Self-styled man of forty Huang Xiaoming click on the top blue word plus zero sister concern, welcome to the circle of friends to share the article “plus zero sister (jialingjie6) original content is prohibited without permission to reprint, please e-mail and collaboration [email protected] contact.Welcome to Share article VOGUE “magazine” Journal of the first five “circle of friends, starting the year a big move successfully attracted the attention of a small sister.  That is, they created a brand new social media VOGUEnow, the first phase of the recent good reputation Cover choose to not do – Huang Xiaoming, which had to look at two of the.  Happened “Langya long list of the wind from the forest” broadcast to wrap up the occasion, see Lin led the army rushed to the rescue of the capital Jing Ping, little sister sometimes tears head: finally you become a manager of that given country Ampang great General.  At this time also see the details at the midday sunshine team of well-deserved reputation control, Jing Xiao Ping wear armor at the moment there are two distinct arrow holes, this is clearly the opening battle in the Northern Territory Xiao Ping Zhang wore it bloody kills!  Echoed around the operation, but also more people miss the good brother Xiao Ping Zhang.If it were not heroes of his younger brother, born a generation how there will be Maj. Gen. Jing Xiao Ping’s?Understand the role of the audience, off the assembly line that is engraved in dismay Xiao Ping Zhang.  All this had to be attributed to the excellent interpretation of the actor Huang Xiaoming.  ”Langya long list of the wind from the forest,” Xiao Ping Zhang is a paternalistic figure.For such a security on Junming, ask family under idealized figure, Huang Xiaoming using the life of the rich and ways to interpret.  In the play, he restrained edge, with flat calm manner, showing Xiao Ping Zhang Lin as a man, carries side of home and country; the eldest son brother, tolerant, calm, loving and righteous side; as husband, their love, the other side of Yingxiongqiduan.  False bell favorite Xiao Ping Zhang sister of a line: While there Yinxie injustice in the world, it is suffering pain.Founder of conduct but who share the heart of the peace, a blessing can understand the generation of gangsters.  Xiao Ping Zhang and Huang Xiaoming this moment are one of.In addition to him, there should be no second person can send and interpret this character, right from the heart.  In fact, he also had a difficult day to reconcile.At the time of the evaluation of the outside world and his own role in the existence of bias.  Not choose the play is his weakness; participate in the variety show, he is the most star suffered questioned.Storm of criticism sound, called Mr. Nice armor did not protect the lives of his.  Talked about the past, he did not shy away.In the first phase of the characters voguenow in an interview, Huang Xiaoming bare his voice, not a good role for many years to give back to the audience, determined to end their own course, no one likes to see eyeful of criticism.But everything happened in the past, there is always a reason for it in the moment – something happens, he always first self-reflection, which is probably related to his childhood growing.  Xiao grew up nice Domingo?From small to large, Huang Xiaoming is a model boy eyes of others, I was preoccupied with my childhood no rebellion, nor a fight.It is quite one thing I regret.Unfortunately, there is actually behind more professional aspirations.  In the courtyard of an old neighbor lived growing up, he was there to learn from their elders and to understand the truth, you have to do a good person, you are the eldest grandson grandson long, you have a sense of responsibility at home.Outside, you want your good friend, good for your neighbors.  If youth is a diary, the book is filled with Huang Xiaoming throughout the law-abiding, gentle rolls.  Later, the top there is a good-looking face of the young people to play.  In a group of people where he was picked Cuixin Qin teacher.She evaluate this disciple said, his eyes are moving, when you speak with, has been staring at you.Makes you think this pair of eyes have a lot of emotion and information.  By his early twenties, he cut a striking figure in the eyes of the ignorant showbiz.Liu Che, Xu Wenqiang, Han Jue and other small screen roles, for which he won a super high degree of national.  At that time, it is called a national seniors has not been popular in the entertainment world, his handsome face had the wind fall asleep, how many people become shining white moon.  To him, handsome double-edged sword.Obviously do not have the slightest aggressive, but often in the same type of work, its capability to play a wide variety of high-handed president.Do not be afraid that give the impression that I could against the world for your fixed impression.  