A cold late autumn, on campus bathed in yellow parasol trees.    ”Teacher, we have in the classroom.”Tom Lark-like sound, to bring the message of spring.    On the teaching building stairs, just met Wenlang group of people who go down.They just nostalgia in the classroom.I see, one by one “old” students shouted to me “good teacher,” I hastened to respond to one side, while the search for the corresponding seven years ago in the mind of the face.    Time flies, they have graduated 17 years.    When they are with a teacher when I just work first students.Remember when I was secretary of the band came to the classroom, introducing them to my new teacher, my heart is full of apprehension, I just graduated from college, could manage only a little more than I do three or four students?Moreover, they are still graduating class, will all “Oil Stick” of it?Later, Wen Long squad leader said to me: “Teacher Do not worry, I’ll help you.”At the time I really felt instantly comforted.    Later in the year, we get along fairly harmonious.I remember the lessons of not roll up a newspaper and morning exercises Diqing Wei Zhong, they deliberately loudly cried in great pain, again and again, laughing ensure not the next.Remember the winter in order to deal more and more serious Kuang morning exercise behavior, I announced the first night, the next morning to go and investigate morning exercises.Yet when I finally struggled out of bed, but found that the operator is not raining outside.Remember the lesson I kept nagging Xu Chang an hour, he squinted at me in silence, I turned around, just lying on the table to sleep.Remember I went to the girls bedroom, listening to Tom and say Xiaoxia class gossip gossip, hear me forget I am a teacher.Remember Wenlang and Tom to my dorm cooking, their craft a lot better than me, that makes me a real treat dish.Remember Liping told me that I am not like the teacher, not the teacher’s dignity.I remember being in class, the classroom was silent, Tao suddenly blurting: “Teacher, I know you’re very gentle,” let me by surprise speechless.Remember the words of praise star is very beautiful, and then he pointed to the words on the blackboard I commented that the teacher’s word is very pretty.Remember Wenlang and Ah Wang took me to visit this West Lake, but lost his way, let me go almost broken foot.Remember their graduation day, number of days of heavy rain the flooding on campus, only to rush farewell…..    They are my first students, it has a different meaning for me.A year to get along, we are both teachers and students, but also friends.My new teacher to grow into old teacher, from their school to the community, we grow together.They have youth in my figure, my youth there they smile.    Deliberative floor next to a lush pine and cypress, camphor, and also the same as seven years ago.They posed for joy in front of the building, hugging.A week ago are rainy, God specifically for today’s gathering became clear.Warm in the sun, but also to bring a smile to let the sun heat.    ”I also know what?”” Do you remember who this is?”Female students kept questioning belated Ah Wang.    ”of course I remember.You are XX.”Ah Wang forehead in a row to shoot straight hair erect, proud self-confidence.The correct answer to a big hug.”Your name.?”Ah Wang Guorong looked emaciated than before, thinking wildly.Well, the name is on the lips, but did not come through.Or to a big hug.The crowd laughed, laughter rippling maneuver in the air.    We go on the road together on campus, talk talk.Skies are blue, bright yellow ginkgo leaves in the breeze swagger.    ”There was once a factory.”” No, no, factory over there.”” Piece of river it?Bridge it?Billboards still has not changed.”” This is what former canteen?Ah, here is the location of the cinema.”Marching, years back in the river.Verbal exchanges, the recovery of memories.Time Machine “wind,” to open soon return to the past.Things transformation, marshes.Fortunately, you can still see the same smile when you meet.    Yuan Tang in school lunch, sit in two tables.    Xu Qiang and Chang came from Shanghai, attracted a new round greet boom.When Xu Chang suck smoke oblique point of time in the mouth, the eyes, “ruffian ruffian,” look, and exactly the same as the year.    We respect each other with wine.Students to respect me, are to take care to say: “Teacher, I kill, you are free.”” Teacher, I respect you.”State-hui went to another table from me,” Teacher, you kill, I randomly.”I quickly end the wine to stand up, and he clinked glasses, drank a small mouth.Remember when graduation dinner, Hui country in order to force me to drink, put my chopsticks are not allowed to take off my bite.It can be difficult to deal with child.    