Calm down, reflect.    Live nearly 29 years of my life’s journey away too many detours.Wound to my head around my pupil astigmatism.Inadvertently flashed the wrong choices bring pain and regret.So much is not responsible for their own, it is more lost direction, miss Liangqiu.Well autumn!Harvest season.I did not see the fruits of autumn ah Thriving.    No peculiar experience at school.It is worth mentioning that in those days when I apply for university volunteer ideas and secretly humble opinion.That year, I played less than ideal.Although beyond a line of 23 points, but the alternative school for professional and very limited.English claim to be my strong point, so select a professional English.After some thought, hovering in the Sichuan International Studies University and Chongqing University, I decisively chose the latter.After all, the heavy rare on this, I am not willing to read a two.During high school, many of my teachers told us that the future is best not to be a teacher, too tired.But there are teacher advised that we can still teach arts students Well.Under the influence of “do not do teacher theory”, I simply will not consider reading Teachers.Now think about it, if the original can recognize the original mind, a few years after graduation will not have to change jobs frequently, vagrant.About their choice, my personal lesson: First, we must recognize their own preferences; the second is better than the Optional Optional professional school.After identified direction to fly, no matter how slow speed, but also in the way toward the goal.    Another detour is my job selection.College graduate looking for work had never been seen, I do not know stupid head, or bad luck.Very limited opportunity to participate in the interview.Because it is engineering colleges, in my school to recruit liberal arts nature of the very few units.Suitable conditions is only a handful.That year employment situation is indeed very bad.Senior next semester until March, I was finally successful interview, and “Yi Si Boya Beijing Educational Technology Co., Ltd.” signed a contract of employment.Speaking to go to Beijing, but the purpose of my motives super clear: First, I’m going to take a look at the Imperial, the emperor at the foot of whether pressing extravagance; the second is to go to Beijing to work sounds foreign flavor, there are surface; the third is seemingly salary sounds not bad.After the unit to report, I realized that everything is not the way of vision.Although coworkers are the major outstanding elite, cooperation and competition between co-workers are relatively happy, but I found I did not like the job.I think every day to call others to reserve an appointment that is harassment.Work more than two months, I resigned.Find another place.After three or four years, we are going around in circles.Whenever work is not in line with my values or my opinion and does not match my personality too, I would choose to resign.Until last summer, I was eventually settled.A heart after all floating around in the home dock to dock.    Feelings of failure is another detour I go.In my previous article, the more or less have reflected.Cecil strands, only just patches.Surely I alone can put them organically linked.Worth mentioning love, hate worth mentioning.Bitter worth mentioning, music worth mentioning.Pain worth mentioning, no matter whether happiness.I admit that I just love only once.The rest are ambiguous or Hardships had to bow grievances, not to mention love.My standards are not high, I would not subjectively a pole killing people.I think the perspective of people and things are a lot of dollars.I may not love you, but I can appreciate your good or good virtues, sincerely for your thumbs; I may not like you, but I will not put on a repellent power icy face.The right opportunity, we can be friends.I am proud to honor the success and the failure to bring my lesson and reflection.Every moan broke the bone marrow, have taught me how to dress their wounds; every innocent being abandoned, it makes me understand the ugliness of human nature.So, I told myself: You can not wronged ourselves, not forcing a happy.Even if it stood alone, all alone; nor spineless fall, the walking dead.    Lu said: foot no road, people walk more, they become the way.I believe nightlife network: a detour in the world are also many.I’m just a little.If people are able to correct its mistake or bend straightening, then I have no reason to say no.Not go over it than that, but to re-erect the backbone of life, noble but not arrogant alive.    Road, curved; around the east wall, west flow, southern, north water.    It boldly open pace!    Front is the direction.