Tung Tau village there is a river, it is called white Irrigation.But not its originator, nor know the ultimate, but all year long, day and night, quietly flowing.No rough time, that rare wild waves tumbling, always level as a mirror, occasionally the wind set off some folds.    Curved bridge above a river, not like the majestic Bridge of Nanjing, nor beautiful arch bridge of Suzhou, a little history of the Marco Polo Bridge, but not as romantic West Lake, Broken Bridge.Is such a little-known small bridge, often appears in my dreams, romance gently struck a chord, is flute, also accent.Twists and turns down the river is left behind when the Moon long belt is tied ribbon bridges at the center.She looked on both sides of the terraces, well-behaved lying river gentle embrace.Early in the morning, she heard the whisper of swallows, slowly open your eyes, the sky lit up red her face, then immediately full of energy, every pedestrian Xiaoying.Night, she bathed in moonlight, staring into the distance, until the last one back disappeared, she patted the dust, shallow sleep.    Spring, small villages hidden in the flowers, without a trace, inadvertently exposed winks, as if embedded in the painted emerald; summer, bridges scattered among lush greenery, to be aerobic respiration, go back, it would be deep in the woods drinking tea quartzite; fall, bridges grabbed thousands of fallen leaves, if for clothes, walked the split step, is standing on the ridge singing girl; winter, bridges owned the flying snow in my arms, thin care, passionate kiss, kiss kiss, actually melted ice cold.    Lovely bridge full of memories of my childhood.Each summer evening, I will stand barefoot and partners around the bridge, back against the stone pillars buried in the bottom, frolicking.The tall stone pillars father solid arm, looked innocent face, the father is using his hands to block the scorching sun I.How many rainy days, I hid in the cave, enjoy a leisurely fishing, while enjoying the misty landscapes.Cave is a small bridge in the stomach, but also the cradle of grandmother.I often sat in the bridge, waiting for the mother returned from the market, I often stepping spray, overlooking the near future.I stroked the bridge every inch of skin, but also travels to bridge all of the bones.    The bridge is a quiet witness to the changing times.Camel from the initial tingle, pole nodding to cry later bicycle, motorcycle whistling, car horns beep and then to today, are slowly along the pulse of the bridge and over.The village people to go out, people outside the village came in, strings of footprints, strings of beads of sweat fell away in their bright smile.Baskets of fruit, piles of cloth on the bridge intersection, circulation.Bridges shoulder with hope for the future, we hold a fisherman’s selling, but also provoked a colorful tomorrow.    Amorous pedestrian bridge interleaving different mood.Whenever married wedding car after the bridge, it will be beautiful bride and the loud sound of firecrackers shed candy and coins.Bridge brimming with happiness, sent best regards with the most beautiful smile; whenever funeral team passing the bridge, sad suona, loved ones are crying over and over again into the bridge Requiem, quietly , quietly soothe the souls; every time out studies of students waved back to the bridge, the bridge will soulful gazing at them.There are three points clear eye dismay, seven wishes; old age and the elderly whenever returning from distant places, the bridge will be open arms, warm hug them, a look, spoken three times, will be able to comfort the weary soul.    Oh curved bridge!Do you know?I praise you many times!I say you are a woman hidden in a cinnabar mole between the eyebrows, smiling, fascinating and charming; I say you are a tie Acacia word literati, and washed away powder, Qingli elegant; I say you are a painter accidentally knocked pigments, condensed into the most dazzling jewelry.    Dream bridge it!Why are you always so young and?Time did not leave any marks on your face, because you do all day immersed in a small river?But jade Guanyin Jingping dew fairy Creek.After a hundred years of the seasons change, you should have white-haired, or why such a strong build, because you do have a broad mind?It can be installed inside all inclusive.    Beautiful bridges ah!You are my emotional ties to their homes in a string, the string is a string Nostalgia; you are my cherished butterflies, even flying over a long and arduous journey, but also could not fly my heart; you are my solution is not tied to the waist open a link, it is a quiet village, one is the outside world.    Hometown bridges ah!I put you say it, keep that in mind smb, crumple in a dream.Enchanting bridges ah!I would also like to put the most simple song dedicated to you: bridge curved, bent endless feelingly.    Passage of time, You endless joy again and again.

When seen for many years, students Amin has become a senior reporter of a newspaper, and asked the secret of his success, he said with a smile, in fact, not what I write life is a curve.    After graduating from the University of Amin, assigned to a newspaper, report of the day, leading him to start from the most simple news, let him run meteorological information, he said there most out of the news, good and easy to do, little brains.    Interviews with weather information, that is, the daily weather forecast, began to run, he also secretly pleased that this good job both easy and simple, often did not go out, the manuscript had been written, there is a slight error it up and down temperature.    Can over time, Amin on its hands, so that every day, just a waste of their youth, looking for a few leadership did not reflect the following, so he was very upset, that can not display their talent.    Encounter frustrating thing, he is like a man quietly walked to the suburbs, I remember that day is a snow day, even though he was trying to go straight forward, but he left behind is crooked curve, remember he did not understand very.    He came back the first thing to do is to look up, what curve parameters as a function of line physics, chemistry, statistics and other processes in the plane indicated this is the real curve.    Weather forecast result is very simple, based on calculable is very complex, although there is a difference of a few degrees every day, but factors are involved in all aspects, he had an inspiration, why not curve way to report Weather Forecast.    In this way, despite the daily temperature and humidity are similar, but he always are plotted to reports from temperature changes over the years to change the main factors, from the warm day dress to how to prevent abnormal weather, general weather forecast give him new ideas to make the column became the most popular section of Metropolis.    Naturally, inspired opened, press start to become handy, what problems to his hand, always make a unique news to others not dig the story, talk about the affair impervious to his hands, both have become innovative impact, not only the desired layout also very popular with readers.    Usually, each of us are eager to succeed, are hoping to find a shortcut to success, but the results are often counterproductive, it seems, we are to succeed, perhaps, with the curve would be easier than some of the straight line.

