The author of two anecdotes about Suya Lake: Zhao Haijun ( Luohe ) In my hometown, there is a lake known as Suya Lake in the Central Plains. It was built in the 1950s and has an area of nearly 300 square kilometers. The lake is vast, the water and sky are connected, and the scenery is magnificent. It is known as’ artificial Dongting’. On the west bank of the lake, there are many villages of different sizes, with tens of thousands of villagers living, and many strange things that outsiders do not know have happened. The second is to entertain readers: anecdote one: ” Enclosure” campaign mentions enclosure campaign. People with a little knowledge of Marxist – Leninist common sense or history will think of Britain and evil capitalism.. But who ever thought, in my hometown, near the beautiful Suya Lake, similar ” enclosure” sports had also taken place? That happened in 1980, when I was still in primary school. In those years, due to continuous drought and lack of rain, the lake in Suya Lake shrank seriously, exposing a large area of land on the lake.. Some clever farmers saw the value of the wasteland and occupied it one after another. You circled it together, I circled it together, and soon the lakeside wasteland was occupied.. Strangely enough, the consistently tough Suyal Lake management personnel collectively lost their language and did not interfere.. There is a family in the village near us. It is not easy. He took up 50 or 60 acres of wasteland in one fell swoop and planted sesame seeds.. The land in the lake is particularly fertile. After seeds are sown, sesame seeds can grow to a height of more than one person without applying a little fertilizer. The shuttles above are densely packed and look very gratifying.. In this way, the family has earned tens of thousands of dollars in just two or three years by relying on the land it occupies, planting cheese in summer and sowing wheat in winter, completing what Marx said about primitive accumulation of capital, then successfully dabbling in farming and transportation and so on, leading a thriving life.. Anecdotal 2: In other places, fish are mostly fished with nets or hooks, while in Suya Lake, people have used sticks to’ catch’ fish. Do you believe this? This is a real thing. It happened when I was in high school.. That summer, God seemed to be suffering from depression. He kept going underground all day, and the lake water jumped up to the east of our village.. After the lake subsided, someone went to the lake to look at the crops, but was surprised to find that fish were shaking their heads in the fields and mud pits to survive.. ‘ The ground was filled with fish, and the fish in Suya Lake ran out! ‘ Suddenly, the news seemed to have wings and disappeared in the village by the lake.. At that time, there were not many migrant workers. Many villagers were hiding in their homes and were worried about their leisure time.. Hearing the news, the crowd marched into the lake in droves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fishing net, because it doesn’t make sense to have a fishing net at this time, just take a stick and a bag.. What’s the use of a stick? Of course, it is used to tamp fish. Where’s the bag? It’s for fish. Without being there, you don’t know the spectacular scene. In the evening, the war-makers came back one after another. Some people have reaped quite a lot, ” catching” a lot of fish; Some people were muddy and tired to death, but they got very little. Others are very unfortunate. After they separated from their companions, they got stuck in the mud and finally died of unnatural deaths.. Alas, you see this is a good thing, but in the end it killed people! Written on April 16, 2013