[1] on the second floor hallway bulletin board posted the latest monthly exam results, I glance from a distance, Ji Lingqing a lot of top-ranking.Recently his mother that he did not know where to fall in love, and warned him that puppy love will affect learning, achievement go up if she is firmly opposed.In fact, Ji Lingqing in learning has always been on the lower end, if love is not the slightest relationship with.That said Ji Lingqing was a little worried, vowed to take academic post, to avoid being caught out mom.I’ve seen Ji Lingqing holding textbook scratching the way, both upset and moved.Chagrin that he really was not interested in learning, now force myself to work hard, inefficient imagined, more importantly, he was not happy.And I moved, he put our feelings very seriously, at least for now is this.Exam transcript read it?After school we went home together, Ji Lingqing suddenly tilted his head asked me.Ok.I am not at all pleased it up, really make life difficult for you.Nothing, not that thing more books.If you’ve really simple would not be so bad a result, some people are born not get high marks of material.Haha, what are you disguised boast of his good grades.Ji Lingqing joked.He saw me frown not get in a word, it is followed by a sigh.In fact, Ji Lingqing paused, I looked at him he added: In fact, I recently had not forced himself to read, and I have a new way.You discovered the trick of learning?Kind of..Ji Lingqing answer was ambiguous.Although things are moving in the right direction, but I’m still worried, from small to large I have always been a pessimist.After the crossroads when Ji Lingqing pull me up, I noticed a red light, he turned his head to smile apologetically.I saw Ji Lingqing injured left hand, palm wrapped gauze around a circle.Your hands hurt not good?Soon.A few days ago Ji Lingqing to homes for the elderly to do volunteer work, accidentally cut the palm of your hand, you figure there are days the.In addition to his poor academic performance, other aspects are much better than many of their peers at school.Who looks handsome, tall basketball skills are good, the most important is his kind and helpful.Do not let yourself not happy, otherwise I will not be happy.In a separate fork when I say these words to Ji Lingqing.He nodded, his face is to meet the happy face.[2] In order to meet the city’s annual assessment of school organized a clean-up, Ji Lingqing assigned to clean the windows task.He went to our class came to me, let me help.I know he’s not a good hand injury, took the rag fart Britain to follow him.To his classroom and I did not know him as well as a set of cleaning the windows of my rival Qin Xue.In fact, I told Xue Qin and there is no direct contradiction, but we live in the same district, had been friction between the parents, I was ordered not allowed contact with her.Although not have to comply with the ban parents, but Xue Qin This man gave me the feeling is too strong, and I can not be friends with, simply shun meaning parents.I am a person can also be done in.Xue Qin said to me after seeing Ji Lingqing.How that line, I still want to share themselves.Ji Lingqing smiled.Have not you married yet, just you, for me, ah.Xue Qin is like mouth cheap.I’m too lazy to answer her, wrung rag just keep clean the windows, Xue Qin knocked went aside.Ji Lingqing followed my behind for water, wring the cloth together with the right hand and occasionally I.You be careful.He did not remind me from time to time.I was delighted, Xue Qin peek.Her face is difficult to see, so I guess she might have a crush on Ji Lingqing point.To thank me the next day at noon Ji Lingqing invited me to school near Chongqing hot pot restaurants to eat, the World Wide Web.5aigushi.COM We both have been very fond of spicy taste.Because of hand injuries, Ji Lingqing has been for some time does not appear on the basketball court, I suddenly remembered the front desk a few days later the boys say school basketball game wants to do, so I asked Ji Lingqing: Do you want to play it on behalf of your class , it is said to perform well into the school basketball team can do.what?Fog blocked the pot Ji Lingqing face.I say you do participate in basketball game?No good hand injury.After two weeks of competition is something, when hands were okay.I frowned, that thou mayest Cayao no ah, how such a long time is not good, does not it can be inflamed.It should be almost ready.Ji Lingqing clip a chopsticks into my bowl of meat, I do not want to participate in the competition, a waste of time.I still have to spend more time on learning, so his grades slipped and mention this issue let me a headache, I looked at his eyes, he turned his head ducked.You have something without telling me?I put down the chopsticks in protest.

Looked at the subject, can not help but put my thoughts into it late seventies, passionate high school……    1976, we graduated from elementary school into junior high school ninth (later renamed vocational schools), and soon, “Gang of Four” was crushed, education front poke haze, with one of the spring and King Ming.After ten years of turmoil and our edification, is covered in a “missing” word, lack of knowledge; the basics of almost zero.Lack of morality; fight, fight serious.The lack of lack of education; no head teachers, teachers do not respect.Lack of organization and discipline, rambling ideas……We urgently need a body that can help us cut cancer, reshape our beautiful soul with a noble spirit to help us on the right path of mentor, while the teacher is our junior high school teacher – Dong teacher.    Dong teacher from Beijing, after graduating from college, was assigned to the city, lovers in Beijing, also with around one daughter started school, competent body, Qi ears, short hair, a standard Mandarin, giving an extraordinary intellectual temperament.Dong teacher bishop chemistry, but also and our teacher, she served only from our teacher the day, everything in our body has undergone enormous changes…..    First of all, we have a strong organizational discipline.First day, we almost did not go to self-study course, because on a self-study course, and that is our freedom lesson; speak, walk, slapstick each other; with the teacher’s words, “three miles outside could hear the noise” Therefore, Dong teacher often self-study course schedule is full, sometimes, we also use the self-study courses to private tuition, or simply put their lesson plans back in the classroom, students often hold back some naughty Aoao called.After renovation, the first two days, we can consciously self-study courses on learning.Dong teacher was very strict in our study, then, just smashing of the “Gang of Four”, gradually into formal education, teacher Dong great vision and said: “Now, the state undone, the future certainly by the University College Entrance Examination, and your ultimate goal is through years of efforts, the ideal of the university, will be a future.”She asked her class achievement in grades is ringing, excellent in all respects.Although she is a chemistry teacher, also taught us mathematics, physics.So when we respect that poor academic performance, she can give us a tutorial that knowledge, often meet this situation, she is giving us tutoring math, math teacher entered the classroom, she had embarrassed smile, out of the classroom, the the podium to give math teacher.    In the study and at the same time, she often in our ideological education, give us a vivid political class, talk about some philosophy of life, for us to instill good things, the development of our young people truth, goodness and beauty of human nature, warned us “industry , diligence, and waste in the play, ” ‘Him’.To abandon some bad habits in primary schools to develop the.Dong teacher and mentor and we both are good friends, we often invited to her house to play, we increased the feelings between teachers and students play in.Therefore, a three-year junior high school, our class atmosphere is very good, all aspects of performance has been among the best in the year.    Primary school for five years, I have not had formal teacher, unexamined mixed primary school since junior high school, he met Dong teacher, I truly understand: “Teacher, why preaching, Tuition, doubts also.”Only understand the teacher is a respectable profession, and understand the importance of our knowledge, they would understand a lot of truth in life.    Since my childhood in literature had a strong interest in the leisure class I often soak in a bookstore, read extracurricular books, literary classics.After Dong teacher knows, in the class to me many times praise and encouragement, so I have a deeper affection and gratitude Dong teacher, the teacher in order to repay my love, and I study harder, language scores in the same class top.In particular essay, my writing is often the teacher as Pham Van, reading in each class, the more essay writing better, writing classes often became my essay writing class.I also represented the class in a school essay contest and won the first prize, which I have always maintained good grades to junior high school graduation.    But in sharp contrast, my performance has been hovering in the middle and lower reaches of science, foreign language achievement is not good, and never able to stand up.    