My mother once asked someone to calculate the divination for me, saying that my career could go up to the next level at the age of 28. I was happy for a long time and always hoped that the years would come to the age of 28 as if I had been arranged by heaven whenever and wherever I could go..     I got a good job in the office because of my minor fame of publishing articles in newspapers, and received enough attention from leaders and colleagues.. This feeling of ” stars holding the moon” made me proud for quite a while, and the various rewards I received at each commendation meeting made me feel more determined to win.     At the age of 30, the year of good luck I expected had already passed, but I didn’t see any new improvement. Every time I saw the public list of newly promoted cadres, I pulled it up in my heart.. Those people on the red paper are either the son of so-and-so leader or the daughter of any entrepreneur.. I think of a sentence in the ancient prose I learned at school” One man gets the word, and the chicken and dog ascend to heaven. Well, it seems like I have no background, no money, no calculation, no family, and no hope of getting mixed up on this road.. Pointing to the salary increase brought by promotion, when will it be realized?     Disappointed, I began to shift my energy to family happiness, reminding myself not to lose my happiness for the unreachable fantasy. I try my best to enrich the three meals a day with my limited salary. I will go out for a walk with my family after dinner and lead a leisurely life as a citizen..     In fact, the life of ordinary citizens is also good. In summer, cultural squares will have free cultural performances from time to time.. In order to catch the time to see those performances, we hurried to the square after supper by taxi. Most of the performances are children’s songs and dances, which my daughter and I would like to see most.. Seeing those versatile children, I regret not letting my daughter continue to learn dance.. We watched every program very carefully, but we were most impressed by only one dance called ” Who’s Bad”. A group of children were dancing hard in the dance. Suddenly, the music stopped abruptly and everyone was worried. However, the group of children did not have any action to stop. One child took the lead in quietly shouting slogans in his mouth, and the other children also silently followed the beat.. Although the dance looks a bit like gymnastics without the background of music, all the lovely children don’t care until the end. The joy infected everyone from the inside out, and finally there was a big round of applause in the square..     That group of children was so great that I couldn’t help thinking of myself. Their calm, persistence and affordability made me feel inferior.. Life is more like a big stage. Everyone is performing himself to his heart’s content. It is important to have a background, but a good actor should be able to play himself well even without background support..