a daughter, my sister exhorted me several days before getting on the bus to stop getting off the bus, stop fiddling, watch my luggage, and don’t talk to strangers … Ah, as a son, I rushed to the station without warning. Although I knew my father’s car would arrive in the afternoon, I still couldn’t help squatting at the entrance to the station, checking each car carefully, fearing that the driver who drove was an impetuous driver and arrived at the station half a day in advance.. Meanwhile, I kept talking to my sister in Tai ‘an, my hometown, on the phone: My father got on the bus? The car has gone? What’s the number on the bus? Did you buy food for dad on the way? Did you take the carsick medicine? Ah, at the end of the day, my sister got bored and yelled at me directly: Just relax and wait for the bus to arrive..     I had to wait. In the early winter weather, the little north wind whizzed against the window of the waiting room, like beating the steps I couldn’t move. I bought an evening paper and a bill for readers. I watched it in the waiting room for ten minutes and at the entrance to the station for ten minutes. I met the station manager and asked for the arrival time of the train with a smile on my face.. The station manager was good at me at first, with a question and answer and a patient elder sister look: uh – huh, wait, there are still four hours, two hours, it’s getting fast … ah, at the end of the day, before I ask, she was bored and roared: are you really waiting for your father or for your lover?, ah, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.? I’ve asked you eight hundred times! I had to roll up my books and newspapers and sneak to one side quietly, glancing at the entrance to the station, glancing at the administrator waving around on his small leather shoes, only bleating in my heart: what do you know about watching you like that?? If my father were like your father, I would still be so worried and angry?     To be honest, I didn’t mean to disrespect the administrator’s father at all. The administrator’s father, I can’t do anything, but I also know that he must be a city dweller, crossing the south and north, knowing how to identify the direction and how not to be bullied.. But my dad can’t. My father spent his life at the foot of Mount Tai and by the river Tai Wen, not planting vegetables and selling vegetables in those years. In order to earn more money for raising children and preventing the elderly, he had to pedal his bicycle and tricycle to the city to squat down. He could hardly see anything in Liancheng City.. What if the car is late? Temporary convenience, was left behind? I threw up when I was carsick. What about being blamed by the people around me? What if so much luggage is lost?     At that moment, I regret it. Well, my father planted land and sold vegetables at home, and although he didn’t earn much money, it was enough for his expenses.. Why should I have to push him out one phone call after another. I said, dad, live here is not heavy; I said, earn more than at home; I said, if you come, we might as well stay together and have a look after you. Dad hesitated at first: Good is good, peanuts are still confiscated, wheat is still not finished, your ” old village chief” has not yet landed, radish has not yet been planted … Ah, father’s reason seems to be quite sufficient, but I understand that I have never been in touch with the father of the city in my life, and may be full of fear.. My father would mention one thing every time he drank wine, although I couldn’t be bothered, he didn’t care. He said that he didn’t want to go to the city in his lifetime, and he almost lost his son once in the city.. He said that if it weren’t for his desperate search with grandpa, he would have left a lifetime of regret. He also pointed to my bridge of the nose and told me: You said you were not in that restaurant in Zhoucun to drink tofu soup. What did you run? If I catch up with him in a good mood, I will answer him a few words: I am not going to be convenient, confused, and not intentional. His valve was bigger: there was a toilet in the hotel and he had to run out? Looking at the way he shivers, I will consciously shut my mouth.     Dad was able to talk when he was young. Although he didn’t read much, he couldn’t help but have a good memory. If he retells stories, operas and the like, he won’t add tricks.. Funny more funny, sad more sad, bland, is a lot of twists and turns breathtaking.Zhoucun, I did the surgery, not because he held me to tell stories day and night, afraid not the whole collective ward would collapse because of my crying.? I remember a draft bill of a family that took part in three sons-in-law walks in. Now I think it is mediocre, but at that time, people all over the house pricked up their ears to hear it, and sick friends from all over the world praised their father’s eloquence.. But after all, that was when he was young. Now his father is already deaf and dazzled, and because of his mother’s untimely death, his mood is depressed and he is infected with a little Alzheimer’s disease.. If he needs anything in the middle of the road, or temporarily remembers to call my sister and me to report peace, and he doesn’t play with his mobile phone, will he be so anxious that his voice smokes but he doesn’t know who to speak to??     