[REVIEW] I seem to become a leaf white feathers, no unnecessary grief, nor blind joy, just like a feather gently feeling faint, to empty everything, noble and pure soul became an instant the.Can not remember the first time I hear this song is when light music, only clearly remember that since the beginning, it almost became my daily need, like water, like rice, one or two days do not eat, will not be dead, but uncomfortable the extreme.I do not know Daniel Deng master why he named it “empty”, because even I do not understand very musical person, which could hear themselves: there are no empty air, the air has a different type of world.Perhaps, he felt things hustle and bustle, the amount of personnel is difficult, desire and Sunian blurred people’s attention.So, want to empty it “angular” dust of capsules, with music forging paradise on earth, paradise, people washing impetuous but covered with grime hearts.If a book has a preface, it is also true light music.(But a bit needs to be emphasized, before and after I have chosen the version for 4 minutes 06 seconds, so it’s “preamble” the time spent exactly one minute.) “Preamble” to create a mood, ethereal live and breathe clean dust-free.Listening to it, I seem to no longer reality, I live in the world of music created by: Aoyama sometimes sit listening to the birds chirping, sometimes by water pacing find beautiful, sometimes seek to find the rise of the sun, and sometimes enjoy gentle breeze was blowing, sometimes..Uninhabited Chongsan, agreeable environment everywhere, so that the annihilation skies, tall mountains and.”Shan Kwong Yue birds of” cicada shy like hiding under the branches, singing loud songs; sparrows flying to catch the mystery hidden in the woods, twittering barking; Oriole Romans, no longer “Ming Cui Liu, “transformed tolls from the bamboo; how can cicadas durability lonely and indifferent, not to also participate in this music party?Enjoy the singing.”Chanzao forest more than quiet, more secluded mountain birds”.A clear stream from an unknown distance, winds from the dense jungle Cong.Sometimes quiet, quiet no noise; sometimes noisy, bit off the sound, intoxicating cochlea.Accompanied by the sound of water from one kind of gurgling so far I did not understand the empty song, buzzing, mellow mellow.I think, given some shallow lake, right in the depths of a stream, lake has fish, tadpoles swim like Xiang shallow; there are frogs, stone mussels of the genus in which kicking sit.In the middle of the music, from time to time there will be frogs mussels sound came, the whole piece of music to add a lot of soothing.Lake reflection, like a black and white photograph of a beautiful moment freeze.Exposure here, “Tan Ying empty heart,” Let me once that person is not suck, once those are not the things that bothered me, quietly facing the lake, they also think it is a free and happy man.Streams on both sides, sporadically hanging on “fresh grass”, verdant leaves some children dew, dew sparkling like a beloved girl to wipe tears.Over time, it spreads out the dew, inadvertently wet leaves, and some, like defeated soldiers with veins homeopathic slipped; some relic is so reluctant to be away from home, but always want to leave; there like the smoke curl dancing sublimated.In such a poised, graceful wildflowers, eye candy.Butterfly freedom across it, in pairs, fly down fly, fly in fly outside; some open dragonfly romantic, forget all hugged and kissed; bees do not understand romance, may also disdains romantic, just keep picking the pollen.The fallen chaos, suspended air, like Falling snowflakes gentle, affectionate these gentle watery off than water, into the earth, willingly became a quadrangle messengers.At this time, from the mountains to see the sun, the sun was young, release both tenderness interest better light, it seems to want to glance seems like a woman of rare multi-secret jungle?But the dense jungle foliage is the best embellishment, but also the best jungle modesty umbrella.Therefore, the sun no matter how hard they try, it is difficult through this heavily green leaves.Occasionally, there will be still a few beams of light penetrated the lucky and see, but given time not too long, because the sun automatically remove the older, shy.Then, like the mountains windy, slightly, as if to sing folk songs, passionately blowing, bamboo wind chimes and should be issued and wildly as clear crisp sound, but not all, may indeed wind chimes in production this is the first time it will be light music as an integral part of the soundtrack, because that’s crisp and clear sound to the point where they can not do.Of these, some Truly I heard some of my fanciful imagination, but it encompasses content merely “preface” in the first 25 seconds, and then, I was completely fascinated An impact of ancient musical instruments, like the sound of water off than the sound of water more ethereal; like birdsong birdsong more off than mildly; like wind chimes ring sounds off than wind.High and low, slightly heavy, crunchy clear, intermittent, staggered rings.I seem to become a leaf white feathers, no unnecessary grief, nor blind joy, just like a feather gently feeling faint, to empty everything, noble and pure soul became an instant the.In the “preamble” gradual end, came the sound of loose powder monastery beat the wooden fish, Red Buddhist nuns away, fled to Buddhism, empty mind at ease.Wan Lai quiet suddenly, like spring water ice crystals, not smooth flow, only the vast and distant song is still empty, I do not know what will happen, I do not know what the voice will sound unnatural people into a kind of conjecture, as anxious the answer is so eager to know, this desire to make people feel better and make people uncomfortable, “do not worry there is quiet Anhen students, then silence speaks,” here is another uncomfortable feel better.”Paddle” is heard, it seems that isolated situation, “eagerly” sword sound; Li Bai also deemed that laissez-faire unruly drunken sound; the sound of heavy breathing dragon Xiao Feng also deemed that go hand in hand.Cry is, I heard a cry victory.Yes, this is the sound of zither, under Daniel Deng manage master move that skilled hands, flew over the entire Castle, drunk countless like me, living thing.Initially, also like a calm lake, not surprisingly waves; but then, there is sadness, resentment, such as Mu, as if telling a sad past, has been lingering beautiful, but eventually across the sky like a meteor , flying rainbow after the rain, just a beautiful moment, unfortunately, like a long night like endless; love, casual, pain, light, air, and in the years of the rheological, resumed its former tranquility and continue to stubbornly live, just inadvertently, heard the man and the related matter will still have a trace of sadness and melancholy, but the blink of an eye it turns into the wind flew away and disappeared.This time, guqin like a quiet lake, no sorrow, no complaints, has not the slightest hatred, but, entreating the wind bring blessings, seek to empty water memory.Listen, the birds were calling, streams still drip, bamboo and then repeated the song.July 3, 2010