Akiba reverie pick up an autumn leaf gazing.Golden memories, full of gorgeous autumn!Flashed red autumn leaves, love of autumn?Autumn’s fate?Gently stroked, hides into her arms, treasure in my heart.Wind drift, the character is Akiba, in the heat of the heart, the issue is not willing to cry: “Wine does not intoxicate!”” Unrequited love!”.Solemn understand the heart quiver, elegant and spin a few times, in the autumn, the number of tender response?A rushing sound, the sound is it Yuannu?.Perhaps hung in the balance imagination, vision had hung in the balance, posted on the hearts and stirred up a love Jisi, do not drop blah hour awakened her dream?It will expose the autumn chill?.Cry in his arms, Hatefury, apathy.Why did you passionate eyes flashed from?That long suffering heart burning temperature.(● E-tai)