People always like to encourage a person to work hard, especially when we think that the efforts of his own good time.Slowly, trying to become a totem, they worship it, just as obsessed with poetry in the realm vista.    For this paranoid loving efforts, sometimes it leads us to spend a lot of time on the difficult task.    What should a man racked in inadequate effort in order to achieve normal levels, or should decisively abandon short board, the strengths to play better?Obviously the latter is more reasonable, however, many times we fight every life, just to make short board become commonplace, so the world one more mediocre normal.    For my own.I grew up in a small city life comfortable, studied at business school for the children, a child is the greatest exposure to English whiterabbit on White Rabbit candy wrapper.    From the first lesson I understand their own lack of talent to learn the language, despite the efforts of memory, finished school to go home, or find a word that day learned, will not read a.Wang Cheng-feng father took me ten minutes to walk home to ask students to read the word of law, the girl like me did not learn English, but think learning English soeasy, when the last representative of English class.    Father, I got a lot of trouble, 5:00 to pull me back up word, the city’s most cattle English teacher to tutor me, with little success.    When a brother next door with a small tape recorders, self-taught, admitted to a university English major, father of hope was rekindled, as I bought one exactly the same tape recorders and big brother.    Tape recorders to some extent, help me, but it did not make me English became the top student.    No matter how hard, my English is still short board, I need to spend three times more than the English top students time to memorizing words, go home to eat a meal to forget half and had repeated memory.I was very low self-esteem, I doubt their head missing something, but this is clearly not the IQ issue, otherwise you can not explain why my physics and chemistry results can lead, not a memory issue, otherwise I can not explain able to memorize language history and geography matter.    Brother next door has been a father incentives or blow my arms.The first day of the third year, when I found him, became my English teacher, in the heart silently read it three times fast earthquake.    Through college, my English is always spent the most effort to learn, but least effective discipline.    After work, although there are few opportunities to use English, but I learn English or occasional urge to attack, always feel reconciled.Fired off letters in the English exam; help foreign friends to find long-lost relatives; watch the original film, the witty lines amused his back laughing, these wonderful scenarios often appear in my dreams.    HJ word back 15 minutes CNN, New Oriental, New Channel spoken English classes are tried every day, and not a little progress at all, at least to travel abroad when the flight attendants would dare to drink, yet still quite different from my dreams far.    And I know a woman in Wenzhou, not gone to college, they rely on every day at home watching American TV, read along to the United States after two years, and also made many American friends.Compared with my English learning tragic history of 20 years, she did not learn English, just in time to chase drama, by the way mastered a new language.    No matter how hard it is, as long as the effort will succeed, traditional education really give us a bowl of chicken soup poison, which come out of another wrong perception: it seems that only the dirty work, it is worth us to redouble our efforts and the efforts of their own, Well done more than commendable.    Our progress is to successfully promote, rather than advancing frustration, not many people are Yuecuoyueyong.Do not need to spend a lot of effort, you can get a little success, we are willing to invest more to stimulate more energy, more effort, wide pine does not regret.    Of course, after every successful person, will render the hardships along the way, that’s another story.Not to mention the hardships forward to a bright heart, and do not see the light in the dark, but also two different things.