After expansion soybeans with warm water, milk on the ground push the small stone, took the filter screen or filter bag, sit or hang into good pot, boil, boiling, and then pickled sour water, instilling boiled milk pot, where boiled up, where to go out bit by bit, to let the milk boil slowly settling, clarification, the pulp and water separation, after a while, cooked soy sauce will gradually gather float, become a shining white clouds of soft bean curd of steaming.And accompanied with boiled curd Whey, also followed became a little bit of sour milk flavored soup.    In Wudu Los pond area, the bean curd to do this process, called the point clear, and this soup bean curd made meals, called points clear rice, also known as curd rice, curd rice or points clear.This point clear, is not only a behavior, as well as to clarify the meaning of description is to achieve milk and water separation, and sublimation process is Douhua.This particular meaning, little known, is undoubtedly the region can only be a small place, it is the native languages.However, such dialects, local customs often open a special key, is also the home of the pro-people exchanges established incompatibility password to ingratiate themselves with each other, but also difficult for outsiders, outsiders also did not find any meaning to.Tong Luo people away from home, wherever, whenever they hear someone talk about “counting the money rice” in the name, one accurate Luotang fellow, because rice is called the point clear, only our exclusive Wudu Luotang.    Longnan more places, do this simple old farmhouse meals, such as many villages and towns south of Kang County, as well as Wen County Bikou area, but they do it is called curd rice, do not say points clear rice Bale.Wang Zeng – qi recent collection of essays, “Nishiyama Hakka”, which wrote a few words of homemade food and wine, very fine, to read, he had the most wonderful taste of Si Chuan Dou Hua, just like we eat Longnan practice these places are very close.Perhaps our southern Gansu, Sichuan phase with adjacent living it, we close the Sichuan Qingchuan, our water and soil without any twists and turns, you can smooth smooth smooth flow directly into Sichuan, import billowing Yangtze River, which is a the same root it.However, even if Dingdingyouming Fushun, Sichuan bean curd, is still doing coagulant with brine, far from water with sauerkraut made delicious taste.    Eat a point clear authentic curd rice, come with stone ground only slowly into the milk, the more delicate point out the curd slurry.At the same time absolutely can not use brine, or other coagulant chemicals do, you must use fresh, sour pickled cabbage get a bit of water.Then, fresh soy milk also ground, if old, will miss the taste.Also, the most critical fundamental, better water quality, water must be acidic, clean, environmentally friendly, no pollution, do so out of counting the money curd rice, enough authentic.Finally, the pulp is to use firewood for cooking fire, the smell is more thorough.Coal, electricity, fire was too intense, taste great changes will be in vain.These conditions are fulfilled, counting the money from the curd, fresh and tender, nutritious, hot weather in summer, in winter warm stomach, but also prevention and treatment of three high, regarded as the real green food.After counting the money pot of soup, authentic, very delicious, unique taste, sweet and sour in his mouth fragrance, the fragrance reveals a moist, the smell, is permeable, which is the home of human bones in the stomach of longing , waiting, and taste something else, it can not substitute.All points clear Luotang delicious curd rice, just in this soup.    Baidu look on with sauerkraut water as coagulant, has made tofu soup meals, unique.Some areas of Gansu and the country, eat tofu, bean curd to do, practices are the first point Kiyonari curd.Some are old looking to make tofu, then squeeze out the water but also, Xiangnong curd, then try to keep the number of tender.Tender bean curd have to fall, tofu is a little tough some of.However, no matter brine or brine point clear, that hard soup has an odor, can not eat, water points clear with sauerkraut, soup no such hard.Authentic pickled bean curd, and bean curd soup must exist, that fish need water, sun flowers can not do without.Who who less, different flavors, the concept has changed.Sauerkraut with water to make the point clear that the bean curd soup, slightly acidic, but acid is moist, acid was comfortable, a little sweet taste, even the fragrance of soybean stocks can not be brushed, fragrant, Qin the reins.    I was counting the money curd rice eating home grown.Large group of those days, Luo Tong hometown front of every household, yard or kitchens, and all the support with a push of a small stone, can grind pepper, red pepper children, more important, is to the ground milk, make the point clear eat curd.In the years of my childhood years, counting the money to eat a meal, a meal with meat, like big hard things, usually home to the guests, or holidays, to eat one or two meals, but also tofu soup cut corn noodles, wheat think eating face curd rice, it is a luxury.Former junior high school, home or large collective years, soybean planting area is small, poor harvests year after year, the production team had to stay seed, graft some of the cadres, villagers are almost no distribution, the people can afford to eat curd rice , even the relatively well-off.For eating curd rice, I grew up with his mother picking beans, that is, in every corner of the production team cut off the edge of a field of soybeans, a little to find those missing the beans, and then go home wood wooden club beat screened particles accumulate up until later gave us a point clear eat curd.Soybeans is picking up quite paid off the job, empty fields, the East a West one day picked up the particles can play a small bowl, is the most satisfactory harvest.    I remember in elementary school, I always go to Xigouli aunt’s house, relatively well-off some of their house, counting the money can eat curd rice.This is probably my aunt home less children, her own life would also accumulated because of it.Every time we went, she served us the best meals, that is, counting the money curd rice cornmeal.Auntie is not on the ground, some fine natural cooking, often after noon future, they wear good milk, good filtration, slowly wok hanging in the fireplace in the boil, then calmly point clear with acidic water.Then, wok then hang higher, while waiting for the ground work uncle come back, only to fill it cut cornmeal cut of the film, every time, as if that is when the chicken just shelves.This array of children, fragrance and taste of the soup pot tofu children drift off already, like me, eagerly waiting for the children to eat, we had to swallow saliva from.Auntie’s done counting the money curd rice Intuit incense, the delicate flavor, is simply indescribable.Over the past two to three decades now, think of the kind of taste, it is still memorable, unforgettable.After the eighties, the hometown of the implementation of the contract responsibility system, only to eat a favorite meal of counting the money, but the point is clear attend a lecture curd wheat noodles or rice, finally had enough flour and rice to eat rice addiction.    2083 I left home, into the county to study a semester over, counting the money can not eat a meal of rice, and my heart would like to eat terrible famine.Put a summer vacation, get on the bus back home yet, you should talk to the students at home for a good meal, greedy self.Many times, we first Luo Tong Hua factory jade tiger home, or to the bottom of the plate the river was full of wealthy, while two or three people will be able to pot had six points clear of people eat out clean.I remember full rich brothers and sisters, so we looked at the gorge, we are not students baby joke, but rather some uneducated.Was full of rich mother was still alive, we face several big eater, some terrified, I thought it enough to eat at school.Subsequently, the whole holiday, Dun Dun eat all clean food, the mother will take the trouble to do for me to eat.In those years, home living standards continued to rise, eat this rice farmers every day, every family can do, a lot of people eat even bored, but I eat concentrate, never tired, and sometimes even danced for joy, I felt forward to being able to enjoy such a heavenly delicious, life is enough.    