Mu Yi Xin once proudly held a 2B pencil and asked me,’ I can draw for you whatever you want.” Once narcissistic said,’ Do you believe that the style you draw in the future will always have a shadow of my style.” Of course, the last sentence he said to me was: I finally realized your love and thought of you when I saw the brush, and I will never think of you and never pick up the brush again, but this is not for you, but for myself..   I thought I would never see him again, but there he would not draw again. He did not know the person I had hurt most psychologically in these years who called me a person who refused to love and refuse to love. It turned out that he could really forget his longing for art and his love for impressionism and his dream of creating Chinese style cartoons only for dignity? Are there so many good girls in the world who loved art as much as he once loved it?. Painter? Let’s be a crazy artist. Japan is going to be kicked. I don’t know if I’m honored.. If you draw a draft in the future, I’ll revise you, it will certainly sell well. I didn’t learn to draw. I didn’t know I was poor and I was going to play the piano. You’d better write something. I’ll illustrate you, which is more economical. ”