When grandma died, her nose and mouth were suffused with white foam and foreign bodies. The appearance was terrible. The mountain was on the edge of the bed and she was wiped clean with a towel in rotation. Grandma left. Family member too many cooks was busy putting on a shroud for the elderly, but it was difficult. Gao Shan sat down directly in front of the bed and pressed her back against Grandma’s back. She soon put it on.. Looking at the grandmother who died peacefully, Gao Shan knelt down on her knees and dust, knocking on three heads, while others immediately followed suit and worshiped as if she were an instrument.. This brush, a touch, a kneeling, the slender hand, thick back and golden knee are more sexy and sexy in the eyes of his wife Liang Jing.. Sexy is emotional, emotional, and grateful. Liang Jing was moved to a sparse inside, tears flying like rain, washing his heart and changing his face.. Grandma is Liang Jing’s grandmother, and Gao Shan respects her grandmother as much as she does, does not abandon, is not afraid, and does not give way. Liang Jing has from time to time put the balance of the bride’s family’s husband’s family in an asymmetrical way, believing that’ elbow bent inward’ is a natural thing. Liang Jing’s men have influenced Liang Jing and entered a family.!     On one occasion, when Gao Shan and Liang Jing were on their way to the post office to handle affairs, they saw a fast motorcycle swerve and collided with an oncoming bicycle. Fortunately, both sides stopped in time and touched it slightly, without any serious problem.. However, the motorcycle is the leader of the two streams of gas. One grabbed the bicycle leader and the other grabbed the schoolbag strap carried by the cyclist’s middle school students, so it is necessary to compensate for the losses.. The mountain stood down, walked past, and said to the motorcycle owners, ” The responsibility lies with you, driving in the opposite direction, without wearing helmets.”! ‘ The two motorcycle owners played cross and shouted, ” What’s the matter with you? Gao Shan took out his mobile phone and said, ” Then please call the traffic police.”? Liang Jing looked at more and more onlookers and said aloud, ” We are witnesses.”! ‘ the two motorcycle owners faded, a step on the gas to run away. Looking at the back of middle school students leaving safely, Liang Jing was surprised that he had been assimilated by his husband. He stood and walked meddling, saying that it was extremely sexy to pay a series of actions. He was close to Zhu Zhechi and Liang Jing also followed with courage and justice..     On the way from work, Gao Shan found a wallet of 10,000 yuan. He called the local TV station to participate in the program of ” Paying Attention to Regulations” at the first time and released mobile captions of relevant messages. The owner was overjoyed and asked for a reward of 300 yuan. Gao Shan refused, and the pennant he sent was left in the unit without bringing it back.. He said: ” Picking up wallets is the same as winning prizes. Life is geometric.”? People are picking it up and the sky is watching! ‘ Look at his lips. It’s sexy! Liang Jing was purified by him.     Many years ago, Liang Jing got up early in the morning and hurriedly unlocked the lock. The key fell to the ground and bent down to pick up and stood up to open the door. But it was dark at the moment and he didn’t know anything.. When I woke up, I found the mountain waiting for me, holding her hand, with tears shining in my eyes.. It turned out that he jumped up and carried her to the bed, never daring to leave. Repeatedly told her to stand down and stand up again, be sure to take her time. The body should be careful. How can I get out of the gaping hole?? Don’t flick tears man eyes oh, sexy in a mess! In the face of a husband who can entrust his life with saving his life, she really wants to melt into his arms..     Liang Jing realized that men’s sex appeal is not enhanced, and that being as strong as cow hormones may not have ornamental power. It’s not beautified. Butter bunnies are not necessarily attractive. It is not defamatory, and the saying that men are not bad and women are not in love may not be lethal. It’s not deified. The pursuit of stars is illusory and ethereal. It may not have grounding power.. Men who have realized the four modernizations of influence, assimilation, purification and melting are the sexiest. To be a wife in a mountain is to be gentle and controllable!