In our era of puppy love, neat world where only simple conservation of energy and chemical equations.  It is also the most complex three-dimensional geometry than the linear function.  She did not know why I was always so their love, and I do not know how she would no sorrow.  Black Cat street Seoul: Tutu is a good girl, you do not hurt her love.Dolls, See, I have this thing that you are a good girl told the world, and the future we will not face any small man, not a blessing for those who are sidelined!  Life is a blessing and talk to a group of three thousand eight hundred thirty-eight together.Tutu is in a group of thirty-eight.  In fact, spotlessly clean and good conduct, is a good girl, she does not smoke do not drink, do not curse nor install pure.She was too good, so I always worry about someone bullying her, but she never felt bullied others, in addition to our several thirty-eight.Although they never clean up the bedroom she was the only person doing.  In our era of puppy love, neat world where only simple conservation of energy and chemical equations.It is also the most complex three-dimensional geometry than the linear function.She did not know why I was always so their love, and I do not know how she would no sorrow.After high school we went to, respectively, the two universities, but we will still be a small get together from time to time.I first discovered this little girl’s lust finally in the idea that life is ready to make the end of the first semester of the sophomore winter.That day she unspeakable words do not convey the excitement was almost a little swashbuckling tone told me on the phone: I won the lottery, I buy things in the supermarket the day before yesterday, the result became the first 8888 customers, supermarket gift me year are impossible sanitary napkins, all ABC, I can not wait every day aunt!  I lay in bed with a very lazy voice said: Is not a whole lot of little angel with wings Why, I thought you were a big guy in a winged it!  Really handsome, were you guessed it, I was going to tell you about this romantic story!Then Tutu’s voice is even more excited.  Later I learned that on the phone the whole process of this affair, but because Tutu expressed incoherently on talent, most of the plot I can only themselves to imagine, but the process probably looks like this.  That day she went to school nearby supermarket to buy instant noodles, the result of the payment when the guy standing in front of her face to see her only bag politely let her prepaid, but not clever since she became the first supermarket opened in 8888 customers.Just when Tutu did not react, the supermarket staff pointed to the door of the poster, said: Congratulations, you are so lucky students ah, those sanitary napkins are your friends!Tutu looked at the front of the pile of the same hill ABC, I think it’s all come so suddenly, she could not believe such a thing would fall on her head.While the supermarket all eyes focused on the spotlessly clean, and she suddenly remembered that her first payment of courtesy boys.Tutu turned his head and looked at him a look of apology saying: sorry, in fact, the first 8888 customers should be you.  Boys look embarrassed smile, he said: all right, this award, you are in relation Well, I want to say those things useless ah.  Tutu also suddenly wake up the general, saying: That I polite friends.Then she went to the hill before the start of a pack a bag mounted sanitary napkins, how could carry equipment, gifts have too many friends, is this supermarket is not going to dry?Tutu was wondering how this Qunxiao angels back to the bedroom, the boys went to her and said: if you can not get back, then I can help you with.  Then, spotlessly clean and boys both hands carrying two bags full of sanitary napkins, stroll in the rose-colored sunset, and became d University campus scenery.  Finally Tutu finally remembered the story focuses describe the appearance of the boys, she said he was with a pair of character eyebrows, thin lips, small eyes, not handsome but fairly clean, kind of laughed taste of the sun.His name is also good to hear, called Wu Qi.  My gut tells me this is a neat Wu Qi love at first sight.Because so bland name, she is also said to be nice, I can not think of anything else except love reason.Tutu finally met a male her heart, it got off the phone within ten minutes I was thirty-eight to the sisters there, so we began rushes to help her come up with ideas.Tutu may think we are too stupid idea, though Wu Qi left her phone number, but she could not so easily go to confession ah.As a well-known good girl, but a basic criterion reserved.  Tutu these days to Wu Qi edited hundreds of text messages, but no one sent out, she always felt that excuse too far-fetched, at night in bed holding a cell phone over and over again, from the full grid cells gradually turn into a grid, Tutu seeing the final point of power is about to disappear in the endless night, as if only just learned to breathe sinking heart as generally fall into the sea more and more boring.Tutu once again being felt suffocated when the sleepless night, her cell phone suddenly shaking a bit.  Hi, remember me with you?I Wu Qi, how about you these days ah, is not it good luck to burst?Neat little heart seems to have suddenly been sea fish, big mouth to breathe fresh air in general, the whole world suddenly see the light.She slowly, as appropriate, for half an hour, came back last sentence: Not really, because probably the day I met you really only get so lucky it.  Tutu began innocently, and other text messages sent in the past, can not wait until fall asleep to receive text messages.The next morning a neat depressed, she felt myself back to the message too slow, probably fell asleep for a long time such as Wu Qi.Will it be enough decent back to their own SMS?Tutu tangled in a variety guess that’s the self, as if she did not understand before special soap opera female pig tugging petals love you, do not love you.That is the state Tutu upset but unable to extricate themselves.  Afternoon, the dead general’s phone finally revived, and it began to frequent vibration, is the message from Wu Qi, a and a, Tutu holding the phone to talk exhilaration.That afternoon she discovered that Wu Qi is a very humorous person.Wu Qicheng the world Tutu’s the most amazing person, she and him talk about what he knows, the answer is also very insightful.Obviously, Tutu became fond of him already love.What a while no matter told Tutu, her body will be three sentences around to Wu Qi, a mouth that is how he how to.Happiness was as if he had what people like her.  Tutu said this weekend he offer her go to the movies, she should not worry that he is a good dress up.Prior to the appointment but also specifically to buy new clothes, do a hot plasma.We must give Wu Qi leave a good impression.In fact, the year also had a neat tweed class, although in kindergarten.I think the most beautiful and neat appearance is her laugh when bent into a heart-shaped mouth will look like.  On the weekends Wu Qi door to take her to her school, they teach you the first street.He bought a neat heart-shaped card, but also personally help her put on, he said: you laugh look very cute, like the shape of the issuer.He smiled, neat face became red cherry on, big boy did not take over such a nice card, or a heterosexual to put it on, and neat thought: it will not be too soon ah.  Shortly before noon, when they went to dinner, he went to a spotlessly clean with very senior restaurant.Where the waiters are dressed in a clean shirt and trousers, even the smile seems to have uniform standards, like not too much, people that is comfortable but not too much.Red and white tablecloths and gentle goblet, candle against the background of Wu Qi face a little tenderness.He said: You look great.