Subsequently, the hometown people taking advantage of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, slowly out of the mountains ditch, began to work outside the home.Leave their homeland, toward Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Sanya, even the north and south, then stay three to five years, with the experience of leaving home, only began to recall the taste of home to a lot of people aspire to, miss, and turned out to be counting the money curd rice.Counting the money curd rice meal, not just a meals already, has not only to feed their families, has become a taste of home in a home complex feelings, deep into Huoer the blood, the bones.People away from home, look back home, and I miss the taste, it is home to the best way of bringing back memories, palpable, gusto.Later, people better leave their homeland, he has sold soybean milk, and even a small stone, also cooked sauerkraut, to make up for an experience in a foreign country, however, do come out, they did not taste, I felt something was lacking what.Why it was beautiful, home water bar, water and soil left home, there is no kind of taste, that smell.The kind of honest and long taste of home, too deeply anchored.    Late 1990s, my family and I had Wudu town opened a tofu noodle period of time, selling is authentic point clear curd rice.Opened a shop a few years, did not earn money, but a bunch of friends united, united a bunch of love for his hometown, hometown people look back.These diners, either Wudu Luo Tong, either Kangxian Yangba, or is the text area of the county Bikou.Because, really bottom of my heart favorite of curd rice, curd rice are home, they are directed at the home of taste comes.There are some, with a clear point of curd rice has people understand love, but also the work of people who lived in these places, or inserted through the team, or the next village over, or done business.At least, they stayed there for some time in some places, tasted point clear curd rice fragrance.So far, they eat, look, and taste is the share of the year, that feeling.    Every time you hear of such customers are eating nod, very sweet.Eat happy, and even went to eat this meal since we brag experience, counting the money rice when it is already the talk of diners, has become a red line connecting the rural family and friends of friends, everyone chatting and eating each other, suddenly felt , tone of voice are somewhat similar to the.Of course, carefully taste them, in the city made out of curd rice, authentic already a lot of money, certainly, but a little mountain stream hometown ah, so mellow meals, is now the home of pure water and soil inseparable, also with those used in cooking reveals a taste of vegetation firewood inseparable, there is no basis for these conditions, Zeneng get that taste of home ah.For a place, no matter how careful operation, no matter what the seasoning into eating less I felt something, this is called side soil support people, right, acidic water points clear curd rice, it is the home of heavenly objects.    Of course, there is perhaps a matter of time, called the passage of time, people have changed, the change in time and space, will be followed by changes in taste.Large group of those years, I and my folks are often naked, hungry, poor living conditions, people fry a grain of wheat, roast a few potatoes were so delicious mouthful, now eating delicacies , but there were no appetite.Do not blame people today are not satisfied, picky, and now we entrance of food, the name itself is a large discount, just change the taste.Today, the city has already begun the countryside of people have started back to nature, back to nature.They are already tired of eating poultry meat, eat afraid of-season vegetables.Think through the markets every day, looking at those beautiful color tasteless fruits and vegetables, chicken looking at those chubby dime vain, but also what’s good appetite Yeah, those are genuine fakes.    But now the village people, but still still dream of the urbanization, does not even matter Nongsang, even fruits and vegetables to eat meat to be bought, only to feel rich, just felt identity, like city people, this is not blindly follow it.Over the years, every year when the New Year back home, came to the country, even to eat tasty vegetable farm, see whole grains.At least, every family in front of the hand mill, stopped spinning.And I’m in town kitchen, also installed with a hand mill, a weekend or a holiday, I will soaked beans, cook a meal to eat point clear.There are times, the cousin came home, ate a meal bowls, sigh, fragrant, delicious!In this array child, when I knocked these poor characters, my family’s kitchen, his wife is still a good soak beans, ready to take the Lantern Festival curd rice to cook, wash a greasy it accumulated since the first month.    Home in autumn, the season of ripe soybeans and buckwheat to recover the particles just full of fresh soy, beans and capsules hand-stripped shell, peel enough to fill a medium bowl, then ground into soy milk in a small stone.Meanwhile, cooked buckwheat ground pickled old leaves acidic water was filtered off, curd clear point, and then a new roll harvested soba soup at the point clear, the final point made clear buckwheat curd rice , the tasty and delicious, absolutely fabulous, almost unspeakable, incomparable.Whoever, eat a meal, did not forget its taste for life.Spring and summer, can be called as vegetables, and in the milk, the point becomes clear bean flowers, and then made into rice farmers, soup, the following article, very delicious taste more..    Counting the money curd rice, pure taste of home, fresh Satomi, my favorite.

Morning, ocean, mist Mi Mongolia, golden sprinkle Man, Crest Hill like a rack in the golden vapor, serene and comfortable to enjoy gentle comfort.Fresh sea breeze, blowing head, brushed the cheek, Heart Plaza God Dang.    Quietly sea floor standing, three hundred fragrant taste of clear chrysanthemum tea and enjoy the early morning Wenxin Jing Ya, tea Qinxiang context through the whole body, floating into the perception of nerves, the brain send Wei-Wei Yi to draw clear, if the whole person bathed in the fragrance-filled atmosphere, feeling the prolonged forget the rural wind, nostalgia, the nostalgia, the ear seems to be flowing cordial accent, township music, township pregnant, recalling the years hides the loss of enlightenment, income, the loss.    This “three hundred fragrant” clear chrysanthemum tea, but domestic production of tea at home, across the sea to Japan’s gift.A foreign country, such a comfort to the heart of the gift made me excited, and feel at home, are like the feel of the warm bosom of the motherland An Shuxin An real, from the heart of Hong chewing intoxicating sense of felt.    Homesickness thick, motherland, great mother, your prosperity and prosperity, Wen Wan Bohuai, is warm traces wandering lonely heart.  Cup of tea, returning to the village, with its aromatic fen put village rhyme, to really convey the motherland and loving feelings.  Cup of tea returning to the village, with its rural wind on a clear cold Aung, who inspired the End of the World wanderer brave fighting morale.    Thick, rice or home or the home of fragrant tea, the situation is still longing for the nostalgia.  The imagination, this fragrant three hundred years, what will be the Lake of Scented Souls, in turn how people swing soul leisurely swim three hundred years, and how these ethereal soul fragrant, long history.If Qiannianzhilian also Wan, Hong Yuan BES.The world of love, and as these three hundred fragrant rhyme, Yingying Chao Chao, Piao Miao Miao misty, stream world one hundred Fang.    Cup of tea, returning to the village, recalling Half a life, although the shape to move throughout the shift, but eternal nostalgia.  Cup of tea returning to the village, how many children people infatuation West Side, love brew fragrant, lingering Spring Night.  Cup of tea, returning to the village, think years of life, fame and success, what waves travel from the ups and downs.  Cup of tea returning to the village, knead to make their love, emotions lingering, lingering fragrance sleeve dark morning.    Township tea, long finish, wear the star wearing a month, Trespa Wanlv, Xiangpiao I, fragrant centuries.  Sea, the waves Morrowind, orange-hui matched, strands of tea, Suifeng Wu Dang, plug in the thoughts beautiful wings across the ocean, flying over the mountains, the nostalgia mind reading.Cup of tea returning to the village, Yu Yu Xianghuai, trickling Xiang Lian, Best Acacia, three hundred fragrant.