My reason for writing has been good, I can not do without any of several language teacher for my guidance and assistance.Most affected female teacher surnamed Xing, in his thirties, is a beautiful young teacher.Another male teacher surnamed Zhang, a tall man, wearing spectacles, gentle.She (he) or called me into office, when faced with criticism guide my writing, or my writing reviews in the class.I remember once writing, “rain”, I put the spring rain described as “thunder and lightning, large coins rain falls on.”When reading this essay in class, laughter in the classroom, I was shame not wait to have a way to seam drilling.After class, Xing teacher called me to the office, where I pointed out the good essay writing, lack of places, those places lacking in common sense, again let me rewrite the article, and read in class, for me to restore face, I was very grateful.There Zhang, face to face once told me a good article, what should the idea, foreshadowing how to play, how to write coherent, and said: “When you lay the draft, do not rush to revise, set aside a day on every you a chance to modify; so, you will find that there are many undesirable places, and the original idea and different, and open your mind, and broader than the original idea, the better. “.Zhang inculcate, I still remember, benefited greatly influenced my half, I still write in this way the teacher.    Junior high school three years passed quickly, in which junior high school three years, I was fortunate to meet mentors on these roads in my life, I put these teacher called my teacher opened the door, she (he) have opened my soul door, opened the door of my life, I opened the door of knowledge.    2080, I left the junior high school, came to the school two years of high school on the fourth, this time, the college entrance examination system has been restored, students who for their own bright future and worked hard with.From the very beginning ,, high-class learning atmosphere is very strong, more competitive, more pressure, often study up to eleven, to the High School, points the arts, science classes and regular classes.Is a group of science classes, double shift for the liberal arts classes, a, collectively referred to as second class key class.I did very well because of the language, he was assigned to the liberal arts classes.At this school, attaches great importance to college entrance rate, teachers often told us previous students admitted to the University, to inspire us to learn; we encourage the development of a comprehensive liberal arts, not one-sided emphasis on liberal arts.And our class a few liberal arts performance good, very good writing students (including me) have seen a fatal side branches phenomenon.Done quite liberal arts, science and foreign languages often fail, our class is any teacher, a history teacher, told us every day the dangers of side branches, well-meaning, and predicted that this continues not enter the university gate.Although, I also know that side branches as much harm, but because the infrastructure is poor, weak economic foundation of esoteric science is not interested in; do nothing to dull the language, the less inside the door.I remember when we teach a foreign language teacher is golden, the city is well-known foreign language teacher.To improve the performance of our language, foreign language class, she classroom seats divided into two parts, one side is a good student academic performance, while the poor academic performance of students; teaching according to the level of students taught while teaching side; ingenuity, well-intentioned.But I still do not increase the foreign language achievement, in retrospect, really regret not hard to learn.    Bring serious consequences are side branches; I was destined to get into university gates.To those of us who are not university students deformity.When I looked jealous classmates took notice of the University elated look, sighed the unfairness of fate; why others trees bear rich fruit?And their tree has withered in the autumn, withered?    With the entrance exam, I graduated from high school, my school days came to an end, I am about to say goodbye to the campus into a turning point in my life — to the community.So far retrospect, five junior high school; happiness is often painful; there is joy, there is also regret; there are lucky, there are regrets.But all over time, it becomes history; only remain on paper, on the desk, open the read, take heart from Yee ripple, not a good feeling in their hearts.

[Editor’s note] campus life colorful and more students are innocent, they add vitality to the campus, their growth make life enjoyable.Please click on Jun students read fragments of life, I believe it will inspire your innocence.(A) with regard to the registration yesterday, the school began to sign up.The original grade teacher doll can convert all, are not familiar with.Math teacher looks cheerful, seemed to speak a language teacher frail.Very young.There are 15 yuan tuition fees this job, another $ 40 Insurance.Inevitable meals, not yet closed, about 95 yuan per month, and as usual it, and the one-time paid in full.This was dissatisfied with the original parents, some live next to the school, some families are not very rich, very frugal.But the school at noon let them go, a lot of rhetoric.The effect of it, I do not know other children at home, say hungry baby after school, busy looking for a snack after coming back.Parents of a joke summary sentence: Do you still think about it, people are approved teacher salaries, so no bonus from there to find.In fact, the most critical is that the chef is a foreign tenant, parents are worried about the quality of food that.I do not know this semester the teacher will not be required, pre-teacher asked the students to buy a laptop in a store outside the school, and if such a pattern cover, or the cover of what to buy in a bookstore “explore issues and articles”, “Huanggang small champion” not the same as not allowed to do their homework on it, it will not take away No..Honest parents shopped for the kids led.While looking for that kind of paper made by hand, while set to “student newspaper” .Etc. sorts of things.Math teacher more ways some time ago she was in a private school part-time, regardless of school holiday, each issue of the students in the class slightly prompt, the purpose of dignitaries to attend “Mathematical Olympiad” class.You do not, well, you usually do not know the slightest, he will be heavily criticized not serious learning, stupid.Some will say no intention to participate in “Mathematical Olympiad” classmates now very smart.When even more open parents, insinuating.This is pretty good too, a teaching semester 280 yuan.Now Department of Education to prohibit the offer “Mathematical Olympiad” class, some teachers in their own home or outside the rental office cram a week 100-200 per month.This new teacher semester, I wait and see.Looking at the heavy bag on the tender shoulders, young minds have not yet know how to make money the hard work of adults, or let their carefree childhood had it better.(B) lectures on this day, I heard that the principal should be led business to attend classes, class guard .The teacher asked the students how?Opinions, a small students: the teacher can answer questions on the left hand move, the teacher can not answer a question on the right hand move, a clear.Teacher promised, while improving, looking to run classes on good results, you are ready to answer these questions, he was prepared to answer those questions.Class, class wind rigorous, persuasive teacher professor, the students listen first body end positive.Enthusiastically raised their hands, along with the A pumping, no doubt.Principals and the public is pleased with emotion, good quality of our teaching, teachers Jiaojiao.Hsin Tao teacher counterparts in other classes, learn a trick.Happy.(C) test on the doll can come back, fling the bag on the bed, just to grab on the table sizzling pork.Habitual Mei Niang began to ask about what happened at school today.May Doll said: “Today’s math teacher has stepped up a few lessons to review the contents of the previous few days to the exam.This examination is as if I heard the teacher and other school proctor mutual exchange.”I smiled:” That’s all, teachers do not know examiner will strictly enforce the system, so that those students usually will not do the job uncomfortable.You would not class as another copy as usual, all of them are high.A family conference, their parents see their baby is a good score, look intoxicated appearance, how not to think about the reasons achievement contrast, usually do not pay attention to explain the child’s learning.”But baby quietly says:” The teacher said today, although teachers and other school proctor mutual exchange, but the papers are unified volume name seal.She let us put a check mark in the back-choice, that this is our class the.”‘No way.’I am surprised muttered.Mei Niangshui: “This is some people gain face for the salaries and bonuses to come out another way, usually do not speak the classroom understand, and circle down to her house parents and students to make up classes.That day asked, can a doll.”” Not.”I immediately responded,” to learn the content of which is to talk about homework, the largest advance will give back the contents say about it.Can not the doll’s achievements would not have any impact.”I silently think that, in the end this is a human problem, is still a common phenomenon.I saw something behind, a tainted money, if they were to sour, it seems better to explain some.Shook his head, we all do not want to go to analyze the phenomenon of default, anyone clever, but who did not put forward their views and opinions, but also just as a chat between parents.