State-hui said: “Teacher, you did not catch it?I say that you kill, I randomly.”Small eyes reveals a conspiracy to succeed proud.    Relative luminance country naughty, the other male students on aging and more.Star laments the middle-aged, three high.Health sigh environmental pollution, low immunity.You have to healthy living ah.Drink less and less smoke less and exercise more entertaining.No old teacher, what do you do with worry.    In front of the building Munetomo photo.Wenbin jumped onto the table, one hand held high in one hand akimbo schematic, quite great momentum.The child but funny than before.Then was shot here graduation photo.They went their separate ways after graduation, and now here again gather.Year pine tall, whitewashed buildings of the year, who then has scattered the End of the World.You did not come back, okay?    The next is scheduled to play Jiande.I was hesitant.Ultimately could not withstand their sincere invitation Ruanmoyingpao hui country coercion, and my heart want and they are happy with desire.    Dealers high-speed, all the way out at the forest autumn is strong, mottled.Chatting, soon to.    Roadside rendezvous with the students of Jiande victory.Tom said the stocky honest as mayor Li Yuan.This official hat too low, or at least it should be mayor ah.Lihua said Suping woman full of flavor, not like the previous tomboy.Qi Huai holding a child, she was still a child-like ah.World hung stiffly standing by, the host is not too heavy burden?Wu made the time to see, attracted everyone exclaimed, “Is not it?How long so fat?”Then a mighty group of people ready to pick oranges.In the car on the mountain road circling the hillside of orange trees with fruit, mouthwatering.On the roadside waiting for a little while, Wen Long playfully picking on the roadside oranges, which can really craving Tom’s daughter.Tom went Wenlang to discuss the.People sharing a car to eat, really sweet ah.    After World Hung took us to the fishing village Sanjiangkou.Here it is located in Xin’an River, Fuchun River, Lanxi Sanjiang confluence.Since the late hour, it will be inconvenient for fear of picking up the mountain in the village around.Black tiles and white walls of the old house, simple thick.Huazhexiaochuan fisherman, leisurely glide in the water.Cornices auditorium white wall that read a long history presentation.Ma Ci playing workshops, traditional crafts people to try it, but soft and waxy and warming up Ma CI more attractive.A group of people rush to get the monkey in Ma fried rice cake to eat, the boss kept count, Wenlang pay later.This squad has always been good monitor it.    Promenade weeping into the water, seen from afar is rolling hills, sunset faint, far from the shimmering river.Walking on the promenade, we are still talking and laughing with each other.What a beautiful fishing village in the evening.    Not to pick, SANCARE not let you empty-handed, then contact the farm to buy oranges.While waiting, we looked at the orange roadside tree, really antsy.    Long before there demonstration files stolen orange after-hui has urged the country’s instigation, Tom then embarked on a “crime”.There is a roadside orange forest, Tom said to steal to eat two oranges.At first she was very scared, they have to hand pick the most of a tree by the roadside, Hui distant country in the car conductor said: “roadside oranges bad, pick inside!”Tom immediately obey, to the forest.Hui said the driver of the country: “You are a man, you should go ah.”State-hui said:” Just because I am a man, can not go.Woman was caught, she could blow off Johnson made Fadia.It is not, I can go to her redemption.”We are listening to music, when the eldest child of wisdom is to.    Tom finally came back, pocket hand six or seven oranges.We asked her how so greedy ah.She said with deep feeling: “I think one person, have had to eat.”This is really really touching loyalty.    We enjoy the pleasant “swag” gone back only to find a large force.Chasing a section of the road, did not see the other car.Which it seems to bend with the lost.Micro-channel contact quickly, but we saw other people in the group made a photo.They are farm yard, side to orange crates, while bingeing.Our “runs the risk” of a car is really the envy of jealous hate, only constantly remind them that we do not forget to install several boxes ah.    Bridge in Sanjiang no choice but to wait for the return of a large force.Sun fell from the side of the mountain, the Peak Tower, raising pond pearls, small boats and fishermen, are disappearing in the twilight.    After you join, arrive at the hotel the night.Lunch in two tables, everyone says that chatting is not fun, it is a circle of people sitting closely huge round table in the dining room nearly ten meters in diameter edge.    