Cucumber cucumber flower bloom, it is golden yellow, very colorful in bright sunshine in.Most of the petals is five, golden star, happy to have six, seven particularly pleased to quote rates.There are eight of silence can not be happy.    Flowers large thin glass, gently sip, then exposed Dier, a very, very pleasant.I want a glass of wine “cup” word, deliberately written dimple “nest” word.Dimple long in the human cheeks, the role of people seem charming laugh.    Cucumber flowers sparkling smile, it does not say anything, coursing.There are also sound when the wind blew it laughter?No, it turned out to be sucked in flower bee.    Bees do not want to distance ran away, steal my attention in the eaves to avoid Jingchu building a nest children.Doorstep nectar is pleasant part of the work of Kazakhstan.    Floral aroma?Could that be the next to Huang Jue Jin Lan Nu jump over.Bright yellow, not fragrant large.Yellow daisy exception, chrysanthemum incense, I feel cold.There are also yellow roses, yellow rose incense was warm, but also romantic, my wife yellow roses are cultivated.    Bloom beautiful flowers do not cucumber melon child, I wonder.”laugh!laugh!laugh!Others are male, is only responsible for pollination.”It is busy helping his wife explained to me.To fruiting of cucumber flowers goes fine, like a small baby’s mouth, skinny, sickly, shy dodge the face.Melon child just born, Tintin big, small insects like bars, you do not hand to touch it, it has a fine and dense glitches, will sting the hand.Covered with a sand-like beans, hemp was a kid, ugly poor people.    Cucumber name, is it yellow flowers?No.I know melon yellow flowers are open.    Pumpkin flowers are yellow bar, a large-sized bloom, and Huang Huang climbing, my mother said it was the shortage of melon, melon is a shortage of flowers to sit, think flat drum circle and sat shortage of it in the early fall of slope, I have to laugh bad stomach.I do not eat pumpkin, pumpkin big but not when to eat, I’m afraid it looks to stay.Old days, I used to cook pumpkin home to eat pig, pig to eat pumpkin as Daisha.I want to eat pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds wrapped in gold velvet Rangzi’s hand to pull out, can be eaten raw, fried the sun to eat, there is the smell of sweet, tasty.Pumpkin seeds have medicinal properties, I heard that can treat prostate disease.Unfortunately, I have not the disease, a child is not sick, then eat pumpkin seeds because glutton, not a disease greedy, greedy heart it was unbearable itching.Another reason I do not eat pumpkin, when unruly students from the Mind, flipped flat drum circle and pumpkin, along the “navel” with a knife cut a small circle sitting on top Chugong, brainless want to grow things.    Bitter gourd flowers are yellow, light yellow, like gold house seeped money, but it is golden yellow flower petals so thin gaunt, button-sized flowers, bitter meaning rich, I will recall the scene of a child for the mother Aoyao.    Loofah flowers or yellow, to open up Zhang round face, pink life and brass mirror that lights up the face of the girl will be laughing voice.After Xiaoman, my family loofah not bloom, do not worry about missing the flowering season.Loofah bloom late, but prolonged duration, can be opened to late autumn, so that people have to eat autumn gourd.Loofah is used to boil the soup is best to eat, from summer to autumn boil, boil from green to black, green autumn fall gourd to boil out of the soup will turn black color, black drinking gourd soup hearts ascend thick the autumn, will think of frost and snow.    Cucumber short life, is short-lived vegetables, probably Qingming sowing, robust beginning of summer, Xiaoman lush abundance of Grain in Ear, summer solstice to close the first, won the spring and early summer, it encompasses four seasons bright, warm, stretch, good times.    ”Qingming be clear, the beginning of summer to the next.”I looked at my mother,” do not understand it, clean it, talking about clean air Jingming, the next thing is the rain.In the moist warm sunshine and rain of flowers in grass grow comfortable with joy.However, raining, in every few days to the next, at two in the night, in the middle three days, the sun Ha.”I listened to my mother as a little girl innocent tone, wanted to laugh at her, and saw her mother’s white hair and wrinkles, laughter heart smile into the eyes of tears, endured the tears I deliberately say:” If the sun at night, during the day it rained Zenong?”In the mother’s prophecy, I was wrong to write a word – in her mother’s parable, really clear and bright and clean air Jingming, the beginning of summer rainfall, my terrace garden cucumber comfortable to death, our family also get comfortable with pleasure.    