However, when changing the stage, no longer play Xiemei Maniac others, he can change back to their reborn.  ”No-East West” in the Chen Peng, kept the original mind, to love and exile thousands of miles.  Under the rolling current of the times, people are infinitely insignificant.For the best of Min, Chen Peng is a little love to give warmth, there is a little star he accompanied the night, is floating faint aroma of cream.For countries, Chen Peng is the love of youth, no regrets dedication.  Return to the beginning of the heart, serious acting Huang Xiaoming, crystal clear eyes reflects waiting for the love of pure juvenile Mind.  ”No-East West” and “Langya list of the wind Lin” This highlights two works like fried king, let Sishibuhuo Huang Xiaoming because oil control performance, sound harvesting flood of praise.  Liu Che my back, my teenage heart back, one of his iron shed tears wrote in microblogging, feeling the thousand years of landscape, live waiting.  Huang Xiaoming did not expect to attract the deity appeared, a gently reply, sorry to keep you waiting.  As love pink, fake bell sister want to say, just ask affectionate, without asking the West and East of the body if Pan Chen Peng Shan Lang Lang, the heart has thousands of brotherhood Xiao Ping Zhang, like heaven arrangements, landing just right node.  Over the hill, forty years old, he lived out the way you want: happy, real, self, not greasy.  He in this state, can only trust firmly caught Xiao Ping Zhang and Chen Peng two roles.In fact, across the middle two roles for seven years, the years as a gentle stroking hand, has not left a deep mark on his face, brow share of more than just indifferent calm.  He in this state, should give new inspiration to worry about greasy middle-aged men who, like Huang Xiaoming so obsessed with being true to self, do what you believe in something, is really fashion.  This twenty years, except when the actor, boss, but he insisted on doing a few things, no rhetoric, nor the mountains shake the earth – he insisted on a low-key charity, adhere to accompany parents, friends sense of obligation to adhere to, stick with him I think of something.  In others it seems likely that he was truly a nice guy; some people think that life, although successful, but a lot less stimulus.  False bell sister but believes that these should not only support a strong faith, but also as a kind of driving force from the heart.Huang Xiaoming is such repeated day after day in a boring, a complete body and mind practice.  Changes in the external atmosphere is also good to make the return of the word character, so Xiao Ping Zhang, Chen Peng such a role will impress us, the audience felt the goodwill of Huang Xiaoming will be asked in the interview VOGUEnow of – in fact, whether Chen Peng, or Xiao Ping Zhang or as holly, Huang Xiaoming has a shadow: inexperienced, ambitious.  Persistent assured, no asking Seton Hall.  Xijin flashy, be yourself.  From far to near, according met with his past, present and future.  Like jade needs through long years of wear will emit a warm light.Charm belonging to Huang Xiaoming, at the very beginning how eye-catching is not dazzling, always through after a long accumulation, it comes out slowly from the inside out, unnoticed.  Years of practice finally let his own faction, now the Department of Buddhist youth, and his eyes a lot more content, showing the unique charm and attitude to life, stepped into forty generations of the Huang said he would go on optimism.  Spent in changing this day, in more sense than spending remorse.This is the real open-minded, is precipitation of over a thousand sails.  False bell sister convinced that you have given someone else’s goodwill, and ultimately back to himself.  Mr. Huang blessing better life after the age of forty.Click below in blue to see the recent hot text.Of course not Xinzhi Lei Gu away, why she so trifled with both?Meng Po young girls love story, actually see me cry, Mr. Liu Jin East management roles a little loose ah Ronghao influenced my perception of straight men!Like such a superstar Amir Khan

10 small stories, all of them refreshing, to say the very reasonable 10 small stories, all of them refreshing, to say the very reasonable!1 wife wanted her husband to go home early, so states: coming home late to lock the door at 11:00.Work the first week, second week and stay late husband, wife, according to the system locked the door, so my husband simply do not go home.Depressed wife, after adequate guidance, revised rule: do not go home before 23 o’clock, I’ll open the door to sleep.My husband was shocked, and since then time to go home.Seen the essence of the system is not mandatory, but rather pull on the interests of persons to be executed.2 chicken hen asked: Can not lay eggs, take me out to play this game?Hen said: No, I want to work!Chick said: But you’ve got so many eggs!Hen chicks eloquently said: One day an egg, knives step