(Iv) some advice on learning one day, I can combine learning teacher QQ doll to leave a suggestion: Hello teacher, in the new text of each, there are many tables Note spelling of new words, but in the final text alone only some of its listed.When students return home homework or review, focus only on the part of the copying understanding listed separately, for the other remaining new words in the text, it is not so concerned about.It appears not remember, mind is not strong, and after forget, can not afford to dictation, considered incomplete, wrong word and so on, while some idioms in the text of the statement or the beautiful passages, may accommodate a young age, they can not understand behind meaning, correspondingly less attention, it might affect the writing of the essay.Some responsible parents every day to check students’ homework, and found reasons for the problems, and problems.Help students review, point of time, to explain, and student learning together.We hope that teachers allow them to transcribe what vocabulary, idioms.After all, there are inert existence, students sometimes need to give them the guidance given in the reference of each journey.Recalling often have learned the words to review, and sometimes they are learning in order to meet the immediate and not so firm grasp of the knowledge learned.These we all know, more than just a personal mention here, please refer to.Such a long time, QQ no response.(E) on the eve of Spring Spring in March, just peach blossoms.Friday doll can be and students to Peach Hill Spring.Rejoice, thinking into the heart of downtown.Night, I stroll the supermarket, I saw a group of fellow students thirty-two, or accompanied by their parents, shuttling between shelves.Select carbonated drinks mostly, but also have to take boxes of sour milk drinks.Look at them for a moment to take a look at the brand, while discussing the kind of taste tasty.Quirky look full breath of spring.I casually asked a student to ask around him: “You are two small do?”Fat that said:” No, a small.”” Oh, a little Friday also going to spring outing?!After hearing off to a genius, how come today to buy things, oh?”I am curious to ask.Fat that eye is kept on the shelf with the search: “Today’s supermarket reason people do not squeeze it, tomorrow people buy more” next to the skinny little man echoed: “Yes, tomorrow people “Then about two and slipped the shelf next to another.And look around, excitedly figure is one stop pupils, wandering behind them is to serve as a purse or coolies parents, and talk about noisy.Shopping mention box, ham, biscuits, jelly, QQ sugar, sugar Alps, candied fruit, melon seeds.One Less.Some of that amount to buy, I doubt that they can not move back, poor parental love.Even I want to travel, and hiking, flowers, natural feel physically and mentally.You can touch the spring field cultivation of the soil; you can find traces of ancient street the years; you can sit in brick naive farm compound, leisure and fellow Italian TALKING; ecological tea may be hanging around in the pavilions Qulang, fish pond water green, green appreciation potted trees, rockery and unique; you can enjoy farm fresh bean flowers, old style sausage, bacon old, its use of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken rearing their own production, fresh and healthy.There are also farmers planting peach trees around their houses, and now is floating flowers, pleasing.Not to mention the mountains opened up the peach, it should be eye-catching, different kind of attitude.Each year seems to bloom year-old, the age of each different flower every year, could not help think of that famous first verse: Last year, this door today, Moment of truth.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.I’ve got to draw a time and Mei Niang, dolls can also watch the peach blossom go.[Editor: Butterflies]

High School, faced with Arts and placement, and I chose the most iron buddy science, and I decided to choose liberal arts, started school those days, I was lonely, lonely, like the one the wolf get lost.I often a lonely man staring at textbooks taciturn, try to find a silver lining from inside the rigid character.In those days, I repeatedly listen to Hackberry sang the song “train bound for the winter.”.Sad song, husky tone, vague lyrics, all of a sudden surge coming towards me.In the bleak days, I am a self-proclaimed train bound for winter.  Youth on the track, I dream, there is a Green Train carrying own.Then, at the end of the train she met a girl in general cloves.The car, there was a girl tied with pink scarf leisurely came up to me, I will finally embrace the girl into his arms, off the train together towards a better.The more solitary, the more strongly this far-fetched idea to occupy my heart.Night, I like, like waves rolling forward, floating in the boundless sea cliffs.  I remember the “train bound for the winter,” the lyrics is this: Tomorrow is a town without love / I will quietly pick up my winter / tired Train / strangers crowd / Where I was grazing fields.Love, for young I was too far away, too extravagant.I dressed always so bleak impoverished, thin body always suppressed noble head.At that time, I was humbled, the results can only bring a little comfort.About love, only in fleeting fantasies, I can not afford to dream from a noble love befall poor kids.  I continue listening to sad songs Hackberry, if he is the column that dilapidated train, bound for the town without love.I did not expect that one day, the dream girl walked beside me quietly, charming shouting my name.A little start, rip my protracted sadness, I did not hesitate to set foot on the results of the fantasy trip.  I still remember that night, beautiful sari prettily group secretary came to my side, surprise Q: Do you do that Xue Chen Yi?I should cry, so small that only sound audible own.For inferiority, out of shyness, and I did not dare look sari, head down casually on calligraphy exercise book.However, Sally breath so close to me, as she took classes so beautiful, so smart, as well as a nice voice.Her lips, like two pure lemon, emitting a faint fragrance.  Perhaps in order to ease the atmosphere, Sally smiled and said to me: your name Oh good to listen.Sally, enigmatic girl, keep together ears, short hair, with a sweet voice became the most popular school Gala host, the pursuit of her boys allegedly dragged a truck does not go.At that moment, I looked gratefully at Sally leave from my seat.Never a girl say my name sounds good, I never had a girl to smile so sweet.All along, I think his name is earth, which was like an idiot.Sally, praise inadvertently, let me a little more confidence.  Trance, I remembered Sally is to collect fares, and quickly took the tour will be ready to give Sally.When Sally recorded in the book, handsome face close to me, the temptation of one kind of suffocating infiltrated my nostrils, my body does not feel natural to vibrate.Under study up, back to the dorm, I was so excited I could not sleep, pondering over and over again what I said to Sally.Her close, her beauty, her smile, she turned to leave the moment, like a movie many times attacked my nerves.  Since then, unrequited love always accompany me through the night, I kept dreaming sari to be my girlfriend.Dream dreams, are beautiful sari eyes, I gently stroked her hair again and again in the hands of the flowers and handed her.She smiled, worth a thousand words, my sadness and low self-esteem wiped clean.At that time crush, so beautiful, so long.  Occasionally, Sally will ask me stupid some of the math.She shouted my name, I came Kuaibu Xiang.In fact, those math problems are simple, some are even examples textbook, Sally said she could not understand, please I figured it again to her.Each time, I am very restrained, just to explain the problem, the whole process is a superfluous words are not.But Sally does not know, my heart is like the waves again and again will miss her.This set thousands of pet in a girl, she let me into long-term crush.  Sally ask me simple math problems, so I thought she wanted to deliberately close to me.why?She was so beautiful, was born in a wealthy family, but also so simple.Is she in love with me?Does she was sent by God to save me and you?  I casually thinking, love for Sally quietly carrying on, never told anyone.I can not believe, Sally will love me, because I told her too great a difference.She is a princess, I am a farmer, how could they come together?  One side is a sweet fantasy, one side is desperate to destroy.Miss Sally six months, I began to numb themselves with a fall.I stared blankly into the game room, intoxicated playing Happy Valley, the pocket money the cleaners, fantasy Sally incarnation angel come to save me, I will be out of the mire.One night, it began to rain, lost meals a month, and I come down to walking down the street, he went into the phone booth uneasy, with only five cents sari who called the home phone.  The phone is exactly sari sari very politely and said: Hello, hello, I ask you?I firmly Wozhehuatong, could not say a word.Rain snapping to beat the street, I can not say his name, my heart sobs.Etc. Sally hung up the phone, I Wozhehuatong, crazy to say: I am a train bound for winter.  After waking, I understand, some love, just a product of youth.Youth who did not crush it?The train bound for the winter, will be issued wailing youthful called.

