Tears fly sky 2 Shi 28 points May 12.Sudden Wenchuan 8 earthquake, Shanbengdelie, and instantly turned into hell to earth.When 31 to 12, the earthquake disaster has claimed the lives of compatriots injured.A catastrophe, whom the whole nation mourned, China with this sad.It earthquake deeply hurt the hearts of 1.3 billion Chinese people.Grief of the season, at 5:00 on June 1 pm.Received home phone, my dear father quietly away due to illness.Lost a father, tears rolling once again raging in the eyes, the heart has been torn, grief once again dance pieces!Time goes by quietly, Yin Yu started falling from the sky at Guangzhou, my living on its rural filial son, even the death of his father can not go home for the funeral, Wang Wei Son of man ah!Regret the pain of heart, such as cone thorn in general.Rain, quietly trickling down his forehead; the tears on my cheeks fall silent.My father’s voice and facial expression occupy the whole mind, as his father’s story emerged one by one in front of the slide.May 1922, his father was born in a small merchant family.In the three years old when his father, the grandmother passed away due to illness.Seven years old when my grandfather was taken away when the young men, a herd heard from since.Father from an early age lost his father maternal love, uncle living in the house.Uncle family was poor, six, seven years old, my father left home to apprentice blacksmith’s shop very far.Skinny father, fire refining his strong will, his chewing biting bitter life, slowly grew up in hardships.After his father to work very hard, very early to participate in the Party School, became the city’s first party.Father has been working at the grassroots level factories and mines, he has done technical inspectors, storekeepers, factory trade union chairman.He gives the impression of a very ordinary, I like to wear a uniform, thin face is always smiling, when the custodian, people affectionately called him “Red steward”.I remember one time unit wage adjustments, he is an advanced plant-wide producer of “model” of the city to attend.It was agreed to upgrade him, he said: My salary is lower than many people still take the initiative to adhere to the quota to others.He is such a work sincere pragmatic, before treatment never reach out, to kind of humble people who.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) remember childhood, my father always let me ride on his shoulders and take me out, I remember once he took me out to play, I bought a “small carbine” and dry, what was one more than me bigger beggar child snatched my hand and the left half of each child.Half of my father’s hand also gave the child, took the child and dry, nodded and ran.Scene at the time, has been stored in my mind, so I grew to understand what is meant by love and kindness.Father of our three siblings are so distressed and love, his amiable, never played, scolded us.He strictly requires us to learn, to integrity, honesty, kindness, grow up to be a useful person to society!In addition to hours later because of a high fever brother Shou Lexie brain damage, in strict parents lead by example and education, after my sister and I grew up, did not want to disappoint their parents, become socially useful for business people.Very considerate father sons and daughters, after retirement, he has a family and children to granddaughter.He was particularly fond of children, daily shuttle children to school and give them stories, play games, have a little money to buy them school supplies and snacks to eat, life care and concern.And sons and daughters, said: It is your knowledge, the body a long time, to make good to focus on the job.Home with me, do not worry.More than a good old ah!A good father too much, really unable to tell.Tonight, the sky started falling Yin Yu, separated Yin and Yang.Father ah!Home mother, sister, daughter, relatives are all accompany you, but I think you are a good person in a foreign land with tears.Father ah!Why are you so cruel, so actually throwing away your son?You know: the baby is also heavily indebted in the body, the body can not personally come back to you scrub tired, I can not personally come to bow down before your spirit.Not personally holding your soul to heaven, even the last baby have not see you again ah!Father ah!This raw filial son sorry for you.I remember five years ago, at the time of my life and career suffered a huge blow, you are so sad, when I was about to leave home, you bitterly, the tears took hold of my hand and exclaimed: “more than a good one good steel ah, now turned into a scrap.”I can not forgive myself, I hurt for how heavy is the father of?sorry Sorry!Father can you hear me?Father ah: I remember when this year February and March I went home to visit your sister, you have a serious illness, I want to do my best in the side of filial piety, you do not give me this opportunity, you have to go back earlier clamor.Today I know: You already know their dying days in this world is not long, the thought of roots.You put my mother called him and said: You live frugally also saved a little money, my brother and I left for the future.Father ah!You know, I hear the heart, such as needle-like pain, I’m still your son do?How soon you will be depriving death also worry about me ah!Father ah!March we are not ready yet to say?August and September to Chengdu, I come back to take care of you.Your life is not lost faith, why did you lose credibility in the face of this son ah.You just go, go!You can not believe your son day you stand up?You have the heart to let your son leaving lifelong regret when good “son wants his parents wait for the” right?Why do not you wait longer, until the baby is good filial piety you come back?Father ah!Now late at night after five, six more than you’ll fly away to another kingdom, my grief in his mouth thousands of miles away from where you are to your wake, I put deep love into words read from the phone to listen, I burst into tears, in grief.!Yin Yu started falling, separated Yin and Yang, the father ah!You can hear, see it?Father walked!Quietly away!Like an ordinary grass when you are born, a leaf, a grain of sand, but you are in my heart, but never as big as towering mountains, like the blue sky as deep and broad as the sea.My father, Li Xueliang, a mundane and kind old man, you will always live in the hearts of his son!My dear father, rest in peace forever rest in peace!