I looked at the entrance to the station and remembered that I should call my father. Even if I roam, it is much better than my worry here.. However, if you don’t get through and dial the number over and over again, you will always get a response from a strange woman who said’ your call cannot be connected for the time being’. As a last resort, I bowed my smiling face to find the administrator and asked her to call the car in her supercilious look. After passing Weifang, I will soon arrive in Jimo.. I just patted my chest and breathed a sigh of relief. My father and I said that when the car passed Weifang, it was almost there.. Father didn’t care much at that time. I know, I know, I checked the map when you asked me to go over the phone for the first time.. I also praised him, originally your old man’s house also thought about it earlier. He is hey hey smile. Kid sister said later that he had long wanted to go and was restless every day, like losing something precious, washing clothes, drying peanuts, tidying up the house and pricking up needles … Ah, on this matter, my father told me the truth on the first night when he came to Jimo: Who else do I expect?? If I don’t want to come and see you, I’ve had enough to eat and come all this way? When he said this, his father’s car sickness sequela had not recovered yet, and he was lying on the bed with a thin face and yellow face.. I just giggled and told him to take a good rest and clap my chest to say that I can support him very well.. He disdained: Ah, come all the way here and leave me idle? No, no. Father’s face was serious and malicious, but he was also awkwardly malicious, because before he had finished speaking, he threw up again on the edge of the bed.. Kid sister also said on the phone that if you can’t spare a person, you can’t let him idle and he will get sick.. So, after only one day’s rest, my father pushed up the trolley and rammed up the goods in the factory. After a little time, he cooked, washed and emptied the garbage, making me a gentleman.. However, to be honest, in a few days, father’s emaciated cheeks were also quietly ruddy.. One night, I also had to wrestle with him and said that he would confirm whether his strength had grown at once..     Looking at my father’s cheerful expectation, I couldn’t help but feel sad: at this age, my parents are all going to the park, playing tai chi, walking dogs and birds, playing chess and laughing. However, my father has to compete with me, and a feeling of failure arises spontaneously.. My father didn’t care much about it. Just like that day, when I finally received him, when I saw the beads of sweat on my face, my father joked with the ” Gardengarden” wandering administrator: Look at my son, what’s the rush. At that time, the administrator’s small mouth became ” 0” shape, pointing to his father’s nose and asking me, ” You really answered your father.”? Then, he quickly brought in a ” black taxi” and shouted, ” Half price of fifteen yuan, and sent them over without much demand.”! The driver was still wondering, Zhang opened his mouth several times before he said, ” Elder sister, your relatives.”? The administrator has already turned his body and made a loud’ ang’ sound.     After a long time, the father also said to his gang of old men with deep feelings: His son has made great achievements and even the people on the station have climbed relatives … but I know in my heart that I have no such skill.? If the person I received on that day was not my father, the strange administrator was afraid not to take his nose heavily” hum” and’ I cry, just strange.     Father stayed in Jimo for more than a month and returned home. I wanted him to stay until the end of the year and go back together. However, the efficiency of the factory was not good, and his work of pushing the car was intermittent. Later, it simply disappeared.. For fear that he will not come back after leaving the factory gate, I forbid him to go out again. In a few days, he couldn’t stand it. He sighed and said that he didn’t want to eat idle food, sit in jail, circle in a small room every day, and suppress himself.. As soon as I advised him, he stopped smoking and was not satisfied with the pace of the house, as if even in front of his son, eating free meals was a shame. Downstairs, a big ye of Yishui in his seventies urged him, big brother, to come out and relax and hurry back to do something? My father also smiled happily and turned to hang his head. Kid sister called” threatening” him, and before the end of the year, she didn’t pick up. My father yelled, did not pick up and pull down, and he changed trains himself . Ah, no way, I sent him to the bus home on a sunny morning.. Before departure, perhaps because of taking carsickness medicine, my father kept his head down all the time and had no words except to keep telling me to make a good and frequent phone call.. I didn’t know how to say it, so I sat next to him, clutching his rough hand and patting it gently..     Outside the window, weeds were clustered through the railings of the station. In the window, some strange figures dangled. A woman selling newspapers patiently crammed newspapers from seat to seat with a smile on her face, but she couldn’t afford not to buy them.. Father gave me a push, meaning, of course, to save a dollar. I had to smile, tuck a pocket of food into my father’s arms and get out of the car sideways..     After walking out of a long distance and looking back again, I saw my father staring at me eagerly at the window..At the gate of the station, a sound of’ Gordon Gardon’ shoes came from far and near, and soon disappeared without a trace..