His name is Zhang Shengnan.Enrolled in Shandong Province, Linyi City, Pingyi key universities “Cyber High School”.    Nan is a school in San notoriously big guy.And family is very rich.So a lot of girls in school and more like him.of course?Also included in this article actress Chen Yaxuan.    TZ: it is the school of celebrity.People not only pretty long, good body.The most important is to have a naturally good voice.At first she was just a freshman in high, the party held after the military training school in a “not because of loneliness just like you” to the limit.To win a full house cheering.Fame!It has become a recognized school beauty school + star!    The story begins myself.    Nan has just ended holy day was going to go to the bathroom and classmates, just go out but was blocked by a girl.    St. Nan gently said something to you?    Blushing to the girl that ah?My classmates asked me to give you a letter.    Having a piece of paper into the hands of the Holy Nan turned and fled.    Oh, a joke!Who is he?张圣楠 yeah!He was such a thing to see more.Put the note of disdain in his hip pocket.I walked towards the bathroom.    Yo, brother.That yellow big girl has a crush on you?Several people started talking about it in the back.    I knew it!I knew they would say, well, to help pay the loss of friends ah!St. Nan Road, ha ha crying, laughing Yangtianchangtan!Do not wordy, fast open to see who is so fat guts, you actually dare to write love letters to the big guy ah?I want to live?Dare you fancy really faithful loss loss ah!    Well, the toilet it.You do not hold it hold?Look at it in class!In fact, even the Holy Nan also want to see who had written her.    Later called it a burst of booing!St. Nan did not want to hear this voice, walked quickly went to the bathroom.    After the bell rang a few minutes, a few people came out slowly from the toilet.    To the door of the classroom when the teacher has to teach this lesson to write the contents of the.    Report damage faithful loudly called.The St. Nan very disdain standing in the doorway, the teacher turned to stare at them.He went on to write a title.    30 seconds later came.So next time I will let you have been standing outside!The teacher blankly into.    Long period of a few people went to the seat.    Brothers, quickly open look.We can not wait!Several Foes very excited ah!”Please, you are not to write.You excited dim ah?The eggs!The egg ah “Oh Holy Nan took out a piece of paper.After opening seconds of silence he looked 45,32 14,68 seconds!Finally, the mouth hangs a hint of a smile.    After this loss can be faithful to seduce curiosity up, grabbed the hands of a bad friends can not wait to sweep St. Nan note that only more than 20-word love letter also silent.    Foes 2 to see the two of them looked very disdain what thing?You put so scared?When he finished, he grabbed a piece of paper look after!    I called out loud by bad company 2.The class’s attention to the accumulation of what his body.    Foes 2 feel there is something wrong, looked up and scared the daylights, teachers are staring at him on the podium, bad company 2 blushing I’m sorry, I’m sorry.Teacher, you keep going the whole class laughed splash.The teacher is also embarrassing to continue talking content, and so I thought I’ll deal with you after class!    Foes 2 See the teacher did not interrupt the class, took a deep breath.St. whispered to Nan There is no mistake?Chen Yaxuan call you in the playground after school waiting for her Lord?My eyes are not spent?I still look good language typo?    Who knows.Wait to see what a situation.St. Nan proudly said!”Hao Shi Xiaohua, after all, ah, even the holy Nan are tempted!”After school St. Nan accompanied by false friends to the playground.I saw a girl standing there, the wind in her hair.She kept in the care of his hair, the most beautiful side to see her favorite saint Nan brother.She winds battle at the playground thin figure can not help but evoke the holy Nan urge to want to go hug her.St. Nan may face did not show that Lianxiangxiyu exaggerated expressions to.    Go, we went to the school gate waiting for you to escort the loss of the faithful to the Holy Nan got the message after the playground turned away, they do not want to be a light bulb.    St. Nan watched them leave the TZ turned to walk “is not so much watched as it is afraid of them candid photographs create scandal.St. Nan no fool!”St. Nan walked gently said something behind it TZ?”gosh!Of course something people find you!Just say you’re not stupid, really I was too blind!”TZ slowly turned ah?What do you have that ~ ~?Have?I have a girlfriend?TZ red little face shy Road.    Oh, I ah?Nope.Nan realized what a saint, unable to find any topic.That, that I could be your girlfriend?I like you.TZ looking lawn next to the shy Road.    Oh, of course it can?In fact, I have long been concerned about you, when you gave me today, I believe special surprise.”Holy Nan thick-skinned!cheeky!True Open!So why direct?Thin-skinned girls do not know?The lump, then commander also no good!”That, that I could be your girlfriend?I like you.TZ looking lawn next to the shy Road.    Oh, of course it can?In fact, I have long been concerned about you, when you gave me today, I believe special surprise.”Holy Nan thick-skinned!cheeky!True Open!So why direct?Thin-skinned girls do not know?The lump, then commander also no good!”Sure enough, TZ hear blushing ran away.    St. Nan This recovered and caught up, pulled TZ hands, my arms will TZ.Road holding tightly so I just wanted to hold you, then I protect you.Having said head slowly lower down.    TZ feel identified twisting head turned away.    Surprisingly, this guy did not give up, gently twist the TZ head back, closer, closer.Closer.TZ closed his eyes, heartbeat pounding thump thump up.A soft thing came into contact with her lips.”She’s the first kiss it.Well this would not be more.”Holy men tongue Alice opened her mouth, teasing her tongue with tongue.Holy men actually also own saliva slowly spit into her mouth.Then drop left the suck back, smoking a long time.TZ almost suffocated.He began to face more red again.Seeing the holy men quickly stop the action.”Whirring, TZ saved” Oh, silly girl.The first bar?Holy men smiled.    Ah, the first.I did not kiss.TZ shy Road.    Well rest assured, I’ll be in charge of the holy man proud.    When he finished he gets TZ little hands and walked to the school gates, in fact, very far away from the door to the playground, they can go together but it felt good from the past.Along the way, also attracted a lot of attention of.Envy jealous hate have to invest in them.No one can say what may.To the gate, loss of friends to see them come out to play together in turn got the message and left.    St. Nan thought a bunch of bad guys actually pretty good thing.I’m sorry to, your own go home today.Today, the co-pilot was sitting.    Baby, wait for me.I went to drive out.St. Nan Road.    Ah, come oh.TZ happy responded.”Joking, but she TZ yeah!Stand for a long time will be watching “car soon opened out, quickly got TZ.He ran like frightened.”Come on, you’ve got celebrity yeah.Note that the image of it.Anyhow, let her show you the way.How turn yourself into it?”After TZ on the car seat belt, the car launched.Along with those behind the envy sped away.    They together.He became the school’s star couple.    St. Nan every morning to pick her up from school every day will be waiting for her at the school gate (although will be surrounded by).    They often went to class when a walk in the garden a touch of floral, love too deep.Mixed together as if lit up the world of romance, like.    Passing students also seem to revel in the romantic atmosphere among.Yes.Very charming picture.So here who have strong willpower not been infected by this scene it?    And so they spent a happy half of the semester.    