In Nanjing airport terminal back to Beijing, come early, plenty of time, I sat in the waiting hall doing nothing, watching people coming and going.In the end Nanjing, Beijing than to warm.There are several days away from the beginning of summer, all the girls can not wait to wear short skirts and sandals.I sat across from a woman look older thirty years old, and as a young girl, wearing a knee-length skirt, and in solar terms, also running for ages.    He came an elderly couple sitting next to me on vacancy.Listen to them speak perfect Beijing dialect, you know the old Beijing.They speak the voice of some big, some apparently her husband’s ears back, and age does not forgive.But look at their age, in fact, also of seventy, not too much.Listen to them speak, is in Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang in a circle, flew back to Beijing from Nanjing.    Suddenly, I found their voices become small down.Such a small voice, audible wife, husband actually can not know.However, his wife, lowered his voice still talking, but try to stick in the mouth of her husband’s ear.I vaguely heard really like!so similar!They repeatedly said several times, endless sigh in it.    Sound can be down, but look confused thoughts leaked.Along the old couple’s eyes, I found that they both eyes fell on the woman across from him.    I carefully looked at the woman and found her black skirt and sky blue long-sleeved shirt, as well as the feet of a pair of white Nike sneakers, a good fit.And her haircut Qi ears, short hair, is also a good fit.Of course, and her delicate body more ride.Much like an athlete.In fact, the skirt is not suitable for all women, in her body, but skirts the finishing touch, so extraordinarily beautiful pair of legs.    Like, who is this woman very much like it?My heart will guess, probably like the old couple’s daughter, right?Under the sun, you can experience very similar to the probability of two people, not high.This woman, let the old couple to think of what their loved ones.Otherwise, they would not talk so quietly, the sound is very low, but some emotion.It can make people emotional, not their loved ones, who would it be?    I saw, suddenly Yanzui wife Puchi smile, he laughed along with her husband.I guess, and certainly laugh about this woman opposite, but did not disturb this woman, she is still beautiful legs tilted, looking at mobile phone, mouth curved’re smiling, but her smile and the old couple unrelated, probably a micro-channel or a friend on a cell phone rings or have any fun piece of information.    Why do not you talk to her talk about?You go to say, I am an old man, I am embarrassed to hear the old couple’s conversation, he looked at his wife stood up, and turned things are directed at the husband said something I rushed ahead!They went across the front of the woman, he simply said: girl, you disturb it!The woman put down the phone, stand up and politely asked: Auntie, do you have anything?This is, you look very much like our daughter.Then, his wife opened their phones to see this woman, probably find photos of her daughter, the woman could not help but exclaimed: it is too much like a!How can it be like this!I could not help but glance at the side of the husband, he has been smiling at the woman.    We want to take a picture together and you do not know can not?His wife said politely.It too!Later I have to ask you to put your daughter’s photos on my phone it!    Her husband got up, went to the woman’s side, his wife at me and said: could you help us take a picture!She handed the phone in my hand.I do not see the photo on the phone, do not know their daughter and their side like this woman in the end how, but from their conversation that his daughter ten years ago to study in the United States, working to stay in the United States after graduation, busy with work , elementary school children and just can not do without people, have not been home for five years.Yearning to be like this woman around her daughter’s index adding to the score.    According over with, I handed the phone to his wife when the husband heard this woman simply said: children, I can hold you about it?Woman held out her arms hugging him live.I saw his eyes with tears Tang Chu.I did not think that, at that moment, this woman also shed tears.