When [REVIEW] have a feeling when you wake up at midnight, your pillow wet with tears, only to find you, that you like to call the girl heartless man, really, really gone.  When the setting sun, is the most beautiful sunset?It should be the deepest in the fall of that touch of sunset bar!  - Inscription If I lost the ability to speak, what will become of me?I think the time is there a touch of sunset on top of the head, with the nature of sway with red dye, it does not seem to be transformed into a grand wedding feast would not give up the sky like.    Please forgive my poor imagination.I just returned from a wedding feast to come out, drink a little red wine is said to be capable of beauty, but normally I do not drink the people, so it is to drink a little red wine, so there is a feeling a little drunk.Only to hear a lot of words of blessing rippling in the ears, eyes all red, all red rouge layer of even the bride’s face.    This is a kind of never had the feeling, very warm, very happy, very short.Knowing that, no matter how good feast, when there will be scattered when the happy couple into a happy new home, who will care about, leave the back, some people are feeling frustrated.    Although I am not the only person secretly depressed, but I was her sister.Sister looked pale face, I really do not know what to say.In front of people really sad, all the words of comfort are so lied.I only clutched her sister’s hand, with the wind blowing river in the river, watching the river flow through the rush, and water at the end of day, are without shelter stopped smoke, in the sunset, a faint glow red.Like her sister’s eyes, but also a touch of glowing red.    Sister is a very quiet girl, quiet to others tend to be ignored.So I always say to her sister: “You can not be so quiet, you can put your idea in mind to tell him?”I say he is our next door to a boy.Very sunny, very energetic, and when he smiles at you, you will have a feeling of autumn sun shines on the body.We grew up with playmates, we think we know each other who can not replace, but we forget, everyone will have their own ideas, what do you think of when.You really only thought of.So, ten years later, he gave positioning sister: is a quiet sister.The sister was in ten years time, weaving in a most beautiful love.    Sister always called me with a smile: “how do you always so heartless ah!Why did not you let a man you love it?”I will fight back with a smile:” Because I love my sister from the mother’s stomach were taken away, so I tried to eat besides, nothing will.”Yes, we are sisters, and sisters are twins, so I see my sister like to see another self in the mirror.I saw my sister’s love for the boys, so I chose the boy as his brother.But I forget, this kind of thing, not by a person in charge of my.When the boys first handed me a love letter, I know, some things.Really is doomed.    ”I really will leave you.”When the last time the boys around me, there are just a leaf falling to the top of my head.    ”All the way to treasure.”I only said the words, they never ran and walked away.I’m not heartless, but because it is just words, I have exhausted all the strength.I do not want defeated in the face of a loved one.    Yes, I love him, love him ten years, love him like a sister, like ten years.I know he loves me ten years.However, when the family encounters love, I would not hesitate to choose family.I can not ignore my delight in the pain accomplish my favorite sister, so I do not love, so I chose to live heartless.    But these, I will never tell my sister.I’ll stay with my sister cry, accompanied her sister to laugh, but I will not let my sister accompanied me sad.Because I am a heartless girl.That always smiled and called me heartless girl who never scolded me so.    And not be slow river is still flowing in, because they came up with it will reach the goal?So will such a calm and prosperous.The mind can not help but think of a poem: “You live the Yangtze River head, I live in the Yangtze River tail, day thinking Do not you see Jun, drink from the water of the Yangtze River.”Yes, after the knot married, they will go to Shanghai to begin their new life in the bustling city of tall.I will in this River City, keep looking at a happy, but I have lost the ability to love.    Sister quiet tears, suddenly, she spoke to say the thing that I will never forget, she quietly looked at me, asked softly: “Do you know why I’m crying it?I was made for you ah!I am your sister ah!Do you think sacrifice their own happiness I’ll be happy you?How can you be so silly?””What makes you say that?”” You should ask why only now you say, he will not let me say ah!He said he will want to bet a love.If you can not in the end a compromise for love, then he really will leave you completely.”I know that one day I might feel sorry, but I never thought it would be such a way.It turned out that love is not missed me, but I failed love.I thought I sake, as I think that the leaves should be tightly nestled together with trees.I did my best to keep this piece of beautiful leaves fall off the trees, but the time to fruition, but I forget the most natural way is to make it one after another falling.    When autumn rolled Akiba Hou dancing in the sunset, so beautiful, in addition to the fall season to be replaced by?Like some people, some things, you traveled far far away when you think you really forgotten.But when there is a feeling when you wake up at midnight, your pillow wet with tears, only to find you, that you like to call the girl heartless man, it really, really is gone.    Leaving only love, in late autumn sunset, burning, endless.‥