Winter vacation, go home to accompany her grandmother’s TZ.Duliu St. Nan hang on a person ‘ghost town’.    Finally get through the month, the school.    TZ excitement came to the school because we can immediately see her dreaming of a prince.    When she first came to school, coming back a brand new Mercedes-Benz sports car.We could not help but to look at, and I want to see the car in the end who is.    The door opened, and a hot and sexy legs stretched out in a co-pilot, on a gorgeous pink shoes is a charming senior stockings.People came out, GG were opened wide his eyes.Beauty astatine!    Luo Lian facing the next crowd of students smiled.A large ah awesomeness!    Luo Lian: people long super nice, and super-rich home.    Come tells Lianne knocked on the roof.    Boom, cab door slowly opens.She turned to the door.Stretched out head first.    what!!?The girls started to scream!St. Nan Jesus!How he and a beauty together?TZ it?    At this point TZ already hiding in the guard inside the studio.Nan and quietly watching the girls on St. Pazaichuangkou.    Woman destroyed the car will live holy Nan hand, the move to completely heartbroken TZ.    Two people like this slowly toward the report at.    After reports of the reported Holy Nan said Lianne Oh good, I go to your cousins go.    Lianne mouth muttering Road Well, so I went to leave the Biaosao?I’m not familiar to Jesus here, lost how to do?    Lianne, you do not small.Could not afford to snuggle with me, you would be jealous of cousins.There are those who will misunderstand the.Good friends, slowly familiar.I see you Biaosao.She wanted to die a.    Well, you go Lianne look of helplessness.    St. Nan turned and walked to the classroom hands in his pockets, repeatedly stroked the TV drama couple rings.He’ll give her today?    Thinking constantly quickened his pace, next to the students seems to be talking about him like.But he was too happy to see him at noon the princess, but ignored the arguments of others.    St. Nan to the classroom door TZ and TZ saw sitting on the seat in a daze, still wet on the finished.    St. Nan walked up the road TZ worry baby, how the?How you cry?    TZ had looked for her love of a very tough battle man, smile Do not you have another woman yet?How come to me!Accompany her too!Roll ah!!    What St. Nan say, TZ has stood up to the Holy Nan after a slap in the face and ran away.Nan stood there overwhelmed St..When they recovered TZ has disappeared.I’m mad dash out.Look around for TZ.He searched without a corner, she can not find.St. Nan at the beach down to the ground.    At this time, a lot of feet appeared in St. Nan sight.    St. Nan slowly raised his head and saw the gang of bad guys standing in front of him.Several tall body, as St. Nan find savior, pleaded quick to help me find TZ, she ran a loss of friends we just saw a look of frustration she cried and ran out the door, stopped a car to go.We did not stop, I’m sorry St. Nan desperate crying loudly shouting not tears rushing down stream.    She’s gone, gone.    The day after St. Nan despite family opposition dropped out, looking everywhere TZ.He vowed that day!Even if cleared family wealth must find TZ.St. Nan exhausted all means not find TZ.

There is a very ordinary high school day to the transfer of a boy, tall and handsome, a non-mainstream dress, from the total showing him a noble, rebellious temperament.Of course, for such an ordinary high school, it’s such a good boy will certainly stir the whole school.Sure enough, one night, he made a name received love letters, gifts every day, often girls do not bump into what is almost commonplace.The boy has been no acceptance of any girl.They are not good enough, just did not feel anything for them.Until one day, after a lovely girl saw the boy, he clearly remembers how quickly the moment he saw the girl’s heartbeat.The boy knew he was in love with the girl, though the girl is not outstanding, but he only had feelings for this girl.  After that, the boy and girl please a friend said the boy ready to follow her, the girl heard the news, surprised a moment, then he said; I do not agree!He turned away.After the girl’s friend told the boy friends, girl’ve been hurt, she had a boy very hard to treat, but the boys just take her toys, so she will not dare to accept the feelings, but she dreaded injuries, not to mention the boy then good, girls think the boys will not be true for her.Friends put these words verbatim told the boy, the boy heart pain, the girl had been injured.The boy vowed in his heart, he will love the girls, do not let her be a little hurt.The next day, the boy told the world he likes girls, I once again stir up school.The boy will go to every day girl, with her homework, help her Dafan, take her to the dormitory, rainy day to help his umbrella, wet himself, he never called the girl’s name, has been called a fool because her little boy petit fool would say more cordial…Gradually, the girl that the boy really like her a.One night, in the dormitory to send girls to the aisles of the grove, boys to girls once again declare: little fool, I love you, really like good love, good when my girlfriend bad?So long, you really do not see it I really like you do?I promise I will not let you hurt, my life will be good care of you.Little fool, I’ll hurt you, believe me, please?Shy girl bowed his head: ah boy lowered his head to kiss the girl, the dim moonlight shines on the boy’s face, handsome mess, the girl closed her eyes tightly.A long time, two people became the envy of everyone at school a pair of girls feel like Cinderella, finally found their prince, she is getting better every day happy happy.  But not last ,, girl finds boy these days to talk about her getting cold, and rarely come to her, and even phone messages are very small.Girls panic, she felt as if happiness quickly slipped away.Finally, the girl could not go to the boy’s classroom to find him.Boy girl went to sleep lying on the table, the girl is very angry, the boy would rather sleep also wanted to talk to her, saw the girl at the same table, shook the boy, the boy looked up and saw the girl, lazy to get up from his seat out of the classroom came before the girl, the girl looked up and asked the boy: her husband, why do you ignore me ah?You are not do not want me ah?Boy cold eyes across a trace of sadness, which was then immediately replaced by indifference, he looked down at the girl looked at the girl, said: Yes, so you come to me after the stop!We ended!These words like a lightning bolt, so that the girl shoved hesitated, tears immediately burst down, she pulled the boy’s hand; her husband, you lied to me right?You said that I would care for my whole life ah, you said will not hurt me, do not you?!You said you were my little fool, you will love and care little fool ah!How you could forget those ah?My husband, you must be a lie to my right?The boy looked away do not look at the girl, he closed his eyes, severely throw off the girl’s hands, great strength, that the girl fell to the ground.He said to the girl: I said it’s not clear enough?!I do not want you!I do not like you!It must not come to me!Surrounded full of people to see a joke, everyone on the boy’s startled reaction.Girl heartbroken, but she looked up to face, looked at the boy asked; Why?Boy single-handedly grabbed the shoulder of a beautiful girl next: This is the reason the pretty girls probably did not think the boys will love her, she started froze a moment, then answered a God, to boys who deliberately leaning.The girl looked at this scene, heartache can not breathe faster.She covered her chest, is not it?Everything is original lie, he just play my only If so, why should I like a like a clown, joke for all it?But how to do, my heart hurts girl wiped away her tears, calm the boy simply said: I know, then I will not bore you said then turned away.The boy did not see the moment the girl turned, how sad she cried.Similarly, the girl did not see, she turned around, the boy pushed his face in disgust after pretty girls back seat to sleep, no one saw the boy climbed up on the table at the moment, his eyes red.The boy can not help it, he’s dead heartache quickly, even breathing becomes tingling, he really did not want to hurt her, he gave her a promise he never forgot, he also wants to achieve these commitments ah!He also really loves his little fool, ah, he want to come to hurt her lifetime ah, but since the hospital received the list goes on advanced cancer of all this can not be a dear little fool, my lovely my wife, my future is not in the side, you have a man to live happily, my husband will love you in heaven.Wife, forgive her husband’s selfishness, I’d rather hurt you, not let you look at me die, even if you hate to let my life, I can not let you take so much pain.My wife, I’m sorry, I love you.  