Listen to the neighbors talking about a true story, the story is not apocryphal.    Brother country has the old house, dating back flip for a long time to tear down, to country folk, the demolition is the number one priority to build a house, the neighbors back home to units specially took leave of absence to help.When the door neighbor, just pushed a wall of people crashing to the ground.Thus, not urgent rest, being added labor, with all winding sleeves and to push the last wall.Probably everyone is tired, it is early summer, close to noon, the heat did not say, but also feel a little hair goes flat, that wall in concerted efforts of all sub-trumpet, a few Huang Huang, refused to even pour next, just as the foot rooted, stubborn stand on the ruins.Brother is a rich work experience players, greeted us a short break, tea smoke breathing for a moment, then got myself a shovel, dig a ditch under preparation under the foot of the wall, then pushed it easy.    When the brother is going back to the wall trenching, he uttered a startled called, attracted onlookers, everyone looked at each other, I do not know what the situation will emit nearly forty years, brawny amazing voice, along the direction of his brother’s finger, such a scene reflect on all the eye.That the only remaining wall are moldering in the upper left corner of the tummy a fairly plump gecko, shocking that a nail straight through the lower side of the abdomen gecko, geckos are firmly fixed on the wall, gecko abdominal surprisingly hypertrophy, long nails like integrated in its body.Neighborhood brother suddenly remembered, this nail is hanging on the wall a long time ago to set their own seeds, and look at the ground, the whole plaster pushing crowd below, was shaking down, crashing one on the ruins.Presumably, from the hands-set nail that sticks to start, this unfortunate guy was in here fixed across the plaster.People can not help but sigh.I can not help but feel pity.At the same time, a very real problem before them, for so long a time, this deep sorrow gecko how to survive?I am afraid there will be a pity it flies will take the initiative to fly its mouth it.This poor little life triggered a crowd of compassion, we decided to explore what happens, so have gathered around, watching quietly waited at the side, less than a bag of tobacco effort, looks a bit thin gecko tentatively creeping forward, it’s a small insect in his mouth, cautious, careful, but duty-bound to look panic ventured to climb the wall gecko bird around, looking around it appears to be very alert in after concluded that there is no danger, skilled and accurate to bug his mouth, just flashed by, sent to the mouth of the crucified bird gecko, and then look around a bit, in a hurry to leave.    Neighbors said his brother was a yokel, normally always a fearless look.At that moment, my heart never give birth to awe.He greeted the crowd got tools, carefully sawed to that wall, remove the large pieces, the wall placed in a suitable place, in order to let the two be able to continue to live gecko.    I have not been verified, a gecko’s life can be much longer, but I believe that for a bird a fresh water needs someone to take care of gecko and its partner (perhaps the wife, husband, or friend, perhaps only companion) to that their lives would certainly be longer and more real people more meaningful.Because responsibility in their lives, removing the need to survive itself, there is an inescapable.It is this responsibility and that they need each other to overcome the unimaginable suffering, it is precisely because of such a responsibility to make them humble life highlight the great potential.    In the natural kingdom, in fact, life itself is not humble and noble points.Life can not be copied because of the characteristics of children should be respected.    People, sometimes to those weaker animals feel fear, because, in their humble short life, there is a enough to shock the quality of our souls, in the face of it, those of us proud to be able to head often bowed his head ashamed and thinking, so that our souls will be purified.