Long Hui Wen country toast the start to take the lead.A clockwise and a counter-clockwise, past a classmate King.Jing-hui around the country to be the position down, Wenlang still half turn, respect to female students over there is difficult to cross the border.Slowly, the students start you respect me, I respect you, warm up the atmosphere.    Element to end the cup sit next to me, looked solemn and said: “Teacher, I feel it, you.”I heard him saying, and think that they live in the scene, can not help but Yankuangshirun.Element to think I have it moved, said: “Teacher, I do not say, I respect you.”I will end his glass in one gulp, then left.After a while, Li Yuan and the end of the glass sit next to me, still look dignified, it’s still just those words, I saw tears again when coming down, Li Yuan again drank wine, stood up and left.Alas, I did not expect Element to have so many words and I want to say.And other third Element to sit next to me, I almost cried and asked him: “Li Yuan, you are special to come to what I say cry?”Element to pause for a moment and said:” Teacher, I have to ask you.You write a message on my graduation book half What does it mean?”After seventeen years the original Element to the heart has been buried with questions about that half of the sentence, and now finally asked out using alcohol, but also in the two I cry.    They are a little drink high.Some students drink blush, some students drink more than words, and some students began to walk swinging drink.    After dinner in the luxurious KTV crazy fun.    Tom sang “frontier of spring water and clear,” clear voice sounds good.Hui said that this country is Tom then teach you to sing the first song, he has been obsessed.Unexpectedly, Qiang sing a lot of popular songs.Unexpectedly, SANCARE looks very thin, singing energy is great, earth-shattering those rock songs sung.Unexpectedly, Suping Wu hair and singing “I love you”, that is too Biao treble heaven into the earth.The most confused of the night is Wenlang.When Lihua sing, drink faint text but Long cut her song, and then said to the teacher to sing a song.I said, how do you Cherie Hua songs?People sing good.He also said no dizzy.And drunk people really makes no sense to tell ah.Wen Long on over and over, he quickly went to tell Lihua confessing his sin, he faint and went.After a while, Wenlang was filled room to find his bag, and so to get, but also cute tilted his head, said: “This package can be important, ah, money inside.”Then put a bag, and shake to go with confused.I would go, Wenlang came over and said to me to sing a song.I said, ah sung.He puzzled and asked, “sang the?Really sung?”After I get a positive reply, he told me to sacrifice my song, song sets point to the ‘Northern Spring’, pulled in front of me to listen to him over and over.I just sat back position no one will Wenlang and shook me and said: “Teacher, I want to offer song to you, Northland.”Later, Northland sing it three times, in three versions.Really dumbfounding ah.    Lively dance music led the whole the best.Active to inactive students were rushed to the middle of the room, everyone dancing together.Xuejun and Hui country to stand on the speaker, waving his arms and led the audience.Xuejun took the microphone, as if the professional DJ in general, directing all twisted up.When Tom Diqing suddenly put him up on the speakers, the audience most enthusiastic moment appeared.After entered the crazy stage, the boys learn to Diqing kind, dragging female students holding onto the speakers.More crazy is that, under the command of the military school, a group of people even I live, country hard-hui drag me to see?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / sanwenzhuanti / 2010/0123/15744.HTML “target = ‘_ blank’> like  shake buildings ?Sleeper Connaught axillary administer about Hou He stir vessels coarse mirror Shen Greek  groove enzyme  betray Ь mesh Zheng?ldquo; left about “swinging.    And with them, young people have become.    Xu Chang with emotion, told me: “My grandfather’s people are to do, to see how they are still like children do?”Then he said he had been naive before, asked me if I thought he was a bad person.I smiled and answered him: “You are certainly not bad.You just do not learn it.I have never done a bad thing ah.”Xu Chang quietly smoking, drinking.After a while, I began to sigh, and then asked me again that he is not a bad man.It seems that today many people have been set up “repeat” mode of.    To zero over, the carnival fun.World hung on behalf of Jiande students short speech, almost make me cry.I said to you: “No matter what time you get together again, no matter where you at a party, I am willing to participate.”I would always retain this teacher-student friendship.