Part One: I will not tea cup of tea, but I do not know whatever the outcome of tea, watching colleagues frenzy of tea, still did not understand what gave birth to the tea culture?Or cultural achievements of tea?  People say: rising oil prices are good for conservation, meat prices are good for weight loss, up to the cemetery alive and well.So what tea prices rose to it?Because it is the national drink?Inexplicable, tangled tea culture, plagued tea drinkers, tea farmers also troubled species.  Five thousand years, since ancient times, China Aihe Cha.According to the “tea” record: to drink tea, made in the Shennong, Wen and Zhou Lugong.It seems a few small pieces or green tea or brown, in brew boiling water or float or sink, can bizarre world interpreted clearly and logically.  Walking the streets, elegant decorations, antique teahouse, zither sound, impressive tea ceremony, is a product of the rich and leisured.Those who quite gracious tea, bitter tea, few can know it?!Renzouchaliang, freehand the state of the world, also calls for a clear philosophy.  I remember we were young, tea is popular culture, summer day, the fields, the farm mom yell: “Ya children, come to tea Hello.”We flew in the past, a tank full scoop, stretch and drink your fill, feel hearty, glowing slightly bitter, sweet sandwiched barley tea, to disperse the heat, brought tremendous pleasure.At that time, only a few excellent tea per pound, about the most are a dollar a pound, buy a package of tea, to be friends with ourselves, that thirst and throat, among fine chemicals booze, warm human feelings, deep love all in one.  I do not know when, where tea infiltrated the snobbish, the best tea prices high into the clouds.The function is no longer a health tea, thirst-quenching, refreshing, the throat, and in pretty packaging, not the connotation breeze gentleman, no warmth, more philistine, more vulgar, a cup of tea, try melting world Yan Liang.  I miss the warm, exudes a rich aroma of tea, where there is calm, there is outspoken, and into the pantry in friendship, melted into the life.Tea faint, softly fragrant, picked up a handful of good faith, carry a teapot, holding a small glass, summarized one o’clock tea, burst into the boiling water, watching the tea gradually spread, tea gradually see a clear reduction cup of fresh, mellow tea, incense Cocktail cemented heart, this is the essence of tea.    Part II: A cup of tea Quintana spacious balcony, a touch of window the night, between the fingers upward ray of misty cigarettes, tall crystal glass, Jisi dry tea, refreshing and several flower chrysanthemum, and that into the cup boiling water, could not help but leaned over to sniff it up transpiration mist, can not help but turn a blind eye to suck na heart of the fragrance that Qinru.Computer issued a slight hum from the computer may be too close to the cup, mist floats naughty intimacy with the face of the screen, a dim disturb a clear, when I was ready to get up wipe, found that blur has quietly receded, screen or as , inadvertently saw the naughty water vapor.  Cup of tea gradually stretch the waist children, cup of chrysanthemum bud slowly opened, a cup of water slowly changed color children.  I was not looked, could not help but Simou, I have seen tea in the tea, have seen long in the wilderness of chrysanthemums, their color is so true.Green tea, white chrysanthemum, water soaked through and restore their color, just not a natural luster.Tea and flowers, quietly floating in the cup, tea needle, put up a beautiful, floating up sink, chrysanthemums, still floating in the cup noodles, United States of dynamic and static.Sauna net tea moving, it is in their own homes do miss, I think so.That spring whisk green, mountain preserved everywhere that the tea garden and the green bud, bathed in spring, tender bud, enjoy the sun and rain, can be fleeting dash of time, can not help how many sad.Between thoughts seem to see the tea girls hands whipped up and down, pick rhyme-like labor, picking fruit left and right of labor, all in the joy of harvest tea in.  Daisy in quietly thinking, thinking its own gorgeous, thinking butterflies flying bee dance moment, thinking himself “a hundred flowers bloom strike kill” Chrysanthemum finale.  Colored tea has a.Alas, shake gently, long shake, thin product a product, tea, flowers, fragrant lips and teeth.Tea moving, it learned of his dedication, spent pendulum, it knows its own pay, that thick tea, tea is the essence of the flower, is dedicated to the people of their nectar Yu Ye.  Expand piece of tea, release a warm, beautiful blossoming chrysanthemum, soothing the muscles, I got the nectar, I’m grateful for the dedication of chrysanthemum tea.Their fragrance erase the impetuous, summoned Ningyi night sky with stars.Continued little water, tea and floral aromas more full-bodied children drift off.My thoughts could not help but flew to Hainan.Remember, in a demonstration to observe the tea ceremony, tea ceremony teacher is talking about, those who pay attention to tea, tea spill will head Road, the second taste of tea is the best.I’m not really pay attention to the tea, but I like the taste of tea, like tea contentment, add chrysanthemum in which it is more fun.  And green tea, and green chrysanthemums care, there is the pan-green tea, it is vitality in the light irradiation.Well, one reason or another became evergreen color of the Yangtze River Delta?Yes, the tea itself is grown in the south, its bones still miss the colors of his hometown, hometown charm is still clear, conscious of the green life to millions of households, so that when people think of the South tea, tea leisure and remembered Intrigue.  Continued water several times, that there are several flower white chrysanthemums Shen hanging open in water.I may be talking too much tea because of it, you, chrysanthemum, when you can drink but also medicine, jealousy is not too strong right.Dong Jin Baishi main pastoral, were eternal recluse, the originator of the famous pastoral poet Tao Yuanming — sir, the phrase “under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain” have put you up to Immortal Fame realm, contentment.  Tea light water.Sipped tea with flowers, looking at the flowers and tea, is already taking shape on the computer screen text, from what name it, called “cup of tea” it.

Cucumber cucumber flower bloom, it is golden yellow, very colorful in bright sunshine in.Most of the petals is five, golden star, happy to have six, seven particularly pleased to quote rates.There are eight of silence can not be happy.    Flowers large thin glass, gently sip, then exposed Dier, a very, very pleasant.I want a glass of wine “cup” word, deliberately written dimple “nest” word.Dimple long in the human cheeks, the role of people seem charming laugh.    Cucumber flowers sparkling smile, it does not say anything, coursing.There are also sound when the wind blew it laughter?No, it turned out to be sucked in flower bee.    Bees do not want to distance ran away, steal my attention in the eaves to avoid Jingchu building a nest children.Doorstep nectar is pleasant part of the work of Kazakhstan.    Floral aroma?Could that be the next to Huang Jue Jin Lan Nu jump over.Bright yellow, not fragrant large.Yellow daisy exception, chrysanthemum incense, I feel cold.There are also yellow roses, yellow rose incense was warm, but also romantic, my wife yellow roses are cultivated.    Bloom beautiful flowers do not cucumber melon child, I wonder.”laugh!laugh!laugh!Others are male, is only responsible for pollination.”It is busy helping his wife explained to me.To fruiting of cucumber flowers goes fine, like a small baby’s mouth, skinny, sickly, shy dodge the face.Melon child just born, Tintin big, small insects like bars, you do not hand to touch it, it has a fine and dense glitches, will sting the hand.Covered with a sand-like beans, hemp was a kid, ugly poor people.    Cucumber name, is it yellow flowers?No.I know melon yellow flowers are open.    Pumpkin flowers are yellow bar, a large-sized bloom, and Huang Huang climbing, my mother said it was the shortage of melon, melon is a shortage of flowers to sit, think flat drum circle and sat shortage of it in the early fall of slope, I have to laugh bad stomach.I do not eat pumpkin, pumpkin big but not when to eat, I’m afraid it looks to stay.Old days, I used to cook pumpkin home to eat pig, pig to eat pumpkin as Daisha.I want to eat pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds wrapped in gold velvet Rangzi’s hand to pull out, can be eaten raw, fried the sun to eat, there is the smell of sweet, tasty.Pumpkin seeds have medicinal properties, I heard that can treat prostate disease.Unfortunately, I have not the disease, a child is not sick, then eat pumpkin seeds because glutton, not a disease greedy, greedy heart it was unbearable itching.Another reason I do not eat pumpkin, when unruly students from the Mind, flipped flat drum circle and pumpkin, along the “navel” with a knife cut a small circle sitting on top Chugong, brainless want to grow things.    Bitter gourd flowers are yellow, light yellow, like gold house seeped money, but it is golden yellow flower petals so thin gaunt, button-sized flowers, bitter meaning rich, I will recall the scene of a child for the mother Aoyao.    Loofah flowers or yellow, to open up Zhang round face, pink life and brass mirror that lights up the face of the girl will be laughing voice.After Xiaoman, my family loofah not bloom, do not worry about missing the flowering season.Loofah bloom late, but prolonged duration, can be opened to late autumn, so that people have to eat autumn gourd.Loofah is used to boil the soup is best to eat, from summer to autumn boil, boil from green to black, green autumn fall gourd to boil out of the soup will turn black color, black drinking gourd soup hearts ascend thick the autumn, will think of frost and snow.    