The next day, transfer the boy, no one knows his whereabouts children.  Girl back to the dorm, the sound at maximum, a man hiding in the yard crying a very long time, for two days, do not eat or drink, no matter who advised to no avail.She just lay for two days.The next morning, she finally got up, brushing normal, normal wash, eat normal, normal school, nothing like a man.Asked her friends are concerned about is not all right, she just laugh it off; you feel like I do for you?Friends told the girls, boys transfer, the girl indifferent shrug: oh.Watching the girls do not care attitude, we all thought the girl had forgotten the boy, in fact, only girls knew, she never gonna forget the boy, even if he lied to her, but she still can not forget to blame the boy she is gone later, the girl did not talk about love too, we have used the mind on learning.Six months later, the girl admitted to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.In college girls have not talked about love, because her heart is still with another person, although that person cruel to her, but she always forget boy.And she did not want to forget those memories are good, but because of the time she did not want them to forget, even if these memories mingled with deception.  Six years after the day the girl back to the high school, the school is also the same as before, plants and trees are not changed.Entered the school gates, memories of the flood, she and the boy bit by bit at the moment is like a movie, screened in her mind.Did not take a step, her heart was more than a pain.Small woods after school, she still clearly remember they were here walking together hand in hand, he said to her; fool my wife, I want to love you forever when she blushed, and my heart is sweetness.These screens as if it had happened yesterday, she still remember so clearly.  Suddenly, her eyes inadvertently fell on a grave, she surprised the school’s grove how it could have grave?She went into looked at: ah!All of a sudden the girl after seeing the name on the tombstone limp to the ground, the boy’s photo on the tombstone has yellowed, I still could not conceal the boy before his death Chun Yung.Under ignorant girl all of a sudden, he is not a transfer of right?How could die too?But the photo on his gravestone is obviously ah!This in the end how ah?A sweep through the woods when the uncle went to see the girls were scared to sit on the floor, propped busy girl, comes; girl, do not be afraid ah, ah this boy, to be afflicted with lung cancer die, and I heard him at that time our school and a girl in a relationship, two people love each other very.Later, the boy knew he had cancer after intentionally hurt the girl, left the school, and soon, the girl admitted to the university, the boy was dead.He had died down this grove with money that must be buried here after death.He said he was in here because of the girl promised to love her forever, so he wants to achieve this commitment.Alas, it is a poor child ah uncle said as he left the sweeping.Girl brain is a blank, limp to the ground again until sweeping uncle left a very long time, she finally could not help but burst into tears, her piercing yell; you son of a bitch!How you can fool me for so long!How can you make me hate you so long!Bastard!How can you do this to me?!Why did you have to die without telling me you actually still make me hate you?!I do not want!!!Girl dismal voice echoed in the grove, and finally are shouting hoarse voice, she cried and climbed to the tomb of the boy, stroking his picture, his mouth muttering; her husband, a man you stay here for so long must it is very lonely?My husband, you always say that I am stupid, in fact you yourself more stupid, why do wife cheat?Victims of wife hate you so long.Husband, very cold here very lonely ah, wife to accompany you, OK?  The next day, sweeping uncle found the body of a woman, with a fruit knife to commit suicide, died very peacefully, lying next to the boy’s grave, on the ground with a line of words written in blood; please take me with him buried together, thank you

The story takes place in a high school boys and girls in a year with the same class.At first, they are not very familiar with.After all, this is a new group, we all need to know.Girls relatively good, started school and soon was spotted, and, more and more people took a fancy to her.Gradually, the boys are also the heart of a lively woman, but he is a man of character, he had told no one, including his best brothers.    Boys have a good friend, I do not know why but also took a fancy to a girl, and girls intercourse and up, the girls also seems to have that aspect of meaning, with his increasingly close relationship.The boys looked not too happy, but he said nothing, as usual live.Just do not ingratiate themselves with that friend, and in front of his boys always disguise themselves.But a friend who does not know it, every day at noon and the boys still go to Internet cafes, also talked about his affair with the girls, but he did not know, he said, each word is deeply hurt the hearts of TV drama Boys.    I do not know what happened, the relationship between the friend and the girl gradually alienated, even to the last word is not said.The friend also became silent, fallen.The boys finally could not suppress his urge to start approaching girls.But this time, girls were also discovered the advantages of boys.In this way, we came together.Start, boys may be afraid of hurting his friend’s heart, perhaps for fear of accusations of public opinion, the students asked him when he always quibble with.However, the paper is smoke there’s fire, the boys finally admitted their relationship, they become disclosed.Time will dilute all, a friend who gradually forget the sad events of the past period, unlike in the past the depression.Ye men of heart by some.    Holiday, boys and girls kept in touch from time to time it will be private.In this way, they had a vacation in the sweet.    Soon, the school, the placement.Unfortunately, boys and girls could not be assigned to a group, but they still maintained a relationship Ai taste.Boys are happy.God is always to make fun of some of the lovers.In a snowy afternoon, the girls about boys went out to dinner, the boys readily agreed.But he did not know that this meal has affected his life.Dinner, the girls told the boys she was leaving, going to a very far place to go to school.Boy was surprised, but he said nothing, no emotion.Because he has to show strong man.Girl was crying, she said she would miss him, saying they hold together.Is a snow day, the girls left.Boys are not suppress crying.Since then, the sad schools in the addition of a sad man.He is not as lively as the original, even also learned to smoke.His friend saw him very suck, and yet not much help, made him go.    In that distant city, the girls saw him in a dream, she smiled, but his eyes are hanging crystal tears.

