In the journey of life, we will meet countless beautiful landscapes, each of which will bring us a touch of life. Gratitude is the most beautiful scenery in the journey of life. Therefore, be thankful, cherish life and savor every touched moment in life carefully..     Being grateful, like the gorgeous winter sun, not only illuminates oneself, but also warms others. Being grateful, like a trickle, not only purifies one’s own heart, but also moistens the heart of others. Being grateful is a kind of love feedback. In life, not every melody will be shocking, nor every scenery we encounter will be unforgettable, but often it is every tiny place in life that makes us intoxicated. When we carefully look for it, we will accidentally discover many beautiful things in life. In fact, it is because we appreciate it with gratitude that it looks more beautiful. Therefore, our life has a beautiful scenery..     At the edge of life, your love makes my flower of life bloom again. A doctor, when he was young, once walked in the desert for a few days and nights. During his long journey, he ran out of dry food and water in his backpack, and the pace of walking became heavier and heavier. He walked for another two days, and he was thinking about one thing every moment: Can I still walk out of the desert alive? In this way, he walked out of the desert unconsciously and miraculously. In the distance, there was an oasis where he could vaguely see several farmhouses. When he came to the farmhouse, it was dusk, the breeze was blowing gently, and everything was shrouded in the beautiful sunset. He knocked on the door. In a short time, a girl of seventeen or eighteen opened the door, but the girl quickly turned back. The young man said to himself, ” Fool, will others give you alms?”? The young man was so tired that he sat quietly on the cold stone steps, listening to the bleak cries from the evening breeze.     Life seemed to end at that moment. He was exhausted and exhausted. Perhaps only he knew what he was waiting for.. About a moment later, the girl came out again, carrying a bowl of water in one hand and white steamed bread in the other, and came up to him with a smile and said, ” You should be hungry, here you are.”. The young man wolfed down when he took it. At this point, his eyes began to have glittering and translucent tears, falling drop by drop in the afterglow of the sunset.. After a while, he slowly began to speak and said, ” I haven’t eaten for several days. Thank you for giving me such a big dinner.”.     After staying at the girl’s house for a night, the next morning, he thanked her and said goodbye, and then continued his journey … Ah, love’s feedback, so that the bud that is about to wither will bloom again.. Time has slipped quietly from the fingertip. Ten years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. One day, a patient came to the hospital where he works and needed him to help her with the operation in time. However, the hospital stipulated that the patient should pay a certain amount of medical expenses before starting to consider the operation. He sat quietly on the sofa and looked at the patient’s data. Suddenly he was stunned. Isn’t it the girl who saved him on his identity card?? He immediately called on the nurse and other doctors to prepare for the operation on the girl. A few hours later, the operation ended smoothly and the patient needed to be cultivated for a period of time. A few days later, the girl gradually recovered. When she was about to leave the hospital, the nurse gave her a bill, which the girl did not dare to look at because such a huge medical bill could not be paid, but after she thanked the nurse, she gently opened the bill, which contained only a simple sentence: ” a bowl of water and white steamed bread.”.     ‘ The grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan.”. So, did we give back our love? Be thankful, be grateful to your parents, who gave birth to our life. Grateful friends are the ones who accompanied us through the desolate Yuan Ye and spent hard and bitter years together. Even grateful to those who have hurt you, they have taught you to be strong. Therefore, to be grateful to everyone you meet in your life, to all things in the world, to convey warmth with gratitude, and to convey the declaration of love with warmth, let the heart of gratitude burn all the time..     Grateful heart, thanks to fate, flowers bloom and fall, I will cherish, grateful heart, thanks to you, with our grateful heart, to perfect our life.