Crazy cucumber growth, rejuvenate mom.Cucumber foot taller every day, my mother a year younger every day.My heart bursts of fright, almost voice called out.    To the Grain in Ear, my house cucumber “disaster”, and attend a lecture to eat cucumber, cucumber became a feast, see cucumbers straight frown.Child and six, six is the aunt of the children, there are now seven or eight, and I almost sold back a cucumber.Then privately selling vegetables called “speculation” countries do not allow farmers to change some salt money, sell secretly hiding in the back lane.Us back a basket of cucumber, choose the shade of a tree on the sub-Selling.Buy people ask: “How many cucumbers?”We’re back:” fifth.”” Less, one-third.”Waving:” fifth.”Bargain straightforward, unlike my essay in eight Hello winded.Noon near a cucumber did not sell off, find out privately, others only sell one-third pound, cheaper two two points.The sale is learned, common sense is to follow the market, two small miser that understand this truth.But bitterly Yan Yan back home.”Unpromising, dishes will not sell, say nothing to eat, eat cucumber.”Shuaixia aunt, then went to the pigs.    Eat cucumber, – unpalatable.Tears – tears eat a food will remember for a lifetime.    I worked as temporary workers in the “sunny courtyard” (neighborhood) small noodle shop, the customer said: “Multi-vine vegetables.”There is a man the way they shout:” Do not dish.”Do ye shimmering jade tree vine vegetables it?I heard him say: “the transformation of the cadre school, eat vine vegetables when Dayton, no water of vine vegetables cooked, like a root RDX child, ingest a mouthful of grass smelly pig, and now wanted to see the vine vegetables vomit.”Although my house these days to attend a lecture to eat cucumbers, but that did not eat, tired somewhat bored, they will not met cucumber vomiting Moreover, we will change some tricks to eat – salad, fried, boil soup..I like pickled cucumber salad, cucumbers knife without washing, shoot knife flat, made into sub-blocks of an inch, several scoop to scoop brine salted pickles a bubble, two hours, decanted brine, Sign chop garlic cloves to a fine Mo, if small garlic (bitter onion) to shoot a few, and chop into tablets, redolent of garlic or onion smell of mustard foam, people dash out of tears, to finally topped with tasty fried sesame seeds, pepper, hot red pepper oil became.What flavor?According to my method, taste, Shuangsi.There is a simple way of eating – sugar into vinegar dip to eat, chew a dip in a sweet and sour crisp, but also Qingre, eat a few days back to peace of mind and the US United States.    Cucumber soup boil easy, as long as the line preserved egg, egg water, less salt or no salt, the boiling water, sliced and placed in cucumber, the fire can not be cooked, cucumber softened on the line.Clear sparkling refreshing cucumber egg soup, and flavor of the Songhua.Songhua smell of my imagination, imagine the smell of extra flavor.    Although cucumbers delicious, but eat every day, attend a lecture, it is always a question of taste angry angry heart.Is not it, good things, and also not good, live well-off, and want to painstakingly sweet memories miles.It does not get up early and see my mother picked a big Shau Kei cucumber, there are more than 20, as sturdy as the bottle.Mom took to the streets to sell cucumbers?After breakfast, my mother said: “Help me end it cucumbers.”Whispered, insisted that the sea winded!Carrying cucumber accompanied her out the door.”Contempt knock on the door, each send two, I forget, and plus I was twelve family home, a two, just twenty-two.”Mom algorithm has a problem, my house two it?In addition to the mother rounded.    I knocked on the door, my neighbor’s joy sounded iron gate, cold iron gate I was familiar with the warm and friendly tone.Mom cowardly situation and said: “Excuse bother, help out, try my home-grown cucumber.”Who the nerve to refuse the mother’s ‘troubles’ it?Pro mother also says: “Thank you,!”It’s like my family apologized neighbors like much of a favor.    Sent a cucumber, my mother said proudly: “to deal with the troubles, the best way is to put your worries to someone else, let others bear trouble for you.”I foolishly lost, for a long time does not turn back to God.    ”Quick to go to work, come home we eat fresh vegetables Comin myself!”Air smelled her mother’s laughter, laughter bathed in red sun just rising in Dongshan.