Hello, my poetry, “this should be the heart crumbles into dust,” and a friend of poetry, “this life is supposed to be infatuated” by the Southern Publishing House published a collection, priced $ 26, welcome to order.The resulting sell books, all donated to charity Anhua County, funding for poor students.Thank you for support.SOUTH – Sincerely,.I wish good life of peace!!!I have received for the book and instantly send books.    Remittance Address: Wuhan, Central China Normal University Department of zero-six class SOUTH – Zip Code: 430079 QQ728307924 Samuume jade cuttings back to the party alone, Wang Chun, Qiu Zhi Kai decorated small light lip.Bridges and the road is long but habitat month, when the dust is not dyed deep wax Season.    Troy known thin sleeve catch wind, snow, ice crystal knowledge heart are buried.Dongfeng There are daily reminders Huamao, Jinghoujiayin sigh Mo frequency.     Yong Ju Tao Lei new branch of a tree, far-diameter butterfly clear I do not know.Meal drink dew who hit section of frost, wind rain from poetry.    It will be bitter hearts aloof, thin Jin Zi also think Securinega.But each autumn Qing emperor to go, this is the time to bloom Sheng.  Mastery Fu Mengzi Yun: up and the world economy, the poor are spared, but also to reason.Thousands of dynasties, the scholars, the Utah if Jinke.Lady Tatsuya, was purple boa, executive Xianghu, high imperial court practice almost, almost Chak rivers and lakes far.If Kunpeng Fen wing, the chaos of clouds; if the hidden dragon scales, the next turn Jianghai.Maneuvers, emotional Peak; wander gallop, elegance consistent day.Still considered the heart of the complex, reaching almost day to listen; people of the disease, into a misty rain.A person clinics, only 000 people, it is also true Hongsheng men!If good day to Organization, Yin Ming Dynasty left, slanderer excesses, rotten rat taste, ranking Taiwan Pavilion is panic, anxious at the county.Ever since, golden seal hanging in danger Hall, trace escape almost universally.Its sad too, fear the beauty of the day late; it also Anan, but the man of ambition soon.However, if the ant is the body, where the evil shake tree; Introduction of the micro candle, non Qi large holes!Heart tour climbed, Sincere does not hate the police; throat set one thousand insects, a mere sigh of Hard to Tell.Is a solitary or pick, or a lone light Kam, or towel in order quiet car, or word in childhood and if blue.Companies made Su-Qin, Zheng miscellaneous shouts.Smoke will then sleep soundly at night Lanna, Yin day with all the chicken sound.This is the heart, temporarily leaving destiny.It also also also carry ocean!Fu Lu Stranded Zhuang, the lightly butterflies; Su migration to an end, and shallow water waves.Knowledge management is a gentleman, Daren know machine.Sheng Zeping rule, thicker benefit to Li Yuan; the decline trim, Tak-sun Ending with shabby homes.Ah thereof, the cis, clothing cold places, places fan inflammation.Even Huayue phase was decanted, laughing stopped working; Yellow River water shock, heart Qi shift!Since the poor are poor, reaching up to the self, because almost good fortune, with almost destiny, which also carry indeed bliss!    This should crumbles into dust heart (Postscript) to study poetry for many years, but has not dare to talk about poetry, a fear perception rustic shallow, laughable; two afraid of reckless ignorance, tarnished the spiritual poetry.For poetry, I have a natural fear, fear of the gods as we like devout earnest, lest the slightest blasphemy.In my opinion, poetry is a catharsis of the heart, the spirit is exposed, no one can realize sentimental heart, how can we understand the sublime poetry?Each flavor and previous works, the more color Yan, the more respectful appearance, trembling, fear, so can only obtaining one or two, but then also scratched the surface.    I venture to say a word.”Poetry winner, too, on its territory, followed by its meaning, its like again, to be the last words.”Discerning eye to see that this is nothing but tidy wisdom teeth predecessors nothing, nothing worthy of novelty.However, the point of speaking frankly, this is my assessment scale poetry, poetry is my law.I wrote a poem when re-state rather than to avoid the rut before, to express the unique nature without delay, as long as the time to express their feelings, even if we have overlapping Chong Fan, also without any hesitation the.Perhaps, this is the crux of my song, right.Too particular about the poetry artistry, it will inevitably hurt its ideological content, and vice versa.The ages, poets have lateralization in both artistic and ideological aspects, both can have both balanced poetry can be described as fine, but this stuff is really too small.    Recalling the experience of these years of study poetry, I could not help heart is feeling, not their own.Since sixth grade wrote the first poem, but now almost ten years.However, although a long time, humanely exceedingly late, until high school teacher Chen Jun was encouraged to study square meter, the beginning of the main entrance.Since college, learning rhymes, refining mood, division techniques, cut words, a little progress, and eventually became today’s style.It stands to reason, a decade sword, and then also blunt the sword sharpened, and unfortunately my talent foolishness, the Poets no strength of character, barely graffiti, but the original arty, not the director.However, senior fellow Chen Jun was fighting the book is never too humble, that bead, and asked me compiled poetry, and his masterpiece, “this life is supposed to be infatuated” collection published.Meng Chen Jun indulgence, my humble pen in order to show oneself available.Here, I would like to sincerely thank the years has been to encourage and support my fellow teachers and colleagues, and I hope you pay more commentaries, wing!    I of this anthology, divided by genre quatrains, verses, Shi Yu, Song and five kinds of parallel prose, quatrains and verses in which each 45, more than 30 poems, Song 7, parallel prose 3, a total of 130 first.Strictly speaking, outside the scope of parallel prose poetry, a friend of the proposal should only chose three stopgap.The compilation of poems, I carried out in strict compliance with the criteria for the selection of the spirit of the first, with the main lyric poetry, Chanting followed Wing of history again, this is my poetry lateralization in terms of subject matter.    Anthology compiled at the beginning, I did not take the name to it.Chen Jun was suggested that I extract from a poem named for the humble pen inside this anthology.In a poem to his girlfriend, entitled “Summer”, I wrote: “This should be the heart crumbles into dust, while Dongfeng is willing to drop Peter.”I think, whether love poems, Poems of His Heart or poems on history, I have always been singing his heart torn to pieces, so the crown ‘this heart should crumbles into dust’ name, it should be fairly passable.I can do is this, the rest of the space on the left to Dear Reader,.    SOUTH – OX midsummer in Wuchang Gui Zishan [Editor: Tree man]

