Part One: I will not tea cup of tea, but I do not know whatever the outcome of tea, watching colleagues frenzy of tea, still did not understand what gave birth to the tea culture?Or cultural achievements of tea?  People say: rising oil prices are good for conservation, meat prices are good for weight loss, up to the cemetery alive and well.So what tea prices rose to it?Because it is the national drink?Inexplicable, tangled tea culture, plagued tea drinkers, tea farmers also troubled species.  Five thousand years, since ancient times, China Aihe Cha.According to the “tea” record: to drink tea, made in the Shennong, Wen and Zhou Lugong.It seems a few small pieces or green tea or brown, in brew boiling water or float or sink, can bizarre world interpreted clearly and logically.  Walking the streets, elegant decorations, antique teahouse, zither sound, impressive tea ceremony, is a product of the rich and leisured.Those who quite gracious tea, bitter tea, few can know it?!Renzouchaliang, freehand the state of the world, also calls for a clear philosophy.  I remember we were young, tea is popular culture, summer day, the fields, the farm mom yell: “Ya children, come to tea Hello.”We flew in the past, a tank full scoop, stretch and drink your fill, feel hearty, glowing slightly bitter, sweet sandwiched barley tea, to disperse the heat, brought tremendous pleasure.At that time, only a few excellent tea per pound, about the most are a dollar a pound, buy a package of tea, to be friends with ourselves, that thirst and throat, among fine chemicals booze, warm human feelings, deep love all in one.  I do not know when, where tea infiltrated the snobbish, the best tea prices high into the clouds.The function is no longer a health tea, thirst-quenching, refreshing, the throat, and in pretty packaging, not the connotation breeze gentleman, no warmth, more philistine, more vulgar, a cup of tea, try melting world Yan Liang.  I miss the warm, exudes a rich aroma of tea, where there is calm, there is outspoken, and into the pantry in friendship, melted into the life.Tea faint, softly fragrant, picked up a handful of good faith, carry a teapot, holding a small glass, summarized one o’clock tea, burst into the boiling water, watching the tea gradually spread, tea gradually see a clear reduction cup of fresh, mellow tea, incense Cocktail cemented heart, this is the essence of tea.    Part II: A cup of tea Quintana spacious balcony, a touch of window the night, between the fingers upward ray of misty cigarettes, tall crystal glass, Jisi dry tea, refreshing and several flower chrysanthemum, and that into the cup boiling water, could not help but leaned over to sniff it up transpiration mist, can not help but turn a blind eye to suck na heart of the fragrance that Qinru.Computer issued a slight hum from the computer may be too close to the cup, mist floats naughty intimacy with the face of the screen, a dim disturb a clear, when I was ready to get up wipe, found that blur has quietly receded, screen or as , inadvertently saw the naughty water vapor.  Cup of tea gradually stretch the waist children, cup of chrysanthemum bud slowly opened, a cup of water slowly changed color children.  I was not looked, could not help but Simou, I have seen tea in the tea, have seen long in the wilderness of chrysanthemums, their color is so true.Green tea, white chrysanthemum, water soaked through and restore their color, just not a natural luster.Tea and flowers, quietly floating in the cup, tea needle, put up a beautiful, floating up sink, chrysanthemums, still floating in the cup noodles, United States of dynamic and static.Sauna net tea moving, it is in their own homes do miss, I think so.That spring whisk green, mountain preserved everywhere that the tea garden and the green bud, bathed in spring, tender bud, enjoy the sun and rain, can be fleeting dash of time, can not help how many sad.Between thoughts seem to see the tea girls hands whipped up and down, pick rhyme-like labor, picking fruit left and right of labor, all in the joy of harvest tea in.  Daisy in quietly thinking, thinking its own gorgeous, thinking butterflies flying bee dance moment, thinking himself “a hundred flowers bloom strike kill” Chrysanthemum finale.  Colored tea has a.Alas, shake gently, long shake, thin product a product, tea, flowers, fragrant lips and teeth.Tea moving, it learned of his dedication, spent pendulum, it knows its own pay, that thick tea, tea is the essence of the flower, is dedicated to the people of their nectar Yu Ye.  Expand piece of tea, release a warm, beautiful blossoming chrysanthemum, soothing the muscles, I got the nectar, I’m grateful for the dedication of chrysanthemum tea.Their fragrance erase the impetuous, summoned Ningyi night sky with stars.Continued little water, tea and floral aromas more full-bodied children drift off.My thoughts could not help but flew to Hainan.Remember, in a demonstration to observe the tea ceremony, tea ceremony teacher is talking about, those who pay attention to tea, tea spill will head Road, the second taste of tea is the best.I’m not really pay attention to the tea, but I like the taste of tea, like tea contentment, add chrysanthemum in which it is more fun.  And green tea, and green chrysanthemums care, there is the pan-green tea, it is vitality in the light irradiation.Well, one reason or another became evergreen color of the Yangtze River Delta?Yes, the tea itself is grown in the south, its bones still miss the colors of his hometown, hometown charm is still clear, conscious of the green life to millions of households, so that when people think of the South tea, tea leisure and remembered Intrigue.  Continued water several times, that there are several flower white chrysanthemums Shen hanging open in water.I may be talking too much tea because of it, you, chrysanthemum, when you can drink but also medicine, jealousy is not too strong right.Dong Jin Baishi main pastoral, were eternal recluse, the originator of the famous pastoral poet Tao Yuanming — sir, the phrase “under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain” have put you up to Immortal Fame realm, contentment.  Tea light water.Sipped tea with flowers, looking at the flowers and tea, is already taking shape on the computer screen text, from what name it, called “cup of tea” it.