Life is composed of a series of accidents, today, you reap what you sow beans, which can get melons a year or get beans, are mysterious and seductive unknown.    At that time, you think, you have a very old.    A child you aspire to live to 36 years of age, because, almost at this age, and Xu Meng Lord Byron have been calling, they remain forever in the eyes of the world look no wrinkles, stay still full of youthful poems also passion, even in the painful years, still has a strong life-throb.    At that time, do you think he is very old.When a woman is wandering across the thirty mark, although have a boyfriend, but it seems still far away from the threshold of marriage.You have a little sophistication, not just understand marriage knot, but also a little worried, afraid that they become a thing of the past, we must wither instant.    Work also.Although there is a steady job, but also worried about whether the post in a lifetime may not be too promising, tirelessly until die of old age.Or should be into the home?Or to find a more challenging play?No one can give you the answer, because most know your face in the crowd, only you.    I want to tell you is that in fact you are still young then, just struggling to take off the silly shell, awaiting to be into a butterfly.Prior to this, you have plenty of blood in a cavity impulse, his head is used to read in class, have not adapted to real life.    In many of hesitation, you do the right thing, and that is bravely on the road, do not linger in many box hypothetical in.That’s a big hurdle in life, you make a right choice, and that is: try, try again, do not be afraid of something new all.I once read a word, very interesting.There is an outstanding father told his daughter said: you have to be brave to try, even after many years later, he found himself back to the place, and do not care about.    Nobody has ever told you so, your parents as long as you do a have a fixed monthly salary, a pension after ordinary people have old, but your blood do not know since when, has had a unyielding adventurer factor in it from time to time jumping, driving your soul and action.You are 30 years old, she decided to develop their own vision of life.    After 30 years of age, you get used to traveling alone, toured the civilized city, and not easy to find fellow corner.Have you ever drive through the United Kingdom and New Zealand, have also visited North Africa, the Middle East and Paris, you like different customs, began to know how to enjoy starlit lonely.    You swear every year to learn new things as.In fact, the 30-year-old only things started, you can do no matter how good, can only be a hobby.But do not care about the results of the study itself is a joyous growth.Over the years, you have studied the painting, ceramics, photography, diving to get a license, he jumped a few years of flamenco, and there took a master’s degree.Why do these things to learn?Many people have asked you, you do not know, yet fun, you believe that learning itself is a reward.    You begin a career change.This year you entered the television industry, it is a wonderful opportunity.You grew up never aspire to appear on television, I never thought he would one day take so many commercials.At that time everyone said, you will not be doing too good, and the circle of the image does not match, you will not adapt.In fact, the beginning you really do not adapt, but have to rely on the cumulative strength of temper.As long as not afraid, you can.Since that day, you did not leave television circles.This is indeed a deep fate.Sometimes, too much repetitive work makes you impatient, but each time when the lights turn on, you have fun.    You learn to tell yourself, even the composer, there may one day tired of those notes like bean sprouts; even the writers, will always have a while to write something off-putting.If it is someone you do not hate the work, it must have positive and negative effects, you like people and not like people, all the challenges, you have to take.    You say to yourself: as long as not afraid, you can.There can be defeated, do not fall without a fight.From the age of 30, you use these words encourage ourselves, still often say to myself.    Years is never again the.Although many people like to ask me if you can again, the question of what you do.If I can again, I think I would choose not afraid, always loyal to their own choice.Even if it is wrong, and fall badly beaten, they must learn to stand up.    If you can again, I’d pay more like-minded friends, and know how to care for them, and they laugh or cry together, fighting together for the common ideals.A friend with utter sincerity, is really the most wonderful thing.In the eyes of a true friend, you will see their value.If you can again, I will understand, most of my worries mess of things, in fact, did not happen.Most of the pain will pass, not because of one or two words was stabbed, not because twelve tragic thing to deny or question the humanity of life.    If you can again, I’ll manage their money, not to look at the accounts deemed annoying thing.This is your biggest weakness 30-year-old.In fact, accounts and financial management is very simple and very interesting, but after 10 years, you have tasted a lot of lessons to learn to.Then tell you this, you will feel a bit like talking about this reality, because you are young artists, if not other-worldly air, but saw the numbers, maybe it is not quite the patience and self-righteous or reason, always scalp.10 years later you did not know, money management and time management in fact have the same purpose, and that is the modern management of their most important lesson.You do not need to pinch pennies, but to do all kinds of rational decision-making, to have the confidence to control the flow of money, we decided to invest.This is a very interesting thing, and make you worry-free.    30 years old, you do the most correct thing is to try not to waste your life in happiness is not in, it was a turning point in life.The passage of time is always faster than you think, there is no sense to live life no matter, it would be the same thing.Maybe we try to live for a lifetime, you can not really get anything, at least you know, courage and insist that you will not regret it.    30-year-old wrote to you, also wrote to every thought stepped into a big hurdle in life, still looked on the crossroads of 30-year-old friend.    Yes, you are still young, do not be afraid.Go forward, go that way you want to go away, do not be afraid.    PS: While you are young, but to complete the dream is concerned, you really almost close to the door of a psychological barrier, if you dare to go now, later you will never have the guts to go.    Believe in yourself, and to cheer myself up, do not be afraid!