Shiqu instant campus, the campus has taken more than two decades.Then the young girls, has long been polished into a time full of fireworks Red laity.Years, such as hooks, interesting past, is still vivid in my mind, clear as yesterday, is convulsed.    China is dumbfounding physical education Ziyang people, Ziyang’s Dragon Hill Silk has given her an aura.She not only draw a good hand painting children, but also a beautiful hand-written text and atmospheric article.China and intelligent, but why mess of bad sports.A gym class, the teacher let us practice Triple Jump.Turn to China, she and other students, run-up, acceleration, and then forced to jump triple jump.Who knows “boom” is heard, China actually fell heavily to the ground hard, did not even jump into the bunker.Students suddenly convulsed with laughter.The face of China is innocent, bewildered froze in place.Physical education teacher is not smile, half speechless with rage.    I have not uttered a small joke in gym class.Second grade first semester final exams sport, two of which have been successfully cross the border, and only shot, how hard can not mark up.Finally, I whim, came a run-up, and then forced a push, I throw shot put will be far, far away.I enjoy dancing, carried away, his mouth shouted: “I am a fool, no thought of how run-up before it?If I think about, I would not suffer this torment.”I said just a placement, you find a physical education teacher staring at me with a strange vision, not without sarcasm, said:” I have not seen the shot put can approach you first, let me big an eye-opener.”In short, my shame shame, wished he could drill to sew.    Interestingly, when the leave college, the teacher for our special strict management, the general is not allowed to leave the.At that time not too naive, and often there are policy measures to counter.We think of law child cheat teacher.Start also ridiculous, gradually, the teacher found our trick, when it is no longer on our.    Have this spring children really want to go home, but could not find a suitable excuse.Finally, after discussion, we decided to run for the teacher’s eyes Zuiguai Qiner.Harp originally refused, but can not stand all the sisters Ruanmoyingpao quarters, had promised.Saturday (six days then one week) more than 5 am, harp teacher went there for spring children leave, said spring child had a bad cold, can not get up, please temporarily half-day off.Since it is the most well-behaved harp leave, convinced natural teacher, quasi-fake.Spring children had to take the train with more than nine only made in order to avoid being stone class teacher found, while the dark spring children decide when to stabilize.And about seven in the morning every day to send her daughter to go according to teacher stone features on the west side of the road when kindergarten, children are willing to spring a little earlier, walk a few steps around the east side of the road out of the.Really a coincidence, he met with end to end, in the lodge blazing lights, spring stone teacher saw the child with his daughter passing from her side.Spring children anger almost want to curse, racking their brains to think of escape, but the unexpected outbreak, just hit the muzzle, caught in the positive with.Later, a dormitory that we one laughing, tears, only harp angry, anxious, stomped for words: “Finished finished, completely finished.”Funny Diet?One of those plump type of girl.In today’s era of thin is beautiful, it seems a little bit of meat have become superfluous.To lose flesh, C tried the approach, what diet you, morning run it, hula circle friends who can think of have been tried, are not effective.Later, actually came up with a “moving” diet tricks up their sleeves – Three nine days Dishuichengbing.We were lying in bed shivering from the cold (Southern winter without heating), may?Actually wearing a vest, shorts, took a candle to read the novel.We are worried nipped her, advised her to put on his clothes, or early child rest.?Lisp replied: “Nothing, nothing, I’m not cold.”Until the next day, C was angrily said:” Last night I was white and cold to 3:00.Original expect to freezing cold, eat, is expected to lean to the next round, it seems, everything is no good.This life, this fear is not minus the fat.”Today, C do not deliberately lose weight, it has long been transformed into a My Fair Lady-like.When students graduate twentieth anniversary of the party, the class teacher jokingly asked if she went to South Korea plastic surgery?    Today, I often recall anecdotes of the past in her spare time, often unconsciously laugh out loud, as all are like yesterday.Through time and space tunnel and regain time student, read between the students share the truth, precious.While paying tribute to the youth, to borrow a famous master Li wave: I tune with the world, I only sympathetic with you.    Hanbin District of Ankang City Elementary School Drum Tower

Between fleeting, summer vacation is already past.Memory, everything is vague, except that serenity and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    When the hot sun disappeared below the horizon, the air becomes restless Wen Shunqing when it was new, my heart unknowingly flew down the tree-lined campus, the side of the road.It seems midsummer night has become a long night my partner and accompany me to sleep with pleasure!Day midsummer, the sun late fall, soon after the sun goes down, the night will slowly come, to be the night before the arrival of the moment, I stepped out of the house, shelter in this quiet and relaxing campus.Because it is summer, deserted, without the hustle and bustle of weekdays; because that night, when the rest, they will not have a busy day.At this moment, walking alone in this beautiful scenery, the hard work during the day, the hearts of depression also vanished, leaving empty the mind to accommodate the serenity of the Midsummer Night.    University of street lights, warm yellow light emitted from afar, like two Jin Yi, but life does not always accompanied embracing.That light, some cracks are exposed from the roadside trees, listless, like early man’s eyes; some draw a beautiful picture on the ground, as if an imaginative painter; some bright suddenly lit the dark down, but suddenly lit up self-care, like a lullaby, soothing and long!These people do not need when waiting alone in the street in silence when people need arise, why we should not get people’s attention and praise it?It is they, give us light in the darkness, in the heat of midsummer, give us a peaceful night Oh!    So walking aimlessly, inadvertently went to the front of the library, this place is known as the best place at the moment but we extracurricular lonely standing there, made it very quiet, it seems to talk with their dissatisfaction.It was alone in front of a green, still tireless absorb heat during the day, cooling the surrounding that piece of the sky.By this fresh shares, stuck on a day of insects also jumped out, the flowers, among the leaves under the lights.Everywhere you can see them beating the figure, you can always hear their cheerful chirping.The next person stood quietly next to the library of that tree, despite the clear wind in my hair, frogs shaking my eardrums, moonlight stretched my back, so that pent-minded enjoy the release of its excess , joy, anger at funeral music, success and failure, compared with the beauty of this midsummer night, but also what it is worth?    Suddenly, the sound of car horns along with a bunch of dazzling light pulled me back from the endless thoughts.University of the road, a car roaring past, also brought to my attention there.I saw small groups of people walked leisurely pace Suixiao, talking and laughing to go home, perhaps, these people hard day, like me, only in the moment to appreciate the value of life now!During the day we squeeze the endless sweat, the night but gave us double the pleasure, or, and this is where God called it fair!Distance, science floor below, self-study students walked returned tired but relaxed pace Congcong Wang bedroom inside rush, perhaps, that pot of cold water, that fan, that a mat, that is, they have to rush the line reason for it, who knows?Perhaps it is a dinner!These are braving the heat to create the future of students who, in this deserted, the silence of the night, to bring people a glimmer of hope and sustenance, even tired during the day power!    Moonlit, but the stars looming.Connaught large campus, along with the deepening of the night, the more quiet and peaceful.Only that light, that library, that flowers in the stick.Perhaps, they are well-brewing another tomorrow!I walked along the same route, slowly back away, although everything is so familiar to see, I have not the slightest fatigue, there is only comfortable, but grateful!In this hot summer, what beautiful gift can match such a wonderful night of it?Hence it is: your God shut a window at the same time, will help you open a window to another, so I want a good life, good fight, abandon worry, just to live up to this tranquil and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    Night, I had a dream in which I not only have a night like this, more so during the day, this life!