A give you, Anan rushing, blushing, into my hand up a gardenia, with QiQiao.My face turned too hot steam coming out of the can.  Why did I?I asked rash.  You give your Anan turned tail and ran, like back in college long after him.Anand is the long-college son, if not jumping up and down day broke two watts, trampled a few seedlings, then he must be sick.Every evening, the neighbors have been holding a broken tile or something, I went to school with long chat universities.After the chat, he took a small college long bamboo, filled the village to find Anan.  Long university wearing glasses, a gentle phase.Menacing looks really not very coordinated with him.The village people would like to see grow up fierce universities.Up college fierce long will it be possible to sit at the table of their home dinner, sip on a pot of rice wine together.  In fact, we can not blame Anan.The village people are so long to persuade universities, on the roof of the fruiting grapes, golden pumpkin flower, the boy how can we resist.A child, who we did not pay attention too bad the people on the tile roof?That it is in the village of kitchen house are too short to repair, covered with straw, tiles.Housewife in a hut behind the house plug vines, point two gold pumpkin seeds, vines, pumpkin vine spread to the roof, flowering, fruiting, and good taste is hidden on the roof.Golden Pumpkin flower sucking up can be sweet, and taste better than poor grapes.  Anand Not greedy, usually begged his partner.  To keep the grape purple, gold pumpkin squash blossoms to keep the knot, can not just move, you can be put under the kitchen house the children really craving.They are looking for Anand said: Anan, that our family can definitely eat grapes, very sweet taste last year, let’s try it pick point.My dad was wooden stick, long thick bamboo is much smaller than the university, saying that stick down here, the speaker should make a cold, say, your dad, if twenty-two drink wine, be sure to go back and hit you forget it.  The village so many people, so busy Anan. I did not think he had the time to send me gardenias.  Think of gardenia, I face the more hot.  Today is Tanabata.  Valentine ‘s Day, it is a custom of ancestors left behind.Night, the girl in pigtails stuck gardenia, pinning in the moonlight, requesting blessings on the empress to give their own ingenuity.He said the old man, worn gardenia, girl mind more clear.  That day, gardenia to send boys.However, who sent Gardenia who can be subtle yet, this Valentine’s Day a bit like a gardenia long led universities we draw the meaning of Valentine’s Day greeting cards.  That, I just received a Valentine’s Day greeting cards Toshiteru.Anan Valentine’s Day greeting cards gave his mother.  In fact, Anand and I have very good relations.We are at the same table, also participated in the mathematics competition together.Those competition problems, it may be interesting debate.We pound the table, to chair the debate.  Give you!Unexpectedly, Anan is back, into my hand had a hard thing, my sister, and I also remember tomorrow.He ran fast as usual.  I outstretched hand, it turned out to be pieces of card issuers.My hair was cut into a father mushroom head Qi ears, short, with no place to plug gardenia, not only with the card on the hair.  This Anand, even when there are careful.  Anand gave me out!Long voice from far away college, I heard him talking to anyone in the front room, today Tanabata, shut him what happened ah, a boy also pick gardenia.Pick to pick it, he won the people of a tree flower pieces, that is to pick the best flowers!You say, should not curse!  Haha neighbor uncle laughing.  I look at the hands of gardenia, think of Anand pick one, lost, and then pick one, I seem to see him lose a carefully selected that way, could not help but laugh.Think of the word carefully selected, I was a little funny and a little sweet.