REVIEW: “cut pair of Jiefang Xie, I always treasure.See it, I think of the years of ups and downs, though bitter, but then walked, and my heart will feel very at ease and proud!”the Rainbow comes after the storm!Life only really face, have a good return!Work is also true.  On my shoe rack, neatly stocked with six pairs already frayed Jiefang Xie, six pairs of shoes I recorded this eight years in Shan walked various obstacles, I witnessed flowing through the blood and sweat, and also I remind future long way to go.    In the six pairs of shoes, a pair of relatively new, but has been cut shoe soles broken glass.He recalled the scene at that time, and now I’m still a little scared.    That was my second year to work in the summer, it is “Robbery and Snatching” season, Zhang Liu village management area where I have a family planning target illegal birth of the second child, not only do not pay social compensation fee, also encouraged his wife to go out refused to perform surgery birth control.Several cadres come to do the work, he not only did not listen, but relied on more than brothers, cadres threatened to give a little color to see what has become a stalemate so far.    To break the deadlock, after my investigation, mastered something about that object: culture is not high, but very human sense of obligation, just look for the reason, it will be convinced, and moreover his neighbors of his evaluation is not yet Bad.Therefore, I propose to manage the district Party committee suggestions, want to give me two days to do the work, if not, then think of other ways, my proposal was quickly approved.    The next day at dawn, I got up, simple breakfast, use of the countryside usually wearing Jiefang Xie, trotted home to that object.That object Zhang, thirty years old, bearded, his brow furrowed, revealing an air of sorrow.See, he’s also a great psychological pressure.    I briefed him about the situation, but he said nothing, and others simply raised his playing rice machine, ready to collect rice.    I surprised a moment, really, this scene really made me timid young man just out of school soon.But the thought of the situation at that time, my heart calm, and I was determined, no matter what difficulties must be overcome.    ”Robbery and Snatching” I had an idea, suddenly realized that this was a good opportunity incoming work, because in rural areas, lack most of the “Robbery and Snatching” is the staff, his wife was not at home, the need of the labor force, and indeed the most likely to result in a common labor language.I was born in rural areas, are familiar with all kinds of farm work, especially planting, so good on a banker.So, I made up my mind to help him engage in “Robbery and Snatching”.    He followed him to see me, not to speak; I do not care about these, just quietly give him a cut of the seedlings, then a one to fight a clean.At the time playing rice machine no power, thanks to the foot, just as the sun, hard can imagine, this fall fills the hearts of grievances makes me even more painful.    At first, he looked at me doubtfully, thinking that I was just for show, not eat bitter; he later helped him see I was sincere, that furrowed brow will stretch the.Slowly, he began to take the initiative and accosted me.At noon, he had to be very warm to me to his house for lunch, lunch is very simple, only some shrimp dish mixed with peppers, gourd bowl of soup, I’m really hungry, I devoured two bowls of rice.He saw me, but laughed, but he did not mention the birth of something outside the meter.    Afternoon, I talked with him came to the field, this time for him to pick millet.You know, this is the most difficult thing I have, the burden on my shoulders like stiffened, but I think change his attitude, have a heart the courage to persevere.I strode over rough road, mouth breathing heavily.Suddenly, I felt a terrible pain in his right foot board, had to put down the burden, took off his shoes to look, well, bleeding, Made in the shoe, the sole has been found to cut a neat glass soil preparation, fortunately, the injury is not heavy.    At this time, he caught from behind, I see his hand over his foot, know the situation is bad, quickly dropped the burden ask me how, I said nothing, only to be cut a bit.At this time, his throat trembling, whispered: “Comrades, this is why you come?”I saw he quickly got herbs, chew dressing on my wound.    I see the time is ripe, it took him a sitting next to me, being careful to talk to him about the family planning policy, he nodded from time to time, seems to have convinced the.Finally, he said: “You put it very well, I just could not understand some of the bureaucratic cadres nothing, and my village someone like me, but not punished.Today you can do that to our people, if I re stubborn, that is heartless, and may have to have a man of conscience, you worry!”After listening to his words, my eyes feel moist.    Before long, he would send his wife to the township services underwent sterilization surgery, and to settle the social compensation fee, also reported a number of unplanned birth objects, which greatly promoted the development of management areas of work, and he has become my good friend.Because of this incident, the organization I am also determined to party activists.    Cut pair of Jiefang Xie, I always treasure.See it, I think of the years of ups and downs, though bitter, but then walked, and my heart will feel very at ease and proud![Editor: Tianshao Yu]