Midnight, silent.Night lights shining quiet pedestrian way home, the same route through different people, leaving a different story.  Late at night, the habit of doing in the window, poured a cup of coffee can make people sober, confused tasting the night lonely slowly brought.  The stars of the night sky, a couple kissing in the light, warm yellow light to shine their presence is extremely warm, but their happiness like me peeping like a thief.That it is not every night is lonely, because their company so I think this is a gentle night.Since when in love with night, I fell in love with loneliness, but since when is locked atrium, the others shut out?He is injured?It is loved?No, I do not go into your mind when you refused to be with me after the door.The reason I fell in love with a lonely, like the middle of the night, because they do not care about my looks, because they never betray me, with me through one after another of Rhapsody.  That day, a friend said to me on the QQ: to introduce you to objects, ensure that your dish yo.Friends with confidence, then, to stimulate my nerves Victory.Speed back: you’re so sure?Her back: do you dare to try it?So at a friend’s bowel will become our chatters on the network, talk business, talk about the future, talk about life, we have too much in common.Half the time you get used to daily bedtime Road to the night, even though we never met heavy, but I feel for you has far exceeded the chatters, but you do not say it, I will never take the initiative to declare.  On the 1st night, you suddenly sent a text message, so the original arrived late night, is open: my girlfriend.Six simple Chinese characters I read it again and again, although we know we never met after six months, you do not know my face, I do not know what you look like.After a few minutes had shocked pressed Well.When I put the two words play, I swear in my mind, I was like you, even if your height is only 140, I do not care, because I am not appearance Association, silly to think that you’re I have not seen in the case of confession to me, you are not given the judge a book by people.  The next day, when you first asked my height, weight, age, when I go back Height: 163 cm.Because I wanted to tease you, and deliberately labeled as 170 pounds of body weight.I laughed at the mobile phone, I imagine you think I look like 170 pounds simple-minded, but you have gone, not to return from this information does not answer the phone.Ha ha!The original joke can see through a person.  After the half, the friend invited me to her city to relax, thought just simply relax me out, did not think she was looking for an opportunity for me vent.  That day, she said to me: There is a gathering of friends go together tonight.  I have repeatedly shirk: you go, I’m not familiar with and they do not go her angry and said: Since it is out relax, it is necessary bulk of happy, all my friends, when I introduce to you know.Under her persuasion have chatter, I agree with the.  She helped me the makeup, put on dressed in a white dress, from Yuen Long, stepped on a pair of 10 cm high heels, she went with.Because we have never met before, even though we are from very close, do not know each other.  Friends took my hand and walked in front of you to say: This is my best friend Liu Wei.I clearly see you face panic face, after pretending to be calm, said hello, I was Zhang Chao.Stunned for a few seconds, you nod and smile.  Friends are like nothing, like took my hand and said I tell you this is my friend Liu Wei, still single yo, do not ask her, as long as it is not appearance Association of unmarried men can chase.20 should have a few people and no one stir crazy after the start of crazy out of our embarrassment.  Looked at you, 180 tall, handsome face awkward expression, friends began to wonder categorically told me that it was my dish extra baggage around you with a girl, not beautiful, original appearance Association the human eye is not how drop.  You set who said she did not think the girl 170 pounds, only 93 pounds, 163 cm tall and 10 cm to wear high heels can grow to 173 cm.I do not know where the courage, Naqijiubei come before you to say: really good fit Shuainan add beauty Yeah, I really envy really happy, I wish you both respect you a cup of loving a hundred years, never separated.  Girls around you asked me a simple: how the body so well, there is no secret way?You face turned into paleness, her words to stimulate you yet?In fact, nothing secret, that men do not like fat girls, so eat less slightly.  Can love has nothing looks, height, family, education has nothing to do everything all surfaces.Can simpler Love?