Cucumber short life, is short-lived vegetables, probably Qingming sowing, robust beginning of summer, Xiaoman lush abundance of Grain in Ear, summer solstice to close the first, won the spring and early summer, it encompasses four seasons bright, warm, stretch, good times.    ”Qingming be clear, the beginning of summer to the next.”I looked at my mother,” do not understand it, clean it, talking about clean air Jingming, the next thing is the rain.In the moist warm sunshine and rain of flowers in grass grow comfortable with joy.However, raining, in every few days to the next, at two in the night, in the middle three days, the sun Ha.”I listened to my mother as a little girl innocent tone, wanted to laugh at her, and saw her mother’s white hair and wrinkles, laughter heart smile into the eyes of tears, endured the tears I deliberately say:” If the sun at night, during the day it rained Zenong?”In the mother’s prophecy, I was wrong to write a word – in her mother’s parable, really clear and bright and clean air Jingming, the beginning of summer rainfall, my terrace garden cucumber comfortable to death, our family also get comfortable with pleasure.    Crazy cucumber growth, rejuvenate mom.Cucumber foot taller every day, my mother a year younger every day.My heart bursts of fright, almost voice called out.    To the Grain in Ear, my house cucumber “disaster”, and attend a lecture to eat cucumber, cucumber became a feast, see cucumbers straight frown.Child and six, six is the aunt of the children, there are now seven or eight, and I almost sold back a cucumber.Then privately selling vegetables called “speculation” countries do not allow farmers to change some salt money, sell secretly hiding in the back lane.Us back a basket of cucumber, choose the shade of a tree on the sub-Selling.Buy people ask: “How many cucumbers?”We’re back:” fifth.”” Less, one-third.”Waving:” fifth.”Bargain straightforward, unlike my essay in eight Hello winded.Noon near a cucumber did not sell off, find out privately, others only sell one-third pound, cheaper two two points.The sale is learned, common sense is to follow the market, two small miser that understand this truth.But bitterly Yan Yan back home.”Unpromising, dishes will not sell, say nothing to eat, eat cucumber.”Shuaixia aunt, then went to the pigs.    Eat cucumber, – unpalatable.Tears – tears eat a food will remember for a lifetime.    I worked as temporary workers in the “sunny courtyard” (neighborhood) small noodle shop, the customer said: “Multi-vine vegetables.”There is a man the way they shout:” Do not dish.”Do ye shimmering jade tree vine vegetables it?I heard him say: “the transformation of the cadre school, eat vine vegetables when Dayton, no water of vine vegetables cooked, like a root RDX child, ingest a mouthful of grass smelly pig, and now wanted to see the vine vegetables vomit.”Although my house these days to attend a lecture to eat cucumbers, but that did not eat, tired somewhat bored, they will not met cucumber vomiting Moreover, we will change some tricks to eat – salad, fried, boil soup..I like pickled cucumber salad, cucumbers knife without washing, shoot knife flat, made into sub-blocks of an inch, several scoop to scoop brine salted pickles a bubble, two hours, decanted brine, Sign chop garlic cloves to a fine Mo, if small garlic (bitter onion) to shoot a few, and chop into tablets, redolent of garlic or onion smell of mustard foam, people dash out of tears, to finally topped with tasty fried sesame seeds, pepper, hot red pepper oil became.What flavor?According to my method, taste, Shuangsi.There is a simple way of eating – sugar into vinegar dip to eat, chew a dip in a sweet and sour crisp, but also Qingre, eat a few days back to peace of mind and the US United States.    Cucumber soup boil easy, as long as the line preserved egg, egg water, less salt or no salt, the boiling water, sliced and placed in cucumber, the fire can not be cooked, cucumber softened on the line.Clear sparkling refreshing cucumber egg soup, and flavor of the Songhua.Songhua smell of my imagination, imagine the smell of extra flavor.    Although cucumbers delicious, but eat every day, attend a lecture, it is always a question of taste angry angry heart.Is not it, good things, and also not good, live well-off, and want to painstakingly sweet memories miles.It does not get up early and see my mother picked a big Shau Kei cucumber, there are more than 20, as sturdy as the bottle.Mom took to the streets to sell cucumbers?After breakfast, my mother said: “Help me end it cucumbers.”Whispered, insisted that the sea winded!Carrying cucumber accompanied her out the door.”Contempt knock on the door, each send two, I forget, and plus I was twelve family home, a two, just twenty-two.”Mom algorithm has a problem, my house two it?In addition to the mother rounded.    I knocked on the door, my neighbor’s joy sounded iron gate, cold iron gate I was familiar with the warm and friendly tone.Mom cowardly situation and said: “Excuse bother, help out, try my home-grown cucumber.”Who the nerve to refuse the mother’s ‘troubles’ it?Pro mother also says: “Thank you,!”It’s like my family apologized neighbors like much of a favor.    Sent a cucumber, my mother said proudly: “to deal with the troubles, the best way is to put your worries to someone else, let others bear trouble for you.”I foolishly lost, for a long time does not turn back to God.    ”Quick to go to work, come home we eat fresh vegetables Comin myself!”Air smelled her mother’s laughter, laughter bathed in red sun just rising in Dongshan.

Cuckoo sound, early morning rain still lingering.Pattering eastern Yunnan rainy season, although there is no clear Guiyang three days without pomp, but to me this man from the drier parts of which have been odd for it.    No class day total Jiaoren lazy, especially in the rain swirling in the season.Morning, leisurely sat in the window, listening to the sound of rain fall, as if the rain wizard, gently step on the gravel road, leaving if the absence of footprints, gentle prostrate on the needle-like leaves, glistening in the above dancing, and sometimes really worried about her falling instability on the tip, fall.However, I worry too much is redundant, because it is after all her life, she did not know me, I do not know her.Each well, like walking with their.    Looking out the wet world, I suddenly asked myself “This is the beginning of the rain, when” I agonized over telling myself, “hey do not know, it should be almost a month, hoping to quickly sunny ah!This weather really makes people Mende Huang, hey.”This idea surprised me!Nightlife Network I remember I was like ah rainy season, especially at home, every rainy day, our family will stop all outdoor activities, watching do not know how many times read “Journey to the West”, and then sitting around the fire cage this time my father would make me get peanuts, seeds or beans to fry, while eating fried, I remember my father always love to tease my mother, smiled and said: “the old woman, you try to see, not cooked?”After my mother took, back eccentric father said:” The good old head, which is very familiar na!”My brother and I’m curious, what is a pot of fried peanuts, my mother would say, and asked parents to eat the kind of peanuts, then smile after just shot my father’s thigh, he said:” I’ll give you a mom peanut shells it!”Sometimes I think our family is her mother’s ‘little stooge’.After eat something, my mother would mend clothes, the clothes are finishing a person over and over, then we also do not see Journey to the West, not Chi Guazi, but standing next to old sewing machines Phoenix, looked at the mother not a busy stop listening to the creak of the sewing machine smile.Then at any time pending orders, my brother and good vision, waiting for my mother go-between life we find something, my dad only sat through the next.But my dad at this time may feel left out of it, he said my mother did not play well, his mother would play better than her mother, my mother let my father let me get open, and my father face is not red does not jump up and fiddle, he step up the foot will not move, I do not know to put that hand.We looked at my father, laughing Zhibuqiyao.Dad saw this situation, smiled and said: “The old woman, for fear that something bad is it, do not step on the move.Also, today I am a little so not on the air, we should always, I will.”In fact, we all know, maybe just to funny, did not say break it.We also do not want to do “little attendant,” when we do not follow in my mother do a thing with her picking tea, which we’ll get a drowsy, then quickly went to bed together.Sometimes you can not escape on the last bite the bullet, but picked up a while to really not get on, feeling dizzy.In this case, the father and brother rushed to sleep, but I’m afraid my mother called me, did not dare to go, and she has been picking up, I remember one time picking picking up and fell asleep on tea.Only a mother smiling mouth seemed to continue, what does it do for you happy?    Trail of fresh morning breeze accompanied by rain, accompanied by bursts of fragrant flowers and grass, slowly walking in the wet.I heard the cuckoo’s call, accompanied by the slightest rain, melody, do not have some beautiful my heart, so I think it can not return to yesterday’s rainy season.Then joy filled my body, I feel the moment there are lengthy rainy season charm.    Rain slow way — let me, let me alone, let me think.Cuckoo sound, the beauty of the rainy season wake up, wake up the sleeping situation.I know that the dawn of the cuckoo with my memory of Dawn.

