Throughout the ages, Yin flowers, Yong spent countless poems and songs, the title of which were multi-Mei.Over the years, Plum has been the object of literati contention Wing brush.Yin people or their clear all forms of God, or chant their charm alone wins, or song that Day parade faithful.    Mei, is one of the three friends of winter, ranking first in the four gentlemen of.It muscle that nowhere else in early spring, not afraid of cold, frost fighting Aoxue, elegant and noble.It “tall and graceful color coated in ice, in the cold heart Chen Li Tao”.Plum it never failing to follow the bees and butterflies around depressed and lost, too thin drift peach, plum it is always “no intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealous” do not learn from it, selfless, no complaints, no regrets quietly in bloom among the cold.    Plum natural beauty Fang- having its beautiful flower diverse and colorful elegant color, beautiful flower position polymorphic, floral fragrance very hot.Our forefathers plum with four virtues, beginning Rui Yuan, flowering as Henry, knot into, mature into infidelity, so many who Aimei world.People not only love their Shuyinghengxie elegant charm and pleasant fragrance, but also love their Aoxue fighting cream, humble and fearless spirit.”Number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.”Say is this spirit.Since ancient times, it was a gentleman plum delight by those who, in their hearts, it has long become a noble, tenacious symbol.    Other flowers are usually open only in the spring, but can plum different, even if it is blowing cold wind, shine it is winter setting sun, still single plum blossoms branches, clusters of flowers in the cold the charming swaying, dancing…The more cold, more wind bully snow pressure, plum open spirit survived, the more beautiful, elegant plum faithful to the attitude demonstrated a quiet and elegant and indomitable people to the United States.Aimei believe world, because people came to realize that plum spirit and strength of character plum, plum appreciate the character and temperament, so they are extremely loved and fishes plum preference.    The ancients said this sentence: “plum blossom from the bitter cold,” Plum afraid of cold, wind, rain and snow after a temper, so the flowers do not become more beautiful, more fragrant.Bach Mai, immaculate; bloom, pure and lovely; Plum, elegant; Plum, beautiful and refined, plum unique charm and fragrance that can help people captivated, it is to bring joy to people’s lives enjoy the beauty.Plum is not only a master in the elegant demeanor appreciate the ancient and modern love Mei Renshi praise it, but also to its plum The muscle, Ling Han fragrant and has been hailed as the essence of the nation, is respected and respected the world.    In fact, the very young, I fell in love with the plum.A “Hongmei Zan” Listen to always make me excited, I cousin Mei situation of Chinese classics “home” inside I had a kind of plum blossom difficult to express feelings, since then, I Aimei deeper.    I remember when I read junior high school, in our school campus there is a bloom, I remember when a winter garden trees bloom, scent the air, I was sitting in a classroom far can smell its fragrance.Bloom is really beautiful, it blossoming glamorous fragrance, pure and lovely, with that pro with dew haze, then pour love Yurun charm, always makes me Anna, like extremely.Remember that time, until the school campus Azeri scattered later, I still secretly fold a few branches, home inserted in glass bottles, placed bedside, I sleep with it so that Mei Xiang.    Later, after I got married, I bought a bird market in a bloom, planted himself in front of the house home, careful irrigation, care, growing on the bloom seems to know what I was thinking, growth was particularly good, every winter, I bloom near the tree, found blooming flowers bloom for me smile, or their belief, or leaning, or thought, or language, or dance, posture odd anomaly scene, splendid garden trees.Then winter morning, there is always a plume of fragrance bloom floated to me from the window.    Mei Xiang Yun snow that memory is a light in my life, it is always reflected the most beautiful and brightest color.    Plum, there is a rhyme, but there is a soul, spineless.Plum she only boring winter bloom, she was decorated with winter ice and moving, extraordinary mood.Not with plum flowers Zhengchun, but forecast the arrival of spring to people in winter season.I always forget Chairman Mao’s “Plum Blossom,” a poem: “Qiao Zheng Chun is not only the spring report.Until the time when flowers are blooming, it leaves laughing.”Yes, I love plum, I love it and innocence, I love it Ling Han alone show, gritty I love it, I love it selfless dedication.    ”If not some cold biting, which fragrant plum blossom?”Mei, is to spend the firm’s highest integrity.Plum is a winter elves, snow sister, messenger of spring, plum excellent high quality, tough and tenacious spirit Mei always worth every one of us to learn and develop.    I love plum, I would like to do a plum like the same person, I want to be like that forever plum virtuous, modest, strong, indomitable, determined to forge!