Hurry, forget the time already.Suddenly, I heard a muffled sigh, the flowers.Fog, wet lintel.There are broken beads, gently slide.Everything changed its appearance.Quartzite, strewn with a few fallen leaves.We are cautious footsteps away, as if it was a living creature leaves.Amitabha.Donor, where have you been?Wind-off, a leaf flutter.Mountains and water fleeing.Trees are back.I want to catch the wind, the wind is gone, yet cool Qinru my Shuangbin.Sad cool, faded youth.Like a tree pulled out of the ground, flying up loose soil.My eyes would also like to capture what.Dry branches already no sound.Only this sandy land are full of all sorts of symbols.Like a naughty child, so abstract.But there are endless interpretation, different symbolic, and endless significance.Perhaps, in this world once, perhaps, today turned into a maybe.But perhaps because of this, my heart there is a possibility.I think tomorrow there is a new hope.I did not hesitate, I hesitate to use the teardrop, this life gently cohesion.Has been so quiet.Quiet only hear a rumor, I heard a leaf fall.Fall to make a dream, gently wetting.