Tears fly sky 2 Shi 28 points May 12.Sudden Wenchuan 8 earthquake, Shanbengdelie, and instantly turned into hell to earth.When 31 to 12, the earthquake disaster has claimed the lives of compatriots injured.A catastrophe, whom the whole nation mourned, China with this sad.It earthquake deeply hurt the hearts of 1.3 billion Chinese people.Grief of the season, at 5:00 on June 1 pm.Received home phone, my dear father quietly away due to illness.Lost a father, tears rolling once again raging in the eyes, the heart has been torn, grief once again dance pieces!Time goes by quietly, Yin Yu started falling from the sky at Guangzhou, my living on its rural filial son, even the death of his father can not go home for the funeral, Wang Wei Son of man ah!Regret the pain of heart, such as cone thorn in general.Rain, quietly trickling down his forehead; the tears on my cheeks fall silent.My father’s voice and facial expression occupy the whole mind, as his father’s story emerged one by one in front of the slide.May 1922, his father was born in a small merchant family.In the three years old when his father, the grandmother passed away due to illness.Seven years old when my grandfather was taken away when the young men, a herd heard from since.Father from an early age lost his father maternal love, uncle living in the house.Uncle family was poor, six, seven years old, my father left home to apprentice blacksmith’s shop very far.Skinny father, fire refining his strong will, his chewing biting bitter life, slowly grew up in hardships.After his father to work very hard, very early to participate in the Party School, became the city’s first party.Father has been working at the grassroots level factories and mines, he has done technical inspectors, storekeepers, factory trade union chairman.He gives the impression of a very ordinary, I like to wear a uniform, thin face is always smiling, when the custodian, people affectionately called him “Red steward”.I remember one time unit wage adjustments, he is an advanced plant-wide producer of “model” of the city to attend.It was agreed to upgrade him, he said: My salary is lower than many people still take the initiative to adhere to the quota to others.He is such a work sincere pragmatic, before treatment never reach out, to kind of humble people who.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) remember childhood, my father always let me ride on his shoulders and take me out, I remember once he took me out to play, I bought a “small carbine” and dry, what was one more than me bigger beggar child snatched my hand and the left half of each child.Half of my father’s hand also gave the child, took the child and dry, nodded and ran.Scene at the time, has been stored in my mind, so I grew to understand what is meant by love and kindness.Father of our three siblings are so distressed and love, his amiable, never played, scolded us.He strictly requires us to learn, to integrity, honesty, kindness, grow up to be a useful person to society!In addition to hours later because of a high fever brother Shou Lexie brain damage, in strict parents lead by example and education, after my sister and I grew up, did not want to disappoint their parents, become socially useful for business people.Very considerate father sons and daughters, after retirement, he has a family and children to granddaughter.He was particularly fond of children, daily shuttle children to school and give them stories, play games, have a little money to buy them school supplies and snacks to eat, life care and concern.And sons and daughters, said: It is your knowledge, the body a long time, to make good to focus on the job.Home with me, do not worry.More than a good old ah!A good father too much, really unable to tell.Tonight, the sky started falling Yin Yu, separated Yin and Yang.Father ah!Home mother, sister, daughter, relatives are all accompany you, but I think you are a good person in a foreign land with tears.Father ah!Why are you so cruel, so actually throwing away your son?You know: the baby is also heavily indebted in the body, the body can not personally come back to you scrub tired, I can not personally come to bow down before your spirit.Not personally holding your soul to heaven, even the last baby have not see you again ah!Father ah!This raw filial son sorry for you.I remember five years ago, at the time of my life and career suffered a huge blow, you are so sad, when I was about to leave home, you bitterly, the tears took hold of my hand and exclaimed: “more than a good one good steel ah, now turned into a scrap.”I can not forgive myself, I hurt for how heavy is the father of?sorry Sorry!Father can you hear me?Father ah: I remember when this year February and March I went home to visit your sister, you have a serious illness, I want to do my best in the side of filial piety, you do not give me this opportunity, you have to go back earlier clamor.Today I know: You already know their dying days in this world is not long, the thought of roots.You put my mother called him and said: You live frugally also saved a little money, my brother and I left for the future.Father ah!You know, I hear the heart, such as needle-like pain, I’m still your son do?How soon you will be depriving death also worry about me ah!Father ah!March we are not ready yet to say?August and September to Chengdu, I come back to take care of you.Your life is not lost faith, why did you lose credibility in the face of this son ah.You just go, go!You can not believe your son day you stand up?You have the heart to let your son leaving lifelong regret when good “son wants his parents wait for the” right?Why do not you wait longer, until the baby is good filial piety you come back?Father ah!Now late at night after five, six more than you’ll fly away to another kingdom, my grief in his mouth thousands of miles away from where you are to your wake, I put deep love into words read from the phone to listen, I burst into tears, in grief.!Yin Yu started falling, separated Yin and Yang, the father ah!You can hear, see it?Father walked!Quietly away!Like an ordinary grass when you are born, a leaf, a grain of sand, but you are in my heart, but never as big as towering mountains, like the blue sky as deep and broad as the sea.My father, Li Xueliang, a mundane and kind old man, you will always live in the hearts of his son!My dear father, rest in peace forever rest in peace!