aside, do not lay eggs in January, a pressure cooker Satomi.It exists because you create value, is eliminated because you lose value.Value does not represent the future of the past, so the fight every day!3 Mr Tan mountain road driving, just as he leisurely enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sudden oncoming truck driver rolled down the window and shouted: Pig!Joe Smith grew more and more gas, but also roll down the window cursed: You’re a pig!Ma Wan Gang, he hit head pig herd crossing the road.Do not interpret other people’s good intentions wrongly, he would only make himself into trouble, and allow others to shame.Before know why, first learn to restrain emotions, patient observation, in order to avoid post-germinal remorse.4 bamboo with four years, only 3 cm long, but the fifth started at a rate of 30 cm per day grow wildly, only 6 weeks to grow to 15 m.In fact, in the previous four years, bamboo roots will extend hundreds of meters in the soil.Doing things is also true, do not worry about paying not return, because they are paid to take root, wait until the time is right, you will reach the top of the heap of others.5 husband came home from work, saw his wife beat his son, did not care for them.Went straight to the kitchen and saw a pot of cooked ravioli on a small low table, so a bowl to eat.After beating his son he saw his wife was still there, can not see passed, said: teach children to old can not use violence, to speak the truth Well!His wife said: good pot of ravioli, and he did a urine sprinkled into it, you say people do not irritating gas?Hearing her husband immediately said: wife you take a break, let me beat!Stay out, anyone can calm; wherein living, who can be calm and quiet.So please do not comment on any person, because you are not one of them.6 beggar: Can you give me a hundred bucks?Passers: I only eighty dollars.Beggar: Then you owe me twenty dollars now.Some people think that God owed him, that God gave of old enough, not good enough, greed has replaced the desire gratitude.7 drop of ink in a glass of water falls, discolored glass of water immediately, can not drink; a drop of ink melt into the ocean, the sea is still blue sea.why?Because the two are not the same magnanimous!Straight unfamiliar wheat spattered upwardly bulging, mature wheat bowed his head.why?Because the two are not the same weight!Forgiving others, it is magnanimous; humbled himself, is weight; together, is a person of quality.8 have a gold team walking in the desert, we all trudged, painful, only one person walked happily.People ask: Why are you so nice?He laughed and said: Because I took the least thing.The original happiness is very simple, with a little less on the line.9 a solid big lock hanging on the door, an iron went to great lengths, still unable to break it away.Key here, his thin body got into the keyhole, just gently a big lock on the “pop” to soon open.Irons surprised, and asked: “Why I took so much effort to be open, but you easily put it opens it?”Key said:” Because I know best his heart.”Everyone’s heart is like a locked door, then either you have thick iron pry open.Only care in order to transform itself into a delicate keys, enter the minds of others, understand others.10 old monk monk asked: If you are dead before further, take a step back it will die, how would you do?Monk did not hesitate to say: I’m going to step aside.A change of perspective, when confronted with the dilemma, we might understand: next to Lulu.Someone with a micro-channel chat, some people are learning in the micro letter, growth.Today, we recommend some high-quality micro-letters, you would like to be able to grow every day.How to Watch: Press the two-dimensional code, select the figure to identify the two-dimensional code concerns.Jews micro business sense signal: yt2080 ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.About attention: bring you a taste of the Jews is not the same money concept car Raiders knowledge Micro Signal: car6080 ▲ long by two-dimensional code recognition.Watch Description: I am concerned about equal attention to a car magazine!Scholarly Micro Signal: ssxw00 ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.Watch Introduction: tired?Very busy?All things being vented head.Leisure reading – let you release!Daily animation Micro Signal: xhjbxjj ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.Watch Description: Anime News provides daily animation, anime intelligence, comic books, library, online animation, music, and other rich content animation, anime fans, welcome attention!Global TV movie list Micro Signal: qqysdy ▲ long by two-dimensional code recognition.Watch Introduction: a classic, a joy, a movie, a TV drama, all in here!Elegant woman to teach you to be a micro signal: sscydb ▲ long by two-dimensional code recognition.Watch Description: beautiful is born; 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