Part One: cry as the Nobel Prize for Literature writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the past, in order to buy a house in Beijing, turned out to be not very easy.If Jia Ping – wa, Mo Yan, Liang Xiaosheng, who called Principal authors, these writers Principal repairing an industry in Beijing yet not easy, so first-class writer who writers, especially second-rate third-rate, in our country’s economic status can be imagined.  For writers in particular had excellent novel writer to write, I think our country for their policies are not really seriously, even very great importance.I am more worship songwriter Yan Su, however, say the treatment, Yan Su teacher with respect to the treatment of novel writers do not know how many excellent.On the other hand, with respect to novel writer Yan Su but look stretched in the economy.One side is the creation of hundreds of thousands of works of novel writers words, one side is the writing just a few dozen words of lyrics writer, why contrast is so big, why be so favoritism.Do not say another, but even Yan Su, dealers teachers themselves will be for these writers and against injustice.  In terms of content sustenance thoughts or covered, the creative writing lyrics and novels are not comparable.A lyric, even then outstanding, writing up, maybe twelve hours, maybe twenty or thirty minutes, up to no more than two or three days, however, contain a novel theme of the times, perhaps two to three years contained, Maybe you want to complete eight or ten years.The large gap that the amount of labor for all to see, but if treatment is given contrary, it will be how unfair ah.Some would say, Yan Su teacher highly educated, seniority, qualifications Mo Yan shallow, so they should be the current state.Our long-term national advocate on everything, so for those who have made outstanding contributions in the literature as Mo Yan, Jia Ping – wa, it really should not imprison the inherent mode of thinking, can give them exceptional reward and help, otherwise, how China’s literary career can hit even greater glory?How grassroots writers see the value of literature lies?How can reflect the social status of a writer?  Before, we used to say Naotidaogua, many people have mercilessly fight strike over this phenomenon, but now writers masterwork owner and brief article is so upside down, but none of the shouting, is in literature this field, in the most capable of the emotions literary circles, the face of such a situation, the idea to form a “immobility study miserably” situation it?  Chinese people watching, more concerned about the Chinese audience.    Part II: junior high school I did not cry over two years.He was introduced to married people.It is a village.Long lines of people also is his family was poor.My parents do not agree.He came to me.We chatted for a few nights.And it was he conquered.Decision imposes a lifetime.To their parents hurdle.I also compiled a lie I’ve been pregnant.What’s.(Eighties) unmarried pregnant daughter is very immoral thing.Parents afford to lose this person.I agree to this marriage and urge us to get married quickly.  Sweet married for a while.But I made this promise to punish me.I have several years have not pregnant.I get where lift his head.Fortunately, her husband began to.Do not say anything.Later, angry because of some little things.I cried and said you would not think that my students do not.He also refuses to admit.In fact, I understand very.Root yard is not the child’s fault.Since many will not bother to go to the hospital.Find nothing wrong.I have normal.Finally, cousin advised me to go to college to check him.He was not gas.He said what able-bodied.Indeed our married life can also be a.But also can not do anything.I advise.Also mobilizing to persuade elderly.Anyhow, to go.A check.Low sperm survival rate.At that time he was a Yan.I also straightened backs.There is a feeling of being liberated.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) I do not mind him saying he does not.Under the rule not the result of a period of time we adopted a girl.But my heart is always uncomfortable.Boring day was good.He also cheesed off with it.It took another two or three years so.It flashed on five or six years.In my youth it’s time to spend a day this unexamined maybe God really open eyes.I actually pregnant.She gave birth to a boy.Ha ha.This life suddenly becomes the sun.This is true of life.In fact, nothing more than a normal life.Rich and poor is not important.There are basic things we have dignitaries job.Which family was poor when we.No money.But also just fine with children.Good mood all day.  Ye Hao up her husband’s business.When my son was five years old to open a plywood processing workshop.He recruited a few unskilled laborer.What year my husband and I have about thirty.I just children.Cooking and washing clothes.With the words now is to do a small woman.No matter what matter other.  But the unexpected happened.One day her husband suddenly disappeared.It is to do unskilled laborer and a little girl ran.Oh my God.In my eyes the husband lost.I imprudent.Which only seventeen-year-old child.My husband does not have a handsome thirty.I was very close to see them.But I did not want to go above this.Such a big age gap.How they will get it together.  At first I fancy he can come back.Still in my heart to forgive him.As long as he does not hold him back.When you have a macho man.There are also heart remorse usually not good enough to place him.He sent word to them to find someone home, he said to divorce.I was in a fit of anger.Leave.So you dragged.Let me.I also do not let you live at ease.So it took another two or three years.Her husband take the time to take away all the money.He rented a facade on the outside business.Also they have their own children.Easy life gusto.But I do.Still struggling to hope he can come back here.Think multi-foolish.I have had a happy life of the people separated from family.I was in here working hard and making.Their own money for the children to go to school.Maintain previous family and from the human cost.Lonely day to chew.filter.Thinking ago.I want to understand.He’s not my fault walk away.I did nothing wrong.To a man rolling.Always find reason.He was the first wife does not understand excuse.It’s all fucking bullshit.You do not understand me when.I went to the men okay.This together every day.What will you be able to understand.Shun your heart.Suit you.Any reason not an excuse for betraying wife.If the wife is wrong.Which is great for men.  I want to understand.From the off it.You liberation.I also liberated.I may find a.Since it is fate.I can not choose.But I agree with my parents do not agree to divorce.The reason is that property disputes.If divorce.Which house.There is in a green tree (very valuable) will split one half.You mean parents take the child has lived in a large house.Which green trees will stay with you selling slowly forward.The kids raised on the line.You can come to a successful.Full descendants clear.He does.Finally homeless.Children will not let him come back.Which when there are children around.Still lovely time.Think also makes sense.A few years it will no longer brook.Fast forward four or five years it is.The children were seventeen.I have forty.I write to you I want to cry.I have forty.My youth.My years.Beautiful dream when I was in school.Which long night.Which countless sleepless nights.Which can tear into a river.Whining.  Her children.No longer as a child what so cute.No longer obedient.And sometimes you quarrel.Make you angry.Even more exasperating is that he went to his father.I bought him new clothes.Find a job.So away from me.Only one lone I.Before taking care of children is my life.The child is gone I have not the center.Sustenance is gone.My heart is empty.I do not know what it means people live.has no meaning.Childhood hope the children grow up.The child can be a big so what.My suffering is the result of ten years.Do you want me to stay up to look at the white-haired many children do.confused.confused.Helpless to stay at home with me want to die.I decided to go out to work.And a relative went to Shanghai to do Green.The workers know my situation.I am very sympathetic.Great care to.Which also has a single man.His wife and others ran the.This allows us to have a common language.Soon we cohabited together.I do not keep the Women.I see through.The society should not have fair.Called the woman in virtue.The men could do Morio Road.Woman is shameless betrayal is lewd.Men do.Did it romantic chic.May we all be the same person.Like the five love Liu Yu.Why should impose unreasonable woman.I am human.A living person.I do not want to make Joan.I do not want to chastity arch.I just want a normal life.Some pain was love life.  Cohabitation lived in 2023.This thing did not dare to give parents know.They are old families.Compliance observe moments.How could tolerate daughter fucks.This is an affair in a year.It is to be paraded through the streets of.Women do it to lift up the head of a lifetime finally live like a day.Although it is illegal.May is real life.True happiness.A long time, not an unventilated wall.I also want early end to this day unclear.I want to have children belong to us.our home.So I tell the parents.I did not think parents are categorically disagree.To talk about the truth.I said a few years and so his son married and have children you can take the grandchildren.It is for children who had.So many years are over.This half will still care about you.They say more lightweight.Half past one.So many years.Boil dry my tears.Boil dry my youth.I am like a desert near the dead grass.Folding wings in the air like a bird miserable groan.They can not see.Only the promise of a better future.Remote unknown happiness.I’m not a baby.They are selling refers to the mountain mill.Castles in the air.I did not accept their kind offer advice.Repeatedly insisted I want a divorce.I want to remarry.They look soft, not.Come hard.My father said I want to recognize my daughter will not remarry.Fangchuhualai also want to break my leg.Keep my life.Mother is determined.Association with death.This does not.Really drank pesticide.Irrigation water that saves a lot of coming.I’m afraid.I dropped out.I cried.Very tough battle cry.Think I was in trouble when the family in respect of restructuring.There are many unexpected life ah.It is people can not capture.It has happened.We must correct the face.But due to different ideas and people make different decisions.Now I understand.Causing me to not today’s my fault.Nor is it wrong of her husband.But social prejudices.Chinese people for thousands of years the concept of.I created a weakness.Parents pedantic.We did not live to myself.In order to ambition.In order to loved ones.for the kids.In order to face.For everything.That is not for their own drinking a few beers.Think about your own future.Burst into tears.friends.I am in the end how to do.In the end people how to live chapter three: Scream sand has been gathering dust, covered with a thick layer, freeze at that moment.Thoughts have been detained, put Meng Meng shell, but there is no joy of life.If the streamer years, fleeting but very long.  Life, why have obsession?  Alive, do not you thankful this, and feel happy it?  Everyone has a heart, bright red blood flowing inside.Why is it hard some?  All kinds of persistent biting each soul, issued greedy ridicule, with Ling Ran righteousness tell the evil, it is hard to tell struggling with greed, this is the ultimate sin!  What crash?Puzzle!How can it be?Not doing vase material, it should not be so brittle.Alive is a blessing.Sigh desecration of life.  Sin and evil, sandwiched conscience, the interpretation of the war.Battlefield is a mess, and I have a responsibility to clean up the battlefield for them, to let them decide early male and female.  Birds do, good arch still around, thinking stricken, to what state of mind?Looking at the flow of air, I felt the wind Buddhist, you want to listen to the voices, but it is an indifferent.Darkest dawn darkness is, however, at this time of indifference is why?The answer lies in the heart, is very simple, but ramped up a cry for fresh.  Cry?When will the issue that most shocking bang?Perhaps wait until the final sound is a pin.Some people: interest due, has the potential to shake the sky; when down-hearted, but Furui no wave-like depression.Is arrogant, cynical or?No, is the youth bring ignorance, grow up just fine.But not everyone can grow up.  Looking back, the passage of time, sad, full of unbearable.  Looking to try it, wasted time, callous silence.  Where to go to, are all sequels of life, there should be the other side.Road, always in the foot, taken to go that way.Then I think about, why cry?In order to watch the brilliant flowers; To appreciate sun sun; in order to get the harvest in autumn; to marvel at the snow.Continue to live, we will have everything.  Finally I realized that life needs cry.As a Chongshang Wei big country of one, learn to cry, life would be better.    Part Four: cry from Mr. Lu Xun wrote novels set in this section, probably almost a hundred years now, specific test time is not fine, but it had the makings.  A hundred years ago (fuzzy time), Mr. Lu Xun shouting in front of his desk, shouting people’s soul in a fallen, dark society, so that young people have a conscience China already chilled the blood boiling up again.  And years later, when I wrote this thinking the same subject, the blood is already boiling!A hundred years ago, putting national humiliation, I had to cry, centuries later, the country still lost the wind, also has had to cry!  If early this year to various corrupt style, all sorts of heinous act, can be said to be numerous, people do not self-reliance, how the Chinese dragon fly.  These, I will not say today, the most important is to talk about self-awareness on the issue and innovation of the people.Today, countless people xenophilia of the country, the so-called “high society” of the people, all their foreign proud to be proud of, if there is the experience of living abroad, others are more impressive.  Yes, those developed countries overseas is really advanced, they have a better civilization, they also have better quality, but all of these are based on Western civilization, all habits, awareness, qualities and ideas are Western civilization and is closely related to.  The Chinese people, there are five thousand years of profound Chinese civilization, has its own consciousness and habits of behavior, one to imitate Westerners words and deeds and behavior will only allow yourself to become neither fish nor fowl.  Now, because of immature disgust and domestic institutions and security, and strong competition in the domestic economic situation, and went overseas to pursue good protection in other countries, quality of life and the ideal environment.  First of all, I have to admit that everyone is born equal, that they have the right to pursue their own happiness, and this is not unreasonable, but please remember, wherever you go, you are black eyes black hair and yellow skin, you are a Chinese people!Like you were born in a relatively backward family, your mother, though not lady, her simplicity, her behind, she was embarrassed, but she’s your mother, is raising your people.When you grow up, entered a “civilized society”, and lived a life of luxury and even affluence, please do not forget her, no matter how she, keep your body, her blood, your the soul, the soul of China!  Also a little talk about the Chinese people’s sense of innovation, from a small in terms of: In some formal occasions, people are wearing a suit, which represents the formal and solemn, but the so-called “suit”, as the name suggests, also it represents the Western civilization.  In Chinese culture, there are many solemn, formal wear, although those old clothes are not suitable for a modern atmosphere, but also a tradition of Chinese culture, so why no one thought to create such a kind of Chinese a new dress rules are rooted in ancient costumes transform it?Why can not carry forward Chinese civilization in the clothing it?  This is just a small angle, there are many, many places are there where Chinese people to follow the West blindly, while ignoring innovation.Including national institutions, too, such as typical education enrollment, unemployment is now leading to countless students the fundamental problem.  Looking at the world, although China is an important world power, but inside China is still backward, still need to progress, and some people do not bother blindly arrogant.However, I countless dragon Chinese land, we have the capital, but also an obligation to improve this situation, because we are young, young is our capital, and this is not what the grand ideals and goals of people look up, and it in our side, China’s future, each of us who fall.  If you still think you are a Chinese person, if you still country due to lack of feel angry, I feel excited, then use your hands, with your beliefs, to the not yet awakened Chinese dragon take off.  As Chinese people, when self-improvement, when Yang Wei of China, when mass my soul.  Now, I have here in front of all the Chinese people still bloody, scream this issue, which if there is boasts elegant upper-class people think it’s just nonsense, so let all those sarcasm and disdain Come on, I want to China also has numerous poverty or distress is still not well-off young people waiting for it to struggle for the future!  Cry!

I had been fascinated by two sentences.The first sentence of his brother from the American writer Isaac Singh, he said: obsolete views always, and the fact will never be obsolete.The second sentence from the mouth of an ancient Greek: the fate of view is more accurate than we.I have a friend, a young man studying Western philosophy, now a successful businessman.He has a very interesting observation, he said: My brain is like a pond, someone else’s book is like a stone; stone thrown into a pond sparked a wave, and not provoke stones.Finally, he said: So knowledge of others pretend to be more in my mind, as others, it will not be my.Milan Kundera in his “Xiao Wangshu”, let a professor of philosophy say this sentence: Since James Joyce, we already know we live in the greatest adventure that this adventure does not exist sentence is very popular, and became a French novel of the frontispiece inscription.The views expressed by these words and sentences as its sleek, its advantage is the ability to let people know what to do against it, also let people know what’s it.Over the years, I always trust this is the case, and they see themselves as a member of.I know what a writer needs, as Dante said: I like the suspect as much certainty.I have been writing history for 15 years, I know it did not last long, I would say that writing can change a person, especially good at fictional narrative of people.Writer writing a long time, make yourself to become more and more weak, timid and hesitant; those shortcomings was supposed to overcome everything with me often, and people celebrate the resolute, determined and brave can only in my fictional renderings.I thought the training step by step pushed to the deep suspicion among, so I gradually lose the ability to reason, to make my ideas become shy and afraid to speak; but on the other hand is the ability to grow, I was able to know exactly the sound and attitude of its rolling when a button fell to the ground, but for me, it is much more than a president dies important.